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This is a complete list of games available on the Wiki with AKAs and some of the properties (including serial numbers and release dates for each region). The list is not created on the regular basis so the actual data may differ a bit from that of the list. You may find this list useful for your own projects (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0). To browse the similar list on demo discs, please follow this link.

Serial numbers should be pretty accurate across all three regions but some errors may still be possible. If you find one of these errors, please create a Wiki account (if you don't have one) and correct it. Thank you!

Most of the info listed here was collected and verified thanks to the following sites:

Last update date and time: 16 Mar 2024, 09:37:14 UTC
Number of unique Sony serials: 12793
Total number of serials: 13764

Wiki title Also known as (type) Languages Regions Serial number (type) Release date (type)
¡Que Pasa Neng! ¡Qué Pasa Neng! El Videojuego SPA PAL (W) SLES-54604 December 11, 2006
.hack//Fragment .hack // fragment オンライン / オフライン (SLPS-25527), .hack//frägment (JP) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25527, SLPM-68521 (Pre-release version, Demo) November 23, 2005
.hack//G.U. vol. 1//Rebirth .hack//G.U. Vol.1 再誕 (SLPS-25651) & (SLPS-73259) & (SLPS-25755), .hack//G.U. Vol. 1: Saitan (JP), .hack//G.U. vol. 1//Rebirth: Terminal Disc (US, JP), Dot Hack G.U. Vol. 1: Saitan ENG, JAP NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21258, SLUS-21480 (Special Edition), SLUS-29199 (Demo) October 24, 2006
NTSC-J SLPS-25651, SLPS-25652 (Terminal Disc), SLPS-25755 (Welcome Price), SLPS-25756 (Welcome Price), SLPS-73259 (PlayStation 2 the Best) May 18, 2006;; January 18, 2007 (Welcome Price!!);; November 26, 2009 (PlayStation 2 the Best)
.hack//G.U. vol. 2//Reminisce .hack//G.U. Vol.2 君想フ声 (SLPS-25655) & (SLPS-73266), .hack//G.U. Vol. 2: Kimi Omou Koe (JP), Dot Hack G.U. Vol. 2: Kimi Omou Koe ENG, JAP NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21488 May 8, 2007
NTSC-J SLPS-25655, SLPS-73266 (PlayStation 2 the Best) September 28, 2006;; November 26, 2009 (PlayStation 2 the Best)
.hack//G.U. vol. 3//Redemption .hack//G.U. Vol.3 歩くような速さで (SLPS-25656) & (SLPS-73267), .hack//G.U. Vol. 3: Aruku Youna Hayasa de (JP), Dot Hack G.U. Vol. 3: Aruku Youna Hayasa de ENG, JAP NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21489 September 10, 2007
NTSC-J SLPS-25656, SLPS-73267 (PlayStation 2 the Best) January 18, 2007;; November 26, 2009 (PlayStation 2 the Best)
.hack//Infection Part 1 .hack//感染拡大 Vol.1 (SLPS-25121), .hack//감염확대 Vol.1 (SLKA-25080), .hack//Kansen Kakudai Vol. 1 (JP), Dot Hack Kansen Kakudai Vol. 1 (JP) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, KOR NTSC-U (WL) SLUS-20267, SLUS-29042 (Regular Demo), SLUS-28023 (Trade Demo) February 10, 2003
PAL (WL) SLES-52237 March 26, 2004
NTSC-J SLPS-25121, SLKA-25080, SCPS-55029 June 20, 2002;; October 22, 2003 (Korea)
.hack//Mutation Part 2 .hack//悪性変異 Vol.2 (SLPS-25143), .hack//악성변이 Vol.2 (SLKA-25138), .hack//Akushou Heni Vol. 2 (JP), Dot Hack Akusei Heni Vol. 2 ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, KOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20562, SLUS-29055 (Regular Demo), SLUS-28032 (Trade Demo) May 6, 2003
PAL (W) SLES-52467 June 18, 2004
NTSC-J SLPS-25143, SLKA-25138, SCPS-55042 September 19, 2002;; January 15, 2004 (Korea)
.hack//Outbreak Part 3 .hack//侵食汚染 vol.3 (SLPS-25158), .hack//침식오염 Vol.3 (SLKA-25145), .hack//Shinshoku Osen Vol. 3 (JP), Dot Hack Shinshoku Osen Vol. 3 ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, KOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20563, SLUS-29065 (Demo) September 9, 2003
PAL SLES-52469 September 10, 2004
NTSC-J SLPS-25158, SLKA-25145, SCAJ-20004 December 12, 2002;; April 20, 2004 (Korea);; March 2, 2006 (PlayStation 2 the Best)
.hack//Quarantine Part 4 .hack//絶対包囲 vol.4 (SLPS-25202), .hack//절대포위 Vol.4 (SLKA-25174), .hack//Zettai Houi Vol. 4 (JP), Dot Hack Zettai Houi Vol. 4 ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, KOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20564, SLUS-29084 (Demo) January 14, 2004
PAL (W) SLES-52468 December 3, 2004
NTSC-J SLPS-25202, SCAJ-20024, SLKA-25174 April 10, 2003;; July 7, 2004 (Korea)
.hack//Vol. 1 x Vol. 2 .hack// Vol.1×Vol.2 PlayStation 2 the Best (SLPS-73230) & (SLPS-73231), ドットハック//Vol.1×Vol.2 PlayStation2 the Best (SLPS-73230) & (SLPS-73231) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-73230 (PlayStation 2 the Best), SLPS-73231 (PlayStation 2 the Best) March 2, 2006 (PlayStation 2 the Best)
.hack//Vol. 3 x Vol. 4 .hack// Vol.3×Vol.4 PlayStation 2 the Best (SLPS-73232) & (SLPS-73233) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-73232 (PlayStation 2 the Best), SLPS-73233 (PlayStation 2 the Best) March 2, 2006 (PlayStation 2 the Best)
0 Story ラブストーリー (SLPM-65002) & (SLPM-65003), Love Story JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65002 (Disc 1), SLPM-65003 (Disc 2), SLPM-60101 (Demo, Taikenban) April 27, 2000
007: NightFire 007 ナイトファイアー (SLPS-25203) & (SLPM-65538), 007 나이트 파이어 (SLKA-25004), James Bond 007: Nightfire ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE, KOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20579 November 18, 2002;; April 27, 2006 (Greatest Hits)
PAL (WL) SLES-51258, SLES-51258/P (Platinum), SLES-51260, SLES-51260-P November 29, 2002;; August 1, 2003 (Platinum)
NTSC-J SLPS-25203, SLPM-65538 (EA Best Hits), SLKA-25004 January 9, 2003 (Korea);; January 30, 2003;; February 11, 2004 (EA Best Hits)
007: Quantum of Solace 007 / 慰めの報酬 (SLPM-55148), 007 퀀텀 오브 솔러스 (SLKA-25442), James Bond: Quantum of Solace (EU, AU, KO), 007: Nagusame no Houshuu (JP) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21813 November 4, 2008
PAL (W) SLES-55345 October 31, 2008;; November 19, 2008 (Australia);; 2009 (Platinum)
NTSC-J SLKA-25442 (Korea), SLPM-55148 November 13, 2008 (Korea);; March 26, 2009
10 Pin: Champions Alley ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA PAL (W) SLES-53150 May 4, 2005;; June 19, 2013 (PS2 Classics)
10,000 Bullets 츠키요니사라바 ~복수의진혼곡~ (SLKA-25261), ツキヨニサラバ (SLPM-65826) & (SLPM-66599), Tsukiyo ni Saraba (JP) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, KOR PAL (W) SLES-53481 October 6, 2005
NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65826, TCPS-10097, SLKA-25261 (Korea), SLPM-66599 (Taito Best), TCPS-10171 (Taito Best), SCAJ-20114, SLPM-61102 (Trial) February 24, 2005;; May 19, 2005 (Korea);; November 2, 2006 (Taito Best)
10th Anniversary PlayStation & PlayStation 2 All Soft Catalogue Special SaveData Collection 10th Anniversary PlayStation & PlayStation2 全ソフトカタログ スペシャルセーブデータコレクション 電撃ムックシリーズ (SLPM-60262) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-60262 (PS2 SaveData Disc) February 04, 2005
120-en no Haru 120円の春 (SLPM-65843), 120-en no Haru: 120 Yen Stories (JP) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65843 February 24, 2005
12Riven: The Psi-Climinal of Integral トゥエルブリヴン ザ・サイクリミナル・ オブ・インテグラル (SLPM-66901), 12RIVEN - the Ψcliminal of integral - (JP) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-66901, CF00-15024 (Soundtrack Edition) March 13, 2008
18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker エイティーン・ホイーラー (SLPM-62211) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20210 November 14, 2001
PAL SLES-50214 November 23, 2001
NTSC-J SLPM-62211 December 5, 2002
187 Ride or Die 187 라이드 오어 다이 (KO) ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21116 August 23, 2005
PAL (W) SLES-52276 August 25, 2005 (Australia);; August 26, 2005
NTSC-J November 10, 2005 (Korea)
1945 I&II The Arcade Games 彩京シューティングコレクション Vol.1 STRIKERS1945 I&II (SLPM-62515), 스트라이커즈 1945 I&II (SLKA-15005), Psikyo Shooting Collection Vol. 1: Strikers 1945 I+II, Strikers 1945 I+II (JP), 1945 I & II ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, KOR PAL (W) SLES-51741 July 16, 2004;; June 27, 2012 (PS2 Classics)
NTSC-J (W) SLPM-62515, TCPS-10087, SLKA-15005 (Korea), SLPM-62653 (Taito Best), TCPS-10118 (Taito Best), SCAJ-10009 August 5, 2004;; July 02, 2004 (Korea);; July 14, 2005 (Taito Best)
2002 FIFA World Cup 2002FIFAワールドカップ (SLPS-25118), Coupe du Monde FIFA 2002 (SLES-50797), FIFA Fussball Weltmeisterschaft 2002 (SLES-50798), Mondiali FIFA 2002 (SLES-50799), Mundial FIFA 2002 (SLES-50800), 2002 FIFA 월드컵 (SLPM-67512), 2002 FIFA World Cup Korea Japan ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, SWE, KOR NTSC-U SLUS-20404 April 22, 2002
PAL (W) SLES-50798, SLES-50796, SLES-50797, SLES-50799, SLES-50800, SLES-50801 April 26, 2002
NTSC-J SLPM-67512 (Korea), SLPS-25118 April 27, 2002 (Korea);; May 2, 2002
2003-Toshi Kaimaku - Ganbare Kyuukaiou 2003年開幕 がんばれ球界王 いわゆるプロ野球ですね〜 (SLPM-62320) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-62320 May 15, 2003
21 Card Games ENG PAL (W) SLES-53357 July 28, 2006
24: The Game 24 Heures Chrono: Le Jeu (EU) ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, CZE, HUN, POL NTSC-U (WL) SLUS-21268 February 28, 2006;; 2007 (Greatest Hits)
PAL (WL) SCES-53358, SCES-53358-P (Platinum), SCED-53622 (Demo) March 17, 2006;; April 22, 2006 (Australia);; January 12, 2007 (Platinum);; 2007 (Platinum, Australia)
25 to Life ENG NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21016, SLUS-29129 (Public Beta Vol.1.0) January 17, 2006
PAL SLES-53199 June 1, 2007;; June 7, 2007 (Australia)
3 Title Special Disc 3タイトルスペシャルディスク ~サルゲッチュ2・ポポロクロイス-はじまりの冒険-・ぼくのなつやすみ2~ (PCPX-96328) JAP NTSC-J (W) PCPX-96328 June, 2002
3-Nen B-Gumi Kinpachi Sensei: Densetsu no Kyoudan ni Tate! 3年B組金八先生 伝説の教壇に立て! (SLPS-25357) & (SLPM-66089) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25357, SLPM-66089 (Complete Edition) June 24, 2004;; July 28, 2005 (Complete Edition)
3LDK: Shiawase ni Narouyo 3LDK 〜幸せになろうよ〜 (SLPM-65608) & (SLPM-65607) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65608, SLPM-65607 (Limited Edition) July 1, 2004
4X4 EVO 2 ENG, GER, FRE PAL (W) SLES-51199 November 4, 2003
4x4 Evolution 4x4 Evo ENG, GER, FRE NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20091 February 26, 2001
PAL (L) SLES-50194 April 13, 2001
50 Cent: Bulletproof ENG, FRE NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21315, SLUS-21315GH (Greatest Hits) November 17, 2005;; 2006 (Greatest Hits)
PAL (L) SLES-53734, SLES-53994, SLES-53734-P (Platinum), SLES-53906, SLES-53994-P (Platinum) November 25, 2005;; April 6, 2006 (Australia);; January 26, 2007 (Platinum)
7 Blades セブンブレイズ 極楽丸 (SLPM-65008) & (SLPM-65057) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE PAL (W) SLES-50109 September 28, 2001
NTSC-J SLPM-65008, VW021-J1, SLPM-65057 (Konami the Best), VW021-J2 (Konami the Best) December 21, 2000;; September 27, 2001 (Konami the Best)
7 Sins ENG, FRE, SPA, ITA PAL (W) SLES-53364, SLES-53280, SLES-53297 May 20, 2005
7 Wonders of the Ancient World ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21693 November 20, 2007
PAL SLES-55069 April 25, 2008
989 Sports 2003 Demo Disc 989 Sports ENG NTSC-U (W) SCUS-94677 October 31, 2002 (?)
989 Sports 2004 Demo Disc 989 Sports ENG NTSC-U (W) SCUS-97373 2003
A-Ressha de Ikou 2001 A列車で行こう2001 (SLPS-25017), A-Train 2001 (.) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-25017 March 8, 2001
A-Ressha de Ikou 2001 Perfect Set A列車で行こう2001 パーフェクトセット (SLPS-25082), A-Train 2001: Perfect Set (JP) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-25082, SLPS-25175 (Artdink Best Choice) January 1, 2002;; December 5, 2002 (Artdink Best Choice)
A-Train 6 A列車で行こう6 (SLPS-20006), A6: A-Ressha de Ikou 6 (JP) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE PAL (W) SLES-51716 March 19, 2004;; February 15, 2012 (PS2 Classics)
NTSC-J SLPS-20006 March 4, 2000
A.C.E.: Another Century's Episode アナザーセンチュリーズエピソード (SLPS-25394) & (SLPS-73227) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25394, SLPS-73227 (PlayStation 2 the Best) January 27, 2005;; November 2, 2005 (PlayStation 2 the Best)
A.C.E.: Another Century's Episode 2 アナザー・センチュリーズ・エピソード2 (SLPS-25623) & (SLPS-25829) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25623, SLPS-25829 (Special Vocal Version) March 30, 2006;; November 29, 2007 (Special Vocal Version)
A.C.E.: Another Century's Episode 3: The Final アナザーセンチュリーズエピソード3 ザ ファイナル (SLPS-25784) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25784 September 6, 2007
Aa Megami-sama ああっ女神さまっ (SLPS-25743) & (SLPS-25742) & (SLPS-25894) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25743, SLPS-25742 (Holy Box), SLPS-25894 (Best Collection) February 22, 2007;; September 4, 2008 (Best Collection)
Abarenbou Princess 暴れん坊プリンセス (SLPM-65054) JAP NTSC-J (WL) SLPM-65054, SLPM-61018 (Trial) November 29, 2001
AC/DC Live: Rock Band Track Pack AC/DC Live: Rock Band ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21848 November 2, 2008
PAL SLES-55457 January 22, 2009 (Australia);; January 23, 2009
Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies エースコンバット04 シャッタードスカイ (SLPS-25052) & (SLPS-73410), Ace Combat: Distant Thunder (EU) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (WL) SLUS-20152, SLUS-20152GH (Greatest Hits) November 1, 2001;; October 23, 2004 (Greatest Hits)
PAL (W) SCES-50410 February 8, 2002
NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25052, SLPS-73410 (PlayStation 2 the Best), SLPS-73205 (PlayStation 2 The Best), SLPM-60149 (Trial) September 13, 2001;; September 16, 2004 (PlayStation 2 the Best)
Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War エースコンバット5 ジ・アンサング・ウォー (SLPS-25418) & (SLPS-73218), 에이스 컴뱃 5: 디 언성 워 (SCKA-20042), Ace Combat: Squadron Leader (EU) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, KOR NTSC-U (WL) SLUS-20851, SLUS-20851GH (Greatest Hits) October 25, 2004;; 2005 (Greatest Hits)
PAL (W) SCES-52424, SCED-53081 (Demo), SCED-53115 (Demo, elf serial of SCED-53081) February 18, 2005
NTSC-J SLPS-25418, SCAJ-20104, SLPS-73218 (PlayStation 2 the Best), SCKA-20082 (BigHit Series), SCAJ-20136 (PlayStation2 The Best), SCKA-20042 October 21, 2004;; July 7, 2005 (PlayStation 2 the Best);; August 17, 2006 (BigHit Series, Korea);; 2004 (Asia)
Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War エースコンバット・ゼロ ザ・ベルカン・ウォー (SLPS-25629) & (SLPS-73250), Ace Combat: The Belkan War (EU, AU) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (WL) SLUS-21346 April 25, 2006
PAL (W) SCES-54041 September 15, 2006;; September 21, 2006 (Australia)
NTSC-J SLPS-25629, SCKA-20070, SLPS-73250 (PlayStation 2 the Best), SCAJ-20173 March 23, 2006;; April 27, 2006 (Korea);; December 7, 2006 (PlayStation 2 the Best);; October 3, 2008 (BigHit Series, Korea);; 2006 (Asia)
Ace Lightning ENG PAL (W) SLES-51503 March 14, 2003
Aces of War 零式艦上戦闘記 (SLPM-65542), Zero Shikikan Josentoki (JP) ENG, JAP PAL (W) SLES-52532 March 23, 2007
NTSC-J SLPM-65542, TCPS-10083, TCPS-10084 (Limited Edition), SLPM-65811 (Taito Best), TCPS-10100 (Taito Best) March 4, 2004;; January 6, 2005 (Taito Best)
Action Girlz Racing ENG PAL (W) SLES-52956 September 15, 2005
Action Man ATOM: Alpha Teens on Machines ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE, DAN, FIN, NOR PAL (W) SLES-54617 May 2, 2007 (Australia);; May 25, 2007
Activision Anthology ENG NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20588 November 19, 2002
PAL SLES-51313 2003
Adiboo and the Energy Thieves The Energy Thieves (EU), Adiboo: Die Jagd auf die Energiepiraten (Germany), Adibou et Les Voleurs d'Energie (France) ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA PAL (W) SLES-52521, SLES-52716 September 24, 2004
ADK Tamashii ADK魂 (SLPS-25906) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25906, NPJD-00081 (PS2 Classics) December 18, 2008;; March 18, 2015 (PS2 Classics)
Adventure of Tokyo Disney Sea アドベンチャー オブ 東京ディズニーシー 〜失われた宝石の秘密 (SLPM-65061) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65061, VW059-J1 December 20, 2001
Aeon Flux Æon Flux ENG, GER, FRE, SPA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21205 November 15, 2005
PAL SLES-53956, SLES-54169 March 30, 2006 (Australia);; March 31, 2006
Aero Elite: Combat Academy エアロダンシング4 ニュージェネレーション (SLPM-65150) & (SLPM-65387), Aero Dancing 4: New Generation (JP) ENG, JAP NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20614 March 10, 2003
NTSC-J SLPM-65150, SLPM-65387 (Sega the Best 2800), SLPM-65161 July 11, 2002;; October 16, 2003 (Sega the Best 2800)
Aerobics Revolution エアロビクスレボリューション (SLPM-62301) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-62301, HCC31-JA March 13, 2003
AFL Live 2003 ENG PAL (W) SLES-51168 September 5, 2002 (Australia)
AFL Live 2004 AFL Live 2003 (AU), AFL Live 2004: Aussie Rules Football ENG PAL (W) SLES-51903, SLES-51826 September 2003 (Australia);; November 21, 2003
AFL Live Premiership Edition ENG PAL (W) SLES-52368 2004 (Australia)
AFL Premiership 2005: The Official Game of the AFL Premiership AFL Premiership 2005 ENG PAL (W) SCES-53449 September 22, 2005 (Australia)
AFL Premiership 2006 ENG PAL (W) SCES-54068, SCED-54192 (Demo) July 20, 2006 (Australia)
AFL Premiership 2007 ENG PAL (W) SCES-54639 June 28, 2007 (Australia)
After... Wasureemu Kizuna After...〜忘れえぬ絆〜 (SLPM-65482) & (SLPM-65481) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65482, SLPM-65481 (Limited Edition) February 26, 2004
Agassi Tennis Generation ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20446 August 25, 2003
PAL SLES-52125 November 28, 2003
Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings エイジ オブ エンパイア2 エイジオブキング (SLPM-62076) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA PAL (W) SLES-50282 November 2, 2001
NTSC-J SLPM-62076, VW043-J1 February 14, 2002
Agent Collection PAL March 18, 2005
Agent Hugo ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE, DAN, FIN, NOR, POR PAL (W) SLES-53504, SLES-53910 October 2005
Agent Hugo: Hula Holiday Агент Кузя: Жаркие Каникулы (SLES-55366) ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE, DAN, FIN, NOR, POR, RUS PAL (W) SLES-55364 (Scandinavia), SLES-55365, SLES-55366 (Russia) December 9, 2008
Agent Hugo: Lemoon Twist Агент Кузя: Лимонный твист (SLES-54919) ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE, DAN, FIN, NOR, POR, RUS PAL (W) SLES-54917, SLES-54918, SLES-54919 November 5, 2007
Agent Hugo: Roborumble ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE, DAN, FIN, NOR, POR PAL (W) SLES-54212 October 6, 2006
Aggressive Inline ENG, GER, FRE, SPA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20327, SLUS-29021 (Demo) May 28, 2002
PAL (W) SLES-50480, SCED-51074 (Demo) August 2, 2002
AI Igo 2003 AI囲碁2003 (SLPM-62329) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-62329 April 24, 2003
AI Mahjong 2003 AI麻雀2003 (SLPM-62330) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-62330 April 24, 2003
AI Shogi 2003 AI将棋2003 (SLPM-62323) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-62323 April 24, 2003
Ai Yori Aoshi 藍より青し (SLPS-25225) & (SLPS-25224), SuperLite 2000 アドベンチャー 藍より青し (SLPM-66015) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25225, SLPS-25224 (First Print Limited Edition), SLPM-66015 (SuperLite 2000) March 20, 2003;; June 23, 2005 (SuperLite 2000)
Aikagi あいかぎ 〜ひだまりと彼女の部屋着〜 (SLPS-25274) & (SLPM-65922) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25274, SLPM-65922 (Best Version) September 25, 2003;; March 3, 2005 (Best Version)
Air エアー (JP) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25127, SLPM-65844, SLPM-66982 (Best Version) August 8, 2002;; September 1, 2005 (Best Version)
Air Raid 3 ENG PAL (W) SLES-53772 2004;; February 23, 2007 (Australia)
Air Ranger 2 Plus: Rescue Helicopter レスキューヘリ エアレンジャー2 plus (SLPM-65409) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-65409 October 30, 2003
Air Ranger 2: Rescue Helicopter レスキューヘリ エアレンジャー2 (SLPS-25098) & (SLPM-65325), 에어 레인저 2 (SLKA-25052), ChopLifter: Crisis Shield (EU, US) JAP, KOR NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25098, SLPM-65325 (Reprint), SLKA-25052 (Korea) March 28, 2002;; July 3, 2003 (Reprint);; December 19, 2003 (Korea)
Air Ranger: Rescue Helicopter レスキューヘリ エアレンジャー (SLPS-20083) ENG, JAP PAL (W) SLES-50953 November 22, 2002
NTSC-J SLPS-20083, SLPS-20216 (Reprint) March 29, 2001;; July 11, 2002 (Reprint)
AirBlade ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20346, SLUS-29017 (Demo) January 28, 2002
PAL (W) SCES-50246 November 9, 2001
Airborne Troops: Countdown to D-Day ENG, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21125 January 7, 2005
PAL SLES-52939 November 11, 2005
AirForce Delta Strike 에어포스 델타 스트라이크 (SLKA-25133), エアフォースデルタブルーウイングナイツ (SLPM-65486) & (SLPM-65722), Deadly Skies III (EU), AirForce Delta: Blue Wing Knights (JP) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, KOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20703 February 3, 2004
PAL SLES-52284 May 14, 2004
NTSC-J SLKA-25133 (Korea), SLPM-65486, VW161-J1, SLPM-65722 (Konami the Best), VW161-J2 (Konami the Best) December 29, 2004 (Korea);; February 5, 2004;; September 22, 2004 (Konami the Best)
Akai Ito アカイイト (SLPM-65732), SuperLite 2000 シリーズ Vol.34 ~アカイイト~ (SLPM-66136), SuperLite 2000 Series Vol. 34: Akai Ito JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65732, SLPM-66136 (SuperLite 2000 Adventure), NPJD-00049 (PS2 Classics) October 21, 2004;; October 27, 2005 (SuperLite 2000 Adventure);; October 16, 2013 (PS2 Classics)
Akane Iro ni Somaru Saka: Parallel あかね色に染まる坂 ぱられる (SLPM-55006) & (GN-08023) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-55006, GN-08023 (Limited Edition) August 14, 2008
Akira Psycho Ball アキラ サイコボール (SLPS-20150) ENG, JAP PAL (W) SLES-50919 2002
NTSC-J SLPS-20150 February 21, 2002
Akudaikan 悪代官 (SLPM-65151) & (SLPM-65339) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65151, SLPM-65339 (Global the Best) August 8, 2002;; July 31, 2003 (Global the Best)
Akudaikan 2: Mousouden 悪代官2〜妄想伝〜 (SLPM-65330) & (SLPM-65620) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65330, SLPM-65620 (Global the Best) July 31, 2003;; July 8, 2004 (Global the Best)
Akudaikan 3 悪代官3 (SLPM-66653) & (SLPM-55145) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-66653, SLPM-55145 (Global the Best) March 1, 2007;; February 26, 2009 (Global the Best)
Alan Hansen's Sports Challenge ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA PAL (W) SLES-54958 October 26, 2007
Alarm for Cobra 11 Alarm für Cobra 11: Die Autobahn Polizei (EU) ENG, GER PAL (W) SLES-52063 November 25, 2003
Alarm for Cobra 11: Hot Pursuit Alarm für Cobra 11 Vol II (EU), Alarm for Cobra 11 Vol II (EU) ENG, GER PAL (W) SLES-52920, SLES-53360 June 10, 2005
Alex Ferguson's Player Manager 2001 Guy Roux Manager 2002 (EU), DSF Fussball Manager 2002 (EU), DSF Fußball Manager 2002 ENG, GER, FRE PAL (W) SLES-50429, SLES-50558, SLES-50559 September 21, 2001 (UK);; January 10, 2002 (German);; January 16, 2002 (French)
Alfa Romeo Racing Italiano S.C.A.R.: Squadra Corse Alfa Romeo (EU) ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21321, NPUD-21321 (PS2 Classics) March 16, 2006;; June 4, 2013 (PS2 Classics)
PAL SLES-53320 June 24, 2005
Alias ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20673 April 5, 2004
PAL (W) SLES-51821, SLES-51822, SLED-52485 (Demo) April 8, 2004
Alien Hominid ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21090 November 21, 2004
PAL (L) SLES-53139 May 27, 2005
Aliens in the Attic ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U August 4, 2009
PAL (W) SLES-55532 2009 (Australia)
Aliens Versus Predator: Extinction Aliens vs Predator: Extinction ENG, KOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20147 July 30, 2003
PAL (W) SLES-51792 August 8, 2003
NTSC-J SLKA-15020 September 16, 2003 (Korea)
All Star Pro-Wrestling オールスター・プロレスリング (SLPS-20022) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-20022 June 8, 2000
All Star Pro-Wrestling II オールスター・プロレスリングII (SLPS-20139) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-20139 November 22, 2001
All Star Pro-Wrestling III オールスター・プロレスリングIII (SLPM-65300) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65300 August 7, 2003
All-Star Baseball 2002 オールスターベースボール2002 (SLPM-62069) ENG, JAP NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20008 March 12, 2001
PAL SLES-50218 May 25, 2001
NTSC-J SLPM-62069, TCPS-90014 October 4, 2001
All-Star Baseball 2003 オールスターベースボール2003 (SLPM-65137), All-Star Baseball 2003 featuring Derek Jeter ENG, JAP NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20311, SLUS-28007 (Trade Demo) February 26, 2002
PAL SLES-50447 June 7, 2002
NTSC-J SLPM-65137 November 14, 2002
All-Star Baseball 2004 올스타 베이스볼 2004 (SLKA-25057), All-Star Baseball 2004 featuring Derek Jeter ENG, KOR NTSC-U SLUS-20569 March 1, 2003
PAL (W) SLES-51602 May 2, 2003
NTSC-J SLKA-25057 November 11, 2003 (Korea)
All-Star Baseball 2005 All-Star Baseball 2005 featuring Derek Jeter ENG NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20838 April 8, 2004
Alone in the Dark ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21690 June 23, 2008
PAL (W) SLES-55207, SLES-54884, SLES-54883 June 20, 2008;; June 26, 2008 (Australia)
Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare アローン・イン・ザ・ダーク4 ~新たなる悪夢~ (SLPM-65085) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA PAL (W) SLES-50185 September 28, 2001
NTSC-J SLPM-65085 May 30, 2002
Alpine Racer 3 アルペンレーサー3 (SLPS-20181), 다운힐레이서 (SCPS-56010) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, KOR PAL (W) SCES-50887 December 6, 2002
NTSC-J (W) SLPS-20181, SCPS-51006, SCPS-56010 March 28, 2002
Alpine Ski Racing 2007 Alpine Ski Racing 2007: Bode Miller vs. Hermann Maier ENG, GER PAL (W) SLES-54370, SLES-54560 December 4, 2006
Alpine Skiing 2005 Ski Alpin 2005 (DE), RTL Ski Alpin 2005 (DE) ENG, GER PAL (W) SLES-53041, SLES-53362 June 10, 2005
Alter Echo ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20465, NPUD-20465, SLUS-29056 (Demo) August 19, 2003;; March 10, 2015 (PS2 Classics)
PAL SLES-51671, SLES-51670 October 3, 2003
Alvin and the Chipmunks ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21706 December 4, 2007
PAL SLES-55052 December 7, 2007
Amagami アマガミ (SLPS-25918), エビコレ+ アマガミ (SLPS-25989) & (SLPS-25987) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25918, SLPS-25989 (EBKore+ Limited Edition), SLPS-25987 (EBKore+) March 19, 2009;; March 31, 2011 (EBKore+ Limited Edition; EBKore+)
Amagoushi no Yakata 雨格子の館 (SLPS-25702), あまごうしのやかた (SLPS-25702), 雨格子の館 一柳和、最初の受難 (SLPS-25847), Amagoushi no Yakata: Ichiyanagi Nagomu, Saisho no Junan (JP) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25702, SLPS-25847 (The Best Price) March 8, 2007;; March 6, 2008 (The Best Price)
Ambition of Giren - Zeon Independence War + Direction Book of Capture 機動戦士ガンダム ギレンの野望 ジオン独立戦争記+攻略指令書 (SLPS-25489) & (SLPS-25490), Kidou Senshi Gundam Giren no Yabou: Zeon Dokuritsu Sensouden / Kouryaku Shireisho JAP NTSC-J SLPS-25489 (Gundam the Best, Disc 1), SLPS-25490 (Gundam the Best, Disc 2) February 17, 2005 (Gundam the Best)
America Oudan Ultra-Quiz アメリカ横断ウルトラクイズ (SLPS-25106) & (SLPS-25229) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25106, SLPS-25229 (DigiCube Best Selection) March 28, 2002;; March 27, 2003 (DigiCube Best Selection)
American Arcade アメリカン・アーケード (SLPS-20011), Pinball (EU), Play It Pinball (EU) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA PAL SLES-51555 November 10, 2003;; July 4, 2012 (PS2 Classics)
NTSC-J (W) SLPS-20011 September 7, 2000
American Chopper ENG NTSC-U SLUS-21069 November 25, 2004
PAL (W) SCES-53108, SLES-53108 September 23, 2005
American Chopper 2: Full Throttle ENG NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21288 November 20, 2005
PAL SLES-53779 March 1, 2006 (Australia);; March 17, 2006
American Idol Pop Idol (EU), Deutschland sucht den SuperStar ((EU).) ENG, GER NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20816 November 11, 2003
PAL SLES-51825, SLES-51846 November 7, 2003;; November 28, 2003 (Germany)
American Pool II PAL March 9, 2007
AMF Xtreme Bowling AMF Xtreme Bowling 2006 (EU) ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21347 June 13, 2006
PAL SLES-54365 October 13, 2006
Amplitude ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SCUS-97258, SCUS-97262 (Demo), SCUS-97292 (Demo), SCUS-97869 (Demo) March 24, 2003
PAL (W) SCES-51706, SCED-51905 (Demo) September 26, 2003
An American Tail ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE, DAN, FIN, NOR, POR PAL (W) SLES-54626 July 12, 2007 (Australia);; July 13, 2007
And 1 Streetball ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21237, SLUS-21237B (w/Bonus Disc) June 6, 2006
PAL SLES-54016 August 31, 2006 (Australia);; September 1, 2006
Angel Profile エンジェル・プロファイル (SLPM-66709) & (SLPM-55085) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-66709, SLPM-55085 (Best Hit Selection) September 27, 2007;; September 25, 2008 (Best Hit Selection)
Angel Wish: Kimi no Egao ni Chu! エンゼル☆ウィッシュ 君の笑顔にチュッ! (SLPM-65828) & (SLPM-65827) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65828, SLPM-65827 (Special Pack), PIO-05202 (Special Pack) February 24, 2005
Angel's Feather エンジェルズ フェザー (SLPM-65513) & (SLPM-65512) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65513, SLPM-65512 (Limited Edition) March 11, 2004
Angel's Feather: Kuro no Zanei エンジェルズ フェザー −黒の残影− (SLPM-65943) & (GN-05009) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-65943, GN-05009 (Limited Edition) June 30, 2005
Angelic Concert エンジェリック・コンサート (SLPM-65239) & (SLPM-65238) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65239, SLPM-65238 (Special Box) March 13, 2003
Angelique Etoile アンジェリーク エトワール (SLPM-65715) & (SLPM-66524) & (SLPM-66938) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65715, SLPM-65714 (Premium Box), KOEI-00020 (Premium Box), SLPM-66524 (Koei the Best), SLPM-66938 (Koei Teiban Series) September 16, 2004;; August 10, 2006 (Koei the Best);; December 27, 2007 (Koei Teiban Series)
Angelique Trois アンジェリーク トロワ (SLPM-62022) & (SLPM-62021) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-62022, SLPM-62021 (Premium Box) November 22, 2000
Angelique Trois: Aizouhen 愛蔵版 アンジェリークトロワ (SLPM-65044) & (SLPM-65037) & (SLPM-65541) & (SLPM-66006) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65044, SLPM-65037 (Limited Edition), SLPM-65159 (Naho Edition), SLPM-65541 (Koei the Best), SLPM-66006 (Koei Teiban Series) July 26, 2001;; January 22, 2004 (Koei the Best);; July 5, 2002 (Naho Edition);; July 7, 2005 (Koei Teiban Series)
Animal Soccer World ENG, GER, FRE PAL (W) SLES-52371 2005;; 2006 (French/German)
Animaniacs: The Great Edgar Hunt Animaniacs in the Great Edgar Hunt ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA PAL (W) SLES-52729 June 24, 2005
Anime Eikaiwa: 15 Shounen Hyouryuuhen アニメ英会話 15少年漂流記 (SLPM-65027) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65027 August 30, 2001
Anime Eikaiwa: Tondemo Nezumi Daikatsuyaku アニメ英会話 トンデモネズミ大活躍 (SLPM-65029) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65029 August 30, 2001
Anime Eikaiwa: Totoi アニメ英会話 トトイ (SLPM-65028) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65028 August 30, 2001
Antz Extreme Racing ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20392 September 19, 2002
PAL SLES-50964 July 26, 2002
Anubis II ENG PAL (W) SLES-53571 July 14, 2005
Aoi no Mamade... 蒼のままで・・・・・・ (SLPM-65736) & (SLPM-65735) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65736, SLPM-65735 (Treasure Box) October 28, 2004
Aoi Sora no Neosphere: Nanoca Flanka Hatsumei Koubouki 2 蒼い空のネオスフィア〜ナノカ・フランカ発明工房記2〜 (SLPS-25749) & (SLPS-25748), Neosphere of The Deep-blue Sky: Nanoca Flanka Hatsumei Koubouki 2 JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25749, SLPS-25748 (Limited Edition) February 22, 2007
Aoi Umi no Tristia: Nanoca Flanka Hatsumei Koubouki 蒼い海のトリスティア 〜ナノカ・フランカ発明工房記〜 (SLPS-25514) & (SLPS-25513) & (SLPS-25700) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25514, SLPS-25513 (Limited Edition), SLPS-25700 (The Best Price) August 11, 2005;; October 19, 2006 (The Best Price)
Aoishiro アオイシロ (SLPM-66959) & (SLPM-66958) & (SLPM-55165) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-66959, SLPM-66958 (Limited Edition), SLPM-55165 (SuperLite 2000 Adventure) May 15, 2008;; May 28, 2009 (SuperLite 2000 Adventure)
Ape Escape 2 サルゲッチュ2 (SCPS-15025) & (SCPS-19206), 捉猴啦 2 (SCCS-40001), Saru! Get You! 2 (JP) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, CHI NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20685 June 30, 2003
PAL (W) SCES-51104, SCES-50885, SCES-51102, SCES-51103, SCES-51105, SCED-51366 (Demo) March 14, 2003
NTSC-J (W) SCPS-15025, SCPS-19206 (PlayStation 2 the Best), SCPS-55035, SCPS-19308 (PlayStation 2 The Best), SCPS-19152 (PlayStation 2 The Best), SCCS-40001, PAPX-90330 (Trial) July 18, 2002;; December 5, 2002 (PlayStation 2 the Best);; March 10, 2005 (PlayStation 2 the Best Reprint)
Ape Escape 3 サルゲッチュ 3 (SCPS-15096) & (SCPS-19311) & (SCPS-19327), 捉猴啦3 (SCAJ-20144), 삐뽀사루 겟츄 3 (SCKA-20062), Saru Get You 3 (JP, KO, AS), Zhuo Hou La 3 (AS), Pipo Sarugetchu 3 ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, CHI, KOR NTSC-U (WL) SCUS-97501, SCUS-97548 (Demo) January 17, 2006
PAL (W) SCES-53642 May 5, 2006
NTSC-J (W) SCAJ-20138, SCPS-15096, SCPS-19311 (PlayStation 2 the Best), SCKA-20062, SCPS-19327 (PlayStation 2 the Best Reprint), SCAJ-20195 (PlayStation 2 the Best), NPJC-00012, SCAJ-20144, PCPX-96657 (Demo, Taikenban) July 12, 2005 (Asia);; July 14, 2005;; November 2, 2005 (PlayStation 2 the Best);; December 8, 2005 (Korea);; July 5, 2007 (PlayStation 2 the Best Reprint);; April 17, 2008 (PlayStation 2 the Best, Asia);; May 2, 2008 (BigHit Series, Korea);; November 19, 2014 (PS2 Classics)
Ape Escape: Million Monkeys サルゲッチュ ミリオンモンキーズ (SCPS-19325) & (SCPS-15115), Saru Get You: Million Monkeys (JP, AS) JAP NTSC-J (W) SCAJ-20178, SCPS-19325 (PlayStation 2 the Best), SCPS-15115, PCPX-98041 (Trial) July 13, 2006;; August 1, 2006 (Asia);; March 15, 2007 (PlayStation 2 the Best)
Ape Escape: Pumped & Primed ガチャメカスタジアム サルバト〜レ (SCPS-15072), 比波猴百斗派对 (SCCS-40016), Gacha Mecha Stadium Saru Battle (JP) ENG, JAP, CHI NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21096 October 20, 2004
NTSC-J SCPS-15072, SCAJ-20090, SCAJ-30005, SCCS-40016 July 1, 2004
Apocripha/0 Apocripha/0 通常版 (SLPM-65710) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65710, GN-04005 (Limited Edition) October 28, 2004
Appleseed EX アップルシード エクス (SLPM-66551) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-66551, HSN-0010 (Limited Box) February 15, 2007
Aqua Aqua アクアクア (JP), Aqua Aqua: Wetrix 2 (EU) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20162 January 9, 2001
PAL SLES-50053 November 24, 2000
NTSC-J (W) SLPS-20027 November 2, 2000
Aqua Kids アクアキッズ (SLPM-65670), 아쿠아 키즈 (SLKA-25161) JAP, KOR NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65670, SLKA-25161 (Korea) August 12, 2004;; September 23, 2004 (Korea)
Aqua Teen Hunger Force Zombie Ninja Pro-Am ENG NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21633 November 5, 2007
PAL SLES-54788 November 15, 2007 (Australia);; November 16, 2007
Ar tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica アルトネリコ2 世界に響く少女たちの創造詩 (SLPS-25819) & (SLPS-73263), Ar tonelico II: Sekai ni Hibiku Shoujo Tachi no Metafalica (JP) ENG, JAP NTSC-U (WM) SLUS-21788P, SLUS-21788 January 20, 2009
PAL SLES-55444 June 5, 2009
NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25819, SLPS-73263 (PlayStation 2 the Best) October 25, 2007;; August 7, 2008 (PlayStation 2 the Best)
Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia アルトネリコ 世界の終わりで詩い続ける少女 (SLPS-25604) & (SLPS-73249), Ar tonelico: Sekai no Owari de Utai Tsudzukeru Shoujo (JP) ENG, JAP NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21445, SLUS-21445P (Limited Edition) February 6, 2007
PAL (W) SLES-54586 May 22, 2007
NTSC-J SLPS-25604, SLPS-73249 (PlayStation 2 the Best) January 26, 2006;; December 7, 2006 (PlayStation 2 the Best)
Arabians Lost アラビアンズ・ロスト〜The engagement on desert〜 (SLPM-66847), Arabians Lost: The Engagement on Desert (JP) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-66847 October 11, 2007
Arc the Lad: End of Darkness Arc the Lad: Generation (JP) ENG, JAP NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21165 June 14, 2005
NTSC-J SCPS-15058, SCAJ-20108 November 3, 2004
Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits アーク ザ ラッド 精霊の黄昏 (SCPS-15041) & (SCPS-15040), 亞克傳承 ~精靈之黃昏~ (SCAJ-20038), 亚克传承 ~精灵之黄昏~ (SCCS-40007), 아크 더 래드: 정령의 황혼 (SCKA-20012), Arc: Twilight of the Spirits (EU), Arc the Lad: Seirei no Koukon (JP), Ark the Lad: Jeongryeongui Hwanghon (KO), Arc the Lad: Seirei no Tasogare, Arc the Lad: Jing Ling Zhi Huang Hun (AS) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, CHI, KOR NTSC-U (W) SCUS-97231, SCUS-97282 (Demo) June 25, 2003
PAL (W) SCES-51910 January 30, 2004
NTSC-J SCPS-15041, SCPS-15040 (Premium Box), SCKA-20012 (Korea), NPJC-00010 (PS2 Classics), SCAJ-20019, SCAJ-20038, SCCS-40007, PAPX-90230 (Premium Disc demo), PCPX-96330 (Premium Disc demo) March 20, 2003;; August 12, 2003 (Korea);; September 17, 2014 (PS2 Classics)
Arcade Action: 30 Games ENG PAL (W) SLES-52949 2004
Arcade Classics Volume 1 ENG PAL SLES-52902 April 21, 2006;; February 15, 2012 (PS2 Classics)
Arcade USA ENG PAL (W) SLES-53446 April 21, 2006 (Australia);; October 6, 2006
Arcana Heart アルカナハート (SLPM-66850) & (SLPM-55106) ENG, JAP NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21720 April 10, 2008
NTSC-J SLPM-66850, SLPM-55106 (AQ the Best) October 11, 2007;; October 16, 2008 (AQ the Best)
Arcobaleno! アルコバレーノ! (SLPM-55169) & (SLPM-55168) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-55169, SLPM-55168 (Limited Edition) May 14, 2009
Arctic Thunder ENG, GER, FRE NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20217, SLUS-29007 (Demo) September 17, 2001
PAL SLES-50274 November 2, 2001
Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? Make the Grade ENG NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21755 October 20, 2008
Area 51 エリア51 (SLPM-66468) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20595 April 25, 2005
PAL SLES-52570, SLES-53075 May 26, 2005 (Australia);; May 27, 2005
NTSC-J SLPM-66468 November 9, 2006
Arena Football ENG NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21337 February 7, 2006
Arena Football: Road to Glory ENG NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21568 February 20, 2007
Aria: The Natural ~Tooi Yume no Mirage~ アリア ザ ナチュラル 〜遠い記憶のミラージュ〜 (SLPM-66536) & (SLPM-66967) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-66536, ALCH-00008 (Limited Edition), SLPM-66967 (Alchemist Best Collection) September 28, 2006;; March 6, 2008 (Alchemist Best Collection)
Aria: The Origination ~Aoi Hoshi no El Cielo~ アリア ジ オリジネーション 〜蒼い惑星のエルシエロ〜 (SLPM-55014) & (SLPM-55204) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-55014, ALCH-00014 (Limited Edition), SLPM-55204 (Alchemist Best Collection) June 26, 2008;; August 6, 2009 (Alchemist Best Collection)
Armen Noir アーメン・ノワール (SLPM-55282) & (ARP2-01201) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-55282, ARP2-01201 (Limited Edition) December 9, 2010
Armored Core 2 アーマード・コア2 (SLPS-25007) & (SLPS-73403) ENG, JAP NTSC-U (WL) SLUS-20014 October 24, 2000
PAL (W) SLES-50079 March 23, 2001
NTSC-J SLPS-25007, SLPS-73403 (PlayStation 2 the Best) August 3, 2000;; August 1, 2002 (PlayStation 2 the Best)
Armored Core 2: Another Age アーマード・コア2 ~アナザー・エイジ~ (SLPS-25040), 机战佣兵2 (SCCS-40011) ENG, JAP, CHI NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20249 August 20, 2001
PAL SLES-50905 September 27, 2002
NTSC-J SLPS-25040, SLPS-73411 (PlayStation 2 the Best), SCPS-55024, SCCS-40011 April 12, 2001;; November 7, 2002 (PlayStation 2 the Best)
Armored Core 3 アーマード・コア3 (SLPS-25112) & (SLPS-73417), 아머드 코어 3 (SLPM-67524) ENG, JAP, KOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20435 September 5, 2002
PAL (W) SLES-51399 May 30, 2003
NTSC-J SLPS-25112, SLPS-73417 (PlayStation 2 the Best), SCPS-55014, SLPM-67524 April 4, 2002;; November 6, 2003 (PlayStation 2 the Best)
Armored Core Machine Side Box アーマードコア プレミアムBOX (SLPS-25730) & (SLPS-25731) & (SLPS-25732), Armored Core -Machine Side Box- 1997-2006 JAP NTSC-J SLPS-25730, SLPS-25731, SLPS-25732 Dec 21, 2006
Armored Core: Formula Front アーマード・コア フォーミュラフロント (SLPS-25461), 아머드 코어 포뮬러 프론트 (SLKA-25270), Armored Core: Formula Front Extreme Battle, Armored Core: Formula Front International JAP, KOR NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25461, SLKA-25270 (Korea), SCAJ-20121 March 3, 2005;; July 14, 2005 (Korea)
Armored Core: Last Raven アーマード・コア ~ラスト・レイヴン~ (SLPS-25462) & (SLPS-73247), アーマード・コア ~ラスト・レイヴン~ チャンピオン特別版 (SLPM-68520) ENG, JAP NTSC-U (WL) SLUS-21338 June 13, 2006
PAL SLES-53820 October 6, 2006;; October 26, 2006 (Australia)
NTSC-J SLPS-25462, SLPM-68520 (Monthly Champion magazine Special Edition), SLPS-73247 (PlayStation 2 the Best), SCAJ-20143, SLPM-61119 (Trial), SLPM-61118 (Famitsu Special Trial Version) August 4, 2005;; November 30, 2006 (PlayStation 2 the Best)
Armored Core: Nexus アーマード・コア ~ネクサス~ (SLPS-25338), 아머드 코어 넥서스 (SLKA-25201) & (SLKA-25202) ENG, JAP, KOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20986 (Evolution Disc), SLUS-21079 (Revolution Disc) September 28, 2004
PAL SLES-82036 (Disc 1), SLES-82037 (Disc 2) April 13, 2006
NTSC-J SLPS-25338 (Disc 1), SLPS-25339 (Disc 2), SLKA-25201 (Korea, Evolution Disc), SLKA-25202 (Korea, Revolution Disc), SLPS-73202 (PlayStation 2 the Best, Disc 1), SLPS-73203 (PlayStation 2 the Best, Disc 2), SCAJ-20076 (Disc 1), SCAJ-20077 (Disc 2) March 18, 2004;; July 29, 2004 (Korea);; August 5, 2004 (PlayStation 2 the Best)
Armored Core: Nine Breaker アーマード コア ナインブレイカー (SLPS-25408), 아머드 코어 나인 브레이커 (SCKA-20047) ENG, JAP, KOR NTSC-U (WL) SLUS-21200 September 13, 2005
PAL SLES-53819 May 5, 2006
NTSC-J SLPS-25408, SCKA-20047 (Korea), SCAJ-20105 October 28, 2004;; February 17, 2005 (Korea)
Army Men: Air Attack 2 Army Men: Air Attack - Blade's Revenge (EU) ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20004 March 23, 2001
PAL SLES-50233 June 8, 2001
Army Men: Green Rogue ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20087 March 25, 2001
PAL SLES-50191 April 6, 2001
Army Men: Major Malfunction ENG PAL (W) SLES-53996 August 4, 2006
Army Men: RTS 突撃!アーミーマン 史上最小の作戦 (SLPM-65229) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20206 March 27, 2002
PAL SLES-50434, SLES-50706 May 24, 2002
NTSC-J SLPM-65229 January 30, 2003
Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 2 ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20132 March 20, 2001
PAL SLES-50192 January 3, 2001
Army Men: Sarge's War ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA PAL (W) SLES-52587 July 23, 2004
Army Men: Soldiers of Misfortune ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21831 November 4, 2008
Art of Fighting Anthology NEOGEOオンラインコレクション 龍虎の拳〜天・地・人〜 (SLPS-25610) & (SLPS-25790), Ryuuko no Ken: Ten-Chi-Jin (JP), NeoGeo Online Collection Vol. 6: Ryuuko no Ken: Ten Chi Jin ENG, JAP NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21487 May 17, 2007
PAL SLES-54790 February 8, 2008
NTSC-J SLPS-25610 (NeoGeo Online Collection Vol. 4), SLPS-25790 (SNK Best Collection), NPJD-00099 (PS2 Classics) May 11, 2006 (NeoGeo Online Collection Vol. 4);; June 21, 2007 (SNK Best Collection);; July 15, 2015 (PS2 Classics)
Arthur and the Invisibles Arthur and the Minimoys (EU), Arthur and the Invisibles: The Game ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21305 January 9, 2007
PAL SLES-54420 February 2, 2007;; February 2007 (Australia)
Ashita no Joe 2: The Anime Super Remix ジ・アニメスーパーリミックス あしたのジョー2 (SLPM-65143) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65143 June 20, 2002
Ashita no Joe Touchi: Typing Namida Hashi あしたのジョー 闘打 (SLPS-20081) & (SLPS-20080), Typing Namidabashi Ashita no Joe Touda JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-20081, SLPS-20080 (Keyboard Set) March 29, 2001
Ashita no Joe: Masshiro ni Moe Tsukiro! あしたのジョー ~まっ白に燃え尽きろ!~ (SLPM-65441) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65441, VW177-J1, SLPM-65625 (Konami the Best), VW177-J2 (Konami the Best) December 4, 2003;; July 8, 2004 (Konami the Best)
Asobi ni Iku yo! Chikyuu Pinchi no Konyaku Sengen あそびにいくヨ! 〜ちきゅうぴんちのこんやくせんげん〜 (SLPM-66457) & (SLPM-66456) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-66457, SLPM-66456 (Limited Edition) July 27, 2006
Assault Suits Valken 重装機兵ヴァルケン (SLPM-62501), 중장기병 발켄 (SLKA-15023), Juusou Kihei Valken (JP) ENG, JAP, KOR PAL (W) SLES-53233 June 2005
NTSC-J SLPM-62501, SLKA-15023 August 26, 2004;; September 23, 2004 (Korea)
Asterix & Obelix XXL 2: Mission: Las Vegum Astérix & Obélix XXL 2 ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA PAL (W) SLES-53849, SLES-53060 (France, Germany), SLES-53725 June 30, 2006
Asterix & Obelix: Kick Buttix Asterix & Obelix XXL (EU), Astérix & Obélix XXL ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20866, SLUS-29111 (Demo) September 14, 2004
PAL (W) SLES-51838 March 19, 2004
Asterix at the Olympic Games Astérix aux Jeux Olympiques (SLES-54886), Astérix at the Olympic Games ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA PAL (W) SLES-54886, SLES-55034, SLES-55035 February 28, 2008 (Australia);; February 29, 2008
Astro Boy 鉄腕アトム (SLPM-65551), 우주소년 아톰 (SLKA-25159), Astro Boy: Tetsuwan Atom (JP) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, KOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20867 August 18, 2004
PAL SLES-52486 February 11, 2005;; 2005 (Australia)
NTSC-J SLPM-65551, SLKA-25159 (Korea), SCAJ-25037, SLAJ-25037 March 18, 2004;; July 15, 2004 (Korea)
Astro Boy: The Video Game ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21895 October 20, 2009
PAL SLES-55593 October 22, 2009 (Australia);; February 5, 2010
Astro Kyuudan: Kessen!! Victory Kyuudanhen アストロ球団 決戦!!ビクトリー球団編 (SLPS-25582) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-25582 November 23, 2005
Atari Anthology ENG NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21076 November 22, 2004
PAL SLES-53061 February 18, 2005
Atelier Iris 2: The Azoth of Destiny イリスのアトリエ エターナルマナ2 (SLPM-65985) & (GUST-00004) & (SLPM-66537), Iris no Atelier: Eternal Mana 2 (JP) ENG, JAP NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21327 April 25, 2006
PAL SLES-54385 September 29, 2006;; October 12, 2006 (Australia)
NTSC-J SLPM-65985, GUST-00004 (Premium Box), SLPM-66537 (Gust Best Price) May 26, 2005;; September 21, 2006 (Gust Best Price)
Atelier Iris 3: Grand Phantasm イリスのアトリエ グランファンタズム (SLPM-66436) & (SLPM-66849), Iris no Atelier: Grand Fantasm (JP) ENG, JAP NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21564 May 29, 2007
PAL SLES-54822 July 26, 2007 (Australia);; August 3, 2007
NTSC-J SLPM-66436, SLPM-66849 (Gust Best Price) June 29, 2006;; September 27, 2007 (Gust Best Price)
Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana イリスのアトリエ エターナルマナ (SLPM-65594) & (GUST-00003) & (SLPM-66081), Iris no Atelier: Eternal Mana (JP) ENG, JAP NTSC-U (WL) SLUS-21113 June 28, 2005
PAL SLES-53764 March 17, 2006;; March 23, 2006 (Australia)
NTSC-J SLPM-65594, GUST-00003 (Premium Box), SLPM-66081 (Gust Best Price) May 27, 2004;; August 4, 2005 (Gust Best Price)
Atelier Marie + Elie アトリエ マリー+エリー ザールブルグの錬金術士1・2 (SLPM-66140) & (GUST-00006), Atelier Marie + Elie: Salburg no Renkinjutsushi 1 & 2 JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-66140, GUST-00006 (Premium Box Edition) October 27, 2005
Athens 2004 ATHENS 2004 (SCPS-15074), 아테네 2004 (SCKA-20031) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, POR, KOR NTSC-U (W) SCUS-97379, SCUS-97403 (Demo) July 14, 2004
PAL SCES-52410, SCES-52410P (Platinum), SCES-52411, SCES-52411/P (Platinum), SCED-52491 (Demo, PlayStation 2 Press Kit) July 2, 2004;; January 28, 2005 (Platinum)
NTSC-J SCPS-15074, SCKA-20031 (Korea), SCAJ-20089 July 29, 2004 (Japan, Korea)
Atlantis III: The New World ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA PAL (W) SLES-50561, SLES-50661, SLES-50757 February 8, 2002
ATV Offroad Fury ATV Offroad: All Terrain Vehicle ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (WL) SCUS-97104, SCUS-97104GH (Greatest Hits), SCUS-97122 (Demo) February 5, 2001;; 2002 (Greatest Hits)
PAL (WL) SCES-50293 July 13, 2001
ATV Offroad Fury 2 ENG NTSC-U (W) SCUS-97211, SCUS-97369, SCUS-97238 (Demo), SCUS-97510 (Greatest Hits), SCUS-97211GH (Greatest Hits, PlayStation 2 Combo Pack) November 9, 2002;; September 8, 2004 (Greatest Hits)
PAL (W) SLES-51814 September 2003 (Australia);; October 3, 2003
ATV Offroad Fury 3 ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA NTSC-U (W) SCUS-97405, SCUS-97405GH (Greatest Hits), SCUS-97514 (Greatest Hits), SCUS-97437 (Demo) November 2, 2004;; August 25, 2005 (Greatest Hits)
PAL SLES-53754 February 10, 2006
ATV Offroad Fury 4 ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, POL, POR, GRE, RUS NTSC-U (W) SCUS-97479, SCUS-97579 (Demo), SCUS-97553 (Demo, Online) October 31, 2006;; 2007 (Greatest Hits)
PAL SCES-54688 March 27, 2008 (Australia);; March 28, 2008
ATV Quad Power Racing 2 ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20570 January 13, 2003
PAL SLES-50850, SLED-51364 (Demo) February 28, 2003
Austin Mini Racing PAL (W) March 17, 2006
Auto Modellista アウトモデリスタ (SLPM-65124) & (SLPM-65183), アウトモデリスタ U.S.-tuned (SLPM-65286), 아우토 모델리스타 (SLPM-67540), Auto Modellista: U.S.-Tuned (JP) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, KOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20642, SLUS-20498, SLUS-28031 (Public Beta Volume 2.0 (Version 1.01)) March 25, 2003
PAL (W) SLES-51191 December 6, 2002
NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65124, SLPM-65183 (Modem Pack), CPCS-01003 (Modem Pack), SLPM-67540 (Korea), SLPM-65286 (U.S.-Tuned) August 22, 2002;; April 17, 2003 (Korea);; September 11, 2003 (U.S.-Tuned)
Autobahn Raser IV GER PAL (W) SLES-51009 December 31, 2002
Autobahn Raser: Das Spiel zum Film GER PAL (W) SLES-52459 April 29, 2004
Avatar: The Last Airbender - Into the Inferno Avatar - The Legend of Aang: Into the Inferno (AU), Nickelodeon Avatar: The Legend of Aang: Into the Inferno ENG, GER, DUT, SWE, DAN, FIN, NOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21804 October 13, 2008
PAL SLES-55263, SLES-55264 (Australia) October 31, 2008;; November 6, 2008 (Australia)
Avatar: The Last Airbender Avatar: The Legend of Aang (EU, AU), Nickelodeon Avatar: The Legend of Aang ENG, GER, FRE, DUT NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21395, SLUS-21395GH (Greatest Hits) October 10, 2006;; 2007 (Greatest Hits)
PAL SLES-54188 February 8, 2007 (Australia);; February 9, 2007
Avatar: The Last Airbender - The Burning Earth Avatar: The Legend of Aang: The Burning Earth (EU, AU), Nickelodeon Avatar: The Last Airbender: The Burning Earth ENG, GER, FRE, DUT NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21588 October 16, 2007
PAL SLES-54840 October 25, 2007 (Australia);; October 26, 2007
Axel Impact: The Extreme Racing 엑셀 임팩트 (SCPS-56016) ENG, KOR NTSC-J (W) SCPS-56016 October 16, 2003
Ayaka Shibito あやかしびと -幻妖異聞録- (SLPM-66491) & (SLPM-66862) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-66491, DMP-P201 (Limited Edition), SLPM-66862 (Best Selection) August 31, 2006;; September 20, 2007 (Best Selection)
Azur & Asmar ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA PAL (W) SLES-54695 April 26, 2007
B-Boy ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21761 August 4, 2008
PAL SCES-53960 September 29, 2006;; October 12, 2006 (Australia)
Babe ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE, POL, DAN, FIN, NOR, POR PAL (W) SLES-54380, SLES-54425, SLES-54434 (Australia) October 13, 2006
Backyard Baseball ENG NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20865 March 23, 2004
Backyard Baseball '09 ENG NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21751 June 10, 2008
Backyard Baseball '10 ENG NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21884 April 28, 2009
Backyard Basketball ENG NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20704 October 21, 2003
Backyard Football '08 ENG NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21670 October 16, 2007
Backyard Football '10 ENG NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21919 October 20, 2009
Backyard Football 2006 ENG NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20876 October 4, 2005
Backyard Football 2009 Backyard Football '09 ENG NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21809 October 21, 2008
Backyard Sports Baseball 2007 ENG NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21403 September 5, 2006
Backyard Sports Basketball 2007 ENG NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21485 February 13, 2007
Backyard Wrestling 2: There Goes the Neighborhood バックヤードレスリング2 (SLPS-25493) ENG, JAP NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21043 November 16, 2004
PAL SLES-52686 November 19, 2004
NTSC-J SLPS-25493 April 7, 2005
Backyard Wrestling: Don't Try This at Home バックヤードレスリング (SLPS-25341) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20638 October 7, 2003
PAL SLES-51986 November 7, 2003
NTSC-J SLPS-25341 April 15, 2004
Bad Boys: Miami Takedown Bad Boys II (EU) ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20982 September 14, 2004
PAL SLES-51772, SLES-52362, SLES-52363 February 2004
Bakuen Kakusei: Neverland Senki Zero 爆炎覚醒 ネバーランド戦記ZERO (SLPM-65635), Realm of the Dead (EU) ENG, JAP PAL (W) SLES-54339 November 24, 2006
NTSC-J SLPM-65635 July 22, 2004
Bakufuu Slash! Kizna Arashi 爆封スラッシュ! キズナ 嵐 (SCPS-15086) & (SCPS-15079) JAP NTSC-J (W) SCPS-15086, SCPS-15079 (w/ EyeToy), SCAJ-20107 November 3, 2004
Bakugan Battle Brawlers ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21902 October 20, 2009
PAL SLES-55579 October 23, 2009;; October 28, 2009 (Australia)
Bakumatsu Koihana: Shinsengumi 幕末恋華・新選組 (SLPM-65835), Bakumatsu Renka: Shinsengumi (JP) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65835 December 22, 2004
Bakumatsu Renka: Karyuu Kenshiden 幕末恋華・花柳剣士伝 (SLPS-25818) & (SLPS-25817) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25818, SLPS-25817 (Limited Edition) October 4, 2007
Bakumatsu Rouman: Gekka no Kenshi 1-2 NEOGEOオンラインコレクション 幕末浪漫 月華の剣士1・2 (SLPS-25503) & (SLPS-25792) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-25503 (NeoGeo Online Collection Vol. 2), SLPS-25792 (SNK Best Collection) January 12, 2006 (NeoGeo Online Collection Vol. 2);; June 21, 2007 (SNK Best Collection)
Bakushou! Jinsei Kaidow 爆笑!!人生回道 NOVAうさぎが見てるぞ!! (SLPM-65812) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-65522, TCPS-10082, SLPM-65812 (Taito Best), TCPS-10101 (Taito Best) March 18, 2004;; March 3, 2005 (Taito Best)
Bakusou Dekotora Densetsu: Otoko Hanamichi Yume Roman 爆走デコトラ伝説 〜男花道夢浪漫〜 (SLPM-65234), 爆走デコトラ伝説 〜男花道夢浪漫〜 スペシャル (SLPM-74419) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65234, SLPM-74419 (PlayStation 2 the Best), SCAJ-20010 January 23, 2003;; November 6, 2003 (PlayStation 2 the Best)
Baldr Bullet: Equilibrium バルドバレット イクリブリアム (SLPM-66815) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-66815, ALCH-00012 (Limited Edition) October 25, 2007
Baldr Force EXE バルドフォース エグゼ (SLPM-65904) & (ALCH-00002) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65904, ALCH-00002 (Mega Box), SLPM-66356 (Alchemist Best), ALCH-00006 (Simalcrum Pack Alchemist Best) April 7, 2005;; March 23, 2006 (Alchemist Best)
Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance バルダーズゲート・ダークアライアンス (SLPS-25140) & (SLPS-25139) & (SLPS-25291) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20035, SLUS-20035GH (Greatest Hits) December 2, 2001;; 2002 (Greatest Hits)
PAL (W) SLES-50672 December 14, 2001
NTSC-J SLPS-25140, SLPS-25139 (Limited Edition), SLPS-25291 (PCCW The Best) September 26, 2002;; October 9, 2003 (PCCW The Best)
Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance II バルダーズゲート・ダークアライアンスII (SLPM-65845) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20675 January 20, 2004
PAL (W) SLES-52187, SLES-52188 February 6, 2004
NTSC-J SLPM-65845 December 22, 2004
Band Hero ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21898, SLUS-21898SBX (Band Kit) November 3, 2009
PAL SLES-55578 November 6, 2009;; November 25, 2009 (Australia; Band Kit, Australia)
Barbarian ウォーリアーブレイド ラスタン vs バーバリアン編 (SLPM-62292), 바바리안 (SLKA-15001), Warrior Blade: Rastan vs. Barbarian (JP) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, KOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20136 June 27, 2002
PAL SLES-50972 December 5, 2003
NTSC-J SLKA-15001 (Korea), SLPM-62292, TCPS-10064 March 14, 2003 (Korea);; April 3, 2003
Barbie as The Island Princess ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21684 October 30, 2007
PAL SLES-55015 November 30, 2007
Barbie Horse Adventures: Riding Camp ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21806 October 21, 2008
PAL (W) SLES-55371 November 21, 2008;; November 26, 2008 (Australia)
Barbie Horse Adventures: Wild Horse Rescue ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA NTSC-U (WM) SLUS-20664 November 4, 2003
PAL SLES-51845 November 28, 2003
Barbie in The 12 Dancing Princesses ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U SLUS-21579 November 28, 2006
PAL (W) SLES-54566, SLES-54608 February 9, 2007;; February 14, 2007 (Australia)
Barnyard 반야드 (SCKA-20096), Nickelodeon: Der tierisch verrückte Bauernhof (SLES-54377), Nickelodeon: Barnyard ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21277 August 1, 2006
PAL (W) SLES-54376, SLES-54378, SLES-54377 September 14, 2006 (Australia);; October 13, 2006
NTSC-J SCKA-20096 December 14, 2006 (Korea)
Baroque バロック (SLPM-66747), バロック INTERNATIONAL (SLPM-55107), Baroque International (JP) ENG, JAP NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21714 April 8, 2008
PAL SLES-55216 July 18, 2008;; October 24, 2012 (PS2 Classics)
NTSC-J SLPM-66747, SLPM-55107 (International) June 28, 2007;; October 23, 2008 (International)
Baseball Live 2005 ベースボールライブ2005 (SLPS-25469) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25469 April 21, 2005
Basic Studio: Powerful Game Koubou ベーシックスタジオ パワフルゲーム工房 (SLPS-20084), Basic Studio JAP NTSC-J SLPS-20084 (Disc 1), SLPS-20085 (Disc 2) April 19, 2001
Baskelian バスケリアン (SLPS-20266), Space Basketball (EU) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-20266 August 7, 2003
Bass Landing 3 バスランディング3 (SLPS-25213) & (SLPS-25336) & (SLPS-25337) & (SLPM-66075) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25213, SLPS-25336 (Sammy Best w/TsuriCon2+), SLPS-25337 (Sammy Best), SLPM-66075 (Sega the Best 2800) February 27, 2003;; February 26, 2004 (Sammy Best w/TsuriCon2+; Sammy Best)
BASS Strike バス ストライク (SLPM-62147) ENG, JAP NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20325 September 26, 2001
PAL (W) SLES-50512 December 7, 2001
NTSC-J SLPM-62147 February 14, 2002
Batman Begins 배트맨 비긴즈 (SLKA-25292) ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE, KOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21198 June 14, 2005
PAL (W) SLES-53387 June 17, 2005
NTSC-J SLKA-25292 July 11, 2005 (Korea)
Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu 배트맨: 라이즈 오브 신주 (SLKA-25102) ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, KOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20709 October 16, 2003
PAL SLES-51756 November 21, 2003
NTSC-J SLKA-25102 November 20, 2003 (Korea)
Batman: Vengeance バットマン外伝~復讐の誓い~ (SLPS-25109) ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20226 October 15, 2001
PAL SLES-50355 November 9, 2001
NTSC-J SLPS-25109 (Unconfirmed, likely cancelled) March 28, 2002
Battle Assault 3 featuring Gundam Seed ENG NTSC-U (WL) SLUS-20929 December 7, 2004
Battle Engine Aquila ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20495 January 19, 2003
PAL SLES-50777 February 28, 2003
Battle Gear 3 JAP NTSC-J (WM) SLPM-65434, TCPS-10076, TCPS-10077 (Limited Edition), SCAJ-20055 December 25, 2003
Battle of Sunrise バトル オブ サンライズ (SLPS-25855) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25855 April 10, 2008
Battle Stadium D.O.N バトルスタジアムD.O.N(ディー・オー・エヌ) (SLPS-25675) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25675 July 20, 2006
Battlefield 2: Modern Combat バトルフィールド2 モダンコンバット (SLPM-66206) & (SLPM-66651) & (SLPM-55034), 배틀필드2 : 모던 컴뱃 (KO) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21026, SLUS-21026GH (Greatest Hits), SLUS-29117 (Public Beta Vol.1.0), SLUS-29152 (Regular Demo), SLUS-29172 (E3 Demo) October 24, 2005;; Q4 2006 (Greatest Hits)
PAL SLES-53730, SLES-53729, SLED-53731 (Demo) November 18, 2005
NTSC-J (W) SLPM-66206, SLPM-66651 (EA Best Hits), SLPM-55034 (EA:SY! 1980) December 30, 2005 (Korea);; January 26, 2006;; January 18, 2007 (EA Best Hits);; July 24, 2008 (EA:SY! 1980)
Battlestar Galactica ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20421 November 19, 2003
PAL SLES-51702 December 12, 2003
BCV: Battle Construction Vehicles 建設重機喧嘩バトル ぶちギレ金剛!! (SLPS-25004), Kensetsu Juuki Kenka Battle: Buchigire Kongou!! (JP) ENG, JAP PAL SLES-51714, NPED-00030 November 28, 2003;; February 29, 2012 (PS2 Classics)
NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25004 June 1, 2000
Beach King Stunt Racer ENG, GER, FRE, DUT PAL (W) SLES-51383 August 28, 2003
Beast Sapp ビーストサップ (SLPS-25304) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25304, SLPS-20346 May 27, 2004
Beat Down: Fists of Vengeance ビートダウン (SLPM-66181) & (SLPM-66819) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21150 August 23, 2005
PAL (W) SLES-53505 September 30, 2005
NTSC-J SLPM-66181, SLPM-66819 (Best Price), SLPM-66446 (CapKore) November 2, 2005;; August 2, 2007 (Best Price)
Beatmania ENG NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21239P (Bundle), SLUS-21239 March 28, 2006 (Bundle);; March 30, 2006
BeatMania Da Da Da!! ビートマニア打打打!! (SLPM-62052), ビートマニアだだだ!! (JP) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-62052 March 29, 2001
BeatMania Da Da Da!! The Best Da ビートマニア打打打!!THE BEST打 (SLPM-62175), ビートマニアだだだ!!THE BESTだ (JP) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-62175 May 16, 2002
BeatMania IIDX 10th Style ビートマニア2DX 10thスタイル (SLPM-66180) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-66180, VW296-J1, 2DX10SP (Special Edition) November 17, 2005
BeatMania IIDX 11: IIDX Red ビートマニア2DX11 2DXレッド (SLPM-66426) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-66426, VW321-J1, 2DX11SP (Special Edition), 2DX11SPVE4 (Special Edition Complete Set) May 18, 2006
BeatMania IIDX 12: Happy Sky ビートマニア2DX12 ハッピースカイ (SLPM-66621) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-66621, VW326-J1, 2DX12SP (Special Edition), 2DX12SPCD (Special Edition w/ Beatnation Records), 2DX12SPCDTS (Special Edition w/ Beatnation Records w/ T-shirt size S), 2DX12SPCDTM (Special Edition w/ Beatnation Records w/ T-shirt size M), 2DX12SPCDTL (Special Edition w/ Beatnation Records w/ T-shirt size L), 2DX12SPCDTXL (Special Edition w/ Beatnation Records w/ T-shirt size XL) December 14, 2006
BeatMania IIDX 13: DistorteD ビートマニア2DX13 ディストーテッド (SLPM-66828) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-66828, VW347-J1, 2DX13SP (Special Edition), 2DX13SPVE6 (Special Edition, Complete Set) August 30, 2007
BeatMania IIDX 14: Gold ビートマニア2DX14 ゴールド (SLPM-66995) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-66995, VW362-J1, 2DX14SP (Special Edition), 2DX14SPC (Special Edition, Complete Set) May 29, 2008
BeatMania IIDX 15: DJ Troopers ビートマニア2DX 15ディージェイ トルーパーズ (SLPM-55117) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-55117, VW367-J1 December 18, 2008
BeatMania IIDX 16: Empress + Premium Best ビートマニア 2DX 16 エンプレス + プレミアムベスト (SLPM-55221) & (SLPM-55222), 비트매니아 IIDX 16 엠프레스 + 프리미엄 베스트 (KO) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-55221 (Empress Disc), SLPM-55222 (Premium Best Disc), VW374-J1 January 15, 2009 (Korea);; October 15, 2009
BeatMania IIDX 3rd Style ビートマニア2DX 3rdスタイル (SLPM-65006) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65006, VW013-J1 November 2, 2000
BeatMania IIDX 4th Style: New Songs Collection ビートマニア2DX 4thスタイル -new songs collection- (SLPM-65026) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-65026, VW028-J1 March 29, 2001
BeatMania IIDX 5th Style: New Songs Collection ビートマニア2DX 5thスタイル -new songs collection- (SLPM-65049) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-65049, VW045-J1 August 30, 2001
Beatmania IIDX 6th Style: New Songs Collection ビートマニア2DX 6thスタイル -new songs collection- (SLPM-65156) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65156, VW094-J1 July 18, 2002
BeatMania IIDX 7th Style ビートマニア2DX 7thスタイル (SLPM-65593) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-65593, VW209-J1 May 14, 2004
BeatMania IIDX 8th Style ビートマニア2DX 8thスタイル (SLPM-65768) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-65768, VW245-J1, 2DX8SP (Special Edition) November 18, 2004
Beatmania IIDX 9th Style ビートマニア2DX 9thスタイル (SLPM-65946) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65946, VW269-J1, 2DX9VR (Rare Special Edition V), 2DX9VE (w/ Visual Emotions 2), 2DX9VRVE (Rare Special Edition V w/ Visual Emotions 2), 2DX9VRGS (Complete Special Edition), 2DX9VRGSVE (Complete Special Edition w/ Visual Emotions 2) March 24, 2005
Beck: The Game ベック ザ ゲーム (SLPS-25474) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25474 March 31, 2005
Bee Movie Game DreamWorks Bee Movie Game ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21622 October 30, 2007
PAL SLES-55016 November 16, 2007;; December 5, 2007 (Australia)
Ben 10 - Alien Force ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21815 October 28, 2008
PAL SLES-55440 November 21, 2008 (Australia);; February 13, 2009
Ben 10 Alien Force: Vilgax Attacks ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21921 October 27, 2009
PAL SLES-55592 November 12, 2009 (Australia);; March 12, 2010
Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Cosmic Destruction ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21938 October 5, 2010
PAL SLES-55639 February 10, 2011 (Australia);; February 11, 2011
Ben 10: Protector of Earth ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21661 October 30, 2007
PAL SLES-54951, SLES-54952 November 16, 2007
Ben Hur: Blood of Braves ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA PAL (W) SLES-51350 February 28, 2003
Berserk ベルセルク 千年帝国の鷹(ミレニアム・ファルコン) (SLPM-65688) & (SLPM-65686), 베르세르크: 천년제국의 매 편 성마전기의 장 (SLKA-25213), Berserk: Millennium Falcon Hen Seima Senki no Shou (JP), Berserk: Millennium Falcon: Sennen Teikoku no Taka-hen: Seima no Senki no Shou JAP, KOR NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65688, SLPM-65686 (Limited Edition), SLKA-25213 (Korea), SLPM-65618 (As a bonus demo disc to Vampire Panic LE), SLPM-61091 (Trial) October 7, 2004 (Japan, Korea)
Beta Bloc SPA, ITA PAL (W) SLES-54789 February 29, 2008
Beverly Hills Cop ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE, DAN, FIN, NOR, POR PAL (W) SLES-54456 2006
Beyond Good & Evil ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20763, SLUS-20763GH (Greatest Hits), SLUS-29082 (Demo) November 11, 2003;; 2008 (Greatest Hits)
PAL SLES-51917 November 14, 2003
Biathlon 2008 RTL Biathlon 2008 (EU) ENG, GER, FRE NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21711 February 26, 2008
PAL SLES-54937 (Germany), SLES-54938 2007
Big Bass ビッグバス 〜バス釣り完全攻略〜 (SLPM-62389) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-62389 (SuperLite 2000 Tsuri) November 6, 2003 (SuperLite 2000 Tsuri)
Big Idea's Veggie Tales: LarryBoy and the Bad Apple ENG NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21440 August 8, 2006
PAL SLES-54536 (Italy) 2006 (?)
Big Mutha Truckers 爆走コンボイ伝説 〜男花道アメリカ浪漫〜 (SLPM-62378), Bakusou Convoy Densetsu - Otoko Hanamichi America Roman (JP) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20605, SLUS-20291 June 16, 2003
PAL SLES-51355 December 6, 2002
NTSC-J SLPM-62378 January 22, 2004
Big Mutha Truckers 2 Big Mutha Truckers 2: Truck Me Harder (EU) ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21086 August 23, 2005
PAL SLES-52980 June 24, 2005
Biker Mice from Mars ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21578 June 5, 2007
PAL SLES-54319 November 17, 2006
Bikkuri Mouse びっくりマウス (SCPS-11004) JAP NTSC-J (W) SCPS-11004, PCPX-96306 (Demo, Taikenban) July 27, 2000
Billy the Wizard: Rocket Broomstick Racing ENG PAL (W) SLES-53736 January 27, 2006
Binchou-Tan: Shiawasegoyomi びんちょうタン しあわせ暦 (SLPS-25659) & (SLPS-25658) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25659, SLPS-25658 (Limited Edition) April 26, 2007
BioHazard Code: Veronica Kanzenhan / BioHazard 4 Value Pack NTSC-J CPCS-01052 September 17, 2009
BioHazard: 5th Anniversary Package バイオハザード5thアニバーサリー 5周年特別限定 JAP NTSC-J SLPM-86770, SLPM-65024 (Disc 1), SLPM-65025 (Disc 2) March 22, 2001
Bionicle ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, DAN NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20818 October 20, 2003
PAL SLES-51956 October 10, 2003
Bionicle Heroes バイオニクル ヒーローズ (SLPM-66645) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, DAN NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21428 November 14, 2006
PAL SLES-54150 November 24, 2006;; December 1, 2006 (Australia)
NTSC-J SLPM-66645 January 18, 2007
Bistro Cupid 2 ビストロ・きゅーぴっと2 (SLPM-65348) & (SLPM-65347) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65348, SLPM-65347 (Limited Edition) August 28, 2003
Black ブラック (SLPM-66354) & (SLPM-66731) & (SLPM-66961) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21376, SLUS-21376GH (Greatest Hits), SLUS-29180 (Demo) February 28, 2006;; 2007 (Greatest Hits)
PAL (WL) SLES-53886, SLES-54030, SLED-53937 (Demo), SLES-53886/P (Platinum: The Best of PlayStation 2), SLES-54030-P (Platinum, Platinum: The Best of PlayStation 2) February 24, 2006;; November 24, 2006 (Platinum);; 2006 (Australia)
NTSC-J SLPM-66354, SLPM-66731 (EA Best Hits), SLPM-66961 (EA:SY! 1980), SLAJ-25078 March 25, 2006 (Korea);; April 6, 2006;; March 8, 2007 (EA Best Hits);; February 28, 2008 (EA:SY! 1980)
Black & Bruised ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20506, SLUS-29045 (Regular Demo), SLUS-28027 (Trade Demo) January 26, 2003
PAL SLES-51620 June 27, 2003
Black Cat ブラック・キャット 〜機械仕掛けの天使〜 (SLPM-66289) & (CPCS-01019) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-66289, CPCS-01019 (Limited Pack) March 30, 2006
Black Market Bowling ENG PAL (W) SLES-53317 June 10, 2005;; September 19, 2012 (PS2 Classics)
Black/Matrix II ブラック/マトリクスⅡ (SLPS-20187) & (SLPS-20299) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-20187, SLPS-20299 (Best Hen) March 28, 2002;; July 24, 2003 (Best Hen)
Blade II ENG, FRE NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20360 September 2, 2002
PAL SLES-51013, SLES-51014 September 27, 2002
Blazing Souls ブレイジング ソウルズ (SLPM-66270) & (SLPM-66269), 블레이징 소울즈 (SLKA-25384), Absolute: Blazing Infinity (JP), Blazing Souls Accelate (US) JAP, KOR NTSC-J (W) SLPM-66270, SLPM-66269 (Limited Edition), SLKA-25384 January 17, 2006;; August 14, 2006 (Korea)
Bleach: Blade Battlers ブリーチ 〜ブレイド・バトラーズ〜 (SCPS-15116) & (SCPS-19329) JAP NTSC-J (W) SCPS-15116, SCPS-19329 (PlayStation 2 the Best) October 12, 2006;; October 25, 2007 (PlayStation 2 the Best)
Bleach: Blade Battlers 2nd ブリーチ 〜ブレイド・バトラーズ2nd〜 (SCPS-15119) JAP NTSC-J SCPS-15119 September 27, 2007
Bleach: Erabareshi Tamashii ブリーチ 〜選ばれし魂〜 (SCPS-15087) & (SCPS-19331) JAP NTSC-J (W) SCPS-15087, SCPS-19331 (PlayStation 2 the Best), SCAJ-20140 August 4, 2005;; October 25, 2007 (PlayStation 2 the Best)
Bleach: Hanatareshi Yabou ブリーチ 〜放たれし野望〜 (SCPS-15101) & (SCPS-19330) JAP NTSC-J (W) SCPS-15101, SCPS-19330 (PlayStation 2 the Best), SCAJ-20165 February 16, 2006;; October 25, 2007 (PlayStation 2 the Best)
Blitz: The League ENG NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21128, SLUS-21128GH (Greatest Hits) October 17, 2005;; 2006 (Greatest Hits)
Blokus Club with Bumpy Trot ブロックス倶楽部 withバンピートロット (SLPS-20443) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-20443 November 17, 2005
Blood Omen 2 Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen 2, Blood Omen 2: The Legacy of Kain Series ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20024 March 21, 2002;; 2003 (Greatest Hits)
PAL (W) SLES-50772, SLES-50771, SLES-50815 March 28, 2002;; March 29, 2002 (Australia)
Blood Will Tell どろろ (SLPM-65526) & (SLPM-66207), 多羅羅 (SLAJ-25047), 도로로 (SLKA-25225), Blood Will Tell: Tezuka Osamu's Dororo (US, EU), Dororo (JP), Duo Luo Luo (AS) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, CHI, KOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20782 September 21, 2004
PAL SLES-52755 June 5, 2005
NTSC-J SLPM-65526, SLKA-25225 (Korea), SLPM-66207 (Sega The Best 2800), SCAJ-25047, SLAJ-25047, SLPM-60248 (Trial) September 9, 2004;; November 11, 2004 (Korea);; November 23, 2005 (Sega The Best 2800)
Blood+ One Night Kiss ブラッドプラス ワン ナイト キス (SLPS-25677) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25677 August 31, 2006
Blood+ Souyoku no Battle Rondo ブラッドプラス 双翼のバトル輪舞曲 (SCPS-15112), Blood+ JAP NTSC-J (W) SCPS-15112 July 27, 2006
Blood: The Last Vampire (First Volume) ブラッド ザ ラスト ヴァンパイア 上巻 (SCPS-15007), Blood: The Last Vampire (JP), Blood: The Last Vampire: Joukan JAP NTSC-J (W) SCPS-15007 (Joukan), PAPX-90206 (Demo, Trailer Disc) December 21, 2000 (Joukan)
Blood: The Last Vampire (Last Volume) ブラッド ザ ラスト ヴァンパイア 下巻 (SCPS-15008), Blood: The Last Vampire (Gekan) (JP), Blood: The Last Vampire: Gekan JAP NTSC-J (W) SCPS-15008 (Gekan) December 21, 2000 (Gekan)
BloodRayne ブラッドレイン (SLPM-65665) ENG, JAP, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20461, NPUD-20461 (PS2 Classics) October 15, 2002;; November 1, 2011 (PS2 Classics)
PAL (W) SLES-51474 May 2, 2003
NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65665 August 26, 2004;; March 21, 2012 (PS2 Classics, Korea)
BloodRayne 2 ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20862, NPUD-20862 (PS2 Classics) October 12, 2004;; July 3, 2012 (PS2 Classics)
PAL (W) SLES-53831, SLES-53832 February 17, 2006
Bloody Roar 3 ブラッディロア3 (SLPM-62055) & (SLPM-62133) ENG, JAP NTSC-U (WL) SLUS-20212 June 25, 2001
PAL (W) SLES-50203 August 24, 2001
NTSC-J (WL) SLPM-62055, SLPM-62133 (Hudson the Best), SLPM-60136 (Trial) March 1, 2001;; May 9, 2002 (Hudson the Best)
Bloody Roar 4 ブラッディロア4 (SLPM-65499), 블러디 로어 4 (SLKA-25130) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, KOR NTSC-U (WL) SLUS-20795 November 11, 2003
PAL (W) SLES-51877 November 28, 2003
NTSC-J (WL) SLKA-25130 (Korea), SLPM-65499 January 08, 2004 (Korea);; May 27, 2004
BlowOut ENG NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20850, NPUD-20850 November 10, 2003;; February 11, 2014 (PS2 Classics)
PAL SLES-52989 December 10, 2004
BMX XXX ENG, GER, FRE, SPA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20415 November 16, 2002
PAL (W) SLES-51365, SLES-50880 December 5, 2003
Board Games Gallery (10 Games) Board Games Gallery (EU) ENG PAL (W) SLES-52714 (10 Games) March 25, 2005 (10 Games)
Bob the Builder Bob Aggiustatutto (SLES-54900), Bob O Construtor: Festival do Divertimento (SLES-55166), Bob the Builder Eye Toy ENG, GER, DUT, ITA, SWE, DAN, FIN, NOR, POR PAL (W) SLES-54825, SLES-54899, SLES-54656 (Bundled with EyeToy), SLES-54900, SLES-54923 (Bundled with EyeToy), SLES-55166 July 20, 2007;; August 23, 2007 (Australia);; August 24, 2007 (Bundle)
Bob the Builder: Festival of Fun ENG, GER, FRE, DUT, DAN, FIN, NOR PAL (W) SLES-54981, SLES-54982 November 30, 2007;; December 6, 2007 (Australia)
Boboboubo Boubobo ボボボーボ・ボーボボ ハジけ祭 (SLPM-65262) & (SLPM-65912), Boboboubo Boubobo: Hajike Matsuri (JP) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65262, SLPM-65912 (Hudson the Best) March 20, 2003;; March 10, 2005 (Hudson the Best)
Boboboubo Boubobo: Shuumare! Taikan Boubobo ボボボーボ・ボーボボ 集まれ!!体感ボーボボ (SLPM-62572) & (SLPM-62565) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-62572, SLPM-62565 (w/EyeToy) December 16, 2004
Bode Miller Alpine Skiing Ski Alpin 2006 (EU), Alpine Skiing 2006 featuring Bode Miller ENG, GER NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21381 February 6, 2006
PAL SLES-53867 December 7, 2005
Boku no Natsuyasumi 2: Umi no Bouken Hen ぼくのなつやすみ2 海の冒険篇 (SCPS-15026) & (SCPS-19209) & (SCPS-19303) JAP NTSC-J (W) SCPS-15026, SCPS-19209 (PlayStation 2 the Best), SCPS-19303 (PlayStation 2 the Best Reprint) July 11, 2002;; July 3, 2003 (PlayStation 2 the Best);; July 8, 2004 (PlayStation 2 the Best Reprint)
Boku wa Chiisai ボクは小さい (SLPS-20208) & (SLPS-20304) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-20208, SLPS-20304 (Best Collection) July 11, 2002;; July 10, 2003 (Best Collection)
Bokura no Kazoku ぼくらのかぞく (SCPS-15088) JAP NTSC-J (W) SCPS-15088 March 24, 2005
Bolt Disney Bolt, Disney Вольт (EU) ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE, DAN, NOR, RUS NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21844 November 18, 2008
PAL SLES-55428, SLES-55430, SLES-55429, SLES-55431 December 4, 2008 (Australia);; February 13, 2009;; March 6, 2013 (PS2 Classics)
Bombastic XIゴ (SCPS-15029), XIGO 骰子熱爆 (SCAJ-20007), XIGO 最后的骰子 (SCCS-40004), XI5 (SCKA-20001), XI Go (JP), XIGO: Zuihou de Touzi (AS) ENG, JAP, CHI, TRA, KOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20764 August 27, 2003
PAL (W) SLES-51966 January 16, 2004
NTSC-J SCPS-15029, SCKA-20001 (Korea), SCAJ-20007, SCCS-40004, PAPX-90229 (Trial Version) December 19, 2002;; January 16, 2003 (Korea)
Bomberman Hardball ボンバーマンバトルズ (SLPM-62503), Bomberman Battles (JP) ENG, JAP PAL (W) SLES-53301 July 1, 2005
NTSC-J SLPM-62503 October 7, 2004
Bomberman Jetters ボンバーマンジェッターズ (SLPM-65218) & (SLPM-65485) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65218, SLPM-65485 (Hudson the Best) December 19, 2002;; January 29, 2004 (Hudson the Best)
Bomberman Kart ボンバーマンカート (SLPM-62118) & (SLPM-62311) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE PAL SLES-51302 October 17, 2003
NTSC-J (W) SLPM-62118, SLPM-62311 (Hudson the Best) December 20, 2001;; March 6, 2003 (Hudson the Best)
Bomberman Kart DX ボンバーマンランドシリーズ ボンバーマンカートDX (SLPM-62478) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-62478, SLPM-62599 April 15, 2004
Bomberman Land 2 ボンバーマンランド2 ゲーム史上最大のテーマパーク (SLPM-62291), ボンバーマンランド2 (SLPM-74101) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-62291, SLPM-74101 (PlayStation 2 the Best) July 17, 2003;; August 5, 2004 (PlayStation 2 the Best)
Bomberman Land 3 ボンバーマンランド3 (SLPM-62643) & (SLPM-62763) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-62643, SLPM-62763 (Hudson the Best) August 4, 2005;; February 22, 2007 (Hudson the Best)
Bonus Demo 10 bonus demo 10 (you) (SCED-53513), bonus demo 10 (old) (SCED-53514) ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA PAL (W) SCED-53513, SCED-53514, SCED-53515 2005
Bonus Demo 11 bonus demo 11 (you) (SCED-54101), Bonus Demo 11m ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA PAL (W) SCED-54338 (Teen: Bonus Demo 11), SCED-54101, SCED-54102 (Mature: Bonus Demo 11m), SCED-54105 (AKA Retail Demo 11) 2006
Bonus Demo 12 bonus demo 12c (you) (SCED-54397), Bonus Demo 12m ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA PAL (W) SCED-54399 (Teen: Bonus Demo 12), SCED-54397, SCED-54398 (Mature: Bonus Demo old) 2006
Bonus Demo 4 ENG PAL (W) SCED-51486 2002
Bonus Demo 5 ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA PAL SCED-51940, SCED-51941 2003
Bonus Demo 6 ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA PAL (W) SCED-52390, SCED-52391 2002
Bonus Demo 7 bonus demo 7 (15/16) PAL (W) SCED-52436, SCED-52437 October, 2004
Bonus Demo 8 Bonus Demo 8 (Geu) (SCED-53018), Bonus Demo 8 (you) (SCED-52933), Bonus Demo 8 (old) (SCED-52932) ENG, GER PAL (W) SCED-52932 (old), SCED-52933, SCED-53018 (Geu) 2004
Bonus Demo 9 bonus demo 9 (old) (SCED-53117), bonus demo 9 (you) (SCED-53116) PAL (W) SCED-53116, SCED-53117 2005
Boogie ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, POR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21681 November 12, 2007
PAL (W) SLES-55007 November 22, 2007 (Australia);; November 30, 2007
Bouken Jidai Katsugeki Goemon 冒険時代活劇 ゴエモン (SLPM-65014) & (SLPM-65066) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65014, VW023-J2, SLPM-65066 (Konami the Best), SLPM-65617 (Konami Dendou Collection), VW023-J4 (Konami Dendou Collection) December 21, 2000;; November 22, 2001 (Konami the Best);; July 1, 2004 (Konami Dendou Collection)
Bouken Shounen Club Gahou 冒険少年クラブ画報 (SLPS-25279) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25279 September 25, 2003
Bouken-Ou Beet: Darkness Century 冒険王ビィト ダークネスセンチュリー (SLPS-25470) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25470, SLPM-61116 (Trial) April 28, 2005
Boukoku no Aegis 2035: Warship Gunner 亡国のイージス2035 〜ウォーシップガンナー〜 (SLPM-66060) & (SLPM-66529) & (SLPM-66939) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-66060, SLPM-66529 (Koei the Best), SLPM-66939 (Koei Teiban Series) July 21, 2005;; August 10, 2006 (Koei the Best);; December 27, 2007 (Koei Teiban Series)
Bratz: Forever Diamondz ENG, FRE, SPA, ITA, SWE, DAN NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21470 September 18, 2006
PAL (W) SLES-54342, SLES-54343, SLES-54344, SLES-54343-P (Platinum: The Best of PlayStation 2) November 3, 2006;; November 9, 2006 (Australia)
Bratz: Girlz Really Rock ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE, DAN, NOR NTSC-U SLUS-21791 October 13, 2008
PAL (W) SLES-55359, SLES-55358, SLES-55356, SLES-55357 October 30, 2008 (Australia);; October 31, 2008
Bratz: Rock Angelz ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, SWE NTSC-U SLUS-21225 October 6, 2005
PAL (W) SLES-53574, SLES-53575, SLES-53576, SLES-53577, SLES-53578, SLES-53582, SLES-53583 October 14, 2005;; 2006 (Platinum);; 2005 (Australia)
Bratz: The Movie ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U SLUS-21643 September 25, 2007
PAL (W) SLES-54986, SLES-54989, SLES-54988 September 28, 2007
Brave Story ブレイブ ストーリー ワタルの冒険 (SCPS-15111), Brave Story: Wataru no Bouken (JP) JAP NTSC-J (W) SCPS-15111 July 6, 2006
Brave: The Search for Spirit Dancer ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21127 April 9, 2007
PAL SCES-51635 September 2, 2005
Bravo Music: Chou-Meikyokuban ブラボーミュージック 超名曲盤 (SCPS-11023) JAP NTSC-J (W) SCPS-11023, SCPS-11019 (Limited Edition, with Otostaz) January 17, 2002
Bravo Music: Christmas Edition ブラボーミュージック クリスマスエディション (SCPS-11017) JAP NTSC-J (W) SCPS-11017, PCPX-96511 (Demo, Video disc) November 22, 2001
Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter ブレス オブ ファイア V ドラゴンクォーター (SLPM-65196) & (SLPM-74410), 브레스 오브 파이어Ⅴ 드래곤 쿼터 (SLKA-25100), Breath of Fire V: Dragon Quarter (JP, KO) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, KOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20499 February 16, 2003
PAL (W) SLES-51496 November 28, 2003;; November 2003 (Australia)
NTSC-J SLPM-65196, SLPM-74410 (PlayStation 2 the Best), SLKA-25100, NPJD-00116 (PS2 Classics) November 14, 2002;; July 3, 2003 (PlayStation 2 the Best);; March 18, 2004 (Korea);; February 17, 2016 (PS2 Classics)
Breeders' Cup World Thoroughbred Championships ENG, GER, FRE, SPA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21195 September 29, 2005
Brian Lara International Cricket 2005 Ricky Ponting International Cricket 2005 (AU) ENG PAL (W) SLES-52717, SLES-53058, SLED-53365 (Demo) July 21, 2005;; September 30, 2005 (Australia)
Brian Lara International Cricket 2007 Ricky Ponting International Cricket 2007 (AU) ENG PAL (W) SLES-54230, SLES-54231, SLES-54231-P (Platinum: The Best of PlayStation 2) March 23, 2007;; March 2007 (Australia)
Britney's Dance Beat ブリトニーズ ダンスビート (SLPM-65174) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20402 May 8, 2002
PAL SLES-50946, SLES-50947, SLES-50948 June 6, 2002 (Australia);; June 14, 2002
NTSC-J SLPM-65174 September 26, 2002
Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon ブロークン・ソード〜眠れる竜の伝説〜 (SLPS-25356), Les Chevaliers de Baphomet: Le Manuscrit de Voynich (SLES-52015), Baphomets Fluch: Der schlafende Drache (SLES-51978), Broken Sword: Nemureru Ryuu no Densetsu (JP) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA PAL (W) SLES-51978, SLES-51557, SLES-52015 November 14, 2003
NTSC-J SLPS-25356 September 30, 2004
Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood ブラザー イン アームズ 名誉の代償 (SLPM-66410) & (SLPM-66708), Brothers in Arms: Meiyo no Daishou (JP) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21310 October 26, 2005
PAL SLES-53659, SLED-53711 (Demo) October 28, 2005
NTSC-J SLPM-66410, SLPM-66708 (Ubisoft Best) July 27, 2006;; March 22, 2007 (Ubisoft Best)
Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 ブラザー イン アームズ ロードトゥヒルサーティー (SLPM-66042) & (SLPM-66568), 브라더스 인 암즈: 로드 투 힐 30 (SLKA-25277), Brother in Arms: Road to Hill 30 (KO) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, KOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21163, SLUS-21163GH (Greatest Hits) March 15, 2005;; April 26, 2006 (Greatest Hits)
PAL SLES-52888 March 18, 2005;; 2006 (Platinum)
NTSC-J SLPM-66042, SLKA-25277, SLPM-66568 (Ubisoft Best) September 15, 2005;; October 26, 2006 (Ubisoft Best);; 2005 (Korea)
Brunswick Pro Bowling ENG NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21566 August 21, 2007
PAL SLES-54588 September 21, 2007;; September 27, 2007 (Australia)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds ENG, GER, FRE, SPA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20566 August 27, 2003
PAL (WL) SLES-51890 October 24, 2003
Bujingai: The Forsaken City 武刃街 (TCPS-10079), 무인가 (SLKA-25150), Bujingai (JP), Bujingai: Swordmaster (EU) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, KOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20895 July 25, 2004
PAL SLES-52495 February 18, 2005
NTSC-J SLPM-65459, TCPS-10079, SLKA-25150 (Korea), SCAJ-20056, SLPM-60211 (Trial) December 25, 2003;; May 27, 2004 (Korea)
Bully ブリー (SLPS-25879) & (SLPS-25950), Canis Canem Edit (EU, AU) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21269, SLUS-21269P (Collector's Edition), SLUS-21269GH (Greatest Hits), NPUD-21269 (PS2 Classics) October 17, 2006;; 2007 (Greatest Hits);; December 18, 2012 (PS2 Classics)
PAL (WL) SLES-53561, NPED-00233 (PS2 Classics), SLES-53561/P October 25, 2006;; October 27, 2006 (Australia);; 2007 (Platinum);; December 19, 2012 (PS2 Classics)
NTSC-J SLPS-25879, SLPS-25950 (Best of Bethesda), NPJD-00051 (PS2 Classics) July 24, 2008;; September 17, 2009 (Best of Bethesda);; March 19, 2014 (PS2 Classics)
Burnout ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (WL) SLUS-20307, SLUS-28006 (Trade Demo) November 1, 2001
PAL SLES-50445, SLES-50445-P, SLED-50617 (Demo) November 16, 2001;; February 7, 2003 (Platinum)
Burnout 2: Point of Impact 번아웃 2: 포인트 오브 임팩트 (SLKA-25039) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, KOR NTSC-U (WL) SLUS-20497 September 30, 2002
PAL (W) SLES-51044, SLES-52968, SLED-51211 (Demo), SLES-51044-P October 11, 2002;; November 26, 2004 (Platinum)
NTSC-J SLPS-25351, SLKA-25039 May 5, 2003 (Korea);; April 1, 2004
Burnout 3: Takedown バーンアウト3:テイクダウン (SLPM-65719) & (SLPM-65958) & (SLPM-66962), 번아웃 3: 테이크 다운 (SLKA-25206) ENG, JAP, FRE, SPA, DUT, SWE, KOR NTSC-U (WL) SLUS-21050, SLUS-21050GH (Greatest Hits), SLUS-29113 (Demo) September 7, 2004;; 2005 (Greatest Hits)
PAL (WL) SLES-52584, SLES-52585, SLES-52585-P (Platinum), SLES-52584-P (The Best of PlayStation 2), SLED-52597 (Demo) September 10, 2004;; 2005 (Platinum, Australia)
NTSC-J SLKA-25206 (Korea), SLPM-65719, SLPM-65958 (EA Best Hits), SLPM-66962 (EA:SY! 1980), SLAJ-25053, SLPM-60246 (Trial) October 08, 2004 (Korea);; October 14, 2004;; May 19, 2005 (EA Best Hits);; February 28, 2008 (EA:SY! 1980)
Burnout Anthology ENG NTSC-U SLUS-27013 November 19, 2008
Burnout Dominator バーンアウト ドミネーター (SLPM-66739) & (SLPM-55036), 번아웃 도미네이터 (KO) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (WL) SLUS-21596 March 6, 2007
PAL (W) SLES-54627, SLES-54681 March 22, 2007 (Australia);; March 23, 2007
NTSC-J SLPM-66739, SLPM-55036 (EA:SY! 1980), SLAJ-25094 September 20, 2007;; July 24, 2008 (EA:SY! 1980)
Burnout Revenge バーンアウト リベンジ (SLPM-66108) & (SLPM-66652) & (SLPM-55004), 번아웃 리벤지 (SLKA-25304) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE, FIN, KOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21242, SLUS-21242GH (Greatest Hits), SLUS-29153 (Demo) September 13, 2005;; 2006 (Greatest Hits)
PAL (WL) SLES-53507, SLES-53506, SLES-53507/P, SLED-53512 (Demo) September 23, 2005;; September 26, 2005 (Australia);; 2006 (Platinum; Platinum, Australia)
NTSC-J SLPM-66108, SLKA-25304 (Korea), SLPM-66652 (EA Best Hits), SLPM-55004 (EA:SY! 1980), SLAJ-25066 October 20, 2005;; October 24, 2005 (Korea);; January 25, 2007 (EA Best Hits);; May 29, 2008 (EA:SY! 1980)
Busin 0: Wizardry Alternative Neo 부신제로: 위저드리 얼터너티브 네오 (SLKA-25221), 武神 ゼロ ウィザードリィ オルタナティブ ネオ (SLPM-61060), ブシン ゼロ ウィザードリィ オルタナティブ ネオ (JP) JAP, KOR NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65378, SLPM-65876 (Atlus Collection), SLKA-25221 (Korea), SLPM-61060 (Demo, Taikenban) November 13, 2003;; January 27, 2005 (Atlus Collection);; March 25, 2005 (Korea)
Busou Renkin 武装錬金 〜ようこそ パピヨンパークへ〜 (SLPS-25764) & (SLPS-25877), Busou Renkin: Yokosu Papillon Park e (JP) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25764, SLPS-25877 (Best Collection) June 28, 2007;; July 24, 2008 (Best Collection)
Butt Ugly Martians: Zoom or Doom! ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20527 July 30, 2003
PAL SLES-51060 December 6, 2002
Buzz! Brain of the UK Buzz! Quem É o Génio Português? (SCES-55388), Buzz! Brain of France (SCES-55386), Buzz! Deutschlands Superquiz (SCES-55387), Buzz! Il Quizzone Nazionale (SCES-55389), Buzz! Le Plus Malin des Français (SCES-55386), Buzz! Norgesmester (SCES-55423), Buzz! Brain of Switzerland (SCES-55421), Buzz! Suomen Neropatti (SCES-55425), Buzz! Brain of OZ (AU), Buzz! ¿Qué Sabes de tu País? (EU) ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, DAN, FIN, NOR, POR PAL (W) SCES-53385, SCES-55385, SCES-55386, SCES-55387, SCES-55388, SCES-55389, SCES-55419, SCES-55421, SCES-55423, SCES-55425 February 13, 2009 (Norwegian);; March 25, 2009;; March 26, 2009 (Australia);; March 27, 2009 (UK)
Buzz! De Slimste van Nederland Buzz! De Strafste van Belgie (EU) ENG, FRE, DUT PAL (W) SCES-55420 December 3, 2009
Buzz! Junior: Ace Racers ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE, CZE, POL, DAN, FIN, NOR, POR, GRE, RUS PAL SCES-55210, SCES-55211, SCED-55432 (Demo) February 24, 2008;; October 23, 2008 (Australia)
Buzz! Junior: Dino Den ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE, CZE, POL, DAN, FIN, NOR, POR, GRE, RUS PAL (W) SCES-54749, SCES-54750 (Bundled with Buzz! Buzzers) February 22, 2008
Buzz! Junior: Jungle Party ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE, POL, DAN, FIN, NOR, POR, GRE, RUS NTSC-U (W) SCUS-97602, SCUS-97596 (w/Buzzers) October 2, 2007;; October 30, 2007 (w/Buzzers)
PAL (W) SCES-54219, SCES-54220, SCES-54524 October 20, 2006;; October 26, 2006 (Australia)
Buzz! Junior: Monster Rumble ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE, CZE, POL, DAN, FIN, NOR, POR, GRE, RUS PAL (W) SCES-54703 (Bundled with Buzz! Buzzers), SCES-54625 November 2, 2007;; November 8, 2007 (Australia)
Buzz! Junior: Robo Jam ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE, POL, DAN, FIN, NOR, POR, GRE, RUS NTSC-U (W) SCUS-97634, SCUS-97597 (w/Buzzers) March 11, 2008
PAL SCES-54701, SCES-54676 May 25, 2007;; May 31, 2007 (Australia)
Buzz! Junior: Robo Jam & Buzz! Junior: Jungle Party ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE, POL, DAN, FIN, NOR, POR, GRE, RUS PAL SCED-54808
Buzz! Pop Quiz Buzz! Pop Music 40 Principales (SCES-55095) ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE, POL, FIN, NOR, POR PAL (W) SCES-55093, SCES-55094, SCES-55095 (Spain, Portugal), SCES-55096 (Scandinavia), SCES-55097 (Finland), SCES-55098 (Bundled with Buzz! Buzzers), SCES-55100 (Australia), SCES-55107 (Poland) March 14, 2008;; May 15, 2008 (Australia)
Buzz! The BIG Quiz Buzz! Das große Quiz (SCES-53883), Buzz! El Gran Reto (SCES-53884), Buzz! Il Superquiz (SCES-53882), Buzz! Le Grand Quiz (SCES-53881) ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE, DAN, NOR PAL (W) SCES-53883 (Bundled with Buzz! Buzzers), SCES-53884 (Bundled with Buzz! Buzzers), SCES-53882, SCES-53881, SCES-53880, SCES-53925, SCES-53879 (Bundled with Buzz! Buzzers), SCES-53926, SCES-53927, SCES-53929, SCES-54071, SCES-54073 March 17, 2006
Buzz! The Hollywood Quiz Buzz! Hollywood Leafavisa (SCES-54852), Buzz! Hollywood (EU) ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, SWE, POL, DAN, FIN, NOR, POR NTSC-U (W) SCUS-97633 (Bundled with Buzz! Buzzers), SCUS-97594 (w/Buzzers) March 11, 2008
PAL SCES-54848 (Bundled with Buzz! Buzzers), SCES-54845 (Bundled with Buzz! Buzzers), SCES-54844, SCES-54851 (Bundled with Buzz! Buzzers), SCES-54852, SCES-54856 October 19, 2007;; October 25, 2007 (Australia)
Buzz! The Mega Quiz Buzz! Das Mega-Quiz (SCES-54499), Buzz! El Mega Concurso (SCES-54500), Buzz! Le Méga Quiz (SCES-54497), Buzz! The Maha Quiz (SCES-54689), The Big! Mega Quiz (SCES-54556), Buzz! Megavisa (SCES-54503), Buzz! O Mega Quiz (SCES-54504) ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE, DAN, FIN, NOR, POR NTSC-U (W) SCUS-97601, SCUS-97592 (with buzzers) October 30, 2007
PAL (W) SCES-54496, SCES-54497, SCES-54498, SCES-54499, SCES-54500 (Bundled with Buzz! Buzzers), SCES-54501, SCES-54503, SCES-54504, SCES-54505, SCES-54507, SCES-54556, SCES-54689 (Bundled with Buzz! Buzzers) April 27, 2007
Buzz! The Music Quiz ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE, CZE, POL, DAN, FIN, NOR, POR, RUS PAL (W) SCES-53304 (Bundled with Buzz! Buzzers), SCES-53305 (Bundled with Buzz! Buzzers), SCES-53307 (Bundled with Buzz! Buzzers), SCES-53308 (Bundled with Buzz! Buzzers), SCES-53663 (Bundled with Buzz! Buzzers), SCES-53669 October 21, 2005 (With Buzzer)
Buzz! The Schools Quiz Buzz! Escuela de Talentos (EU) ENG, SPA PAL (W) SCES-54941, SCES-55213 (Bundled with Buzz! Buzzers) January 11, 2008
Buzz! The Sports Quiz Buzz! Das Sport-Quiz (SCES-54259), Buzz! El Gran Concurso de Deportes (SCES-54262), Buzz! Le Quiz du Sport (SCES-54260) ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE, DAN, NOR PAL (W) SCES-54258, SCES-54259 (Bundled with Buzz! Buzzers), SCES-54260, SCES-54261, SCES-54262 (Bundled with Buzz! Buzzers), SCES-54263, SCES-54264, SCES-54265, SCES-54266 (Bundled with Buzz! Buzzers), SCES-54267, SCES-54268, SCES-54269, SCED-54238 (Demo), SCED-54363 (Demo) November 10, 2006;; November 16, 2006 (Australia)
C@M-Station カム・ステーション (SLPS-20418) & (SLPS-20406) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-20418, SLPS-20406 (w/ EyeToy) April 28, 2005
Cabela's - Legendary Adventures ENG NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21789 September 17, 2008
Cabela's African Safari ENG NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21379 October 17, 2006
PAL SLES-54655 March 21, 2007 (Australia)
Cabela's Alaskan Adventures ENG NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21384 September 19, 2006
PAL January 12, 2007;; February 14, 2007 (Australia)
Cabela's Big Game Hunter ENG NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20534, SLUS-20534GH (Greatest Hits) November 26, 2002;; April 26, 2006 (Greatest Hits)
PAL SLES-51590 May 2, 2008
Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2005 Adventures ENG NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21021 November 10, 2004
PAL SLES-53107 November 10, 2004
Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2008 ENG NTSC-U SLUS-21625 November 6, 2007
PAL SLES-55103 March 2008 (Australia);; May 2, 2008
Cabela's Dangerous Hunts ENG NTSC-U SLUS-20736, SLUS-20736GH (Greatest Hits) November 11, 2003;; 2006 (Greatest Hits)
PAL SLES-52106 October 1, 2004
Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2 ENG NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21350 November 16, 2005
PAL SLES-53885 2005
Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2009 Cabela's Dangerous Adventures (AU, EU) ENG NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21841 September 23, 2008
PAL SLES-55331 April 16, 2009;; April 29, 2009 (Australia)
Cabela's Deer Hunt: 2004 Season Cabela's Deer Hunt: Season Opener (US) ENG NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20665 August 27, 2003;; 2006 (Greatest Hits)
Cabela's Deer Hunt: 2005 Season ENG NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21011 August 26, 2004
Cabela's Monster Bass ENG NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21715 November 19, 2007
Cabela's North American Adventures ENG NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21935 September 14, 2010
Cabela's Outdoor Adventures (2005) Cabela's Outdoor Adventures (US, EU) ENG NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21192 September 14, 2005
PAL SLES-53749 March 17, 2006
Cabela's Outdoor Adventures (2009) Cabela's Outdoor Adventures (US) ENG NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21906 September 9, 2009
Cabela's Trophy Bucks ENG NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21624 September 19, 2007
Cafe Lindbergh: Summer Season カフェ・リンドバーグ −summer season− (SLPM-65911) & (SLPM-65910) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65911, SLPM-65910 (SweetBox) March 31, 2005
Cafe Little Wish: Mahou no Recipe カフェ・リトルウィッシュ 〜魔法のレシピ〜 (SLPM-65295) & (SLPM-65294) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65295, SLPM-65294 (Limited Edition) May 29, 2003
Cake Mania: Baker's Challenge ENG NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21764 October 17, 2008
Call of Duty 2: Big Red One コール オブ デューティー 2 ビッグ レッド ワン (SLPM-66328), Call of Duty 2: Big Red One Special Edition (US) ENG, JAP, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21228, SLUS-21318 (Collector's Edition), SLUS-21228GH (Greatest Hits) November 1, 2005;; September 19, 2006 (Greatest Hits)
PAL (WL) SLES-53416, SLES-53416/P (Platinum), SLES-53415, SLES-53417, SLES-53722 (Collector's Edition), SLES-53415/P (Platinum: The Best of PlayStation 2), SLES-53417/P (Platinum) November 18, 2005;; 2006 (Platinum);; 2005 (Collector's Edition, Australia)
NTSC-J SLPM-66328, VW313-J1 June 29, 2006
Call of Duty 3 ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21426, SLUS-21426GH (Special Edition, Greatest Hits) November 7, 2006;; August 17, 2007 (Special Edition, Greatest Hits)
PAL (W) SLES-54167, SLES-54166, SLES-54168, SLES-54166/P (Platinum: The Best of PlayStation 2) November 22, 2006 (Australia);; November 24, 2006;; October 5, 2007 (Platinum)
Call of Duty: Finest Hour コール オブ デューティー:ファイネスト アワー (SLPM-66159) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20725, SLUS-20725GH (Greatest Hits) November 16, 2004;; 2006 (Greatest Hits)
PAL SLES-52782, SLES-52782/P (Platinum), SLES-52784, SLES-52783 December 3, 2004;; October 28, 2005 (Platinum)
NTSC-J SLPM-66159 October 27, 2005
Call of Duty: Legacy ENG NTSC-U SLUS-27012 November 14, 2007
Call of Duty: World at War - Final Fronts 콜 오브 듀티: 월드 앳 워 (SLKA-25449) ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21746 November 10, 2008
PAL (W) SLES-55367, SLES-55369, SLES-55367/P (Platinum) November 12, 2008 (Australia);; November 14, 2008;; December 24, 2009 (Platinum)
NTSC-J SLKA-25449 (Korea) November 21, 2008 (Korea)
Cambrian QTS: Kaseki ni Nattemo カンブリアンQTS 〜化石になっても〜 (SLPM-65448) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65448 December 11, 2003
Canaria カナリア〜この想いを歌に乗せて〜 (SLPS-25219) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25219 (New Best Collection) April 10, 2003 (New Best Collection)
Cancelled Games NTSC-U SLUS-21188, SLUS-21468, SLUS-20699, SCUS-97498, SLUS-21146, SLUS-20466, SLUS-21747, SLUS-21247, SLUS-21875, SLUS-21411, SLUS-21651, SLUS-20813, SLUS-21371, SLUS-20526, SLUS-21169, SLUS-20972, SLUS-20798, SLUS-20897, SLUS-20444, SLUS-21056, SLUS-21226, SLUS-21472, SLUS-21249, SLUS-20600
PAL SLES-52392
NTSC-J SLPM-65007, SLPS-20089, SLPM-65859, SLPM-62089, SLPM-65188, SLPS-20189, SLPS-20049, SLPM-62024, SLPS-25885, SLPM-66650, SLPS-20148
Canvas Canvas〜セピア色のモチーフ〜 (SLPS-25223) & (SLPM-65923), Canvas: Sepia-iro no Motif (JP) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25223 (New Best Collection), SLPM-65923 (Best Edition) April 10, 2003 (New Best Collection);; March 3, 2005 (Best Edition)
Canvas 2 Canvas2 〜虹色のスケッチ〜 (SLPM-66265) & (SLPM-66264) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-66265, SLPM-66264 (DX Pack) January 26, 2006
Canvas 3: Tanshoku no Pastel Canvas3 〜淡色のパステル〜 (SLPM-55187) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-55187, P-00007 (Limited Edition) September 17, 2009
Capcom Classics Collection カプコン クラシックス コレクション (SLPM-66317) & (SLPM-66852), Capcom Classics Collection Vol. 1 ENG, JAP NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21316 September 27, 2005
PAL SLES-53661 November 18, 2005
NTSC-J SLPM-66317, SLPM-66852 (Best Price) March 2, 2006;; October 11, 2007 (Best Price)
Capcom Classics Collection Volume 2 Capcom Classics Collection Vol. 2 ENG NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21473 November 24, 2006
PAL SLES-54561 April 11, 2007 (Australia);; April 13, 2007
Capcom Fighting Evolution カプコン ファイティング ジャム (SLPM-65794), Capcom Fighting Jam (JP, EU, KO) ENG, JAP NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20950, NPUD-20950 (PS2 Classics) November 16, 2004;; September 17, 2013 (PS2 Classics)
PAL (W) SLES-52854, SLES-52852 February 11, 2005
NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65794, NPJD-00029 (PS2 Classics) December 2, 2004;; December 19, 2012 (PS2 Classics);; May 16, 2013 (PS2 Classics, Korea)
Capcom vs. SNK 2: Mark of the Millennium 2001 CAPCOM vs. SNK 2 ミリオネア ファイティング 2001 (SLPM-65047) & (CPCS-01001) & (SLPM-74402) & (SLPM-74246) & (CPCS-01040), 캡콤 VS. SNK 2 (SLPM-67517), Capcom vs. SNK 2: Millionaire Fighting 2001 (JP) ENG, JAP, KOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20246, NPUD-20246 (PS2 Classics) November 6, 2001;; July 16, 2013 (PS2 Classics)
PAL (W) SLES-50541, NPED-00270 (PS2 Classics) November 30, 2001;; December 11, 2013 (PS2 Classics)
NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65047, CPCS-01001 (Modem Pack), SLPM-67517 (Korea), SLPM-74402 (PlayStation 2 the Best), SLPM-74246 (PlayStation 2 the Best Reprint), CPCS-01040 (with Street Fighter III 3rd Strike Value Pack), NPJD-00015 (PS2 Classics) September 13, 2001;; May 17, 2002 (Korea);; July 10, 2003 (PlayStation 2 the Best);; August 2, 2007 (PlayStation 2 the Best Reprint);; September 18, 2008 (w/SFIII 3rd Strike Value Pack);; September 19, 2012 (PS2 Classics)
Captain Scarlet ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE, DAN, FIN, NOR PAL (W) SLES-54471, SLES-54612 (Scandinavia) December 5, 2006
Captain Tsubasa キャプテン翼 (SLPS-25691) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25691 October 19, 2006
Card Captor Sakura: Sakura-Chan to Asobo! カードキャプターさくら 「さくらちゃんとあそぼ!」 (SLPS-20408) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-20408 December 2, 2004
Cardinal Arc: Konton no Fuusatsu カルディナル アーク 〜混沌の封札〜 (SLPM-62365) & (SLPM-62699) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-62365, SLPM-62699 (IF Collection) August 7, 2003;; October 6, 2005 (IF Collection)
Carmen Sandiego: The Secret of the Stolen Drums ENG, GER, FRE, SPA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20849 September 8, 2004
PAL (W) SLES-52143 March 5, 2004
Carol Vorderman's Sudoku Professeur Sudoku (SLES-54194), Sudoku Coach (SLES-54193) ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21495 March 6, 2007
PAL SLES-54194, SLES-54193 August 25, 2006
Cars カーズ (SLPM-66462), (SCKA-20068), Disney/Pixar Cars Quatre Roues (SLES-54006), Disney Präsentiert einen Pixar Film: Cars (SLES-54012), Disney/Pixar Cars: Motori Ruggenti (SLES-54010), Disney/Pixar Bilar (SLES-54011), Disney/Pixar Cars ENG, JAP, FRE, SPA, KOR NTSC-U (WL) SLUS-21151, SLUS-21151GH (Greatest Hits), NPUD-21151 June 6, 2006;; 2007 (Greatest Hits);; March 24, 2015 (PS2 Classics)
PAL SLES-53624, SLES-54004, SLES-54006, SLES-54007, SLES-54010, SLES-54011, SLES-54012, SLES-54015, SLES-54011/P (Platinum: The Best of PlayStation 2), SLES-54004/P (Platinum: The Best of PlayStation 2), SLES-53624-P (Platinum), SLES-54012/P (Platinum: The Best of PlayStation 2), SLES-54010/P (Platinum: The Best of PlayStation 2), SLES-54015/P (Platinum: The Best of PlayStation 2) July 14, 2006;; November 1, 2006 (Platinum);; February 13, 2013 (PS2 Classics)
NTSC-J SLPM-66462, SCKA-20068 (Korea) July 6, 2006;; July 20, 2012 (Korea)
Cars Mater-National Championship Disney/Pixar Cars: Hook International (SLES-55027), Disney/Pixar Cars: La Coppa Internazionale di Carl Attrezzi (SLES-55028), Disney/Pixar Cars: La Copa Internacional de Mate (SLES-55029), Disney/Pixar Cars: Mater-National Championship ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE, DAN, NOR NTSC-U SLUS-21637 October 29, 2007
PAL (W) SLES-55025, SLES-55027, SLES-55029, SLES-55028, SLES-55026, SLES-55030 November 23, 2007;; November 29, 2007 (Australia);; February 13, 2013 (PS2 Classics)
Cars Race-O-Rama Disney/Pixar Cars: Race-O-Rama ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21883 October 12, 2009
PAL SLES-55536 October 30, 2009
CART Fury Championship Racing ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20141 May 25, 2001
PAL SLES-50267 September 7, 2001
Cart Kings ENG, HIN PAL (W) SCES-55649 August 3, 2011 (Asia)
Cartagra カルタグラ 〜魂ノ苦悩〜 (SLPM-66231) & (SLPM-66230) & (SLPM-66586) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-66231, SLPM-66230 (Limited Edition), SLPM-66586 (2800 Collection) December 15, 2005;; November 16, 2006 (2800 Collection)
Cartoon Kingdom ENG, GER, FRE PAL (W) SLES-53773 2007
Cartoon Network Racing ENG NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21438 December 4, 2006
PAL SLES-54306 February 9, 2007
Carwash Tycoon ENG PAL (W) SLES-53922 September 29, 2006
Casino Challenge ENG PAL (W) SLES-52178 January 16, 2004
Casper and The Ghostly Trio ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE, POL, DAN, FIN, NOR, POR PAL (W) SLES-54383, SLES-54426, SLES-54435 (Australia) February 10, 2007
Casper Spirit Dimensions ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20205 September 30, 2001
PAL SLES-50647 February 2, 2002
Casper's Scare School ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE, DAN, FIN, NOR, POR PAL (W) SLES-55074, SLES-54672 February 1, 2008;; February 2008 (Australia)
Castle Fantasia キャッスルファンタジア エレンシア戦記 (SLPM-65899) & (SLPM-65898) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65899, SLPM-65898 (DX Pack) February 24, 2005
Castle Fantasia: Arihato Senki キャッスルファンタジア アリハト戦記 (SLPM-66605) & (SLPM-66989) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-66605, SLPM-66989 (Best Edition) August 9, 2007;; April 24, 2008 (Best Edition)
Castle Shikigami 2 式神の城II (SLPM-62461) & (TCPS-10081), 식신의 성 2 (SLKA-15003), Shikigami no Shiro II (JP), Castle Shikigami II: War of the Worlds (EU) ENG, JAP, KOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20962, NPUD-20962 (PS2 Classics) November 17, 2004;; July 9, 2013 (PS2 Classics)
PAL SLES-53518 October 7, 2005;; June 27, 2012 (PS2 Classics)
NTSC-J (W) SLPM-62461, TCPS-10080, TCPS-10081 (Limited Edition), SLKA-15003 (Korea), SLPM-62607 (Taito Best), TCPS-10112 (Taito Best) January 29, 2004;; July 21, 2004 (Korea);; May 19, 2005 (Taito Best)
Castlevania: Curse of Darkness 悪魔城ドラキュラ 闇の呪印 (SLPM-66175) & (SLPM-66668), 캐슬바니아 어둠의 저주 (SLKA-25328), Akumajou Dracula: Yami no Juin (JP) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, KOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21168 November 1, 2005
PAL (W) SLES-53755 February 24, 2006
NTSC-J SLPM-66175, VW295-J1, SLKA-25328 (Korea), SLPM-66668 (Konami the Best), VW295-J2 (Konami the Best) November 24, 2005;; December 15, 2005 (Korea);; February 15, 2007 (Konami the Best)
Castlevania: Lament of Innocence キャッスルヴァニア (SLPM-65444), 캐슬바니아 (SLKA-25082), Castlevania (EU) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, KOR NTSC-U (WL) SLUS-20733, NPUD-20733 (PS2 Classics) October 21, 2003;; June 18, 2013 (PS2 Classics)
PAL (W) SLES-52118 February 13, 2004
NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65444, VW148-J1, SLPM-65406 (Limited Edition), VW187-J1 (Limited Edition), SLKA-25082 (Korea), SLPM-66325 (Konami Dendou Collection), VW148-J4 (Konami Dendou Collection), NPJD-00010 (PS2 Classics), SLPM-61062 (Shop Front Trial), VW148-J5 (Shop Front Trial) November 27, 2003;; December 18, 2003 (Korea);; March 2, 2006 (Konami Dendou Collection);; August 22, 2012 (PS2 Classics)
Castleween 魔法のパンプキン 〜アンとグレッグの大冒険〜 (SLPS-20280), Mahou no Pumpkin (JP) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA PAL (W) SLES-51249 November 29, 2002
NTSC-J SLPS-20280 June 19, 2003
Catwoman ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, DAN NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20992 July 20, 2004
PAL SLES-52567 August 6, 2004
CaveMan Rock ENG PAL (W) SLES-54833 2007
Cel Damage Overdrive ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA PAL (W) SLES-51554 December 12, 2002;; February 15, 2012 (PS2 Classics)
ChainDive チェインダイブ (SCPS-15054) JAP NTSC-J (W) SCPS-15054, SCAJ-20043, PAPX-90232 (Trial) October 16, 2003
Champions of Norrath ENG, GER, FRE, SPA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20565, SLUS-20565GH (Greatest Hits), SLUS-29088 (Demo) February 10, 2004;; 2005 (Greatest Hits)
PAL (W) SLES-52325, SLES-52373 June 25, 2004
Champions: Return to Arms ENG, GER, FRE, SPA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20973, SLUS-29126 (Demo) February 7, 2005
PAL (W) SLES-53039 March 18, 2005
Championship Manager 2006 ENG, FRE, SPA, ITA, POR PAL (W) SLES-53945 May 5, 2006
Championship Manager 2007 ENG, FRE, SPA, ITA, POR PAL (W) SLES-54320 March 16, 2007;; April 13, 2007 (Australia)
Championship Manager 5 L'Entraîneur 5: Saison 04/05 (EU), Scudetto Championship Manager 5 (EU), Scudetto 5 (EU) ENG, FRE, SPA, ITA, SWE, DAN, NOR, POR PAL (W) SLES-53027, SLES-53221 (France), SLES-53223, SLES-53224, SLES-53222 May 13, 2005;; May 16, 2005 (Australia)
Chandragupta: Warrior Prince ENG, HIN PAL (W) SCES-55662 September 28, 2009
Chanter#: Kimi no Uta ga Todoitara Chanter〜キミの歌がとどいたら#〜 (SLPM-66816) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-66816 August 30, 2007
Chaos Field: New Order カオスフィールド ニューオーダー (SLPM-66176) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-66176 December 15, 2005
Chaos Legion カオス レギオン (SLPM-65249), 카오스 레기온 (SLKA-25026) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, KOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20695 August 6, 2003
PAL (W) SLES-51553 September 5, 2003
NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65249, SLKA-25026 (Korea) March 6, 2003;; March 27, 2003 (Korea)
Chaos Wars カオス ウォーズ (SLPM-66553) ENG, JAP NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21722 May 30, 2008
NTSC-J SLPM-66553 September 21, 2006
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21246 July 11, 2005
PAL (W) SLES-53386 July 22, 2005
Charlie's Angels ENG, GER, FRE PAL (W) SLES-51750 July 4, 2003
Charlotte's Web ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE, DAN, FIN, NOR, POR PAL (W) SLES-54657, SLES-54809, SLES-54719 April 5, 2007
Check-i-TV チェキッティービー (SCPS-11011) & (SCPS-11015) JAP NTSC-J (W) SCPS-11015, SCPS-11011 (Kyoukara Check! Pack) April 26, 2001
Cheggers Party Quiz ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA PAL (W) SLES-54957 October 26, 2007
Chemist Tycoon Sim Chemist ENG PAL (W) SLES-53921 September 29, 2006
Chenwen no Sangokushi 鄭問之三國誌 (SLPS-20132), Chenuen no San Goku Shi JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-20132 November 1, 2001
Cherry Blossom チェリーブロッサム (SLPS-25444) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25444 December 30, 2004
Chess Challenger ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA PAL (W) SLES-51630 January 16, 2004;; July 4, 2012 (PS2 Classics)
Chess Crusade PAL September 2008
Chessmaster ENG, FRE NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20637 May 28, 2003
PAL SLES-51504, SLES-51436 April 25, 2003
Choaniki: Sei Naru Protein Densetsu 超兄貴 〜聖なるプロテイン伝説〜 (SLPM-62403), Chou Aniki: Seinaru Protein Densetsu (JP) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-62403, SLPM-62360 (Memorial Trial Version, bundled w/ Akudaikan 2: Mousouden) October 30, 2003
Chobits: Chiidake no Hito ちょびっツ 〜ちぃだけのヒト〜 (SLPM-65255) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65255 May 15, 2003
Chocolat: Maid Cafe Curio ショコラ 〜maid cafe curio〜 (SLPM-66001) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-66001, ALCH-00003 (Deluxe Edition) June 30, 2005
Choro Q Works チョロQワークス (SLPM-65724) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65724 May 26, 2005
ChoroQ チョロQHG4 (SLPM-65326) & (SLPM-66250), Choro Q HG 4 (JP) ENG, JAP NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20930, SLUS-28044 (Trade Demo) November 17, 2004
PAL SLES-53140 March 25, 2005
NTSC-J SLPM-65326, SLPM-66250 (Atlus Best Collection) November 27, 2003;; December 15, 2005 (Atlus Best Collection)
Chou Battle Houshin & Houshin Engi 2 Premium Pack 超・バトル封神&封神演義2 プレミアムパック (SLPM-65210) & (SLPM-65211) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-65210 (Chou Battle Houshin), SLPM-65211 (Houshin Engi 2) November 16, 2002
Chou Gouka! Quiz Ketteiban TBSオールスター感謝祭VOL.1 超豪華!クイズ決定版 (SLPM-65261) & (SLPM-65578), TBS All-Star Kansha Matsuri Vol .1: Chou Gouka! Quiz Ketteiban (JP) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65261, SLPM-65578 (Hudson the Best) April 17, 2003;; March 25, 2004 (Hudson the Best)
Chou! Rakushii Internet Tomodachi Nowa 超!楽しいインターネット “ともだちのわ” (SLPS-20149) & (SLPS-20127) & (SLPS-20169) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-20127 (Type-OS modem bundled), SLPS-20149 (Broadband, stand-alone CD), SLPS-20169 (Type-PG modem bundled) January 24, 2002 (Broadband; Type-OS; Type-PG)
Chou-jikuu Yousai Macross 超時空要塞マクロス (SLPM-65405), The Super Dimension Fortress Macross (JP) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-65405 October 23, 2003
Chou-Saisoku! Zokusha King BU 超最速!族車キングBU〜仏恥義理伝説2〜 (SLPM-62486) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-62486 April 28, 2004
Choukousoku Igo 超高速囲碁 (SLPM-62037) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-62037 February 15, 2001
Choukousoku Mahjong 超高速麻雀 (SLPM-62038) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-62038 December 21, 2000
Choukousoku Mahjong Plus JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-62146 February 28, 2002
Choukousoku Reversi 超高速リバーシ (SLPM-62036) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-62036 December 21, 2000
Choukousoku Shogi 超高速将棋 (SLPM-62039) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-62039 February 15, 2001
Chulip チュウリップ (SLPS-20230) & (SLPS-20283) ENG, JAP NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20742, NPUD-20742 (PS2 Classics) February 14, 2007;; December 4, 2012 (PS2 Classics)
NTSC-J (W) SLPS-20230, SLPS-20283 (Victor the Best), SLPS-20471 (Super Best Collection) October 3, 2002;; April 24, 2003 (Victor the Best);; July 6, 2006 (Super Best Collection)
Chu~Kana Janshi ちゅ〜かな雀士 てんほー牌娘 (SLPS-25416) & (SLPS-25415) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25416, SLPS-25415 (Collector's Edition) December 28, 2004
CID The Dummy ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21754 July 7, 2009
PAL SLES-55079 April 17, 2009;; September 2009 (Australia)
Cinderella ENG, GER, FRE PAL (W) SLES-54485 October 13, 2006;; February 9, 2007 (Australia)
Cinema Surfing: Youga Taizen シネマサーフィン 洋画大全 (SLPS-25073) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25073 December 27, 2001
Circuit Blasters ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA PAL (W) SLES-53090 July 21, 2005
Circus Maximus: Chariot Wars ENG PAL (W) SLES-50935 July 5, 2002
City Crisis シティ クライシス (SLPS-20101) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20274 July 17, 2001
PAL SLES-50364 July 27, 2001
NTSC-J SLPS-20101 June 28, 2001
City Soccer Challenge ENG PAL (W) SLES-53343 July 28, 2006
Clannad クラナド (SLPM-66981) & (SLPM-55178) & (SLPM-55181) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-66981, SLPM-55178 (Best Version Premium Box), SLPM-55181 (Best Version), SLPM-66302 February 23, 2006;; July 30, 2009 (Best Version; Best Version Premium Box)
Classic British Motor Racing ENG PAL (W) SLES-53614 February 10, 2006
Clear: Atarashii Kaze no Fuku Oka de Clear〜新しい風の吹く丘で〜 (SLPM-55136) & (PBGP-0076) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-55136, PBGP-0076 (Limited Edition) February 19, 2009
Clever Kids: Dino Land ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, POR PAL (W) SLES-54890 November 2, 2007
Clever Kids: Pony World ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, POR PAL (W) SLES-54891 November 2, 2007
Climax Tennis: WTA Tour Edition クライマックステニス (SLPM-62129), Climax Tennis (JP) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-62129, VW057-J1 January 17, 2002
Clock Tower 3 クロックタワー3 (SLPM-65221), 클락 타워 3 (SLKA-25051) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, KOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20633 March 18, 2003
PAL (W) SLES-51619 June 25, 2003
NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65221, SLPM-74416 (Best Version, Cancelled), SLKA-25051 December 12, 2002;; December 31, 2003 (Best Version, Cancelled);; May 22, 2003 (Korea)
Clock Zero: Shuuen no Ichibyou CLOCK ZERO ~終焉の一秒~ (SLPM-55281) & (CZP2-01101) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-55281, CZP2-01101 (Limited Edition) November 25, 2010
Clover Heart's: Looking for Happiness クローバーハーツ ルッキングフォーハピネス (SLPS-25391) & (SLPS-25390) & (SLPM-66137) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25391, SLPS-25390 (Limited Edition), SLPM-66137 (Best Version) August 26, 2004;; October 27, 2005 (Best Version)
Clover no Kuni no Alice クローバーの国のアリス (SLPM-55255) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-55255 April 15, 2010
Club Football Club Football: AC Milan (EU), Club Football: Ajax (EU), Club Football: Arsenal (EU, AU), Club Football: Aston Villa (EU), Club Football: Borussia Dortmund (EU), Club Football: Celtic (EU), Club Football: Chelsea (EU), Club Football: FC Barcelona (EU), Club Football: FC Bayern Munich (EU), Club Football: FC Internazionale (EU), Club Football: Hamburger SV (EU), Club Football: Juventus (EU), Club Football: Leeds United (EU), Club Football: Liverpool FC (EU, AU), Club Football: Manchester United (EU, AU), Club Football: Rangers (EU), Club Football: Real Madrid (EU, AU) ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, CAT PAL (W) SLES-51089, SLES-51086, SLES-51076, SLES-51088, SLES-51077, SLES-51080, SLES-51079, SLES-51085, SLES-51083, SLES-51423, SLES-51081, SLES-51100, SLES-51090, SLES-51078, SLES-51094, SLES-51082, SLES-51087, SLES-51084 October 10, 2003;; November 12, 2003 (Australia)
Club Football 2005 Club Football 2005: Tottenham Hotspur (EU), Club Football 2005: AC Milan (EU), Club Football 2005: Ajax (EU), Club Football 2005: Arsenal (EU, AU), Club Football 2005: Aston Villa FC (EU), Club Football 2005: Birmingham City (EU), Club Football 2005: Celtic FC (EU), Club Football 2005: Chelsea FC (EU), Club Football 2005: FC Barcelona (EU), Club Football 2005: FC Bayern Munich (EU), Club Football 2005: FC Intenazionale (EU), Club Football 2005: Juventus (EU), Club Football 2005: Liverpool FC (EU), Club Football 2005: Manchester United (EU, AU), Club Football 2005: Newcastle United (EU), Club Football 2005: Rangers FC (EU), Club Football 2005: Real Madrid (EU, AU), Club Football 2005: Liverpool (AU), Club Football 2005: Borussia Dortmund (EU), Club Football 2005: FC Bayern Munchen (EU), Club Football 2005: Olympique de Marseille (EU), Club Football 2005: Paris Saint-Germain (EU), Club Football 2005: FC Internazionale, Club Football 2005: Hamburger SV ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, CAT PAL (W) SLES-52661, SLES-52654, SLES-52656, SLES-52657, SLES-52668, SLES-52667, SLES-52648, SLES-52665, SLES-52663, SLES-52647, SLES-52651, SLES-52655, SLES-52658, SLES-52660, SLES-52650, SLES-52652, SLES-52653, SLES-52662, SLES-52649, SLES-52659, SLES-52664, SLES-52666 November 12, 2003 (Australia);; October 15, 2004
Clumsy Shumsy ENG PAL (W) SLES-54518 October 27, 2006;; February 9, 2007 (Australia)
Cluster Edge クラスターエッジ 君を待つ未来への証 (SLPS-25654) & (SLPS-25653) & (SLPS-25794) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25654, SLPS-25653 (Limited Edition), SLPS-25794 (Best Collection) September 14, 2006;; June 21, 2007 (Best Collection)
CMT Presents: Karaoke Revolution Country ENG NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21329 March 21, 2006
Cocoto Fishing Master ENG, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21663 December 4, 2007
PAL SLES-54548 2005
Cocoto Funfair ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA PAL (W) SLES-53805 2006
Cocoto Kart Racer ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA PAL (W) SLES-52858 March 2, 2005
Cocoto Platform Jumper ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA PAL (W) SLES-52523 July 2, 2004
Cocoto Tennis Master PAL 2006
Code Age Commanders: Tsugu Mono Tsuga Reru Mono コード・エイジ コマンダーズ 〜継ぐ者 継がれる者〜 (SLPM-66109) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-66109, SCAJ-20153 October 13, 2005
Code Breaker NTSC-U (W) June 15, 2006
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion: Lost Colors コードギアス 反逆のルルーシュ LOST COLORS (SLPS-25860), Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch - Lost Colors (JP) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25860 March 27, 2008
Code Lyoko: Quest for Infinity ENG, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21743 July 21, 2008
PAL SLES-55172 September 26, 2008
Code of the Samurai 新選組群狼伝 (SLPM-65823), Shinsengumi Gunrou-den (JP) ENG, JAP PAL (W) SLES-54615 May 25, 2007
NTSC-J SLPM-65823, SLPM-61101 (Trial) February 10, 2005
Codename: Kids Next Door - Operation V.I.D.E.O.G.A.M.E. ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21155 October 11, 2005
PAL SLES-53685, SLES-53812 December 2, 2005
Cold Fear ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21047 March 15, 2005
PAL (W) SLES-53158 March 4, 2005
Cold Winter ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20845 May 11, 2005
PAL SLES-52963, SLES-53093, SLED-53327 (Demo) June 3, 2005
Colin McRae Rally 04 ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA PAL (W) SLES-51824, SLES-51824/P (Platinum) September 19, 2003;; February 18, 2005 (Platinum)
Colin McRae Rally 2005 ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA PAL (W) SLES-52636, SLES-52636/P (Platinum) September 22, 2004;; October 21, 2005 (Platinum)
Colin McRae Rally 3 ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20502 April 22, 2003
PAL (W) SLES-51117, SLES-51117/P (Platinum) October 25, 2002;; 2003 (Platinum)
College Hoops 2K6 ENG NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21232 November 30, 2005
College Hoops 2K7 ENG NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21463 December 11, 2006
College Hoops 2K8 ENG NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21673 November 19, 2007
Coloball 2002 コロボール2002 (SLPS-20202) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-20202, SLPS-20319 (Enterbrain Collection) June 27, 2002
Colorful Aquarium: My Little Mermaid カラフルアクアリウム〜My Little Mermaid〜 (SLPM-66805) & (SLPM-66804) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-66805, SLPM-66804 (First Print Limited Edition) October 25, 2007
Colorful Box: To Love カラフルBOX 〜to LOVE〜 (SLPM-65589) & (SLPM-65588) & (SLPM-66414) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65589, SLPM-65588 (Limited Edition), SLPM-66414 (2800 Collection) May 27, 2004;; May 18, 2006 (2800 Collection)
Colorio: Hagaki Print カラリオはがきプリント (SLPS-20056) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-20056 December 7, 2000
Colosseum: Road to Freedom グラディエーター ロード トゥ フリーダム (SLPS-25456) & (SCAJ-20119), グラディエーター ロード トゥ フリーダム リミックス (SLPM-66132) & (SLPM-66577), Gladiator: Road to Freedom (JP), Gladiator: Road to Freedom Remix (JP) ENG, JAP NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21179 July 20, 2005
PAL SLES-53356 September 9, 2005
NTSC-J SLPS-25456, EP2001, SLPM-66132 (Remix), EP2002, SLPM-66577 (Remix, Ertain Best), EP2003, SCAJ-20119 February 17, 2005;; September 1, 2005 (Remix);; October 19, 2006 (Remix, Ertain Best)
Combat Ace ENG PAL (W) SLES-53924 October 13, 2006;; February 9, 2007 (Australia)
Combat Elite: WWII Paratroopers ENG NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20715, SLUS-28054 (Trade Demo) November 21, 2005
Combat Queen JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65169, TCPS-10054 August 1, 2002
Commandos 2: Men of Courage ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20086 August 28, 2002
PAL SLES-50859, SLES-50829, SLES-50860, SLES-50927 September 6, 2002
Commandos Strike Force コマンドス ストライク・フォース (SLPM-66492) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21103 April 4, 2006
PAL SLES-52768, TLES-52768 (Online Beta Trial Disc v0.03) March 17, 2006
NTSC-J SLPM-66492 September 21, 2006
Conan ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA PAL (W) SLES-52451 May 7, 2004
Conflict Zone Conflict Zone: Modern War Strategy ENG, GER, FRE NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20240 October 19, 2002
PAL SLES-50221 August 16, 2002
Conflict: Desert Storm コンフリクト デルタ 湾岸戦争1991 (SLPM-65460), Conflict Delta: Wangan Sensou 1991 (JP) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20549, SLUS-20549GH (Greatest Hits) September 30, 2002;; 2003 (Greatest Hits)
PAL (W) SLES-50901, SLES-50902 September 13, 2002;; November 28, 2003 (Platinum);; May 23, 2012 (PS2 Classics)
NTSC-J SLPM-65460 December 18, 2003
Conflict: Desert Storm II - Back to Baghdad コンフリクトデルタII 〜湾岸戦争1991〜 (SLPM-66000), Conflict: Desert Storm II ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20689 October 8, 2003
PAL SLES-51523 September 19, 2003;; 2004 (Platinum);; May 23, 2012 (PS2 Classics)
NTSC-J SLPM-66000 June 30, 2005
Conflict: Global Terror Conflict: Global Storm (EU) ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21172 October 4, 2005
PAL SLES-52573 September 30, 2005
Conflict: Vietnam ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21045 October 5, 2004
PAL (W) SLES-52630, SLES-52630-P September 3, 2004;; 2005 (Platinum);; May 30, 2012 (PS2 Classics)
Conspiracy: Weapons of Mass Destruction ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA PAL (W) SLES-53098 June 17, 2005
Constantine コンスタンティン (SLPM-65972) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21142 February 14, 2005
PAL SLES-52872 March 4, 2005
NTSC-J SLPM-65972 May 26, 2005
Contra: Shattered Soldier 真魂斗羅 (SLPM-62247) & (SLPM-62361), 진 혼두라 (SLPM-64551), Shin Contra (JP, KO) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, KOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20306, NPUD-20306 (PS2 Classics) October 22, 2002;; June 11, 2013 (PS2 Classics)
PAL SLES-51284 February 14, 2003
NTSC-J (W) SLPM-62247, VW104-J1, SLPM-62361 (Konami the Best), VW104-J2 (Konami the Best), NPJD-00004 (PS2 Classics), SLPM-62264, SLPM-64551 November 14, 2002;; December 12, 2002 (Korea);; August 7, 2003 (Konami the Best);; July 25, 2012 (PS2 Classics)
Cool Boarders 2001 ENG NTSC-U (W) SCUS-97108, SCUS-97147 (Demo) May 21, 2001
Cool Boarders Code Alien クールボーダーズ コードエイリアン (SLPS-25022) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25022 December 21, 2000
Cool Shot COOL SHOT 夕川景子のプロフェッショナルビリヤード (SLPS-20256) ENG, JAP PAL (W) SLES-51785 January 30, 2003
NTSC-J (W) SLPS-20256 January 23, 2003
Coraline Coraline: An Adventure Too Weird for Words ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21854 January 27, 2009
PAL (W) SLES-55470 May 1, 2009
Corvette ENG, GER, FRE NTSC-U (WL) SLUS-20858 March 9, 2004
PAL (W) SLES-52219 April 30, 2004
Corvette Evolution GT Evolution GT (EU, AU) ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21499, NPUD-21499 (PS2 Classics) October 11, 2006;; June 18, 2013 (PS2 Classics)
PAL SLES-53976, SLES-54254 May 26, 2006;; September 28, 2006 (Australia)
Counter Terrorist Special Forces: Fire for Effect CTSF テロ対策特殊部隊 ネメシスの襲来 (SLPM-66429), Counter Terrorist Special Forces: Tero-Taisaku Tokushubutai: Nemesis no Shuurai (JP) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA PAL (W) SLES-53046 April 1, 2005
NTSC-J SLPM-66429 June 29, 2006
Countryside Bears ENG, GER, FRE PAL (W) SLES-52291 2006
Cowboy Bebop カウボーイビバップ 追憶の夜曲 (SLPS-25550) & (SLPS-25551), Cowboy Bebop: Tsuioku no Serenade (JP) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25550 (Limited Edition), SLPS-25551 August 25, 2005
CR Nettou Power Pro Kun Pachitte Chonmage Tatsujin CR熱闘パワプロクン パチってちょんまげ達人 (SLPS-20157), Pachitte Chonmage Tatsujin: CR Nettou Power Pro Kun (JP) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-20157 December 20, 2001
CR Pachinko Dokaben: Pachitte Chonmage Tatsujin 7 CRぱちんこドカベン パチってちょんまげ達人7 (SLPS-20397) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-20397 October 7, 2004
CR Pachinko Yellow Cab: Pachitte Chonmage Tatsujin 6 CRぱちんこイエローキャブ パチってちょんまげ達人6 (SLPS-20388) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-20388 July 15, 2004
CR Shinseiki Evangelion 必勝パチンコ攻略シリーズ Vol.1 CR新世紀エヴァンゲリオン (SLPS-25565), 必勝パチンコ★パチスロ攻略シリーズ vol.1 CR新世紀エヴァンゲリオン (SLPS-25745), Hisshou Pachinko Kouryoku Series Vol. 1: CR Shinseiki Evangelion (JP) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25565, SLPS-25745 (Special Price) October 20, 2005;; February 8, 2007 (Special Price)
CR Shinseiki Evangelion: Saigo no Mono 必勝パチンコ★パチスロ攻略シリーズ Vol.14 CR新世紀エヴァンゲリオン〜最後のシ者〜 (SLPS-25942) & (SLPS-25943), Hisshou Pachinko*Pachi-Slot Kouryaku Series Vol. 14: CR Shinseiki Evangelion: Saigo no Mono ((JP) and), Hisshou Pachinko Pachi-Slot Kouryaku Series Vol. 14: CR Shin Seiki Evangelion: Saigo no Shisha JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25942, SLPS-25943 (Limited Special Box) July 30, 2009
Crabby Adventure ENG PAL (W) SLES-54865 December 1, 2007
Crash 'N' Burn ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21013, SLUS-29130 (Public Beta Vol.1.0) November 15, 2004
PAL (W) SLES-52339, TLES-52339 (Online Beta Trial Disc v0.01) December 10, 2004
Crash Bandicoot Action Pack ENG NTSC-U SLUS-27008 June 12, 2007
PAL July 20, 2007
Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex クラッシュ・バンディクー4 さくれつ!魔神パワー (SLPM-62114) & (SLPM-74003), 크래쉬 밴디쿳: 마왕의 부활 (SLPM-64509) & (SLPM-64513), Crash Bandicoot 4: Sakuretsu! Majin Power (JP) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, KOR NTSC-U (WL) SLUS-20238, SLUS-20238GH (Greatest Hits), SLUS-29010 (Demo) October 29, 2001;; 2002 (Greatest Hits)
PAL (WL) SLES-50386, SLES-50386-P (Platinum) November 23, 2001;; October 11, 2002 (Platinum)
NTSC-J (W) SLPM-62114, VW067-J1, SLPM-74003 (PlayStation 2 the Best), VW067-J2 (PlayStation 2 the Best), SLPM-64509 (Korea), SLPM-64513 (Korea) December 20, 2001;; October 17, 2002 (PlayStation 2 the Best);; March 28, 2003 (Korean)
Crash Nitro Kart Crash Bandicoot Bakusou! Nitro Kart (JP) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20649, SLUS-29068 (Demo), SLUS-20649GH (Greatest Hits) November 11, 2003;; December 2004 (Greatest Hits)
PAL (W) SLES-51511 November 28, 2003;; December 4, 2003 (Australia);; August 27, 2004 (Platinum)
NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65580, VW204-J1, SLPM-66067 (Konami the Best), VW204-J2 (Konami the Best) July 8, 2004;; July 7, 2005 (Konami the Best)
Crash of the Titans Крэш: Битва Титанов (SLES-54843) ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE, DAN, FIN, NOR, RUS NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21583 October 4, 2007
PAL (W) SLES-54841, SLES-54842, SLES-54843 October 12, 2007;; October 18, 2007 (Australia);; December 9, 2008 (Platinum)
Crash Tag Team Racing クラッシュ・バンディクー がっちゃんこワールド (SLPM-66090), Crash Bandicoot: Gacchanko World (JP) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21191 October 19, 2005;; 2006 (Greatest Hits)
PAL (W) SLES-53439, SLES-53439P (Platinum), SLED-53442 (E3 Demo, 10 min, 2 tracks) November 4, 2005;; January 26, 2007 (Platinum);; 2005 (Australia)
NTSC-J SLPM-66090 December 1, 2005
Crash Twinsanity クラッシュ・バンディクー え〜っ クラッシュとコルテックスの野望? (SLPM-65801), Crash Bandicoot 5: Crash & Cortex no Yabou (JP), Crash Bandicoot 5: Eeee Crash to Cortex no Yabou?!? ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20909 September 28, 2004;; 2005 (Greatest Hits)
PAL (W) SLES-52568, SLES-52568-P (Platinum: The Best of PlayStation 2) October 8, 2004;; August 26, 2005 (Platinum);; 2004 (Australia)
NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65801, SCAJ-20111 December 9, 2004
Crash Twinsanity & Spyro: A Hero's Tail ENG NTSC-U SLUS-29101 2004
PAL (W) SLED-52574 2004
Crash: Mind over Mutant Крэш: Повелитель мутантов (SLES-55206) ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE, DAN, FIN, NOR, RUS NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21728 October 7, 2008
PAL SLES-55204, SLES-55205, SLES-55206 October 29, 2008 (Australia);; October 31, 2008
Crashed Totaled! (US), Crash (EU) ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA PAL (W) SLES-50843 September 27, 2002
Crazy Chicken X Moorhuhn X (EU) ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA PAL (W) SLES-54468 November 17, 2006
Crazy Frog Racer ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA PAL (W) SLES-53869 December 9, 2005
Crazy Frog Racer 2 Crazy Frog Arcade Racer ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21634 September 6, 2007
PAL (W) SLES-54549 December 1, 2006
Crazy Golf ENG PAL (W) SLES-53000 February 25, 2005
Crazy Golf: World Tour ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA PAL (W) SLES-53318 July 22, 2005;; July 4, 2012 (PS2 Classics)
Crazy Taxi クレイジータクシー (SLPM-62102) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20202, SLUS-20202GH (Greatest Hits) May 14, 2001;; 2002 (Greatest Hits)
PAL (W) SLES-50215, SLES-50215-P June 1, 2001;; May 31, 2002 (Platinum)
NTSC-J SLPM-62102 November 22, 2001
Crescent Suzuki Racing: Superbikes and Super Sidecars Crescent Suzuki Racing ENG PAL (W) SLES-52044 April 8, 2004
Cricket 07 ENG PAL (W) SLES-54396 November 16, 2006 (Australia);; November 24, 2006
Cricket 2002 ENG PAL (W) SLES-50424 February 1, 2002
Cricket 2004 ENG PAL (W) SLES-52123 March 5, 2004
Cricket 2005 ENG PAL (W) SLES-53342 July 1, 2005;; July 12, 2005 (Australia)
Crime Life: Gang Wars ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA PAL (W) SLES-52122 September 1, 2005
Crimson Empire クリムゾン・エンパイア (SLPM-55285) & (ROSE-00001) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-55285, ROSE-00001 (Deluxe Edition) December 16, 2010
Crimson Sea 2 紅の海2 〜Crimson Sea〜 (SLPM-65477), 붉은 바다 2 (SLKA-25155), Beni no Umi 2 (JP), Kurenai no Umi 2: Crimson Sea ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, KOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20877, NPUD-20877 March 30, 2004;; August 27, 2013 (PS2 Classics)
PAL SLES-52556, SLES-52557, SLES-52558 September 3, 2004
NTSC-J SLPM-65477, SLKA-25155 (Korea), SLPM-66423 (Koei the Best), KOEI-00082 (Koei the Best), SLAJ-25039 April 15, 2004;; May 03, 2004 (Korea);; March 30, 2006 (Koei the Best)
Crimson Tears クリムゾン・ティアーズ (SLPM-65575) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20948 July 21, 2004
PAL SLES-52534 November 5, 2004
NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65575 April 22, 2004
Critical Bullet: 7th Target クリティカルバレット 7th TARGET (SLPM-62212) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-62212 October 24, 2002
Critical Velocity クリティカル ベロシティ (SLPS-25532) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-25532, SCAJ-20150 October 13, 2005
Cross Channel: To All People クロスチャンネル トゥ・オール・ピープル (SLPM-65547) & (SLPM-65546) & (SLPM-66413) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65547, SLPM-65546 (Limited Edition), SLPM-66413 (2800 Collection) March 18, 2004;; May 18, 2006 (2800 Collection)
Crossword SuperLite 2000パズル クロスワード (SLPM-62448) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-62448 (SuperLite 2000 Puzzle) January 22, 2004 (SuperLite 2000 Puzzle)
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon クラウチングタイガー・ヒドゥンドラゴン (SLPS-25308), 와호장룡 (SLKA-25107) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, KOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20523 October 9, 2003
PAL SLES-51916 November 28, 2003
NTSC-J SLKA-25107 (Korea), SLPS-25308, SCAJ-20062, SLPM-61067 (Trial) January 08, 2004 (Korea);; January 22, 2004
Crusty Demons ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA PAL (W) SLES-54146 November 24, 2006
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: 3 Dimensions of Murder CSI: Crime Scene Investigation ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21655 September 25, 2007
PAL SLES-54465 October 5, 2007;; October 11, 2007 (Australia)
Cubic Lode Runner ハドソンセレクションVOL.1 キュービックロードランナー (SLPM-62404), キュービックロードランナー (SLPM-62583), Hudson Selection Vol. 1: Cubic Lode Runner (JP) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-62404, SLPM-62583 (Hudson the Best) November 27, 2003;; February 3, 2005 (Hudson the Best)
Cubix Robots for Everyone: Showdown ENG NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20547 June 2, 2003
Cue Academy: Snooker, Pool, Billiards ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA PAL (W) SLES-53952 September 1, 2006;; February 29, 2012 (PS2 Classics)
Culdcept カルドセプト セカンド エキスパンション (SLPM-65179) & (SLPM-74411), 컬드셉트 세컨드 익스팬션 (SLKA-25077), Culdcept II Expansion (JP) ENG, JAP, KOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20774 December 4, 2003
NTSC-J SLPM-65179, SLPM-74411 (PlayStation 2 the Best), SLKA-25077 (Korea) September 26, 2002;; July 10, 2003 (PlayStation 2 the Best);; October 09, 2003 (Korea)
Curious George ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, SWE, DAN NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21354, SLUS-21354P (/w Free Movie Ticket) February 1, 2006
PAL SLES-54364, SLES-54474 December 1, 2006;; December 14, 2007 (Australia)
NTSC-J SCAJ-20176 May 24, 2006 (Asia)
Curry House CoCo Ichibanya カレーハウスCoCo壱番屋 今日も元気だ!カレーがうまい!! (SLPS-20367) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-20367, SLPM-62741 (Best Version) May 20, 2004;; August 10, 2006 (Best Version)
Curse: The Eye of Isis ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, POR PAL (W) SLES-51934 February 27, 2004
Cy Girls Cool Girl (JP) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20697 (Disc 1), SLUS-20854 (Disc 2) March 23, 2004
PAL (W) SLES-82018 (Ice Disc), SLES-82019 (Aska Disc), SLES-82020 (Ice Disc), SLES-82021 (Aska Disc) May 7, 2004
NTSC-J SLPM-65506, SLPM-65507, VW088-J1, SLPM-65504 (Limited Edition), SLPM-65505 (Limited Edition), VW206-J1 (Limited Edition), SLPM-65742 (Konami the Best), SLPM-65743 (Konami the Best), VW088-J2 (Konami the Best) February 19, 2004;; October 21, 2004 (Konami the Best)
Cyber Jansou サイバー雀荘 東風荘編 (SLPM-62140) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-62140, VW077-J1 March 28, 2002
Cyber Troopers Virtual-On Marz 電脳戦機バーチャロン マーズ (SLPM-65303) & (SLPM-74421), Dennou Senki Virtual-On: Marz (JP), 전뇌전기 버철온 마즈 (KO) ENG, JAP NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20674 October 14, 2003
NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65303, SLPM-74421 (PlayStation 2 the Best), NPJD-00027 (PS2 Classics), SLAJ-25014, SLPM-61046 (Trial) May 29, 2003;; February 26, 2004 (PlayStation 2 the Best);; March 21, 2013 (PS2 Classics)
Cyclone Circus ENG, GER, FRE, SPA PAL (W) SLES-52684 February 1, 2006
D-A: Black ディーエーブラック (SLPS-25292) & (SLPS-25288) & (SLPS-25618), D→A:BLACK (JP) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25292, SLPS-25288 (Limited Edition), SLPS-25618 (Best Price) December 25, 2003;; February 16, 2006 (Best Price)
D-A: White ディーエー ホワイト (SLPS-25438) & (SLPS-25437) & (SLPS-25619), D→A:WHITE (JP) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25438, SLPS-25437 (First Print Limited Edition), SLPS-25619 (Best Price) December 2, 2004;; February 16, 2006 (Best Price)
D-Unit Drift Racing ENG PAL (W) SLES-54154 October 13, 2006;; February 9, 2007 (Australia)
D. C. F. S. ~Da Capo Four Seasons~ D.C.F.S. 〜ダ・カーポ〜 フォーシーズンズ (SLPM-66226) & (SLPM-66225) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-66226, SLPM-66225 (DX Pack) December 15, 2005
D.C. II P.S.: Da Capo II Plus Situation D.C.II P.S. 〜ダ・カーポII〜 プラスシチュエーション (SLPM-66924) & (SLPM-66922) & (SLPM-55171) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-66924 (Disc 1), SLPM-66925 (Disc 2), SLPM-66922 (DX Pack, Disc 1), SLPM-66923 (DX Pack, Disc 2), SLPM-55171 (The Best) May 29, 2008;; June 25, 2009 (The Best)
D.C.: Da Capo - The Origin D.C. 〜ダ・カーポ〜 the Origin (SLPM-66905) & (PBGP-0065) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-66905, PBGP-0065 (First Print Limited Edition) February 14, 2008
D.C.I.F.: Da Capo Innocent Finale D.C.I.F.〜ダ・カーポ〜 イノセントフィナーレ (SLPM-55156) & (PBGP-0077) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-55156, PBGP-0077 (Kotori Legend Pack) April 29, 2009
D.C.P.S. D.C.P.S. 〜ダ・カーポ〜 プラスシチュエーション (SLPM-65400) & (SLPM-65399) & (SLPM-66049), D.C.P.S. Da Capo Plus Situation (JP) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65400, VO-0034, SLPM-65399 (Deluxe Pack), SLPM-66049 (Kadokawa the Best) October 30, 2003;; July 14, 2005 (Kadokawa the Best)
D.Gray-man: Sousha no Shikaku D.Gray-man 奏者ノ資格 (SLPM-55060) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-55060, VW364-J1 September 11, 2008
D.N.A.: Dark Native Apostle ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA PAL SLES-50202 April 19, 2002
NTSC-J (W) SLPM-62056 September 6, 2001
D.N.Angel: Kurenai no Tsubasa D・N・ANGEL TV Animation Series 〜紅の翼〜 (SLPM-65368), ディー・エヌ・エンジェル (JP) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65368 September 25, 2003
D1 Professional Drift Grand Prix Series D1グランプリ (SLPM-65863) ENG, JAP NTSC-U SLUS-21416 August 15, 2006
NTSC-J SLPM-65863, SLPM-60260 (Trial, bundled with video DVD) February 17, 2005
D1 Professional Drift Grand Prix Series 2005 D1グランプリ 2005 (SLPM-66144) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-66144, SLPM-60270 (Trial), SLPM-60271 (Trial, bundled with video DVD) October 20, 2005
Daemon Summoner ENG PAL (W) SLES-53652 March 31, 2006
Dai Guruguru Onsen オンラインゲームズ 大ぐるぐる温泉 (SLPM-62195), Online Games: Dai Guruguru Onsen JAP NTSC-J SLPM-62195 October 31, 2002
Dai Senryaku VII: Exceed 大戦略VII エクシード (SLPS-25464) & (SLPS-25953), Dai Senryaku VII: Modern Military Tactics Exceed ENG, JAP NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21352 December 19, 2007
NTSC-J SLPS-25464, SLPS-25953 (System Soft Selection) December 14, 2006;; November 26, 2009 (System Soft Selection)
Dai-2-Ji Super Robot Taisen Alpha 第2次スーパーロボット大戦α (SLPS-25228) & (SLPS-25227) & (SLPS-73206) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-25228, SLPS-25227 (Collection Gear Box), SLPS-73206 (PlayStation 2 the Best), SCAJ-20022 March 27, 2003;; September 16, 2004 (PlayStation 2 the Best)
Dai-3-Ji Super Robot Taisen Alpha: Shuuen no Ginga e 第3次スーパーロボット大戦α 〜終焉の銀河へ〜 (SLPS-25537) & (SLPS-73238), 3rd Super Robot Wars Alpha: To the End of the Galaxy JAP NTSC-J SLPS-25537, SLPS-73238 (PlayStation 2 the Best) July 28, 2005;; June 29, 2006 (PlayStation 2 the Best)
Daisan Teikoku Koubouki 第三帝国興亡記 (SLPM-62458) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-62458 January 15, 2004
Daisan Teikoku Koubouki II 第三帝国興亡記 II (SLPM-66050) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-66050 September 1, 2005
Daisenryaku 1941 大戦略1941〜逆転の太平洋〜 (SLPS-20228) & (SLPS-20324) & (SLPM-62657) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-20228, SLPM-62657 (Sega the Best 2800), SLPS-20324 (Sammy best) September 26, 2002;; November 13, 2003 (Sammy best)
Daisenryaku: Dai Toua Kouboushi - Tora Tora Tora Ware Kishuu Ni Seikou Seri 大戦略 大東亜興亡史 〜トラ・トラ・トラ ワレ奇襲ニ成功セリ〜 (SLPS-25872) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-25872, SLPS-25981 (System Soft Selection) September 25, 2008;; May 13, 2010 (System Soft Selection)
Daito Giken Koushiki Pachi-Slot Simulator: 24 - Twenty-Four 大都技研公式パチスロシミュレーター 『24 -TWENTY FOUR-』 (SLPS-20506) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-20506 October 9, 2008
Daito Giken Koushiki Pachi-Slot Simulator: Hihouden 大都技研公式パチスロシミュレーター 秘宝伝 (SLPS-20472) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-20472 August 17, 2006
Daito Giken Koushiki Pachi-Slot Simulator: Ossu! Banchou 大都技研公式パチスロシミュレーター 押忍!番長 (SLPS-20442) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-20442 November 2, 2005
Daito Giken Koushiki Pachi-Slot Simulator: Shake II 大都技研公式パチスロシミュレーター シェイクII (SLPS-20496) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-20496 July 26, 2007
Daito Giken Koushiki Pachi-Slot Simulator: Shin Yoshimune 大都技研公式パチスロシュミレーター 新・吉宗 (SLPS-20504) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-20504 March 13, 2008
Daito Giken Koushiki Pachi-Slot Simulator: Yoshimune 大都技研公式パチスロシミュレーター 吉宗 (SLPS-20376) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-20376 December 9, 2004
Daito Giken Premium Pachi-Slot Collection: Yoshimune 大都技研プレミアムパチスロコレクション 吉宗 (SLPS-25667) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25667 July 6, 2006
Dakar 2 ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA PAL (W) SLES-50879 March 7, 2003
Dalmatians 3 ENG, GER, FRE PAL (W) SLES-52242 2006
Dance Dance Revolution Extreme ENG NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20916, SLUS-20916GH (Greatest Hits) September 21, 2004;; February 19, 2008 (Greatest Hits)
Dance Dance Revolution Extreme ダンスダンスレボリューションエクストリーム (SLPM-65358), Dance Dance Revolution Extreme (JP), Dance Dance Revolution 8th Mix JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65358, VW159-J1 October 9, 2003
Dance Dance Revolution Extreme 2 ENG NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21174 September 27, 2005
Dance Dance Revolution Party Collection ダンス ダンス レボリューション パーティーコレクション (SLPM-62427) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-62427, VW180-J1, RU-045 (Beginners Pack) December 11, 2003
Dance Dance Revolution Strike ダンス ダンス レボリューション ストライク (SLPM-66242) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-66242, VW299-J1 February 16, 2006
Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA ダンス ダンス レボリューション スーパーノヴァ (SLPM-66609), Dancing Stage: SuperNOVA (EU, AU) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21377, SLUS-21377P (Bundle) September 26, 2006
PAL SLES-54341 March 23, 2007 (Australia);; April 20, 2007
NTSC-J SLPM-66609, VW335-J1 January 25, 2007
Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA 2 ダンス ダンス レボリューション スーパーノヴァ2 (SLPM-66930), Dancing Stage SuperNOVA 2 (EU) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21608, SLUS-21608P (Bundle) September 25, 2007
PAL SLES-55197 May 2, 2008 (Australia);; October 3, 2008
NTSC-J SLPM-66930, VW350-J1 February 21, 2008
Dance Dance Revolution X ダンスダンスレボリューションX (SLPM-55090) ENG, JAP NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21767 September 12, 2008 (Bundle);; September 16, 2008
NTSC-J SLPM-55090, VW366-J1 January 29, 2009
Dance Dance Revolution X2 ENG NTSC-U SLUS-21917 (Bundle) October 27, 2009 (Bundle)
Dance Dance Revolution: Disney Channel Edition ENG NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21609, SLUS-21609M (Bundle) January 8, 2008
Dance Factory ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21296, SLUS-28062 (Trade Demo) August 29, 2006
PAL SLES-53009 September 1, 2006;; September 14, 2006 (Australia)
Dance Fest ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA PAL SLES-54332 October 20, 2006;; November 23, 2006 (Australia)
Dance Party: Club Hits ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA PAL SLES-55462 May 8, 2009 (w/ Dance Mat);; May 15, 2009
Dance Party: Pop Hits ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA PAL SLES-55461 May 8, 2009 (w/ Dance Mat);; May 15, 2009
Dance Summit 2001: Bust A Move ダンスサミット2001 バスト・ア・ムーブ (SLPM-62029) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-62029 November 2, 2000
Dance: UK Dance Europe (EU), All Music Dance! (EU) ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, POR PAL SLES-52107, SLES-51991, SLES-52542 October 3, 2003 (With Mat)
Dance: UK eXtra Trax ENG PAL SLES-52490 April 23, 2004
Dance: UK XL Dance: UK XL Lite ENG PAL SLES-52640, SLES-53633 October 29, 2004
Dance: UK XL Party ENG PAL SLES-53632 September 30, 2005
Dancing Stage Fever ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA PAL SLES-51757 October 24, 2003
Dancing Stage Fusion ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA PAL (W) SLES-52598 November 5, 2004
Dancing Stage Max ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA PAL SLES-53218 November 25, 2005
Dancing with the Stars ENG NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21676 October 23, 2007;; November 13, 2007 (bundle)
Dark Angel: Vampire Apocalypse 다크 엔젤 (SLPM-64537) ENG, KOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20131 July 8, 2001
NTSC-J SLPM-64537 (Korea) December 19, 2002 (Korea)
Dark Cloud ダーククラウド (SCPS-15004) & (SCPS-19203) & (PAPX-90205) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SCUS-97111, SCUS-97152 (Demo) May 28, 2001;; 2002 (Greatest Hits)
PAL (WL) SCES-50295 September 21, 2001
NTSC-J SCPS-15004, SCPS-19203 (PlayStation 2 the Best), NPJC-00002, PAPX-90205 (Sample Movie Disc), PAPX-90501 (Trial version) December 14, 2000;; September 12, 2002 (PlayStation 2 the Best);; August 22, 2012 (PS2 Classics)
Dark Cloud 2 ダーククロニクル (SCPS-15033) & (SCPS-19215) & (SCPS-19306) & (PAPX-90506), 다크 클라우드 2 (SCKA-20014), Dark Chronicle (EU, JP) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, KOR NTSC-U (WL) SCUS-97213, SCUS-97213GH (Greatest Hits), SCUS-97229 (Demo) February 17, 2003;; 2004 (Greatest Hits)
PAL (W) SCES-51190 September 12, 2003
NTSC-J (W) SCPS-15033, SCPS-19215 (PlayStation 2 the Best), SCPS-19306 (PlayStation 2 the Best Reprint), SCKA-20014 (BigHit, Korea), SCPS-55048, PAPX-90506 (Demo, Taikenban) November 28, 2002;; February 26, 2004 (PlayStation 2 the Best);; March 10, 2005 (PlayStation 2 the Best Reprint);; April 27, 2006 (BigHit, Korea)
Dark Summit ENG, GER, FRE NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20300, SLUS-29015 (Demo) November 26, 2001
PAL SLES-50575 March 28, 2002
Dark Wind Gametrak: Dark Wind ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA PAL (W) SLES-52874 October 22, 2004
Darkwatch ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (WL) SLUS-21042 August 16, 2005
PAL SLES-53564 October 7, 2005
Darling Special Backlash: Koi no Exhaust Heat Darling Special Backlash 〜恋のエキゾースト・ヒート〜 (SLPM-65653) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65653 August 5, 2004
Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2 ENG, SPA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20159, SLUS-20159GH (Greatest Hits) August 27, 2001;; 2002 (Greatest Hits)
PAL (W) SLES-50217 October 5, 2001
David Beckham Soccer ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA PAL (W) SLES-50243 June 7, 2002
David Douillet Judo FRE, DUT PAL SLES-54366 October 2006
Dawn of Mana 聖剣伝説4 (SLPM-66576), 성검전설 4 (SCKA-20101), Seiken Densetsu 4 (JP, KO) ENG, JAP, KOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21574 May 24, 2007
NTSC-J (W) SLPM-47642, SCKA-20101, SCAJ-20184, SLPM-66576 December 21, 2006;; February 16, 2007 (Korea)
DDR Festival Dance Dance Revolution DDRフェスティバル ダンス ダンス レボリューション (SLPM-65775) & (SLPM-65774) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65775, VW251-J1, SLPM-65774 (w/DDR Controller 2) November 18, 2004
DDRMAX2 Dance Dance Revolution DDRMAX2ダンス・ダンス・レボリューション7thMIX (SLPM-65277), Dancing Stage MegaMix (EU), DDRMAX2: Dance Dance Revolution 7th Mix (JP) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20711, SLUS-20711GH (Greatest Hits), SLUS-29074 (Demo) September 23, 2003;; February 19, 2008 (Greatest Hits)
PAL SLES-51510 May 30, 2003
NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65277, VW129-J1 April 24, 2003
DDRMAX: Dance Dance Revolution DDRMAXダンス・ダンス・レボリューション6thMIX (SLPM-62154), DDRMAX: Dance Dance Revolution 6th Mix (JP) ENG, JAP NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20437, SLUS-29037 (Demo) October 28, 2002
NTSC-J (W) SLPM-62154, VW076-J1 May 16, 2002
De Grote Nederlandse Voetbalquiz DUT PAL (W) SLES-53470 June 6, 2006
Dead Eye Jim ENG PAL (W) SLES-54814 January 12, 2007
Dead or Alive 2 デッドオアアライブ2 (SLPS-25002) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25002 March 30, 2000
Dead to Rights デッド トゥ ライツ (SLPS-25268) ENG, JAP, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20220, SLUS-20220GH (Greatest Hits) November 18, 2002;; 2003 (Greatest Hits)
PAL SLES-51581 August 22, 2003
NTSC-J SLPS-25268, SCAJ-20035 August 7, 2003
Dead to Rights II ENG, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20843 April 12, 2005
PAL SLES-53424 October 28, 2005
Dear Boys: Fast Break! ディア・ボーイズ ファーストブレイク (SLPM-65366) & (SLPM-65624) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65366, VW150-J1, SLPM-65624 (Konami Dendou Selection), VW150-J4 (Konami Dendou Selection) September 18, 2003;; July 8, 2004 (Konami Dendou Selection)
Dear My Friend: Love Like Powdery Snow ディア マイ フレンド 〜Love like powdery snow〜 (SLPM-65918) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-65918 April 28, 2005
Dear My Sun!! Musk * Ikusei * Capriccio DEAR My SUN!! 〜ムスコ★育成★狂騒曲〜 (SLPS-25810) & (SLPS-25804) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25810, SLPS-25804 (Limited Edition) September 6, 2007
DearS ディアーズ (SLPS-25372) & (SLPS-25371) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25372, SLPS-25371 (Limited Edition) June 24, 2004
Death by Degrees デス バイ ディグリーズ 鉄拳:ニーナ ウィリアムズ (SLPS-25422), 戰慄殺機 鐵拳:妮娜・威廉斯 (SCAJ-20116), 데스바이디그리스 철권 니나 (SCKA-20039), Tekken's Nina Williams in: Death by Degrees ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, CHI, KOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20934 February 8, 2005
PAL (W) SCES-52586, SCES-53053, SCES-53054 April 14, 2005 (Australia);; April 15, 2005
NTSC-J SLPS-25422, SCKA-20039 (Korea), SCAJ-20116, SLPM-60257 (Trial) January 27, 2005 (Japan, Korea)
Death Connection デス・コネクション (SLPM-55239) & (DCP2-01201) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-55239, DCP2-01201 (Limited Edition) December 17, 2009
Deer Hunter ENG NTSC-U SLUS-20626 December 22, 2003
Def Jam Vendetta デフジャム ヴァンデッタ (SLPS-25275) & (SLPM-65802) & (SLPM-55001), 데프잼: 언더그라운드 파이팅 (SLKA-25053) ENG, JAP, KOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20639, SLUS-20639GH (Greatest Hits), SLUS-29047 (Demo) March 31, 2003;; 2006 (Greatest Hits)
PAL SLES-51479, SLES-51645 (Demo) May 23, 2003
NTSC-J SLKA-25053 (Korea), SLPS-25275, SLPM-65802 (EA Best Hits), SLPM-55001 (EA:SY! 1980) May 15, 2003 (Korea);; August 21, 2003;; November 11, 2004 (EA Best Hits);; May 29, 2008 (EA:SY! 1980)
Def Jam: Fight for NY デフジャム・ファイト・フォー・NY (SLPM-65907) & (SLPM-66463) & (SLPM-55078), 데프잼: 파이트 포 뉴욕 (SLKA-25230) ENG, JAP, FRE, KOR NTSC-U (WL) SLUS-21004, SLUS-21004GH (Greatest Hits), SLUS-29108 (Demo) September 20, 2004;; 2005 (Greatest Hits)
PAL (W) SLES-52507 October 1, 2004
NTSC-J SLKA-25230 (Korea), SLPM-65907, SLPM-66463 (EA Best Hits), SLPM-55078 (EA:SY! 1980), SLAJ-25055 November 16, 2004 (Korea);; February 24, 2005;; June 29, 2006 (EA Best Hits);; September 18, 2008 (EA:SY! 1980)
Defender Defender: For All Mankind ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U SLUS-20191 October 22, 2002
PAL SLES-50714 March 14, 2003
Deka Voice デカボイス (SCPS-15043) & (SCPS-15042) JAP NTSC-J (W) SCPS-15043, SCPS-15042 (w/ USB Microphone) February 13, 2003
Delta Force - Black Hawk Down: Team Sabre ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21414 November 21, 2006
PAL SLES-54115 November 10, 2006;; November 16, 2006 (Australia)
Delta Force: Black Hawk Down ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21124 July 26, 2005
PAL SLES-53299 September 2, 2005
Demo Disc ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA PAL (W) PBPX-95204, PBPX-95205, PBPX-95506, PBPX-95514, PBPX-95520 2000;; 2001;; 2002
Demo Disc 2.1 PlayStation 2 Demo Disc Version 2.1 ENG NTSC-U (W) SCUS-97117 2000
Demo Disc 2.2 PlayStation 2 Demo Disc Version 2.2 ENG NTSC-U (W) SCUS-97126 2001
Demo Disc 2.3 PlayStation 2 Demo Disc Version 2.3 ENG NTSC-U (W) SCUS-97155 2001
Demon Bane 機神咆吼デモンベイン (SLPM-65491) & (SLPM-65490) & (SLPM-66379), Kishin Houkou Demon Bane (JP) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-65491, SLPM-65490 (DX Pack), SLPM-66379 (Kadokawa the Best) July 1, 2004;; April 27, 2006 (Kadokawa the Best)
Demon Chaos 戦神 -いくさがみ- (SLPM-66184) & (SLPM-74227), 전신 이쿠사가미 (SLKA-25320), Ikusa Gami (JP, AS, KO) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, KOR PAL (W) SLES-54305 April 27, 2007;; May 11, 2007 (Australia)
NTSC-J SCAJ-20158 (Asia), SLPM-66184, SLKA-25320 (Korea), SLPM-74227 (PlayStation 2 the Best), NPJD-00059 (PS2 Classics), SLPM-61130 (Trial), SLPM-61132 (Trial) November 22, 2005 (Asia);; November 24, 2005;; March 24, 2006 (Korea);; July 6, 2006 (PlayStation 2 the Best);; August 20, 2014 (PS2 Classics)
Dengeki G's Magazine December 2004 Disc 双恋 体験版 電撃G's magazine 2004年12月号 (SLPM-60252) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-60252 December, 2004
Dengeki PlayStation D40: Konami Fan Book 電撃PlayStation D40 Konami Fan Book (SLPM-61002), 電撃PlayStation 2/23号増刊 (SLPM-61002) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-61002 February, 2001
Dengeki PlayStation D46 電撃PS2 D46 (SLPM-61012), 電撃PlayStation 9/21号増刊 (SLPM-61012) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-61012 September, 2001
Dengeki PlayStation D47 電撃PS2 D47 (SLPM-60159), 電撃PlayStation 11/23号増刊 (SLPM-60159) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-60159 November, 2001
Dengeki PlayStation D48: Konami Fan Book 電撃PS2 D48 Konami Fan Book (SLPM-61022), 電撃PlayStation 12/21号増刊 (SLPM-61022) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-61022 December, 2001
Dengeki PlayStation D49 電撃PS2 D49 (SLPM-61023), 電撃PlayStation 1/25号増刊 (SLPM-61023) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-61023 (DVD) January, 2002
Dengeki PlayStation D50 電撃PS2 D50 (SLPM-61024), 電撃PlayStation 4/19号増刊 (SLPM-61024) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-61024 April, 2002
Dengeki PlayStation D51 電撃PS2 D51 (SLPM-61028), 電撃PlayStation 6/28号増刊 (SLPM-61028) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-61028 June, 2002
Dengeki PlayStation D52 電撃PS2 D52 (SLPM-61031), 電撃PlayStation 8/23号増刊 (SLPM-61031) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-61031 August, 2002
Dengeki PlayStation D53 電撃PS2 D53 (SLPM-61032), 電撃PlayStation 9/27号増刊 (SLPM-61032) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-61032 September, 2002
Dengeki PlayStation D54 電撃PS2 D54 (SLPM-60189), 電撃PlayStation 10/25号増刊 (SLPM-60189) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-60189 October, 2002
Dengeki PlayStation D55 電撃PS2 D55 (SLPM-61033), 電撃PlayStation 12/20号増刊 (SLPM-61033) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-61033 December, 2002
Dengeki PlayStation D56 電撃PS2 D56 (SLPM-61034), 電撃PlayStation 1/24号増刊 (SLPM-61034) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-61034 January, 2003
Dengeki PlayStation D57 電撃PS2 D57 (SLPM-61038), 電撃PlayStation 2/21号増刊 (SLPM-61038) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-61038 February, 2003
Dengeki PlayStation D58 電撃PS2 D58 (SLPM-60199), 電撃PlayStation 3/20号増刊 (SLPM-60199) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-60199 March, 2003
Dengeki PlayStation D59 電撃PS2 D59 (SLPM-61044), 電撃PlayStation 5/2号増刊 (SLPM-61044) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-61044 May, 2003
Dengeki PlayStation D60 電撃PS2 D60 (SLPM-61048), 電撃PlayStation 6/27号増刊 (SLPM-61048) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-61048 June, 2003
Dengeki PlayStation D61 電撃PS2 D61 (SLPM-61051), 電撃PlayStation 8/22号増刊 (SLPM-61051) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-61051 August, 2003
Dengeki PlayStation D62 電撃PS2 D62 (SLPM-61058), 電撃PlayStation 10/24号増刊 (SLPM-61058) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-61058 October, 2003
Dengeki PlayStation D63 電撃PS2 D63 (SLPM-60215), 電撃PlayStation 11/28号増刊 (SLPM-60215) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-60215 November, 2003
Dengeki PlayStation D64 電撃PS2 D64 (SLPM-61065), 電撃PlayStation 12/26号増刊 (SLPM-61065) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-61065 December, 2003
Dengeki PlayStation D65 電撃PS2 D65 (SLPM-61066), 電撃PlayStation 1/23号増刊 (SLPM-61066) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-61066 January, 2004
Dengeki PlayStation D66 電撃PS2 D66 (SLPM-61070), 電撃PlayStation 2/27号増刊 (SLPM-61070) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-61070 27 February, 2004
Dengeki PlayStation D67 電撃PS2 D67 (SLPM-60240), 電撃PlayStation 4/23号増刊 (SLPM-60240) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-60240 (CD) April, 2004
Dengeki PlayStation D68 電撃PS2 D68 (SLPM-61079), 電撃PlayStation 6/25号増刊 (SLPM-61079) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-61079 June, 2004
Dengeki PlayStation D69 電撃PS2 D69 (SLPM-61081), 電撃PlayStation 7/23号増刊 (SLPM-61081) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-61081 July, 2004
Dengeki PlayStation D70 電撃PS2 D70 (SLPM-61083), 電撃PlayStation 8/27号増刊 (SLPM-61083) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-61083 August, 2004
Dengeki PlayStation D72 電撃PS2 D72 (SLPM-61089) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-61089 October, 2004
Dengeki PlayStation D73 電撃PS2 D73 (SLPM-60256), 電撃PlayStation 11/26号増刊 (SLPM-60256), 電撃PS2 D73 スペシャル映像DVD (JP) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-60256 (CD) November, 2004
Dengeki PlayStation D74 電撃PS2 D74 (SLPM-61095), 電撃PlayStation 12/24号増刊 (SLPM-61095) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-61095 December, 2004
Dengeki PlayStation D75 電撃PS2 D75 (JP), 電撃PlayStation 1/21号増刊 (JP) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-61097 January, 2005
Dengeki PlayStation D76 電撃PS2 D76 (SLPM-61107), 電撃PlayStation 2/25号増刊 (SLPM-61107) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-61107 February, 2005
Dengeki PlayStation D77 電撃PS2 D77 (SLPM-61113), 電撃PlayStation 3/25号増刊 (SLPM-61113) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-61113 March, 2005
Dengeki PlayStation D78 電撃PS2 D78 (SLPM-60263), 電撃PlayStation D78 (SLPM-60263) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-60263 April, 2005
Dengeki PlayStation D81 電撃PS2 D81 (SLPM-61122), 電撃PlayStation 7/22号増刊 (SLPM-61122) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-61122 July, 2005
Dengeki PlayStation D83 電撃PS2 D83スペシャル映像DVD (JP) NTSC-J September, 2005
Dengeki PlayStation D84 電撃PS2 D84 (SLPM-61126), 電撃PlayStation 10/28号増刊 (SLPM-61126) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-61126 (PS2 DVD) October, 2005
Dengeki PlayStation D85 電撃PS2 D85 (SLPM-61131), 電撃PS2 D85 スペシャル映像DVD (Video DVD) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-61131 (Data DVD) November, 2005
Dengeki PlayStation D86 電撃PS2 D86スペシャル映像DVD (JP) NTSC-J December, 2005
Dengeki PlayStation D87 電撃PS2 D87 (SLPM-61141), 電撃PlayStation 1/20号増刊 (SLPM-61141) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-61141 January, 2006
Dengeki PlayStation D88 電撃PS2 D88スペシャル映像DVD (JP), 電撃PlayStation 2/24号増刊 (JP) NTSC-J February, 2006
Dengeki PlayStation D89 電撃PS2 D89スペシャル映像DVD (JP), 電撃PlayStation 3/24号増刊 (JP) NTSC-J March, 2006
Dengeki PlayStation D90 電撃PS2 D90 (SLPM-61146), 電撃PlayStation 4/21号増刊 (SLPM-61146) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-61146 April, 2006
Dengeki PlayStation D91 電撃PS2 D91 (SLPM-61149), 電撃PlayStation 7/21号増刊 (SLPM-61149) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-61149 July, 2006
Dengeki PlayStation D92 電撃PS2 D92 (SLPM-61153), 電撃PlayStation 10/20号増刊 (SLPM-61153) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-61153 October, 2006
Dengeki PlayStation D93 電撃PS2 D93 (SLPM-61156), 電撃PlayStation 1/19号増刊 (SLPM-61156) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-61156 January, 2007
Dengeki PlayStation D94 電撃PS2 D94 (SLPM-60281), 電撃PlayStation 4/27号増刊 (SLPM-60281) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-60281 April, 2007
Dengeki PlayStation D95 電撃PS2 D95 (SLPM-60283), 電撃PlayStation 11/30号増刊 (SLPM-60283) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-60283 November, 2007
Dengeki PlayStation D96 電撃PS2 D96 (SLPM-61164), 電撃PlayStation 3/28号増刊 (SLPM-61164) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-61164 March, 2008
Dengeki PS2: PlayStation 2 Save Data Collection 2006 セーブデータ&ウラワザ大全2006 (SLPM-60275), Save Data & Urawaza Taizen 2006 (JP) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-60275 December, 2005
Dengeki PS2: PlayStation 2 Save Data Collection 2007 セーブデータ&ウラワザ大全2007 (SLPM-60280), Save Data & Urawaza Taizen 2007 (JP) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-60280 February, 2007
Dengeki PS2: PlayStation 2 Save Data Collection 2008 セーブデータ&ウラワザ大全2008 (SLPM-60284), Save Data & Urawaza Taizen 2008 (JP) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-60284 March, 2008
Dengeki SP: Futakoi Collection 電撃SP 双恋 / 双恋島 双恋COLLECTION (SLPS-25624) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-25624 (Futakoi), SLPS-25625 (Futakoi: Koi to Mizugi no Survival) March 2, 2006
Densha de Go! Final エターナルヒッツ 電車でGO!FINAL (SLPM-66772) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65590, TCPS-10085, SLPM-74214 (PlayStation 2 the Best), TCPS-10119 (PlayStation 2 the Best), SLPM-66772 (Eternal Hits), SLPM-60237 (Trial) May 27, 2004;; December 7, 2006 (PlayStation 2 the Best);; June 28, 2007 (Eternal Hits)
Densha de Go! Professional 2 電車でGO!プロフェッショナル2 (SLPM-65243) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65243, TCPS-10063, SLPM-65661 (Taito Best), TCPS-10091 (Taito Best) February 27, 2003;; July 29, 2004 (Taito Best)
Densha de Go! Ryojouhen 電車でGO!~旅情編~ (SLPM-65148) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-65148, TCPS-10052, SLPM-65810 (Taito Best), TCPS-10099 (Taito Best), TCPS-10068 (with Controller), SLPM-60179 (Trial) July 25, 2002;; December 2, 2004 (Taito Best)
Densha de Go! Shinkansen: Sanyou Shinkansen-hen 電車でGO!新幹線 山陽新幹線編 (SLPM-65039) & (SLPM-66771) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65039, TCPS-10044, TCPS-10058 (PlayStation 2 the Best w/Controller), SLPM-74403 (PlayStation 2 the Best), TCPS-10057 (PlayStation 2 the Best), SLPM-66771 (Eternal Hits) September 20, 2001;; October 3, 2002 (PlayStation 2 the Best);; June 28, 2007 (Eternal Hits)
Derby Stallion 04 ダービースタリオン 04 (SLPS-25321) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-25321 April 22, 2004
Derby Tsuku 3: Derby Uma o Tsukurou! ダビつく3 ダービー馬をつくろう! (SLPM-65420) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-65420 December 11, 2003
Derby Tsuku 4: Derby Uma o Tsukurou! ダビつく4 ダービー馬をつくろう! (SLPM-65808) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-65808 December 2, 2004
Derby Uma o Tsukurou! 5 ダービー馬をつくろう!5 (SLPM-66244) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-66244 January 19, 2006
Desert Kingdom デザート・キングダム (SLPM-55259) & (DKP2-00502) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-55259, DKP2-00502 (Limited Edition) May 27, 2010
Desi Adda: Games of India ENG, HIN PAL (W) SCES-55535 October 27, 2009 (Asia)
Desire デザイア (SLPS-25392) & (SLPM-66138) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25392, SLPM-66138 (Best Version) September 30, 2004;; October 27, 2005 (Best Version)
Despicable Me Despicable Me: The Game ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, SWE, DAN, FIN, NOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21933 July 6, 2010
PAL SLES-55625 September 2, 2010 (Australia);; October 1, 2010
Dessert Love: Sweet Plus デザートラブ スウィートプラス (SLPM-66284) & (SLPM-66661) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-66284, SLPM-66661 (Best Collection) February 23, 2006;; January 18, 2007 (Best Collection)
Destroy All Humans! デストロイ オール ヒューマンズ! (SLPM-66430) & (SLPM-55141) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20945, SLUS-20945GH (Greatest Hits), SLUS-29150 (Demo) June 21, 2005;; 2006 (Greatest Hits)
PAL (WL) SLES-53196, SLES-53197, SLES-53641 June 24, 2005
NTSC-J SLPM-66430, SLPM-55141 (THQ Collection) February 22, 2007;; January 22, 2009 (THQ Collection)
Destroy All Humans! 2 ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21439, SLUS-21439GH (Greatest Hits), SLUS-29196 (Demo) October 17, 2006;; October 17, 2007 (Greatest Hits)
PAL (WL) SLES-54384, SLED-54401 (Demo) October 20, 2006;; October 26, 2006 (Australia)
Destruction Derby Arenas ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, POR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20855 April 1, 2004
PAL (W) SCES-50781 (Beta & Full Release), SCES-51979, SCED-52098 (Demo) January 9, 2004
Detonator ビルバク (SLPM-62157), Buile Baku (JP), Buile Baku: Neo Trance Puzzle Game (JP) ENG, JAP PAL (W) SLES-52041 March 5, 2004
NTSC-J SLPM-62157, SLPM-60157 (Demo, Taikenban) March 20, 2002
Deus Ex: The Conspiracy Deus Ex ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20111 March 26, 2002
PAL SLES-50806, SLES-50804, SLES-50805, SLES-50807, SLES-50808 June 7, 2002;; May 16, 2012 (PS2 Classics)
Devil Kings ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21297 October 12, 2005
PAL SLES-53870 February 3, 2006
Devil May Cry デビル メイ クライ (SLPM-65038) & (SLPM-66502) & (SLPM-74230) & (SLPM-61010) & (SLPM-65023), 데빌 메이 크라이 (SLPM-67502) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, KOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20216, SLUS-20216GH (Greatest Hits), SLUS-29009 (Demo) October 16, 2001;; 2002 (Greatest Hits)
PAL (W) SLES-50358, SLES-50358/P (Platinum), SLED-50359 (Demo) December 7, 2001;; December 2001 (Australia);; November 8, 2002 (Platinum)
NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65038, SLPM-66502 (Mega Hits!), SLPM-74230 (PlayStation 2 the Best), SLPM-65023 (Demo), SLPM-61010 (Trial Edition Ver. 2), SLPM-61008 (Trial Edition Ver. 2), SLPM-67502 August 23, 2001;; February 22, 2002 (Korea);; July 25, 2002 (Mega Hits!);; August 24, 2006 (PlayStation 2 the Best)
Devil May Cry 2 デビル・メイ・クライ2 (SLPM-65232) & (SLPM-65233), 恶魔猎人2 (SCCS-40002) & (SCCS-40003), 데빌 메이 크라이 2 (SLKA-25012) & (SLKA-25013) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, CHI, KOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20484 (Disc 1), SLUS-20627 (Disc 2), SLUS-20484GH (Greatest Hits, Disc 1), SLUS-20627GH (Greatest Hits, Disc 2) January 25, 2003;; April 26, 2006 (Greatest Hits)
PAL (W) SLES-82011 (Dante Disc), SLES-82012 (Lucia Disc), SLES-82012/P (Platinum, Lucia Disc) March 28, 2003;; 2004 (Platinum)
NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65232 (Dante Disc), SLPM-65233 (Lucia Disc), SLPM-61037 (Taikenban, Demo), SLPM-61043 (Trial), SCCS-40002 (China, Disc 1), SCCS-40003 (China, Disc 2), SLKA-25012 (Korea, Dante Disc), SLKA-25013 (Korea, Lucia Disc) January 30, 2003;; June 2, 2003 (Korea);; April 24, 2004 (China)
Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening デビル メイ クライ 3 (SLPM-65880), 데빌 메이 크라이 3 (SLKA-25265) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, KOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20964 March 1, 2005
PAL (W) SLES-53038 March 22, 2005 (Australia);; March 24, 2005
NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65880, SLKA-25265, SLPM-60251 (Trial Version) February 17, 2005;; October 4, 2007 (BigHit Series, Korea)
Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition デビル メイ クライ 3 スペシャル エディション (SLPM-66160) & (SLPM-74242) & (SLPM-74268), Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening Special Edition (US, EU) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21361, SLUS-21361GH January 24, 2006
PAL (W) SLES-54186 September 29, 2006;; 2006 (Australia)
NTSC-J (W) SLPM-66160, SLPM-74242 (PlayStation 2 the Best), SLPM-74268 (PlayStation 2 the Best Reprint) February 23, 2006;; June 28, 2007 (PlayStation 2 the Best);; April 16, 2009 (PlayStation 2 the Best Reprint)
Devil May Cry: 5th Anniversary Collection ENG NTSC-U SLUS-27004 October 24, 2006
Diabolik: The Original Sin ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA PAL (W) SLES-55274 June 26, 2009
DICE: DNA Integrated Cybernetic Enterprises ENG NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21181 September 22, 2005
Die Hard: Vendetta ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA PAL (W) SLES-51347, SLES-51348 June 27, 2003
Diet Channel ダイエット チャンネル (SLPM-62472) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-62472, VW171-J1 March 4, 2004
Digi Charat Fantasy Excellent デ・ジ・キャラット ファンタジー エクセレント (SLPM-65396) & (SLPM-65395) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-65396, SLPM-65395 (Premium Box) November 20, 2003
Digimon Rumble Arena 2 デジモンバトルクロニクル (SLPS-25383), 디지몬 배틀 크로니클 (SLKA-25254), Digimon Battle Chronicle (JP, KO) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, KOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21067 September 3, 2004
PAL SLES-52631 October 15, 2004
NTSC-J SLPS-25383, SLKA-25254 (Korea) July 29, 2004;; December 01, 2004 (Korea)
Digimon World 4 デジモンワールドX (SLPS-25453), Digimon World X (JP) ENG, JAP, GER, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20836 June 2, 2005
PAL (L) SLES-53405 September 2, 2005
NTSC-J SLPS-25453 January 6, 2005
Digimon World Data Squad デジモンセイバーズ アナザーミッション (SLPS-25716), Digimon Savers: Another Mission (JP) ENG, JAP NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21598 September 18, 2007
NTSC-J SLPS-25716 November 30, 2006
Digital Album Kura Emon Digital Album 蔵衛門 (SLPM-62259) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-62259 November 30, 2002
Digital Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner 1 & 2 NTSC-J September 30, 2005 (Korea)
Digital Holmes ディジタル・ホームズ (SLPS-20138), 디지털 홈즈 (SLPM-64532) JAP, KOR NTSC-J SLPS-20138, SLPM-64532 December 20, 2001
Dino Stalker ガン・サバイバー3 ~ディノ・クライシス~ (SLPM-65139) & (CPCS-01002), 건 서바이버 3 디노 크라이시스 (SLPM-67529), Gun Survivor 3: Dino Crisis (JP) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, KOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20485 September 9, 2002
PAL (W) SLES-50930, SLES-51095, SLES-51096 September 20, 2002
NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65139, CPCS-01002 (w/ GunCon2), SLPM-67529, SLPM-61026 (Demo, Taikenban) June 27, 2002
Dinosaur Adventure ENG, GER, FRE PAL (W) SLES-52243 2006
Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII ダージュ オブ ケルベロス -ファイナルファンタジーVII- (SLPM-66271), ダージュ オブ ケルベロス -ファイナルファンタジーVII- インターナショナル (SLPM-66629), Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII International (JP) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21419, SLUS-21419GH (Greatest Hits) August 15, 2006;; 2007 (Greatest Hits)
PAL (W) SLES-54185 November 17, 2006;; November 2006 (Australia)
NTSC-J (W) SLPM-66271, SLPM-66629 (Ultimate Hits), SCAJ-20169, SLPM-68016 (Beta Version) January 26, 2006;; September 4, 2008 (Ultimate Hits)
Disaster Report 絶体絶命都市 (SLPS-25113) & (SLPS-73204), 절체절명도시 (SCPS-56012), SOS: The Final Escape (EU), Zettai Zetsumei Toshi (JP), S.O.S. The Final Escape (AU) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, KOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20561, SLUS-28025 (Trade Demo) February 15, 2003
PAL SLES-51301 February 28, 2003;; 2003 (Australia)
NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25113, SLPS-73204 (PlayStation 2 the Best), NPJD-00080 (PS2 Classics), SCPS-55015, SLPM-60174 (Trial), SCPS-56012 April 25, 2002;; September 16, 2004 (PlayStation 2 the Best);; February 18, 2015 (PS2 Classics)
Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories 魔界戦記ディスガイア2 (SLPS-25608) & (SLPS-25607) & (SLPS-73254), Makai Senki Disgaea 2 (JP) ENG, JAP NTSC-U (WL) SLUS-21397, NPUD-21397 (PS2 Classics) August 29, 2006;; January 22, 2013 (PS2 Classics)
PAL SLES-54454 November 3, 2006;; November 23, 2006 (Australia)
NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25608, SLPS-25607 (Limited Edition), SLPS-73254 (PlayStation 2 the Best) February 23, 2006;; July 12, 2007 (PlayStation 2 the Best)
Disgaea: Hour of Darkness 魔界戦記 ディスガイア (SLPS-20251) & (SLPS-20250) & (SLPS-73103), 마계전기 디스가이아 (SLKA-25048), Makai Senki Disgaea (JP) ENG, JAP, KOR NTSC-U (WL) SLUS-20666, SLUS-20666GH (Greatest Hits), NPUD-20666 (PS2 Classics), SLUS-28034 (Trade Demo) August 27, 2003;; September 2, 2008 (Greatest Hits);; January 17, 2013 (PS2 Classics)
PAL SLES-52458 May 28, 2004;; 2004 (Australia)
NTSC-J (W) SLPS-20251, SLPS-20250 (Limited Edition), SLPS-73103 (PlayStation 2 the Best), SLKA-25048 (BigHit, Korea), SCAJ-10001 January 30, 2003;; November 3, 2004 (PlayStation 2 the Best);; January 18, 2008 (BigHit, Korea)
Disney Golf ディズニーゴルフ クラシック (SLPM-62168), Disney Golf Classic (JP) ENG, JAP NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20532 October 16, 2002
PAL SLES-51042 December 20, 2002
NTSC-J SLPM-62168, SLPM-60180 (Trial) May 30, 2002
Disney Hannah Montana: Spotlight World Tour ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, SWE, DAN, NOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21750 August 7, 2008
PAL SLES-55214, SLES-55293 September 5, 2008;; September 25, 2008 (Australia)
Disney Move EyeToy: Disney Move ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA PAL (W) SLES-52922 November 19, 2004
Disney Presents Piglet's Big Game Disney Les Aventures de Porcinet (SLES-51659), Disney Piglet el Gran Juego (SLES-51666), Disney Pimpi, Piccolo Grande Eroe (SLES-51667), Disney's Knorretje Kleine Grote Held (SLES-51668), Disneys Ferkels grosses Abenteuer-Spiel (SLES-51658), Disney's Piglet's Big Game (EU) ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20659 March 19, 2003
PAL SLES-51594, SLES-51658, SLES-51659, SLES-51666, SLES-51667, SLES-51668 July 11, 2003
Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey ディズニープリンセス 魔法の世界へ (SLPM-66902), Disney Princess: Mahou no Sekai e (JP) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE, DAN, FIN, NOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21660 October 16, 2007
PAL SLES-54837, SLES-54942, SLES-54943, SLES-54944 November 7, 2007 (Australia);; November 16, 2007;; February 15, 2012 (PS2 Classics)
NTSC-J SLPM-66902 December 6, 2007
Disney Sing It ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE, DAN, NOR, RUS NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21826, SLUS-27029 (Bundle) October 21, 2008
PAL SLES-55392, SLES-55393, SLES-55434 November 6, 2008 (Australia);; November 7, 2008
Disney Sing It! High School Musical 3: Senior Year ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE, DAN, NOR NTSC-U SLUS-21861, SLUS-27034, SLUS-27034P (w/Microphone) February 17, 2009
PAL SLES-55396, SLES-55397 November 28, 2008;; December 4, 2008 (Australia);; December 10, 2008 (Bundle, (Australia))
Disney Sing It! Pop Hits ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA NTSC-U SLUS-21920 October 6, 2009
PAL SLES-55542 October 9, 2009;; October 21, 2009 (Australia)
Disney Sing It: Party Hits Disney Sing It: Pop Party ENG, GER, SPA PAL SLES-55628 October 12, 2010
Disney TH!NK Fast Disney Отвечай, не зевай! (SLES-55433), Disney Think Fast ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, RUS NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21814 November 7, 2008
PAL SLES-55394, SLES-55395, SLES-55415, SLES-55433 November 14, 2008;; November 28, 2008 (Bundle);; December 4, 2008 (Bundle, Australia);; December 5, 2008 (Australia)
Disney's Chicken Little チキン・リトル (SLPS-25580), 치킨 리틀 (SLKA-25345), Disneys Himmel und Huhn (SLES-53740), Disney's Lilla Kycklingen (SLES-53743) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE, DAN, NOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21088 October 20, 2005
PAL (W) SLES-53744, SLES-53738, SLES-53739, SLES-53740, SLES-53741, SLES-53743 November 30, 2005 (Australia);; February 10, 2006;; February 15, 2012 (PS2 Classics)
NTSC-J SLPS-25580, SLKA-25345 (Korea) December 15, 2005;; February 16, 2006 (Korea)
Disney's Chicken Little: Ace in Action Disney Chicken Little: Aventures Intergalactiques (EU), Disneys Himmel und Huhn: Ace in Action (EU), Disney Chicken Little: As en Acción, Disney Chicken Little: Asso Spaziale! ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21420 November 9, 2006
PAL SLES-54449, SLES-54453, SLES-54452, SLES-54450, SLES-54451 December 1, 2006;; May 17, 2007 (Australia)
Disney's Dinosaur ダイナソー (SLPS-25024), Dinosaur (JP) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE, DAN, FIN, NOR PAL (W) SLES-50043, SLES-50042 December 8, 2000
NTSC-J SLPS-25024 February 15, 2001
Disney's Donald Duck: Goin' Quackers ドナルドダック レスキュー大作戦!! (SLPS-20070), Donald Duck: Quack Attack (EU), Donald Duck: Rescue Daisakusen!! (JP), Disney's Donald Duck: Quack Attack ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20077 December 13, 2000
PAL (W) SLES-50048 December 22, 2000;; 2005 (Australia);; February 15, 2012 (PS2 Classics)
NTSC-J SLPS-20070 March 8, 2001
Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20607 September 3, 2003
PAL SLES-51720, SLES-51721 September 5, 2003
Disney's Kim Possible: What's the Switch? ENG, GER, FRE NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21437 October 19, 2006
PAL (W) SLES-54388 November 17, 2006;; February 15, 2007 (Australia);; February 15, 2012 (PS2 Classics)
Disney's Meet the Robinsons ルイスと未来泥棒 (SLPM-66830), Lewis to Mirai Dorobou (JP), Walt Disney Pictures Presents Meet the Robinsons ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21453, NPUD-21453 March 27, 2007;; September 16, 2014 (PS2 Classics)
PAL SLES-54510, SLES-54679 March 29, 2007 (Australia);; March 30, 2007;; February 15, 2012 (PS2 Classics)
NTSC-J SLPM-66830 December 20, 2007
Disney's Peter Pan: The Legend of Never-Land ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE, DAN, FIN, NOR, POR PAL (W) SCES-50522, SCES-50531, SCES-50526 October 21, 2005;; February 22, 2012 (PS2 Classics)
Disney's PK: Out of the Shadows Disney's Donald Duck: PK (EU), Disney's Donald Duck: Phantomias: Platyrhynchos Kineticus ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20478 November 1, 2002
PAL SLES-50773 October 4, 2002;; July 4, 2012 (PS2 Classics)
Disney's Stitch: Experiment 626 リロ アンド スティッチ スティッチの大冒険 (SLPS-25153), 릴로&스티치: 스티치 626 (SLKA-25024), Lilo and Stitch: Stitch no Daibouken (JP) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE, POR, KOR NTSC-U (W) SCUS-97145, SLUS-21053 (Disney Classics) June 19, 2002;; October 2004 (Disney Classics)
PAL SCES-50966, NPED-00090, SCES-50960, SCES-50957, SCES-50959 September 27, 2002;; April 2, 2014 (PS2 Classics; PS2 Classics, Australia);; 2002 (Australia)
NTSC-J SLKA-25024 (Korea), SLPS-25153 February 10, 2003 (Korea);; March 27, 2003
Disney's Tarzan Untamed ターザン フリーライド (SLPS-20160), 타잔: 언테임드 (SLPM-67520), Disney's Tarzan: Freeride (EU, JP) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, KOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20076 November 14, 2001
PAL SLES-50350 November 23, 2001
NTSC-J SLPS-20160, SLPM-67520 July 4, 2002
Disney's Treasure Planet ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE, DAN NTSC-U (W) SCUS-97146, SLUS-21054 (Disney Classics) November 11, 2002;; 2003 (Disney Classics)
PAL SCES-51176, SCES-51177 February 7, 2003;; February 13, 2013 (PS2 Classics)
Disney's Winnie the Pooh's Rumbly Tumbly Adventure Disney Urodzinowe Przygody Kubusia (SLES-53420) ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, POL NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21084 February 8, 2005
PAL SLES-52889, SLES-53420 March 11, 2005
Disney/Pixar Finding Nemo ファインディング・ニモ (SLPS-25310) & (SLPM-65655), 니모를 찾아서 (SLKA-25056), Disney/Pixar À Procura de Nemo (SLES-51960), Disney/Pixar Alla Ricerca di Nemo (SLES-51907) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, SWE, DAN, FIN, NOR, POR, KOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20628, SLUS-20628GH (Greatest Hits) May 12, 2003;; 2004 (Greatest Hits)
PAL (W) SLES-51755, SLES-51870, SLES-51871, SLES-51872, SLES-51907, SLES-51960, SLES-51755-P September 26, 2003;; June 4, 2004 (Platinum);; February 27, 2013 (PS2 Classics)
NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25310, SLKA-25056 (Korea), SLPM-65655 (Yuke's the Best) December 6, 2003;; December 11, 2003 (Korea);; June 17, 2004 (Yuke's the Best)
Disney/Pixar Monsters, Inc. Disney/Pixar Classics: Monsters, Inc. (SCUS-97123), Monsters, Inc. ENG NTSC-U (W) SCUS-97123, SCUS-21052 (Disney/Pixar Classics), NPUD-21052 (PS2 Classics) March 19, 2002;; September 1, 2004 (Disney/Pixar Classics);; October 7, 2014 (PS2 Classics)
Disney/Pixar Monsters, Inc.: Scare Island Disney/Pixar Die Monster AG: Schreckens-Insel (SCES-50600), Disney/Pixar Monster & Co.: L'Isola dello Spavento (SCES-50601), Disney/Pixar Monsters en Co.: Schrik Eiland (SCES-50597), Disney/Pixar Monsters, Inc.: Skrämmarön (SCES-50604), Disney/Pixar Monstres & Cie: L'ile de l'épouvante (SCES-50599), Disney/Pixar Monstruos, S.A.: Isla de los Sustos (SCES-50603), Disney/Pixar Monsterit Oy: Säikkysaari (SCES-50598), Disney/Pixar Monstros e Companhia: Ilha Assustadora (SCES-50605), Monsters, Inc.: Scare Island, Monsters, Inc. Scream Team (US) ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE, POR PAL (W) SCES-50595, SCES-50600, SCES-50598, SCES-50596, SCES-50597, SCES-50599, SCES-50601, SCES-50602, SCES-50604, SCES-50605, SCES-50603 February 1, 2002;; March 13, 2013 (PS2 Classics)
Disney/Pixar Ratatouille レミーのおいしいレストラン (SLPM-66807), Рататуй (SLES-54737), Disney/Pixar Ο Ρατατούης (SLES-54746), 라따뚜이 (SCKA-20093), Disney/Pixar Remy no Oishii Restaurant (JP) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE, CZE, POL, DAN, FIN, NOR, POR, GRE, RUS NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21541, SLUS-21541GH (Greatest Hits) June 26, 2007;; March 17, 2008 (Greatest Hits)
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NTSC-J SLPM-66807, SCKA-20093 (Korea) August 2, 2007;; August 10, 2007 (Korea)
Disney/Pixar Toy Story 3 ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA NTSC-U SCUS-90174 (PlayStation 2 Bundle), SLUS-21931 October 31, 2010 (PlayStation 2 Bundle);; November 2, 2010
PAL (W) SLES-55622 October 21, 2010;; July 25, 2012 (PS2 Classics)
DJ - Decks & FX DJ: Decks & FX Vol. 1 (SCES-52763), DJ: Decks & FX: House Edition (SCES-52405) ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, DAN, NOR, POR PAL (W) SCES-52405 (House Edition), SCES-52762, SCES-52763, SCES-52756 (Claudio Coccoluto Edition), SCES-52764 (Live Session), SCED-52723 (Press Kit Demo) September 10, 2004 (House Edition)
DJ Hero ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21909 (Bundled with DJ Turntable Controller) October 27, 2009
PAL (W) SLES-55577 (Bundled with DJ Turntable Controller) October 28, 2009 (Australia);; November 20, 2009 (Europe)
DJbox JAP NTSC-J (W) SCPS-15082, SCPS-15075 (Premium Kit w/BB Unit) July 29, 2004
DOA2: Hardcore デッド オア アライブ 2 ハードコア (SLPS-25026) & (SLPS-73406), DOA2: Dead or Alive 2 (EU) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (WL) SLUS-20071, NPUD-20071 (PS2 Classics) October 25, 2000;; 2001 (Greatest Hits);; March 24, 2015 (PS2 Classics)
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NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25026, SLPS-73406 (PlayStation 2 the Best), NPJD-00011 (PS2 Classics) December 14, 2000;; August 1, 2002 (PlayStation 2 the Best);; August 22, 2012 (PS2 Classics)
DoDonPachi DaiOuJou 怒首領蜂 大往生 (SLPS-25233) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25233 April 10, 2003
Dog of Bay ドッグ オブ ベイ (SLPS-20057) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-20057, SLPM-62203 (Reprint) December 14, 2000;; August 15, 2002 (Reprint)
Dog's Life ドッグズライフ (SLPM-65995) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE, DAN, FIN, NOR, POR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21018 September 14, 2004
PAL (W) SCES-51248, SCED-52049 (Demo) October 31, 2003
NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65995 May 26, 2005
DogStation 犬とあそぼう ドッグステーション (SLPM-62261) & (SLPM-62260) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-62261, VW115-J1, SLPM-62260 (w/ Microphone), VW114-J1 (w/ Microphone) February 6, 2003
Dokapon DX: Wataru Sekai wa Oni Darake ドカポンDX -わたる世界はオニだらけ- (SLPM-65615) & (SLPM-66053) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65615, SLPM-66053 (Asmik Tokudane Series) July 8, 2004;; July 14, 2005 (Asmik Tokudane Series)
Dokapon Kingdom ドカポンキングダム (SLPM-66878) & (SLPM-55115) ENG, JAP NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21778 October 14, 2008
NTSC-J SLPM-66878, SLPM-55115 (Sting the Best) November 22, 2007;; November 20, 2008 (Sting the Best)
Dokapon the World ドカポン・ザ・ワールド (SLPM-65750) & (SLPM-66623) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65750, SLPM-66623 (Asmik Tokudane Series) November 3, 2004;; December 7, 2006 (Asmik Tokudane Series)
Doko Demo Issho: Toro to Ippai どこでもいっしょ トロといっぱい (SCPS-15081) JAP NTSC-J SCPS-15081 September 2, 2004
Doko Demo Issho: Toro to Nagare Boshi どこでもいっしょ トロと流れ星 (SCPS-15067) JAP NTSC-J SCPS-15067 April 1, 2004
Doko Demo Issho: Watashi Naehon —どこでもいっしょ— 私なえほん (SCPS-15047) JAP NTSC-J (W) SCPS-15047, NPJC-00017 (PS2 Classics) April 24, 2003;; March 18, 2015 (PS2 Classics)
Doko e Iku no, Anohi 何処へ行くの、あの日 〜光る明日へ…〜 (SLPM-65866) & (SLPM-65865) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-65866, SLPM-65865 (First Print Limited Edition) February 24, 2005
Don 2: The Game PAL (W) SCES-55670 February 2013
NTSC-J February 2013 (Asia)
Donkey Xote ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA PAL (W) SLES-54838 November 14, 2008
Doomsday Racers ENG PAL (W) SLES-53142 July 15, 2005
Dora the Explorer: Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom Nickelodeon Dora the Explorer: Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom ENG NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21923 November 9, 2009;; January 8, 2013 (PS2 Classics)
Dora the Explorer: Dora Saves the Mermaids Nick Jr. Dora the Explorer: Dora Saves the Mermaids ENG, GER, FRE, DUT NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21717 February 11, 2008;; January 8, 2013 (PS2 Classics)
PAL SLES-55112 (Australia), SLES-55288 March 6, 2008 (Australia);; March 7, 2008;; February 27, 2013 (PS2 Classics)
Dora the Explorer: Dora Saves the Snow Princess ENG, FRE, DUT NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21796 October 27, 2008;; January 8, 2013 (PS2 Classics)
PAL SLES-55468, SLES-55281 October 31, 2008;; July 2, 2009 (Australia)
Dora the Explorer: Journey to the Purple Planet Nick Jr. Dora the Explorer: Journey to the Purple Planet ENG, FRE, DUT NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21173 February 9, 2006
PAL SLES-53697 December 2, 2005
Dora's Big Birthday Adventure Nickelodeon Dora's Big Birthday Adventure ENG NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21944 November 2, 2010;; February 26, 2013 (PS2 Classics)
Double Reaction! Plus ダブルリアクションプラス (SLPM-65703) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65703 September 22, 2004
Downforce ダウンフォース (SLPS-20248) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20405 June 14, 2002
PAL SLES-50842 March 28, 2003
NTSC-J SLPS-20248 December 26, 2002
Downhill Domination 爆走マウンテンバイカーズ (SCPS-15062), MT Bikers: Bakusou Mountain Bikers (JP) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U SCUS-97177, SCUS-97329 (Demo) July 23, 2003
PAL (WL) SLES-52202, SLED-52325 (Demo) February 13, 2004
NTSC-J SCPS-15062, SCAJ-20083 May 20, 2004
Downhill Slalom ENG PAL (W) SLES-53963 October 6, 2006
Downtown Run City Racer ENG, GER, FRE PAL (W) SLES-51482 March 28, 2003
Dr. Dolittle ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE, POL, DAN, FIN, NOR, POR PAL (W) SLES-54381, SLES-54424, SLES-54433 (Australia) November 29, 2006
Dr. Muto ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20458, SLUS-29040 (Demo) November 19, 2002
PAL SLES-50710 March 21, 2003
Dr. Seuss' The Cat in the Hat The Cat in the Hat (EU) ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20797 November 5, 2003
PAL SLES-52034 March 19, 2004
Drag Racer USA ENG PAL (W) SLES-54155 October 27, 2006;; February 9, 2007 (Australia)
Dragon Ball Z: Budokai ドラゴンボールZ (SLPS-25174) & (SLPS-73207), 드래곤볼 Z (SLKA-25046), Dragon Ball Z ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, KOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20591, SLUS-20591GH (Greatest Hits) December 3, 2002;; 2003 (Greatest Hits)
PAL (W) SLES-51233, SLES-51233-P November 29, 2002;; October 24, 2003 (Platinum)
NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25174, SLKA-25046 (Korea), SLPS-73207 (PlayStation 2 the Best) February 13, 2003;; April 25, 2003 (Korea);; September 16, 2004 (PlayStation 2 the Best)
Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2 ドラゴンボールZ2 (SLPS-25330) & (SLPS-73208), 龙珠二世 (SCCS-40009), 드래곤볼 Z 2 (SLKA-25062), Dragon Ball Z 2V (JP), Dragon Ball Z 2 (JP) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, CHI, KOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20779, SLUS-20779GH (Greatest Hits) December 4, 2003;; 2004 (Greatest Hits)
PAL SLES-51839 November 14, 2003;; November 23, 2003 (Australia);; August 27, 2004 (Platinum)
NTSC-J SLPS-25330, SLKA-25062 (Korea), SLPS-73208 (PlayStation 2 the Best), SLPM-68513 (2V), SCCS-40009 February 5, 2004;; April 16, 2004 (Korea);; September 16, 2004 (PlayStation 2 the Best)
Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 ドラゴンボールZ3 (SLPS-25460) & (SLPS-73235), 드래곤볼 Z 3 (SLKA-25205), Dragon Ball Z 3 (JP) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, KOR NTSC-U (WL) SLUS-21123 (Limited Edition), SLUS-20998, SLUS-20998GH (Greatest Hits) November 16, 2004;; March 2006 (Greatest Hits)
PAL (W) SLES-52730, SLES-53346 (Collector's Edition), SLES-53346/P (Collector's Edition) November 19, 2004;; November 26, 2004 (Australia);; December 3, 2004 (Platinum)
NTSC-J SLPS-25460, SLKA-25205 (Korea), SLPS-73235 (PlayStation 2 the Best), SLPM-61111 (Trial) February 10, 2005;; February 17, 2005 (Korea);; March 2, 2006 (PlayStation 2 the Best)
Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi ドラゴンボールZ スパーキング! (SLPS-25560), 드래곤볼 Z 스파킹 (SLKA-25307), Dragon Ball Z Sparking! (JP, KO) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, KOR NTSC-U SLUS-21227, SLUS-21227GH (Greatest Hits) October 18, 2005;; 2006 (Greatest Hits)
PAL (W) SLES-53200, SLES-53200-P October 21, 2005;; 2006 (Platinum, Australia);; March 16, 2007 (Platinum)
NTSC-J SLPS-25560, SLKA-25307 October 6, 2005;; December 8, 2005 (Korea)
Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2 ドラゴンボールZ スパーキング!ネオ (SLPS-25690), 드래곤볼 Z 스파킹 네오 (SLKA-25397), Dragon Ball Z: Sparking! NEO (JP, KO) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, KOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21441, SLUS-21441GH (Greatest Hits) November 7, 2006;; 2007 (Greatest Hits)
PAL (W) SLES-54164 November 3, 2006;; November 9, 2006 (Australia)
NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25690, SLPM-61152 (Demo, Taikenban), SLPM-61162 (Trial), SLKA-25397 (Korea) October 5, 2006;; October 19, 2006 (Korea)
Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 ドラゴンボールZ スパーキング!メテオ (SLPS-25815), 드래곤볼 Z 스파킹 메테오 (SLKA-25407), Dragon Ball Z: Sparking! Meteor (JP, KO) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, KOR NTSC-U (WL) SLUS-21678, SLUS-21678GH (Greatest Hits) November 13, 2007;; 2008 (Greatest Hits)
PAL (WL) SLES-54945 November 9, 2007;; November 16, 2007 (Collector's Edition; South America);; December 29, 2007 (Australia);; October 31, 2008 (Platinum)
NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25815, SLKA-25407 October 4, 2007;; October 27, 2007 (Korea)
Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World ドラゴンボールZ インフィニットワールド (SLPS-25905), 드래곤볼Z 인피니트 월드 (KO) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21842 December 4, 2008
PAL SLES-55347 December 5, 2008
NTSC-J SLPS-25905 December 4, 2008
Dragon Ball Z: Sagas ENG NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20874 March 22, 2005
Dragon Ball Z: Trilogy ENG NTSC-U SLUS-27016 September 24, 2008
Dragon Blaze ENG PAL (W) SLES-53874 June 23, 2006
Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy in Itadaki Street Special ドラゴンクエスト&ファイナルファンタジー in いただきストリートSpecial (SLPM-65797) & (SLPM-55023) JAP NTSC-J (L) SLPM-65797, SLPM-55023 (Ultimate Hits), SCAJ-20113 December 22, 2004;; June 26, 2008 (Ultimate Hits)
Dragon Quest V ドラゴンクエストV 天空の花嫁 (SLPM-65555) & (SLPM-66480), Dragon Quest V: Tenkuu no Hanayome (JP) JAP NTSC-J (WL) SLPM-65555, SLPM-66480 (Ultimate Hits), SCAJ-20075 March 25, 2004;; July 20, 2006 (Ultimate Hits)
Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King ドラゴンクエストVIII 空と海と大地と呪われし姫君 (SLPM-65888) & (SLPM-66481), ドラゴンクエストVIIIプレミアム映像ディスク (SLPM-62490), Dragon Quest VIII: Sora to Umi to Daichi to Norowareshi Himegimi (JP), Dragon Quest: The Journey of the Cursed King (EU, AU), Dragon Quest: L'odyssée du roi maudit (EU) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (WL) SLUS-21207, SLUS-21207GH (Greatest Hits), SLUS-29157 (Demo) November 15, 2005;; 2006 (Greatest Hits)
PAL (WL) SLES-53974, SLES-53974P (Platinum), SLED-53977 (Demo) April 12, 2006 (Australia);; April 13, 2006;; 2008 (Platinum)
NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65888, SLPM-66481 (Ultimate Hits), SCAJ-20110, SLPM-62490 (Premium Disc, DQ5 bundle) November 27, 2004;; July 20, 2006 (Ultimate Hits)
Dragon Quest: Shounen Yangus to Fushigi no Dungeon ドラゴンクエスト 少年ヤンガスと不思議のダンジョン (SLPM-66363) & (SLPM-66781), Dragon Quest: Young Yangus and the Mysterious Dungeon JAP NTSC-J SLPM-66363, SLPM-66781 (Ultimate Hits), SCAJ-20175 April 20, 2006;; June 28, 2007 (Ultimate Hits)
Dragon Rage ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20195 November 27, 2001
PAL SLES-50630, SLES-50631, SLES-50632 March 15, 2002
Dragon Shadow Spell ドラゴンシャドウスペル (SLPS-25735) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25735 January 18, 2007
Dragon's Lair 3D ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA PAL (W) SLES-51696 (Special Edition) March 26, 2004 (Special Edition)
Drakan: The Ancients' Gates ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SCUS-97128, SCUS-97169 (Demo) January 28, 2002
PAL (W) SCES-50006 July 5, 2002
Drakengard ドラッグオンドラグーン (SLPM-55080) & (SLPM-65266), Drag-on Dragoon (JP) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20732 March 2, 2004
PAL (W) SLES-52322 May 21, 2004
NTSC-J (W) SCAJ-20020, SLPM-55080 (Ultimate Hits), SLPM-65266 September 11, 2003;; September 4, 2008 (Ultimate Hits)
Drakengard 2 ドラッグ オン ドラグーン2 -封印の紅、背徳の黒- (SLPM-65999) & (SLPM-55081), Drag-On Dragoon 2: Fuuin no Kurenai (JP), Haitoku no Kuro (JP), Drag-on Dragoon 2: Love Red, Ambivalence Black, 드래그 온 드라군 2 (KO) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE NTSC-U (WL) SLUS-21373 February 14, 2006
PAL (W) SLES-53794 March 3, 2006;; March 9, 2006 (Australia)
NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65999, SLPM-55081 (Ultimate Hits), SCAJ-20132, SLPM-61120 (Trial) June 16, 2005;; September 4, 2008 (Ultimate Hits)
Dramatic Soccer Game: Nippon Daihyou Senshu Ninarou! ドラマティックサッカーゲーム 日本代表選手になろう! (SLPM-65130) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-65130, SLPM-60178 (Trial), SLPM-62173 (Most likely a planned but cancelled special edition) May 23, 2002
Drastic Killer ドラスティックキラー (SLPS-25870) & (SLPS-25871) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-25871, SLPS-25870 (Excellent Box) July 31, 2008
Dream Audition ドリームオーディション (SLPS-20016) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-20016, JALE-20016, JALE-20003 (Limited Edition) August 3, 2000
Dream Audition 2 ドリームオーディション2 (SLPS-20060) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-20060 December 14, 2000
Dream Audition 3 ドリームオーディション3 (SLPS-20099) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-20099, JALE-20006 July 5, 2001
Dream Audition Super Hit Disc 1 ドリームオーディション スーパーヒット ディスク1 (SLPS-20140) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-20140 November 22, 2001
Dream Audition Super Hit Disc 2 ドリームオーディション スーパーヒット ディスク2 (SLPS-20141) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-20141 November 22, 2001
DreamMix TV World Fighters ドリームミックスTV ワールドファイターズ (SLPM-65384) & (SLPM-65980) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65384, SLPM-65980 (Hudson the Best) December 18, 2003;; March 31, 2005 (Hudson the Best)
DreamWorks & Aardman Flushed Away Flutsch und Weg (EU), Souris City (EU) ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21484, SLUS-29197 (Demo) October 24, 2006
PAL SLES-54527 December 1, 2006
DreamWorks Kung Fu Panda Kung Fu Panda, 쿵푸팬더 (KO) ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21757 June 3, 2008
PAL (W) SLES-55031, SLES-55236, SLES-55235, SLES-55234 June 25, 2008 (Australia);; June 27, 2008
DreamWorks Madagascar マダガスカル (SLPS-20426) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21015, SLUS-21015GH (Greatest Hits) May 23, 2005
PAL (W) SLES-53225, SLES-53227, SLES-53242, SLES-53246, SLES-53373, SLES-53226, SLES-53225/P, SLES-53373/P (Platinum: The Best of PlayStation 2) June 30, 2005;; February 24, 2006 (Platinum)
NTSC-J SLPS-20426 August 25, 2005
DreamWorks Shrek Smash n' Crash Racing ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21392 November 14, 2006
PAL SLES-54553 February 9, 2007;; February 14, 2007 (Australia)
DreamWorks Shrek SuperSlam ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21197 October 25, 2005
PAL SLES-53657, SLES-53751, SLES-53752 November 18, 2005
DreamWorks Shrek the Third ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21454 May 15, 2007
PAL (W) SLES-54770, SLES-54774, SLES-54771 June 6, 2007 (Australia);; June 29, 2007
DRIV3R ドライバー3 (SLPM-65741), 드라이버 3 (SLKA-25196), Driver 3 ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, KOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20587 June 21, 2004;; 2005 (Greatest Hits)
PAL (W) SLES-50876, SLES-52153 June 25, 2004;; 2004 (Australia);; 2005 (Platinum)
NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65741, SLKA-25196 (Korea), SLPM-61092 (Trial) October 28, 2004;; March 04, 2005 (Korea)
Driven ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20239 November 6, 2001
PAL SLES-50390 December 14, 2001
Driver: Parallel Lines ドライバー パラレルラインズ (SLPM-66567), 드라이버: 패럴렐 라인즈 (SLKA-25341) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21271, SLUS-21399 (Limited Edition), SLUS-29185 (Demo) March 14, 2006
PAL SLES-53556, SLES-54027, SLED-53954 (Demo) March 17, 2006;; March 30, 2006 (Australia)
NTSC-J SLKA-25341, SLPM-66567 May 25, 2006 (Korea);; October 12, 2006
Driving Emotion Type-S ドライビング エモーション タイプ-エス (SLPS-20007) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20113 January 29, 2001
PAL (L) SLES-50073 January 26, 2001
NTSC-J (W) SLPS-20007 March 30, 2000
Drome Racers Lego Drome Racers ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE, DAN NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20577 November 20, 2002
PAL SLES-51303 December 6, 2002
Dropship: United Peace Force ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20463 May 29, 2002
PAL (W) SCES-50459, SCED-50660 (Australia, Demo) January 18, 2002
DrumMania ドラムマニア (SLPM-62001) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-62001 (w/Drum Set), VW005-J1 (w/Drum Set) March 4, 2000 (w/Drum Set)
DT Carnage ENG NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21793 September 6, 2008
DT Racer ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21095 September 26, 2005
PAL SLES-53904 January 27, 2006
Dual Hearts デュアルハーツ (SCPS-15022) ENG, JAP NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20475, SLUS-29033 (Regular Demo), SLUS-28013 (Trade Demo) September 23, 2002
NTSC-J SCPS-15022, NPJC-00015 (PS2 Classics), SCPS-55011, PCPX-96324 (Trial) February 14, 2002;; January 21, 2015 (PS2 Classics)
Duel Masters Duel Masters: Cobalt ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20924 November 2, 2004
PAL SLES-52884 December 3, 2004
Duel Masters: Birth of Super Dragon デュエル・マスターズ 〜邪封超龍転生〜 (SLPM-65882), デュエル・マスターズ バース・オブ・スーパードラゴン (SLPM-65882) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65882 March 24, 2005
Duel Savior Destiny デュエルセイヴァー ディスティニー (SLPM-66139) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-66139, ALCH-00004 (Messiah Box) December 22, 2005
Dugout '03: The Turning Point プロ野球シミュレーション ダグアウト’03-the TURNING POINT- (SLPS-20296), Pro Yakyuu Simulation Dugout '03: The Turning Point (JP) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-20296 June 26, 2003
DVD Player Disc ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, POR NTSC-U (W) PBPX-95210 (Version 2.10), PBPX-95218 (Version 2.12), PBPX-95223 (Version 2.14) 2001
PAL (W) PBPX-95208 (Version 2.10), PBPX-95209 (Version 2.10, Australia), PBPX-95219 (Version 2.14), PBPX-95220 (Version 2.14, Australia) 2001;; 2002
NTSC-J (W) PBPX-95206 (Version 2.01), PBPX-95207 (Version 2.10), PBPX-95221 (Version 2.12), PBPX-95222 (Version 2.14), PBPX-95224 (Version 2.16), PBPX-95228 (Version 3.00), PDPX-99109 (Version 3.04) 2000;; 2001
Dynamite 100 ENG PAL (W) SLES-53935 2006
Dynasty Tactics 三國志戦記 (SLPM-65093) & (SLPM-65403) & (SLPM-65702), 삼국지전기 (SLPM-67522), 三國志戰記 (SLPM-65162), San Goku Shi Senki (JP), San Guo Zhi Zhan Ji (TW) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, TRA, KOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20468 September 17, 2002
PAL SLES-51265, SLES-51266, SLES-51267 September 17, 2002
NTSC-J SLPM-65093, SLPM-67522 (Korea), SLPM-65403 (Koei the Best), SLPM-65702 (Koei Low Price Series), SLPM-65162 (Taiwan) February 14, 2002;; August 16, 2002 (Korea);; October 2, 2003 (Koei the Best);; August 5, 2004 (Koei Low Price Series)
Dynasty Tactics 2 三國志戦記2 (SLPM-65247) & (SLPM-65636) & (SLPM-66527), 삼국지전기 2 (SLKA-25088), San Goku Shi Senki 2 (JP) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, KOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20761, NPUD-20761 (PS2 Classics) September 23, 2003;; July 9, 2013 (PS2 Classics)
PAL SLES-51867, SLES-51868, SLES-51869 November 17, 2003
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Dynasty Warriors 2 真・三國無双 (SLPM-62005) & (SLPM-74002) & (SLPM-62568), 真・三國無双2 (SLPM-65163), 진 삼국무쌍 (SLPM-64501), Shin Sangoku Musou (JP) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, CHI, KOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20079 October 25, 2000
PAL SLES-50057, SLES-50059, SLES-50058 November 24, 2000
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Dynasty Warriors 3 真・三國無双2 (SLPM-65053) & (SLPM-66505) & (SLPM-66094), 真·三国無双2 (SCCS-40006), 진 삼국무쌍2 (SLPM-67523), Shin Sangoku Musou 2 + 1 (JP), Shin Sangoku Musou 2 (JP, KO) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, CHI, KOR NTSC-U (L) SLUS-20277 November 26, 2001
PAL SLES-50641 March 22, 2002;; September 19, 2003 (Platinum)
NTSC-J SLPM-65053, SLPM-66505 (Mega Hits!), SLPM-66094 (Koei Teiban Series), NPJD-00031 (PS2 Classics), SCCS-40006, SLPM-67523 September 20, 2001;; April 19, 2002 (Koei 2002 Spring Pack);; February 6, 2003 (Mega Hits!);; October 4, 2004 (PlayStation2 Big Hit Series, Korea);; August 11, 2005 (Koei Teiban Series);; January 16, 2013 (PS2 Classics);; 2002 (Asia)
Dynasty Warriors 3: Xtreme Legends 真・三國無双2 猛将伝 (SLPM-65170) & (SLPM-65720) & (SLPM-66096), 진 삼국무쌍2 맹장전 (SLPM-67550), Shin Sangoku Musou 2 Mushouden (JP) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, KOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20617 January 11, 2003
PAL SLES-51441, SLES-51442, SLES-51443 March 14, 2003
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Dynasty Warriors 4 真・三國無双3 (SLPM-65248) & (SLPM-74215), 真・三國無双3 プレミアムパック(真・三國無双3&真・三國無双3 猛将伝) (SLPM-65375), 진 삼국무쌍3 (SLKA-25050), Shin Sangoku Musou 3 (JP), Jin Samgung Mussang 3 (KO), Jin Samgung Mussang (KO) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, KOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20653, SLUS-20653GH (Greatest Hits) March 25, 2003;; 2004 (Greatest Hits)
PAL SLES-51664, SLES-51661, SLES-51662, SLES-51663, SLES-51665 June 27, 2003;; January 30, 2013 (PS2 Classics)
NTSC-J SLPM-65248, SLAJ-25011, SLPM-66522 (KOEI Selection), SLKA-25050 (Korea), SLPM-74215 (PlayStation2 the Best), SLKA-25317 (PlayStation2 Big Hit Series), NPJD-00034 (PS2 Classics) February 27, 2003;; October 30, 2003 (Korea);; July 7, 2005 (PlayStation2 the Best);; October 6, 2005 (PlayStation2 Big Hit Series, Korea);; April 17, 2013 (PS2 Classics)
Dynasty Warriors 4 Empires Excellent Box 真・三國無双3 Empires エクセレントBOX (KOEI-00013) JAP NTSC-J KOEI-00013 April 1, 2004
Dynasty Warriors 4: Empires 真・三國無双3 エンパイアーズ (SLPM-65565), 진 삼국무쌍3 엠파이어스 (SLKA-25187), Shin Sangoku Musou 3 Empires (JP) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, KOR NTSC-U SLUS-20938 August 31, 2004
PAL SLES-52591, SLES-52592, SLES-52593 August 30, 2004;; January 30, 2013 (PS2 Classics)
NTSC-J SLPM-65565, SLPM-74219 (PlayStation 2 The Best), SLKA-25187 (BigHit, Korea), SLPM-66658 (Koei Selection), SLAJ-25040 March 18, 2004;; November 02, 2005 (PlayStation 2 The Best);; August 03, 2006 (BigHit, Korea);; January 11, 2007 (Koei Selection)
Dynasty Warriors 4: Xtreme Legends 真・三國無双3 猛将伝 (SLPM-65377) & (SLPM-74216), 진 삼국무쌍3 맹장전 (SLKA-25085), Shin Sangoku Musou 3 Mushouden (JP) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, KOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20812 November 4, 2003
PAL SLES-52171, SLES-52172, SLES-52173, SLES-52174, SLES-52175 February 6, 2004
NTSC-J SLPM-65377, SLKA-25085 (Korea), SLPM-74216 (PlayStation2 the Best), SLPM-66657 (Koei Selection), SLAJ-25023 September 25, 2003;; October 30, 2003 (Korea);; July 7, 2005 (PlayStation2 the Best);; January 11, 2007 (Koei Selection)
Dynasty Warriors 5 真・三國無双4 (SLPM-65890) & (SLPM-74236) & (SLPM-74272), 진 삼국무쌍 4 (SLKA-25289), Shin Sangoku Musou 4 (JP) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, KOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21153 March 29, 2005
PAL SLES-53339, SLES-53340, SLES-53341 June 24, 2005;; January 30, 2013 (PS2 Classics)
NTSC-J SLPM-65890, SLPM-62592 (Treasure Box), KOEI-00027 (Treasure Box), KOEI-00035 (Treasure Box Special), SLPM-74236 (PlayStation 2 the Best), SLKA-25289 (Korea, BigHit), SLPM-74272 (PlayStation 2 the Best Reprint), NPJD-00035 (PS2 Classics), SLAJ-25063, SLAJ-25092 (PlayStation 2 The Best) February 24, 2005;; October 12, 2006 (PlayStation 2 the Best);; November 9, 2006 (Korea, BigHit);; November 26, 2009 (PlayStation 2 the Best Reprint);; May 15, 2013 (PS2 Classics)
Dynasty Warriors 5 Empires 真・三國無双4 エンパイアーズ (SLPM-66343) & (SLPM-55048) & (SLPM-74283), 진 삼국무쌍4 엠파이어즈 (SLKA-25390), Shin Sangoku Musou 4 Empires (JP, KO) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, KOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21398 March 28, 2006
PAL SLES-54095, SLES-54096, SLES-54097 June 23, 2006
NTSC-J SLPM-66343, SLKA-25390 (Korea), SLPM-55048 (Koei the Best), SLPM-74283 (PlayStation 2 the Best), SLAJ-25079 March 23, 2006;; August 31, 2006 (Korea);; July 10, 2008 (Koei the Best);; August 5, 2010 (PlayStation 2 the Best)
Dynasty Warriors 5: Xtreme Legends 真・三國無双4 猛将伝 (SLPM-66101) & (SLPM-74250) & (SLPM-74279), 진 삼국무쌍 4 맹장전 (SLKA-25329), Shin Sangoku Musou 4 Moushouden (JP) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, KOR NTSC-U SLUS-21299 November 16, 2005
PAL SLES-53860, SLES-53861, SLES-53862 February 10, 2006
NTSC-J SLPM-66101, KOEI-00049 (Premium Pack w/ SSM4), KOEI-00050 (Treasure Box), SLKA-25329 (Korea), SLPM-74250 (PlayStation 2 the Best), SLPM-74279 (PlayStation 2 the Best Reprint), SLAJ-25068 September 15, 2005;; December 15, 2005 (Korea);; October 4, 2007 (PlayStation 2 the Best);; July 1, 2010 (PlayStation 2 the Best Reprint)
Dynasty Warriors 6 真・三國無双5 Special (SLPM-55082) & (SLPM-74286), 진·삼국무쌍5 Special (SLKA-35005), Shin Sangoku Musou 5 Special (JP) ENG, JAP, KOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21774 November 18, 2008
NTSC-J SLPM-55082 (Disc 1), SLPM-55083 (Disc 2), SLKA-35005 (Korea), SLPM-74286 (PlayStation 2 the Best, Disc 1), SLPM-74287 (PlayStation 2 the Best, Disc 2), SLAJ-25104 (Disc 1), SLAJ-25105 (Disc 2) October 2, 2008;; October 30, 2008 (Korea);; September 2, 2010 (PlayStation 2 the Best)
Dynasty Warriors Series Collection Volume 1 真・三國無双シリーズコレクション 上巻 (KOEI-00059), 真・三國無双 シリーズコレクション 上卷 最強データ (SLPM-62715), Shin Sangoku Musou Series Collection Joukan (JP), Shin Sangoku Musou Series Collection Volume 1, Dynasty Warriors Series Collection Joukan JAP NTSC-J KOEI-00059, SLPM-62714 (Dynasty Warriors 2), SLPM-66303 (Dynasty Warriors 3), SLPM-66304 (Dynasty Warriors 3: Xtreme Legends), SLPM-66305 (Dynasty Warriors 4), SLPM-66306 (Dynasty Warriors 4: Xtreme Legends), SLPM-62715 (Bonus, save data CD) Jan 1, 2006
Dynasty Warriors Series Collection Volume 2 真・三國無双シリーズコレクション 下巻 (KOEI-00114), 真・三國無双 シリーズコレクション 下卷 最強データ (SLPM-62751), Shin Sangoku Musou Series Collection Volume 2, Shin Sangoku Musou Series Collection Gekan JAP NTSC-J KOEI-00114, SLPM-66578 (Dynasty Warriors 4: Empires), SLPM-66579 (Dynasty Warriors 5), SLPM-66580 (Dynasty Warriors 5: Xtreme Legends), SLPM-66581 (Dynasty Warriors 5 Empires), SLPM-62751 (Bonus, save data CD) Oct 26, 2006
Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 ガンダム無双2 (SLPM-55122) & (SLPM-74276), Gundam Musou 2 (JP) ENG, JAP NTSC-U (WL) SLUS-21873 April 21, 2009
NTSC-J SLPM-55122, SLPM-55242 (Gundam 30th Anniversary Collection, Treasure Box), NBGI-00004 (Gundam 30th Anniversary Collection, Treasure Box), SLPM-74276 (PlayStation 2 the Best) December 18, 2008;; December 17, 2009 (Gundam 30th Anniversary Collection, Treasure Box);; June 3, 2010 (PlayStation 2 the Best)
E'tude Prologue: Yureugoku Kokoro no Katachi e’tude prologue 〜揺れ動く心のかたち〜 (SLPS-25617) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25617 April 27, 2006
Eagle Eye Golf エンジョイゴルフ! (SLPS-25517), Enjoy Golf! (JP) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21486 October 10, 2006
PAL SLES-53484 June 30, 2006;; September 21, 2006 (Australia)
NTSC-J SLPS-25517 June 23, 2005
Earache Extreme Metal Racing ENG PAL (W) SLES-54139 February 2, 2007
Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20394 March 3, 2002
PAL (W) SCES-50499 February 22, 2002
Echo Night: Beyond ネビュラ エコーナイト (SLPS-25314), Nebula: Echo Night (JP) ENG, JAP NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20928 July 27, 2004
PAL (W) SLES-53414 August 26, 2005
NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25314, SCAJ-20064 January 22, 2004
Ed, Edd n Eddy: The Mis-Edventures ENG NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21260 November 3, 2005
PAL SLES-53747 November 25, 2005
Edel Blume エーデルブルーメ (SLPM-66976) & (SLPM-66975) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-66976, SLPM-66975 (Limited Edition) April 24, 2008
Edomono 江戸もの (SLPM-66040) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-66040 July 7, 2005
Ef - a fairy tale of the two. エフ ア フェアリー テイル オブ ザ トゥー (SLPM-55241) & (SLPM-55240) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-55241, SLPM-55240 (First Print Limited Special Edition) April 29, 2010
EGBrowser イージーブラウザー (SLPM-62068), イージーブラウザー ビービー (SLPM-62176), イージーブラウザー ライト フォー アイ・オー・データ (SLPM-69004), イージーブラウザー フォー プラネックス製 USB Lanアダプター (SLPM-62111), EGBrowser BB (JP), EGBrowser Light For I-O Data Device Inc. (JP) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-62068, SLPM-86794, SLPM-69003 (Modem bundle), SLPM-69004 (Light For I-O Data Device Inc.: supports DFML-560/P2 modems), SLPM-62111 (USB LAN adapter), SLPM-62176 (BB: for broadband connections) April 12, 2001;; February 27, 2002 (USB LAN adapter);; June 27, 2002 (BB: for broadband connections)
Egg Mania: Eggstreme Madness エッグマニア つかんで!まわして!どっすんぱず〜る!! (SLPS-20219), Tsukande! Mawashite! Dossun Pazuru Egg Mania (JP), Eggo Mania (EU) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20452, SLUS-29032 (Demo) September 12, 2002
PAL (W) SLES-51101 October 25, 2002
NTSC-J SLPS-20219 September 12, 2002
Eidos Demo Disc ENG NTSC-U (W) SLUS-29035
Eien no Aseria: The Spirit of Eternity Sword 永遠のアセリア −この大地の果てで− (SLPS-25468) & (SLPS-25466), Eien no Aseria: Kono Daichi no Hate de (JP), Aselia the Eternal -The Spirit of Eternity Sword- (USA) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25468, SLPS-25466 (First Print Limited Edition) May 12, 2005
Eikan wa Kimini 2002: Koushien no Kodou 栄冠は君に2002〜甲子園の鼓動〜 (SLPS-20184) & (SLPS-20274) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-20184, SLPS-20274 (DigiCube Best Selection) July 18, 2002;; March 27, 2003 (DigiCube Best Selection)
Eikan wa Kimini 2004: Koushien no Kodou 栄冠は君に2004〜甲子園の鼓動〜 (SLPS-20379) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-20379 (Artdink Best Choice) July 15, 2004 (Artdink Best Choice)
Eikan wa Kimini: Koushien e no Michi 栄冠は君に 甲子園への道 (SLPS-25006) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-25006 July 27, 2000
Eikan wa Kimini: Koushien no Hasha 栄冠は君に 甲子園の覇者 (SLPS-25053) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-25053 August 2, 2001
Eisei Meijin IV 永世名人IV (SLPM-62006) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-62006, VW004-J1 April 13, 2000
Eisei Meijin V 永世名人V (SLPM-62054) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-62054, VW030-J1 March 29, 2001
Eisei Meijin VI 永世名人VI (SLPM-62141) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-62141, VW075-J1 February 28, 2002
Eisei Meijin VII 永世名人7 通信将棋倶楽部 (SLPM-62302) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-62302, VW123-J1 March 13, 2003
EJay Clubworld eJay ClubWorld: The Music Making Experience ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U SLUS-20525 July 30, 2003
PAL (W) SLES-50933 August 30, 2002
El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera Nickelodeon El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera ENG NTSC-U SLUS-21732 October 29, 2007
PAL SLES-55138 March 28, 2008
Elminage: Yami no Miko to Kamigami no Yubiwa エルミナージュ 〜闇の巫女と神々の指輪〜 (SLPM-66929) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-66929 March 27, 2008
Elvandia Story エルヴァンディアストーリー (SLPM-66585) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-66585 April 26, 2007
Elysion エリュシオン〜永遠のサンクチュアリ〜 (SLPS-25220) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25220 (New Best Collection) May 1, 2003 (New Best Collection)
Empire of Atlantis ENG, GER, FRE PAL (W) SLES-52369 2006
Endgame ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20389 June 3, 2002
PAL SLES-50936 May 31, 2002;; June 28, 2002 (w/ Gun)
Endnesia エンドネシア (SLPM-62047), Endonesia (JP) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-62047 May 31, 2001
Energy Airforce エナジーエアフォース (SLPM-65177) & (SLPM-66774), 에너지 에어포스 (SLKA-25002) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, KOR PAL (WL) SLES-51646, SLES-52310, SLES-51647 March 4, 2005
NTSC-J SLPM-65177, TCPS-10056, SLKA-25002 (Korea), SLPM-74414 (PlayStation 2 the Best), TCPS-10071 (PlayStation 2 the Best), SLPM-66774 (Eternal Hits), SCPS-55044, SLPM-60183 (Trial) September 26, 2002;; January 17, 2003 (Korea);; July 10, 2003 (PlayStation 2 the Best);; June 28, 2007 (Eternal Hits)
Energy Airforce: Aim Strike! 에너지 에어포스 에임 스트라이크 (SLKA-25181), エナジーエアフォース エイムストライク (SLPM-65374) ENG, JAP, FRE, ITA, KOR PAL (L) SLES-52265, SLES-52266, SLES-52267 September 24, 2004
NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65374, TCPS-10073, SLKA-25181 (Korea), SCAJ-20041 October 2, 2003;; October 14, 2004 (Korea)
England International Football ENG PAL (W) SLES-52385 April 30, 2004
Enter the Matrix エンター ザ マトリックス (SLPS-25254), 엔터 더 매트릭스 (SLKA-25032) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, KOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20454, SLUS-20454GH (Greatest Hits) May 14, 2003;; 2004 (Greatest Hits)
PAL SLES-51203, SLES-51203-P (Platinum) May 15, 2003;; March 26, 2004 (Platinum);; 2004 (Platinum, Australia)
NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25254, SLKA-25032 (Korea) June 19, 2003;; July 24, 2003 (Korea)
Enthusia Professional Racing エンスージア プロフェッショナルレーシング (SLPM-65948) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20967 May 3, 2005
PAL (W) SLES-53125, SLED-53330 (Demo) May 6, 2005
NTSC-J SLPM-65948, VW125-J1, SLPM-66257 (Konami Dendou Collection), VW125-J4 (Konami Dendou Collection), SLPM-61110 (Trial), SLPM-68519 (Trial, Subaru IMPREZA WRX STI Version) March 17, 2005;; March 2, 2006 (Konami Dendou Collection)
EOE: Eve of Extinction E.O.E 〜崩壊の前夜〜 (SLPS-25115), E.O.E : 붕괴의 전야 (SLPM-67521), EOE: Houkai no Zenya (JP), E.O.E: Eve of Extinction: Houkai no Zen'ya ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, KOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20270 February 26, 2002
PAL SLES-50758 March 22, 2002
NTSC-J SLPS-25115, SCPS-55025, SLPM-67521 May 23, 2002
Ephemeral Fantasia ライゼリート 〜エフェメラルファンタジア〜 (SLPM-65004), Reiselied: Ephemeral Fantasia (JP) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE NTSC-U SLUS-20169 July 9, 2001
PAL SLES-50110 September 7, 2001
NTSC-J SLPM-65004, VW010-J1 August 10, 2000
Eragon ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U SLUS-21322 November 14, 2006
PAL (W) SLES-54159, SLES-54160 November 24, 2006;; November 2006 (Australia)
Erde: Nezu no Izuki no Shita de erde 〜ネズの樹の下で〜 (SLPS-25188) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25188 December 19, 2002
Erementar Gerad エレメンタルジェレイド-纏え、翠風の剣- (SLPM-62623), Erementar Gerad: Matoe, Suifu no Ken (JP), Erementar Gerad: Matoe, Suifuu no Tsurugi JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-62623, TCPS-10161 (Taito Best), TCPS-10111 June 30, 2005;; June 8, 2006 (Taito Best)
ESA Foundation Compilation Set ENG NTSC-U SCUS-97530 November 10, 2005
Escape 03 Charity Pack PAL August 23, 2005
Escape from Monkey Island Flucht von Monkey Island (Germany), Fuga da Monkey Island (Italy), La Fuga de Monkey Island (Spain) ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20181 June 18, 2001
PAL (L) SLES-50225, SLES-50227, SLES-50226, SLES-50228, SLES-50229 June 29, 2001
Espgaluda エスプガルーダ (SLPS-25352) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25352 June 17, 2004
ESPN College Hoops ENG NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20729 November 13, 2003
ESPN College Hoops 2K5 ENG NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20922 November 17, 2004
ESPN International Track & Field がんばれ!ニッポン!オリンピック2000 (SLPM-62009), Ganbare Nippon! Olympic 2000 (JP), International Track & Field 2000 (EU) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20041 October 25, 2000
PAL (W) SLES-50036 December 8, 2000
NTSC-J SLPM-62009, VW014-J1 August 31, 2000
ESPN International Winter Sports 2002 ハイパースポーツ 2002 WINTER (SLPM-62126), Hyper Sports 2002 Winter (JP) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20320, SLUS-29016 (Demo) January 28, 2002
PAL SLES-50586 February 8, 2002
NTSC-J SLPM-62126, VW053-J1 January 31, 2002
ESPN Major League Baseball ESPN Baseball 2K4 ENG NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20794 May 4, 2004
ESPN MLS ExtraTime ENG NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20128 April 16, 2001
ESPN National Hockey Night ESPN ナショナルホッケーナイト (SLPM-62041) ENG, JAP NTSC-U SLUS-20166 March 25, 2001
PAL (W) SLES-50171 June 29, 2001
NTSC-J SLPM-62041, VW015-J1 March 8, 2001
ESPN NBA 2K5 ENG NTSC-U SLUS-20920 September 30, 2004
PAL SLES-53022 February 4, 2005
ESPN NBA 2Night ESPN NBAトゥナイト (SLPM-62032) ENG, JAP NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20143 February 13, 2001
PAL (W) SLES-50075 March 16, 2001
NTSC-J SLPM-62032, VW017-J1 December 21, 2000
ESPN NBA 2Night 2002 ESPN NBAトゥナイト 2002 (SLPM-62121) ENG, JAP NTSC-U SLUS-20261 February 25, 2002
PAL SLES-50779 May 3, 2002
NTSC-J SLPM-62121, VW052-J1 March 28, 2002
ESPN NBA Basketball ENG NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20726 October 21, 2003
PAL SLES-51949 November 28, 2003
ESPN NFL 2K5 ESPN NFL 2005 (EU) ENG NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20919 July 20, 2004
PAL SLES-52943 February 4, 2005
ESPN NFL Football ESPN NFL Football 2K4 ENG NTSC-U SLUS-20727 September 3, 2003
PAL SLES-51947 November 28, 2003
ESPN NFL PrimeTime 2002 ENG NTSC-U SLUS-20308 December 2, 2001
ESPN NHL 2K5 ENG NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20921 August 30, 2004
PAL SLES-52966 February 4, 2005
ESPN NHL Hockey ESPN NHL Hockey 2K4 ENG NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20728 September 9, 2003
PAL SLES-51948 November 28, 2003
ESPN Winter X-Games Snowboarding ESPN ウィンターエックスゲームズ スノーボーディング (SLPM-65009) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE NTSC-U SLUS-20089, SLUS-29001 (Demo) October 24, 2000
PAL SLES-50035 January 26, 2001
NTSC-J SLPM-65009, VW012-J1 November 30, 2000
ESPN Winter X-Games Snowboarding 2002 ESPN ウィンターエックスゲームズ スノーボーディング2002 (SLPM-65072), ESPN Winter X-Games Snowboarding 2 (EU) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE NTSC-U SLUS-20321 January 14, 2002
PAL SLES-50670 March 15, 2002
NTSC-J SLPM-65072, VW040-J1 November 29, 2001
ESPN X Games Skateboarding ESPN エックス ゲームズ スケートボーディング (SLPM-62084) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE NTSC-U SLUS-20237, SLUS-29008 (Demo) August 13, 2001
PAL SLES-50430 January 25, 2002
NTSC-J SLPM-62084, VW038-J1 September 20, 2001
Eternal Poison ポイズンピンク (SLPS-25854), Poison Pink (JP) ENG, JAP NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21779 November 11, 2008
NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25854 February 14, 2008
Eternal Ring エターナルリング (SLPS-25001) ENG, JAP NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20015, NPUD-20015 (PS2 Classics) October 26, 2000;; May 23, 2017 (PS4 - PS2 Classics)
PAL SLES-50051 December 22, 2000
NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25001 March 4, 2000
Eureka Seven Vol. 1: The New Wave エウレカセブン TR1:NEW WAVE (SLPS-25554) & (SLPS-25705), エウレカセブン NEW WAVE Graduation Welcome Price 劇場版「交響詩篇エウレカセブン ポケットが虹でいっぱい」DVD同梱版 (SLPS-25707), Koukyoushihen Eureka Seven - TR1: New Wave (JP), Eureka Seven: New Wave Graduation (JP) ENG, JAP NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21353 October 24, 2006
NTSC-J SLPS-25554, SLPS-25705 (Welcome Price 2800), SLPS-25707 (Welcome Price w/DVD) October 27, 2005;; June 25, 2009 (Welcome Price 2800)
Eureka Seven Vol. 2: The New Vision エウレカセブン NEW VISION (SLPS-25646) & (SLPS-25706), Eureka Seven: New Vision (JP) ENG, JAP NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21538 April 23, 2007
NTSC-J SLPS-25646, SLPS-25706 (Welcome Price 2800) May 11, 2006;; June 25, 2009 (Welcome Price 2800)
Euro Rally Champion EuroRally Champion ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA PAL (L) SLES-52378 September 5, 2005;; July 4, 2012 (PS2 Classics)
European Tennis Pro ENG PAL (W) SLES-51813 2004
Evangelion: Jo ヱヴァンゲリヲン:序 (SLPS-25932), 에반게리온: 서 (KO) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25932 June 4, 2009
EVE Burst Error Plus イヴ・バーストエラー・プラス (SLPM-65320) & (SLPM-65319) & (SLPM-65930), 이브 버스트 에러 플러스 (SLKA-25108) JAP, KOR NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65320, SLPM-65319 (First Print Limited Edition), SLKA-25108 (Korea), SLPM-65930 (GameVillage the Best) July 24, 2003;; June 23, 2004 (Korea);; March 17, 2005 (GameVillage the Best)
EVE: New Generation イブ〜ニュージェネレーション〜 (SLPM-66338) & (SLPM-66337) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-66338, SLPM-66337 (DX Pack) August 31, 2006
Ever17: The Out of Infinity エバーセブンティーン ジ・アウト・オブ・インフィニティ (SLPS-25149) & (SLPS-25138) & (SLPM-65421) & (SLPM-65691) & (SLPM-55086) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25149, SLPS-25138 (Limited Edition), SLPM-65421 (Premium Edition), SLPM-65691 (SuperLite 2000 Premium Edition), SLPM-55086 (Renai Game Selection) August 29, 2002;; November 27, 2003 (Premium Edition);; October 28, 2004 (SuperLite 2000 Premium Edition);; October 9, 2008 (Renai Game Selection)
Everblue エバーブルー (SLPM-62081) & (SLPM-62216) ENG, JAP PAL (W) SLES-50639 April 26, 2002
NTSC-J (W) SLPM-62081, SLPM-62216 (CapKore) August 9, 2001;; August 8, 2002 (CapKore)
Everblue 2 エバーブルー2 (SLPM-62214) ENG, JAP NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20598 February 24, 2003
PAL SLES-51381 March 7, 2003
NTSC-J SLPM-62214 August 8, 2002
Evergrace エヴァーグレイス (SLPS-25003) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20016 October 24, 2000
PAL SLES-50050 March 30, 2001
NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25003 April 27, 2000
EverQuest Online Adventures ENG, GER, FRE NTSC-U SLUS-20470, SLUS-28020 (Beta Vol.1.0), SLUS-28021 (Beta Vol.2.0), SLUS-28026 (Beta Vol.3.0), SLUS-29050 (Regular Demo) February 9, 2003
PAL (W) SCES-51648, SCES-51725, SCED-51728 (Demo) October 24, 2003
EverQuest Online Adventures: Frontiers ENG NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20744, SLUS-29063 (Public Beta Ver.1.0) November 17, 2003
Evil Dead: A Fistful of Boomstick ENG NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20403 May 20, 2003
PAL SLES-51806, SLES-51588 June 27, 2003;; 2003 (Australia)
Evil Dead: Regeneration 이블데드: 리제너레이션 (SLKA-25306) ENG, KOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21048 September 13, 2005
PAL SLES-53457 September 30, 2005
NTSC-J SLKA-25306 Nov 17, 2005 (Korea)
Evil Twin: Cyprien's Chronicles ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA PAL (W) SLES-50201 December 7, 2001
Evolution Skateboarding エボリューション スケートボーディング (SLPM-65213), 에볼루션 스케이트보딩 (SLKA-25015) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, KOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20540 October 9, 2002
PAL SLES-51349 February 21, 2003
NTSC-J SLPM-65213, VW093-J1, SLKA-25015 (Korea) December 12, 2002;; May 15, 2003 (Korea)
Evolution Snowboarding エボリューション スノーボーディング (SLPM-65231), 에볼루션 스노우보딩 (SLKA-25014) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, KOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20546 November 26, 2002
PAL (W) SLES-51392 April 11, 2003
NTSC-J SLPM-65231, VW113-J1, SLKA-25014 (Korea) January 16, 2003;; April 24, 2003 (Korea)
EX Jinsei Game EX人生ゲーム (SLPM-62116) & (SLPM-62115) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-62116, SLPM-62115 (Roulette Controller Pack) March 7, 2002
EX Jinsei Game II EX人生ゲームII (SLPM-65415) & (SLPM-65258) & (SLPM-66251) & (SLPM-74254) & (SLPM-74274) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-65415, SLPM-65258 (Limited Edition), SLPM-66251 (Atlus Best Collection), SLPM-74254 (PlayStation 2 the Best), SLPM-74274 (PlayStation 2 the Best Reprint) November 6, 2003;; December 15, 2005 (Atlus Best Collection);; November 22, 2007 (PlayStation 2 the Best);; July 15, 2010 (PlayStation 2 the Best Reprint)
EX Okuman Chouja Game EX億万長者ゲーム (SLPM-62103) & (SLPM-62757) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-62103, SLPM-62757 (Atlus Best Collection), SLPM-62596 (Takara The Best) December 27, 2001;; December 14, 2006 (Atlus Best Collection)
Ex Zeus ENG PAL (W) SLES-52601 July 30, 2004
Extermination エクスターミネーション (SCPS-15011) & (SCPS-19202) & (PAPX-90211) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SCUS-97112, SCUS-97160 (Demo) July 23, 2001
PAL (W) SCES-50240 June 8, 2001
NTSC-J SCPS-15011, SCPS-19202 (PlayStation2 the Best), PAPX-90211 (Demo, Taikenban) March 8, 2001;; August 1, 2002 (PlayStation2 the Best)
Extreme Championship Racing: Devastation PAL November 2, 2001
Extreme Sprint 3010 ENG PAL (W) SLES-53080 2007
Eyeshield 21: AmeFoot Yarouze! Ya! Ha! アイシールド21 〜アメフトやろうぜ!Ya-!Ha-!〜 (SLPM-66218) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-66218, VW301-J1 December 22, 2005
EyeToy EyeToy Demo Disc 2005 ENG NTSC-U (W) SCUS-97507, SCUS-97600 December 2005
EyeToy & EyeToy: Play NTSC-U SCUS-97378 2003
EyeToy Play: Astro Zoo ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE, CZE, POL, DAN, FIN, NOR, POR, GRE, RUS PAL (W) SCES-54538, SCES-54538/P (Bundled with EyeToy) November 2, 2007;; June 13, 2008 (Platinum);; November 8, 2007 (Australia)
EyeToy Play: Hero ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE, CZE, POL, DAN, FIN, NOR, POR, GRE, RUS PAL (W) SCES-55038 November 13, 2008 (Australia);; November 14, 2008
EyeToy Play: PomPom Party ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE, CZE, POL, DAN, FIN, NOR, POR, GRE, RUS PAL (W) SCES-55083 November 12, 2008;; November 13, 2008 (Australia)
EyeToy Play: Sports ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE, CZE, POL, DAN, FIN, NOR, POR, GRE, TUR PAL (W) SCES-54094 (Platinum) (w/Camera), SCED-54134 (Football Fever Demo), SCES-54094/P (Platinum, Bundled with EyeToy) November 3, 2006;; November 2006 (Australia);; April 13, 2007 (Platinum);; 2007 (Platinum w/Camera, Australia)
EyeToy: AntiGrav ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SCUS-97414 (w/ camera), SCUS-97438 (Demo) November 9, 2004
PAL SCES-53055 March 24, 2005
EyeToy: Antigrav & SpyToy ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA PAL SCED-53792 2005
EyeToy: Chat ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE, DAN, FIN, NOR, POR PAL (W) SCES-52154, SCED-52818 (Light), TCES-52154 (Beta Trial Disc v0.08) February 11, 2005
EyeToy: EduKids 아이토이: 에듀키즈 (SCKA-10005) KOR NTSC-J SCKA-10005 (Korea) January 20, 2005 (Korea)
EyeToy: Groove アイトーイ フリフリダンス天国 (SCPS-15076) & (SCPS-15073), 아이토이: 그루브 (SCKA-20024), EyeToy: FuriFuri Dance Tengoku (JP) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE, DAN, FIN, NOR, POR, KOR NTSC-U (W) SCUS-97345, SCUS-97400 (w/Camera) April 20, 2004
PAL SCES-51895 November 14, 2003;; September 1, 2006 (Platinum)
NTSC-J SCPS-15076, SCPS-15073 (w/EyeToy), SCKA-20024 (Korea), SCAJ-20097 June 24, 2004;; June 27, 2004 (Korea)
EyeToy: Kinetic EyeToy: Kinetic: The Personal Fitness Trainer (US) ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, NOR, POR NTSC-U (W) SCUS-97497 (w/ Camera), SCUS-97478 November 22, 2005 (w/ Camera);; November 23, 2005
PAL (W) SCES-52883, SCED-53522 (Demo) September 23, 2005
EyeToy: Kinetic Combat ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, NOR, POR PAL (W) SCES-54148 (Bundled with EyeToy) November 17, 2006;; November 23, 2006 (Australia)
EyeToy: Monkey Mania サルアイトーイ 大騒ぎ!ウッキウキゲームてんこもりっ!! (SCPS-15078) & (SCPS-15077), 比波猴@爱淘儿 (SCCS-40018), 아이토이: 삐뽀사루 (SCKA-20036), Saru Eye Toy Oosawagi: Wakki Waki Game Tenkomori!! (JP, KO, AS), Saru EyeToy Oosawagi! Ukkiuki Game Tenkomori!! ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, CHI, KOR PAL (W) SCES-52930 March 18, 2005;; March 24, 2005 (Australia)
NTSC-J SCAJ-20101 (Chinese Version), SCPS-15078, SCPS-15077 (w/ Eyetoy), SCPS-19314 (PlayStation 2 The Best), SCAJ-20098, SCCS-40018, SCKA-20036 (BigHit) August 4, 2004 (Chinese Version);; August 5, 2004;; November 11, 2004 (Korea)
EyeToy: Operation Spy SpyToy (EU) ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE, DAN, FIN, NOR, POR NTSC-U (W) SCUS-97523 November 15, 2005
PAL (W) SCES-53347 October 14, 2005;; October 20, 2005 (Australia)
EyeToy: Play アイトーイプレイ (SCPS-15061) & (SCPS-15070), 爱淘儿 (SCCS-40017), 아이토이: 플레이 (SCKA-20017) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE, DAN, FIN, NOR, POR, CHI, KOR NTSC-U (W) SCUS-97319 November 4, 2003
PAL SCES-51513, SCES-51513/P (Platinum, Bundled with EyeToy Camera), SCED-52147 (Demo, Christmas Wishi Washi), SCED-51779 (Demo) July 4, 2003;; November 5, 2004 (Platinum)
NTSC-J SCPS-15061 (Bundle), SCPS-15070, SCKA-20017 (Korea, BigHit), SCPS-19315 (PlayStation 2 The Best), SCAJ-20065 (with Camera), SCCS-40017 February 11, 2004 (Bundle);; April 28, 2004;; December 6, 2005 (Korea, BigHit)
EyeToy: Play 2 アイトーイ プレイ2 (SCPS-15094) & (SCPS-15089), 아이토이: 플레이 2 (SCKA-20041) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE, DAN, FIN, NOR, POR, KOR, GRE NTSC-U (W) SCUS-97468, SCUS-97495 (Camera Bundle) August 16, 2005
PAL (W) SCES-52748 (Bundle), SCES-52748/P (Platinum), SCED-52969 (Demo) November 5, 2004 (Bundle);; June 10, 2005 (Platinum)
NTSC-J SCPS-15094, SCPS-15089 (w/EyeToy), SCKA-20041 (Korea), SCAJ-20128, SCAJ-20127 (with Camera) June 16, 2005;; December 9, 2004 (Korea)
EyeToy: Play 3 ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE, DAN, FIN, NOR, POR, GRE PAL (W) SCES-53315, SCES-53315/P (Platinum, Bundled with Playstation 2 Slim & EyeToy USB Camera) November 4, 2005;; 2006 (Platinum, Australia)
NTSC-J April 27, 2006
EyeToy: Play 3 & SpyToy ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA PAL (W) SCED-53613 2005
EyeToy: Tales 아이토이: 테일즈 (SCKA-10007) KOR NTSC-J SCKA-10007 (Korea) March 29, 2005 (Korea)
F1 2001 ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20264 October 1, 2001
PAL SLES-50423, SLES-50431 October 5, 2001
NTSC-J SLPS-20120 September 20, 2001
F1 2002 ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, DUT, ITA, KOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20455 June 17, 2002
PAL SLES-50874 (PAL-E), SLES-50875 (PAL-I) June 7, 2002
NTSC-J SLPS-20199, SLPM-64533 June 6, 2002
F1 Career Challenge F1キャリアチャレンジ (SLPS-20295), F1 커리어 챌린지 (SLKA-15019) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, ITA, KOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20693 June 24, 2003
PAL (W) SLES-51584 June 27, 2003
NTSC-J SLPS-20295, SLKA-15019 (Korea) July 17, 2003;; August 19, 2003 (Korea)
F1 Championship Season 2000 F1チャンピオンシップ シーズン2000 (SLPS-20044) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20103 December 19, 2000
PAL (W) SLES-50017 December 15, 2000
NTSC-J SLPS-20044 March 1, 2001
F1 Racing Championship F1レーシング チャンピオンシップ (SLPS-20042) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA PAL (W) SLES-50046, SLES-50047 March 16, 2001
NTSC-J SLPS-20042 July 26, 2001
F: Fanatic F〜ファナティック〜 (SLPM-65297) & (SLPM-65296) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65297, SLPM-65296 (Limited Edition) July 29, 2004
Falling Stars ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, RUS NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21734 August 26, 2008
PAL SLES-54795 August 31, 2007
Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel フォールアウト ブラザーフッド オブ スティール (SLPM-65915) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20539 January 14, 2004
PAL SLES-51526, SLES-51525 April 2, 2004
NTSC-J SLPM-65915 April 28, 2005
Fame Academy Star Academy (EU), Pop Star Academy (EU), Fame Academy: Dein Weg Zum Ruhm (EU) ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA PAL (W) SLES-52060, SLES-52061, SLES-52062 November 21, 2003
Family Board Games ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA PAL (W) SLES-53468 January 27, 2006
Family Feud ENG NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21446 October 12, 2006
Family Guy Family Guy: Video Game! ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21560 October 2, 2006
PAL SLES-54126, SLES-54394 October 26, 2006;; November 3, 2006 (Australia)
Famitsu PS2 October 28, 2005 Special Disc ファミ通PS2 2005年10月28日号特別付録 スペシャルディスク (SLPM-61129), Famitsu PS2 Special Disc: Capcom Game Collection (JP) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-61129 October, 2005
Fantastic 4 Les 4 Fantastiques (SLES-53144), I Fantastici 4 (SLES-53146), Los 4 Fantásticos (SLES-53147), Les Quatre Fantastiques (SLES-53144), I Fantastici Quattro (SLES-53146) ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20615, SLUS-20615GH (Greatest Hits) June 27, 2005;; 2006 (Greatest Hits)
PAL SLES-53143, SLES-53145, SLES-53281, SLES-53147, SLES-53144, SLES-53146 July 15, 2005
Fantastic Fortune 2 ファンタスティックフォーチュン2 (SLPS-25236) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-25236 June 26, 2003
Fantastic Fortune 2: Triple Star ファンタスティックフォーチュン2 ☆☆☆トリプルスター (SLPS-25396) & (SLPM-66838) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-25396, SLPM-66838 (Best Hit Selection) March 3, 2005;; September 27, 2007 (Best Hit Selection)
Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21544 June 15, 2007
PAL SLES-54616, SLES-54776 June 15, 2007
Fantasy Battle Kouryaku Box ファンタジーバトル攻略BOX (KOEI-00018) JAP NTSC-J KOEI-00018 June 24, 2004
Fantavision ファンタビジョン (SCPS-11002) & (PAPX-90201) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SCUS-97105 October 25, 2000
PAL SCES-50002 November 24, 2000
NTSC-J (W) SCPS-11002, PAPX-90201 (Demo, Taikenban) March 9, 2000
Fatal Frame 零 〜zero〜 (SLPS-25074) & (SLPS-73405) & (SLPS-73255), 제로 (SCPS-56008), Zero (JP), Project Zero (EU) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, KOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20388, NPUD-20388 (PS2 Classics) March 4, 2002;; April 9, 2013 (PS2 Classics)
PAL (W) SLES-50821 August 30, 2002
NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25074, SLPS-73405 (PlayStation 2 the Best), SLPS-73255 (PlayStation 2 the Best Reprint), SCPS-55043, SCPS-55002, SLPM-60167 (Trial), SCPS-56008 December 13, 2001;; August 1, 2002 (PlayStation 2 the Best);; November 22, 2007 (PlayStation 2 the Best Reprint)
Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly 零〜紅い蝶〜 (SLPS-25303) & (SLPS-73201) & (SLPS-73256), 제로 ~붉은 나비~ (SCKA-20023)., Project Zero II: Crimson Butterfly (AU, EU), Zero: Akai Chou ((JP).) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, KOR NTSC-U (WL) SLUS-20766, NPUD-20766 (PS2 Classics) December 10, 2003;; May 7, 2013 (PS2 Classics)
PAL (W) SLES-52384 April 30, 2004;; Q2 2004 (Australia)
NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25303, SLPS-73201 (PlayStation 2 the Best), SLPS-73256 (PlayStation 2 the Best Reprint), SCKA-20023 (Korea, BigHit), SCAJ-20050 November 27, 2003;; August 5, 2004 (PlayStation 2 the Best);; November 22, 2007 (PlayStation 2 the Best Reprint);; August 1, 2008 (Korea, BigHit)
Fatal Frame III: The Tormented 零 〜刺青の聲〜 (SLPS-25544) & (SLPS-73245) & (SLPS-73257), 零 刺青之聲 (SCAJ-20139), Zero: Shisei no Koe (JP), Project Zero 3: The Tormented (EU), Fatal Frame: Rei (JP), Rei: Irezumi no Sei, Project Zero 3 ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21244, NPUD-21244 (PS2 Classics) November 8, 2005;; October 1, 2013 (PS2 Classics)
PAL SLES-53825 February 24, 2006
NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25544, SLPS-73245 (PlayStation 2 the Best), SLPS-73257 (PlayStation 2 the Best Reprint), SCAJ-20139 July 28, 2005;; July 6, 2006 (PlayStation 2 the Best);; November 22, 2007 (PlayStation 2 the Best Reprint)
Fatal Fury: Battle Archives Volume 1 餓狼伝説バトルアーカイブズ1 (SLPS-25664) & (SLPS-25863), Garou Densetsu Battle Archive 1 (JP) ENG, JAP NTSC-U SLUS-21537 August 14, 2007
PAL SLES-55231 July 2008;; September 25, 2008 (Australia)
NTSC-J SLPS-25664 (Neo Geo Online Collection Vol. 5), SLPS-25863 (Neo Geo Online Collection the Best) July 20, 2006 (Neo Geo Online Collection Vol. 5);; May 29, 2008 (Neo Geo Online Collection the Best)
Fatal Fury: Battle Archives Volume 2 餓狼伝説バトルアーカイブズ2 (SLPS-25698) & (SLPS-25864), Garou Densetsu Battle Archive 2 (JP) ENG, JAP NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21723 April 8, 2008
NTSC-J SLPS-25698 (NeoGeo Online Collection Vol. 6), SLPS-25864 (NeoGeo Online Collection the Best), NPJD-00104 (PS2 Classics) February 22, 2007 (NeoGeo Online Collection Vol. 6);; May 29, 2008 (NeoGeo Online Collection the Best);; August 19, 2015 (PS2 Classics)
Fate/Stay Night [Realta Nua] フェイト/ステイナイト[レアルタ・ヌア] (SLPM-66513) & (SLPM-66512) & (SLPM-74270) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-66513, SLPM-66512 (Extra Edition), SLPM-74270 (Playstation 2 the Best) April 19, 2007;; June 18, 2009 (PlayStation 2 the Best)
Fate/unlimited codes フェイト/アンリミテッドコード (SLPM-55108) & (CPCS-01041) & (SLPM-55238) JAP NTSC-J (WL) SLPM-55108, CPCS-01041 (SP Box), SLPM-55238 (Best Price) December 18, 2008;; December 3, 2009 (Best Price)
Fatman & Slim Beta ENG PAL (W) SLES-51425 January, 2003
Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U SLUS-21780 August 26, 2008
PAL SLES-55294 August 28, 2008 (Australia);; September 12, 2008
Ferrari F355 Challenge フェラーリ F355 チャレンジ (SLPM-65178) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U SLUS-20558 September 28, 2002
PAL (W) SCES-50956 September 27, 2002
NTSC-J SLPM-65178, SLPM-65185 (Asian) September 26, 2002
Festa!! Hyper Girls Party フェスタ!! ハイパーガールズパーティー (SLPM-66435) & (SLPM-66434) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-66435, SLPM-66434 (Limited Edition) June 29, 2006
Fever 6 フィーバー6 SANKYO公式パチンコシミュレーション (SLPS-25117) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-25117 November 7, 2002
Fever 7 フィーバー7 SANKYO公式パチンコシミュレーション (SLPS-20265) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-20265, SLPS-25211 (Existence unconfirmed) March 20, 2003
Fever 8 フィーバー8 SANKYO公式パチンコシミュレーション (SLPS-20298) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-20298 August 28, 2003
Fever 9 フィーバー9 SANKYO公式パチンコシミュレーション (SLPS-20331) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-20331 December 25, 2003
FIFA 14 ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, POL, POR NTSC-U SLUS-27093 September 2013
PAL (W) SLES-55671 (Legacy Edition), SLES-55672 September 27, 2013 (Legacy Edition)
FIFA 2001 FIFA2001 ワールドチャンピオンシップ (SLPS-20054), FIFA 2001: World Championship (JP), FIFA 2001: Major League Soccer ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20097 November 24, 2000
PAL SLES-50011, SLES-50012, SLES-50013, SLES-50014, SLES-50015, SLES-50016 November 21, 2000;; August 2, 2002 (Platinium)
NTSC-J SLPS-20054 December 7, 2000
FIFA Soccer 06 FIFA 06 (EU) ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE, HUN, POL, DAN, NOR, POR, GRE NTSC-U SLUS-21280, SLUS-29160 (Demo) October 4, 2005
PAL (W) SLES-53533, SLES-53533P (Platinum), SLES-53529, SLES-53530, SLES-53531, SLES-53532, SLES-53529-P (Platinum: The Best of PlayStation 2), SLES-53531-P, SLED-53664 (Demo Pre-Release Version) September 30, 2005;; 2006 (Platinum)
FIFA Soccer 07 FIFA 07 (EU) ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE, DAN, NOR, POR NTSC-U SLUS-21433, SLUS-29194 (Demo) October 3, 2006
PAL (W) SLES-54240, SLES-54241, SLES-54243, SLES-54244, SLES-54246, SLES-54241/P (Platinum), SLES-54240/P (Platinum: The Best of PlayStation 2), TLES-54240 (Beta Trial Disc, v1.01), SLED-54327 (Demo) September 25, 2006 (Australia);; September 29, 2006;; October 18, 2007 (Platinum)
NTSC-J SLKA-25396, SLAJ-25088 October 27, 2006 (Korea)
FIFA Soccer 08 FIFA 08 (EU, AU) ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE, DAN, NOR, POR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21648, SLUS-29201 (Demo) October 9, 2007
PAL SLES-54871, SLES-54873, SLES-54872, SLES-54870, SLES-54874 September 27, 2007 (Australia);; September 28, 2007;; November 1, 2008 (Platinum)
FIFA Soccer 09 FIFA 09 ワールドクラス サッカー (SLPM-55134), FIFA 09 (EU), FIFA 09: World Class Soccer (JP) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE, CZE, HUN, POL, DAN, NOR, POR, RUS NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21776 October 13, 2008
PAL (W) SLES-55247, SLES-55246, SLES-55245 (Platinum: The Best of PlayStation 2), SLES-55244, SLES-55243 October 2, 2008 (Australia);; October 3, 2008
NTSC-J SLPM-55134 November 5, 2008 (Korea);; December 18, 2008
FIFA Soccer 10 FIFA10 ワールドクラスサッカー (SLPM-55226) & (SLPM-55271), FIFA 10 (EU), FIFA 10: World Class Soccer (JP) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE, CZE, HUN, POL, DAN, NOR, POR, RUS NTSC-U SLUS-21905 October 20, 2009
PAL (W) SLES-55585, SLES-55584, SLES-55583, SLES-55582, SLES-55581, SLES-55585/P (Platinum: The Best of PlayStation 2) October 1, 2009 (Australia);; October 2, 2009
NTSC-J SLPM-55226, SLPM-55271 (EA:SY! 1980) October 22, 2009;; September 2, 2010 (EA:SY! 1980)
FIFA Soccer 11 FIFA 11 (EU) ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE, POL, DAN, NOR, POR, RUS NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21941 September 28, 2010
PAL SLES-55644, SLES-55643, SLES-55642 September 30, 2010
FIFA Soccer 12 FIFA 12 (EU) ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE, POL, DAN, NOR, POR, RUS NTSC-U SLUS-21947 September 27, 2011
PAL SLES-55653, SLES-55652, SLES-55654 September 29, 2011 (Australia);; September 30, 2011
FIFA Soccer 13 FIFA 13 (EU) ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, POL, POR NTSC-U SLUS-21954 September 25, 2012
PAL SLES-55664, SLES-55665 September 27, 2012 (Australia);; September 28, 2012
FIFA Soccer 2002 FIFA 2002 ロード・トゥ・FIFAワールドカップ (SLPS-25069), FIFA 2002 (EU, KR), FIFA 2002: Road to FIFA World Cup (JP), FIFA Football 2002 ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE, KOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20280 November 1, 2001
PAL SLES-50464, SLES-50465, SLES-50466, SLES-50467, SLES-50469, SLES-50470, SLES-50471 November 2, 2001
NTSC-J SLPS-25069, SLPM-67503 (Korea) November 29, 2001;; December 21, 2001 (Korea)
FIFA Soccer 2003 FIFA2003ヨーロッパサッカー (SLPS-25179), FIFA Football 2003 (EU), FIFA 2003 (JP, KR) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE, KOR NTSC-U SLUS-20580 November 14, 2002
PAL (W) SLES-51197, SLES-51197-P (Platinum), SLED-51342 (Demo) October 25, 2002;; July 25, 2003 (Platinum);; 2003 (Platinum; Platinum)
NTSC-J SLPS-25179, SLPM-65193, SLPM-67537 (Korea) December 5, 2002;; December 10, 2002 (Korea)
FIFA Soccer 2004 FIFA 2004 (JP, KR), FIFA Football 2004 (EU) ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE, POR, KOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20750, SLUS-29086 (Demo) November 4, 2003
PAL (W) SLES-51953, SLES-51963, SLES-51964, SLES-51953-P (Platinum: The Best of PlayStation 2) October 24, 2003;; July 9, 2004 (Platinum)
NTSC-J (W) SLKA-25087 (Korea) November 5, 2003 (Korea)
FIFA Soccer 2005 FIFA Football 2005 (EU), FIFA 2005 (KO) ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE, DAN, NOR, POR, KOR, GRE NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21051, SLUS-29127 (Demo) October 12, 2004
PAL SLES-52559, SLES-52560, SLES-52561, SLES-52562, SLES-52563, SLES-52560-P (Platinum), SLED-52890 (Demo) October 8, 2004;; 2006 (Platinum)
NTSC-J SLKA-25209 (Korea) October 29, 2004 (Korea)
FIFA Soccer World Championship FIFAサッカー・ ワールド・チャンピオンシップ (SLPS-20020) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-20020 May 25, 2000
FIFA Street FIFA ストリート (SLPM-66047) & (SLPM-66557), 피파 스트리트 (SLKA-25235) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE, KOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21147 February 22, 2005
PAL (W) SLES-53064, SLES-53064/P (Platinum) March 11, 2005;; 2006 (Platinum)
NTSC-J SLKA-25235 (Korea), SLPM-66047, SLPM-66557 (EA Best Hits) March 24, 2005 (Korea);; July 21, 2005;; September 7, 2006 (EA Best Hits)
FIFA Street 2 FIFAストリート2 (SLPM-66443), 피파 스트리트 2 (SLKA-25374) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA NTSC-U (WL) SLUS-21369 February 28, 2006
PAL (W) SLES-53796, SLES-53797, SLED-53953 (Demo), SLES-53796/P (Platinum: The Best of PlayStation 2) March 3, 2006;; November 24, 2006 (Platinum)
NTSC-J SLKA-25374 (Korea), SLPM-66443 March 28, 2006 (Korea);; June 29, 2006
FIFA Total Football FIFAトータルフットボール (SLPM-65527) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-65527 March 18, 2004
FIFA Total Football 2 FIFAトータルフットボール2 (SLPM-65746) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65746 December 9, 2004
FIFA World Cup: Germany 2006 2006 FIFA ワールドカップ ドイツ大会 (SLPM-66386), 2006 FIFA World Cup (SLES-54061), FIFA Fotbolls-VM 2006 (SLES-54064), 2006 FIFA 월드컵 (KO) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, SWE, POR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21408, SLUS-29189 (Demo) April 24, 2006
PAL SLES-54061, SLES-54062, SLES-54063, SLES-54064, SLES-54081 April 28, 2006
NTSC-J SLPM-66386, SLAJ-25081 April 27, 2006;; May 2, 2006 (Korea)
Fight Club ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20857, SLUS-29124 (Demo) November 16, 2004
PAL SLES-52718 December 10, 2004
Fight Night 2004 ファイトナイト2004 (SLPM-65587) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20906, SLUS-29096 (Demo) April 5, 2004;; 2005 (Greatest Hits)
PAL SLES-52374, SLED-52375 (Demo) April 30, 2004
NTSC-J SLPM-65587 August 5, 2004
Fight Night Round 2 ファイトナイト ラウンド2 (SLPM-66072) & (SLPM-55035), 파이트 나이트 라운드 2 (SLKA-25242) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, KOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21161, SLUS-29145 (Demo) February 28, 2005;; 2006 (Greatest Hits)
PAL SLES-53084 March 18, 2005
NTSC-J SLKA-25242 (Korea), SLPM-66072, SLPM-55035 (EA:SY! 1980) April 14, 2005 (Korea);; September 1, 2005;; July 24, 2008 (EA:SY! 1980)
Fight Night Round 3 파이트 나이트 라운드 3 (KO) ENG, FRE NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21383, SLUS-21383GH (Greatest Hits), SLUS-29183 (Demo) February 20, 2006;; 2007 (Greatest Hits)
PAL SLES-53982, SLED-53983 (Demo) March 10, 2006
NTSC-J May 19, 2006 (Korea)
FightBox ENG PAL (W) SLES-51390 February 6, 2004
Fighter Maker 2 3D格闘ツクール2 (SLPS-20214) & (SLPS-20318), 3D Kakutou Tsukuru 2 (JP) ENG, JAP NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20524 November 12, 2002
NTSC-J SLPS-20214, SLPS-20318 (Enterbrain Collection) August 29, 2002;; September 4, 2003 (Enterbrain Collection)
Fighting for One Piece ファイティング フォー ワンピース (SLPS-25545) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25545 September 8, 2005
Fighting Fury グラップラー刃牙 バキ最強烈伝 (SLPS-20038), Grappler Baki: Baki Saidai no Tournament (JP), Grappler Baki: Baki Saikyou Retsuden ENG, JAP PAL (W) SLES-51056 May 23, 2003
NTSC-J SLPS-20038 October 12, 2000
Final Approach ふぁいなる・あぷろーち (SLPM-65676) & (SLPM-65675) & (SLPM-66323) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-65676, SLPM-65675 (Limited Edition), SLPM-66323 (Princess Soft Collection) October 7, 2004;; March 2, 2006 (Princess Soft Collection)
Final Approach 2: 1st Priority ふぁいなる・あぷろーち 2 〜1st priority〜 (SLPM-66943) & (SLPM-66942) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-66943, SLPM-66942 (First Print Limited Edition) February 28, 2008
Final Armada ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA PAL SLES-54467 August 17, 2007
Final Fantasy X ファイナルファンタジーX (SLPS-25050) & (SLPS-72501) & (SLPM-66124) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (WL) SLUS-20312, SLUS-20312GH (Greatest Hits) December 17, 2001;; 2003 (Greatest Hits)
PAL (WL) SCES-50490 (Australia), SCES-50493, SCES-50490/P (Platinum), SCES-50492, SCES-50491, SCES-50494, SCED-50907 (Bonus Disc - Beyond Final Fantasy), SCED-50642 (Demo), SCES-50492-P (Platinum) May 17, 2002 (Australia);; May 24, 2002;; May 2, 2003 (Platinum)
NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25050, SLPS-72501 (Mega Hits!), SLPM-66124 (Ultimate Hits) July 19, 2001;; January 16, 2003 (Mega Hits!);; September 8, 2005 (Ultimate Hits)
Final Fantasy X International ファイナルファンタジーX インターナショナル (SLPS-25088) & (SLPM-66677), 파이널 판타지 X 인터네셔널 (SLPM-67513) ENG, JAP, KOR NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25088, SLPM-67513, SLPM-66677 (Ultimate Hits), SLKA-25214 (PlayStation 2 - Big Hit Series), SLPM-65115 (Asian) January 31, 2002;; October 7, 2004 (BigHit Series, Korea);; January 25, 2007 (Ultimate Hits)
Final Fantasy X-2 ファイナルファンタジーX-2 (SLPS-25250) & (SLPM-66125), 파이널 판타지 X-2 (SLKA-25144) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, KOR NTSC-U (WL) SLUS-20672, SLUS-20672GH (Greatest Hits) November 18, 2003;; 2004 (Greatest Hits)
PAL (W) SLES-51815, SLES-51815/P (Platinum), SLES-51817, SLES-51816, SLES-51818, SLES-51819, SLED-51921 (Demo) February 19, 2004 (Australia);; February 20, 2004;; May 12, 2004 (Platinum);; March 27, 2007 (Platinum, Australia)
NTSC-J SLPS-25250, SLAJ-25012, SLKA-25144 (Korea), SLPM-66125 (Ultimate Hits), SCAJ-25012 March 13, 2003;; April 20, 2004 (Korea);; September 8, 2005 (Ultimate Hits)
Final Fantasy X-2 International + Last Mission ファイナルファンタジーX-2 インターナショナル+ラストミッション (SLPM-65478) & (SLPM-66678) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65478, SLPM-66678 (Ultimate Hits), SCAJ-20068 February 19, 2004;; January 25, 2007 (Ultimate Hits)
Final Fantasy X/X-2 Ultimate Box ファイナルファンタジーX/X-2 アルティメットBOX (SE-W0001) JAP NTSC-J SE-W0001 September 7, 2005
Final Fantasy XI ファイナルファンタジーXI (SLPS-25200) & (SLPS-20200) ENG, JAP NTSC-U (W) SCUS-97266 (Disc 1), SCUS-97269 (Disc 2, PlayOnline Viewer and Tetra Master) March 23, 2004
NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25200, SLPS-20200, SLPS-25160 (Special Art Box), SLPS-20232 (Special Art Pack), SLPM-62333, SLPM-65289 (PlayOnline Entry Disc), SLPM-65953 (Entry Disc 2005) May 16, 2002;; September 26, 2002 (Special Art Pack);; June 12, 2003 (PlayOnline Entry Disc);; March 3, 2005 (Entry Disc 2005)
Final Fantasy XI: A Moogle Kupo d'Etat Final Fantasy XI: Senritsu! Mogu Matsuri no Yoru (JP), ファイナルファンタジーXI 戦慄!モグ祭りの夜 (JP) NTSC-U (W) July 20, 2009
NTSC-J July 20, 2009
Final Fantasy XI: A Shantotto Ascension NTSC-U 0 November 11, 2009
Final Fantasy XI: Adoulin no Makyou ファイナルファンタジーXI アドゥリンの魔境 (SLPM-55298), Final Fantasy XI: Seekers of Adoulin JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-55298 March 27, 2013
Final Fantasy XI: All in One Pack 2004 ファイナルファンタジーXI オールインワンパック2004 (SLPM-65706) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65706 September 16, 2004
Final Fantasy XI: Chains of Promathia ファイナルファンタジーXI プロマシアの呪縛 (SLPM-65705), Final Fantasy XI: Promathia no Jubaku (JP) ENG, JAP NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21070 September 21, 2004
NTSC-J SLPM-65705 September 16, 2004
Final Fantasy XI: Girade no Genei ファイナルファンタジーXI ジラートの幻影 (SLPM-65288) & (SLPM-65287), プレイオンライン ビューワー: テトラマスター & 雀鳳桜 (SLPM-62332), Final Fantasy XI: All-in-One Pack 2003 (JP), Final Fantasy XI: Zilart no Genei, Final Fantasy XI: Rise of the Zilart JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65288 (All in Pack 2003), SLPM-65287, SLPM-62332 (PlayOnline Viewer: Tetra Master & Janhourou) April 17, 2003
Final Fantasy XI: Online ファイナルファンタジーXI β Version (SLPM-62135), プレイオンライン ビューワー & テトラマスター (β Version) (SLPM-62134) ENG, JAP NTSC-U (W) SCUS-97271 (Beta Version), SCUS-97272 (Beta Version, PlayOnline Viewer & Tetra Master from FF XI), SCUS-97380 (Demo) 2003
NTSC-J SLPM-62135 (β Version), SLPM-62134 (Beta Edition, PlayOnline Viewer & Tetra Master) 2002
Final Fantasy XI: Rhapsodies of Vana'diel ファイナルファンタジーXI ヴァナ・ディールの星唄 (JP) NTSC-J (W) May 2015 (second update: August 2015, third update: November 2015)
Final Fantasy XI: Seki no Miru Yume ファイナルファンタジーXI 石の見る夢 (JP), Final Fantasy XI: A Crystalline Prophecy NTSC-J (W) March 23, 2009
Final Fantasy XI: Treasures of Aht Urhgan ファイナルファンタジーXI アトルガンの秘宝 (SLPM-66394), ファイナルファンタジーXI オールインワンパック2006 (SLPM-66393), Final Fantasy XI: Aht Urhgan no Hihou (JP), Final Fantasy XI: All-In-One Pack 2006 (JP) ENG, JAP NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21404 April 18, 2006
NTSC-J SLPM-66394, SLPM-66393 (All in Pack 2006) April 20, 2006
Final Fantasy XI: Vana'diel Collection 2008 ファイナルファンタジーXI ヴァナ・ディール コレクション (SLPM-66893), Final Fantasy XI: The Vana'diel Collection (JP) ENG, JAP NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21704 November 20, 2007
NTSC-J SLPM-66893 November 22, 2007
Final Fantasy XI: Vana'diel Collection 2010 ファイナルファンタジーXI ヴァナ・ディール コレクション2 (SLPM-55229), Final Fantasy XI: Vana'diel Collection 2 (JP) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-55229 November 10, 2009
Final Fantasy XI: Wings of the Goddess ファイナルファンタジーXI アルタナの神兵 (SLPM-66894), Final Fantasy XI: Altana no Shinpei (JP) ENG, JAP NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21694 November 20, 2007
NTSC-J SLPM-66894 November 22, 2007
Final Fantasy XII ファイナルファンタジーXII (SLPM-66320) & (SLPM-55022), ファイナルファンタジーXII インターナショナル ゾディアックジョブシステム (SLPM-66750) & (SLPM-55210), Final Fantasy XII International Zodiac Job System (JP,KO,AS), 파이널 판타지 XII INTERNATIONAL Zodiac Job System (KO) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (WL) SLUS-20963, SLUS-21475 (Collector's Edition), SLUS-20963GH (Greatest Hits), SLUS-29171 (Demo) October 31, 2006;; 2007 (Greatest Hits)
PAL (WL) SLES-54357, SLES-54354, SLES-54357/P (Platinum), SLES-54355, SLES-54356, SLES-54358, SLES-54354/P (Platinum: The Best of PlayStation 2) February 22, 2007 (Australia);; February 23, 2007;; October 12, 2007 (Platinum)
NTSC-J (WL) SCAJ-20172, SLPM-66320, SCKA-20073, SLPM-55022 (Ultimate Hits), SLPM-66750 (with Bonus DVD), SCAJ-20188, SLPM-55210 (Ultimate Hits), SCKA-20138 (Ultimate Hits) March 14, 2006 (Asia);; March 16, 2006;; April 6, 2006 (Korea);; June 26, 2008 (Ultimate Hits);; August 7, 2007 (International Zodiac Job System, Asia);; August 9, 2007 (International Zodiac Job System);; September 7, 2007 (International Zodiac Job System, Korea);; July 30, 2009 (Ultimate Hits, International Zodiac Job System);; July 31, 2009 (Ultimate Hits, International Zodiac Job System, Korea)
Final Fight: Streetwise ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21238 February 28, 2006
PAL SLES-53853 April 7, 2006
Finalist ふぁいなりすと (SLPM-66254) & (SLPM-66253) & (SLPM-66911) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-66254, SLPM-66253 (First Print Limited Edition), SLPM-66911 (Princess Soft Collection) January 26, 2006;; December 6, 2007 (Princess Soft Collection)
Finkles World ENG PAL (W) SLES-54955 December, 2007
Finny the Fish & the Seven Waters うお 7つの水の伝説のヌシ (SCPS-15069), 魚仔 搶救水塘大作戰 (SCAJ-20088), Uo-7-tsu no Mizu to Densetsu no Nushi (JP), UO Nanatsu no Mizu to Densetsu no Nushi (JP) ENG, JAP, TRA NTSC-U SLUS-21072 May 17, 2005
NTSC-J (W) SCPS-15069, NPJC-00008 (PS2 Classics), SCAJ-20088 July 15, 2004;; August 21, 2013 (PS2 Classics)
Fire Heroes ハードラック (SLPM-65695), Hard Luck (JP) ENG, JAP, FRE, SPA, ITA PAL (W) SLES-53237 November 16, 2005
NTSC-J SLPM-65695 October 28, 2004
Fire It Up Lads fireitup lads demo ENG PAL (W) SCED-53679 2005
Fire Pro Wrestling Returns ファイプロ・リターンズ (SLPM-66082) & (SLPM-66388), Fi-Pro Returns (JP) ENG, JAP NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21702, NPUD-21702 (PS2 Classics) November 13, 2007;; April 23, 2013 (PS2 Classics)
PAL SLES-55041 February 8, 2008
NTSC-J SLPM-66082, SLPM-66388 (Spike the Best) September 15, 2005;; July 13, 2006 (Spike the Best)
Fire ProWrestling Z ファイヤープロレスリングZ (SLPM-62342) & (SLPM-62287) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-62342, SLPM-62287 (DX Box) June 5, 2003
Fireblade ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U SLUS-20198, SLUS-29030 (Demo) June 16, 2002
PAL (W) SLES-50716, SLES-50995, SLED-51062 (Demo) June 28, 2002
Firefighter F.D. 18 ファイアーファイターF.D.18 (SLPM-65470) & (SLPM-65744) & (SLPM-66017) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20724 March 9, 2004
PAL SLES-52096 April 23, 2004
NTSC-J SLPM-65470, VW152-J1, SLPM-65744 (Konami the Best), VW152-J2 (Konami the Best), SLPM-66017 (Konami Dendou Collection), VW152-J4 (Konami Dendou Collection) February 26, 2004;; October 21, 2004 (Konami the Best);; June 9, 2005 (Konami Dendou Collection)
First Kiss * Monogatari I & II ファーストKiss☆物語 (SLPM-65313) & (SLPM-65256) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65313, SLPM-65256 (Limited Edition) July 17, 2003
Fisherman's Challenge ENG, GER, FRE NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20553 January 19, 2003
PAL SLES-51418 March 28, 2003
Fishing Fantasy: BuzzRod バズロッド 〜フィッシングファンタジー (SLPM-62578), Buzz Rod: Fishing Fantasy (JP), Fishing Fantasy ENG, JAP PAL SLES-53236 November 16, 2005
NTSC-J SLPM-62578 January 6, 2005
Flame of Recca: Final Burning アニメバトル 烈火の炎 ファイナルバーニング (SLPM-66155) & (SLPM-65604), Recca no Honoo: Final Burning (JP) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65604, VW224-J1, SLPM-66155 (Konami Dendou Collection), VW224-J4 (Konami Dendou Collection) June 10, 2004;; October 20, 2005 (Konami Dendou Collection)
FlatOut レーシングゲーム「注意!!!」 (SLPM-66043) & (SLPM-66703), Racing Game: Chuui!!!! (JP) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U SLUS-20901 July 12, 2005
PAL (W) SLES-52753, SLES-52754 November 5, 2004
NTSC-J SLPM-66043, VW278-J1, SLPM-66703 (Konami the Best), VW278-J2 (Konami the Best), SLPM-61127 (Trial) October 13, 2005;; March 8, 2007 (Konami the Best)
FlatOut 2 フラットアウト2 がんばれ!とびだせ!レーシング!! (SLPM-66591), 플래트아웃2 (SLKA-25401), FlatOut 2 GTR (JP) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21251 August 1, 2006;; 2007 (Greatest Hits)
PAL SLES-54002, SLES-54003 June 30, 2006
NTSC-J SLKA-25401, SLPM-66591, VW334-J1 December 14, 2006 (Korea);; January 25, 2007
Flipnic: Ultimate Pinball フリップニック (SCPS-15050), Flipnic ENG, JAP NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21157, SLUS-29149 (Demo) July 13, 2005
PAL SLES-52065, SCES-52065 January 23, 2004
NTSC-J (W) SCPS-15050 August 7, 2003
Flow: Urban Dance Uprising ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21319 November 15, 2005
PAL (W) SLES-53848 November 15, 2005
Flying Circus フライングサーカス (SLPM-62096) & (SLPM-62095) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-62096, SLPM-62095 (Prop Pack) November 15, 2001
Football Generation ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA PAL SLES-51959 November 10, 2006;; June 13, 2012 (PS2 Classics);; November 23, 2006 (Australia)
Football Kingdom: Touring Edition フットボールキングダム トライアルエディション (SLPS-20374), Football Kingdom: Trial Edition JAP NTSC-J SLPS-20374 May 27, 2004
For Symphony: With All One's Heart フォー シンフォニー ~ウィズ オール ワンズ ハート~ (SLPS-25506) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-25506 May 26, 2005
Forbidden Siren 2 サイレン2 (SCPS-15106) & (SCPS-19326), 死魂曲2 (SCAJ-20167), 사혼곡 사이렌 2 (SCKA-20069), Si Hun Qu 2 (AS) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, CHI, KOR PAL (W) SCES-53851 June 28, 2006 (Australia);; August 4, 2006
NTSC-J (W) SCPS-15106, SCPS-19326 (PlayStation 2 the Best), SCAJ-20161, SCAJ-20167, SCKA-20069 February 9, 2006;; July 6, 2006 (Korea);; April 26, 2007 (PlayStation 2 the Best)
Ford Bold Moves Street Racing Ford Street Racing (EU), Ford Street Racing XR Edition (AU) ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21290 September 26, 2006
PAL SLES-53639, SLES-54519 February 24, 2006;; 2007 (Australia)
Ford Mustang - The Legend Lives ENG, GER, FRE, SPA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21162 April 19, 2005
PAL SLES-53296 July 15, 2005
Ford Racing 2 ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20788 October 28, 2003
PAL SLES-51705 October 31, 2003
Ford Racing 3 ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20976 March 22, 2005
PAL SLES-52720 October 29, 2004
Ford Racing: Off Road Off Road (EU) ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21696 September 23, 2008
PAL SLES-55032 March 20, 2008
Ford vs. Chevy ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21276 November 9, 2005
PAL SLES-53698 August 4, 2006
Forever Kingdom エヴァーグレイスII (SLPS-25044), Evergrace II (JP) ENG, JAP NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20343 January 21, 2002
NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25044 June 21, 2001
Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone デーモンストーン (SLPM-65927), 던전스앤드래곤즈 포가튼렐름 데몬스톤 (SLKA-25252), Demon Stone ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, KOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20804 September 14, 2004
PAL SLES-52669, SLED-52852 (Demo) September 24, 2004
NTSC-J SLKA-25252 (Korea), SLPM-65927 February 3, 2005 (Korea);; March 24, 2005
Formation Final サッカー監督采配シミュレーション フォーメーションファイナル (SLPM-65372), Soccer Kantoku Saihai Simulation: Formation Final (JP) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-65372, VW144-J1 September 18, 2003
Formula Challenge ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA PAL (W) SLES-52403 June 25, 2004;; July 4, 2012 (PS2 Classics)
Formula One 04 フォーミュラワン2004 (SCPS-15083), Formel Eins 04 (EU), Formula 1 04 (EU), F1 04 ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, FIN PAL (W) SCES-52042, SCED-52687 (Demo), SCES-52042/P (Platinum), TCES-52042 (Beta Trial Disc) June 2004
NTSC-J SCPS-15083, SCCS-40019 September 22, 2004
Formula One 05 フォーミュラワン2005 (SCPS-15098), Formula 1 05 (JP), Formel Eins 05 (EU) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, FIN, POR PAL (W) SCES-53033, SCES-53033/P (Platinum: The Best of PlayStation 2), TCES-53033 (Beta Trial Disc), SCED-53448 (Demo), SCED-53447 (Press Kit Demo) July 1, 2005;; January 13, 2006 (Platinum)
NTSC-J SCPS-15098 September 22, 2005
Formula One 06 フォーミュラワン2006 (SCPS-15117), Formel Eins 06 (EU), F1 06 ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, FIN, POR PAL (W) SCES-53950, SCED-54207 (Demo), SCES-53950/P (Platinum: The Best of PlayStation 2) July 28, 2006;; January 12, 2007 (Platinum)
NTSC-J SCPS-15117 December 28, 2006
Formula One 2001 フォーミュラワン2001 (SCPS-15019), Formel Eins 2001 (EU) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, FIN NTSC-U (W) SCUS-97150 September 24, 2001
PAL (W) SCES-50004, SCES-50004-P (Platinum), SCED-50254 (Bonus Disc: Official Review of the 2000 FIA Formula 1 World Championship), SCED-50313 (Demo) April 20, 2001;; March 1, 2002 (Platinum);; 2001 (Limited Edition)
NTSC-J SCPS-15019 October 11, 2001
Formula One 2002 フォーミュラワン2002 (SCPS-15032), Formel Eins 2002 (EU) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, FIN PAL (W) SCES-51004, SCED-51323 (Bonus Disc: The Official Review of the 2001 FIA Formula One World Championship) November 1, 2002
NTSC-J SCPS-15032, SCPS-55047 February 20, 2003
Formula One 2003 Formel Eins 2003 (EU) ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, FIN PAL (W) SCES-51592 July 11, 2003
Formula Suzuki Hayabusa Time Attack FORMULA SUZUKI 隼 TIME ATTACK (SLPM-68003) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-68003 2002
Fragments Blue フラグメンツ・ブルー (SLPM-66203) & (SLPM-66202) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-66203, SLPM-66202 (Special Edition) January 19, 2006
Fragrance Tale フレグランス テイル (SLPS-25494) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25494 April 28, 2005
Frank Herbert's Dune ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA PAL SLES-50654 2001
Frankie Dettori Racing Melbourne Cup Challenge (AU) ENG PAL SLES-53314 October 26, 2006 (Australia);; December 8, 2006
Franklin: A Birthday Surprise Franklin the Turtle: A Birthday Surprise ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, DAN, FIN, NOR, POR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21382 April 18, 2006
PAL SLES-53903 March 31, 2006
Freak Out: Extreme Freeride ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA PAL SLES-54653 March 30, 2007;; May, 2007 (Australia)
Freaky Flyers ENG NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20284, SLUS-29051 (Demo, Rating Pending version), SLUS-29061 (Demo) August 5, 2003
PAL SLES-50713 October 10, 2003
Free Running ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA PAL (W) SLES-54559 April 5, 2007 (Australia);; April 20, 2007
Freedom Fighters フリーダム・ファイターズ (SLPM-65548) & (SLPM-65803) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20658 October 1, 2003
PAL SLES-51467, SLES-51469, SLES-51470, SLES-51468, SLES-51471 September 26, 2003
NTSC-J SLPM-65548, SLPM-65803 (EA Best Hits) March 18, 2004;; December 9, 2004 (EA Best Hits)
Freekstyle フリークスタイルモトクロス (SLPS-20231), 프릭스타일 (SLPM-64517), Freekstyle Motocross (JP) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, KOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20367, SLUS-20367GH (Greatest Hits) June 17, 2002;; 2003 (Greatest Hits)
PAL SLES-50753 August 9, 2002
NTSC-J (L) SLPS-20231, SLPM-64517 October 3, 2002
Freestyle Metal X FMX (EU), Freestyle MetalX ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20494 June 27, 2003
PAL SLES-50720 September 19, 2003
Frequency ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SCUS-97125, SCUS-97157 (Demo) November 19, 2001
PAL (W) SCES-50791, SCED-50990 (Demo) June 28, 2002
Friends: Seishun no Kagayaki フレンズ 〜青春の輝き〜 (SLPS-25385) & (SLPM-66201) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25385, SLPM-66201 (Best Version) September 30, 2004;; November 23, 2005 (Best Version)
Friends: The One with All the Trivia Friends: Celui Qui Répond À Toutes les Questions (EU), Friends: Das Trivia Game (EU) ENG, GER, FRE, DUT NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21313 November 15, 2005
PAL SLES-53813, SLES-53803, SLES-53761, SLES-53955 November 21, 2005
Frogger Beyond フロッガー (SLPM-65304) & (SLPM-65570), Frogger (JP) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA PAL (W) SLES-51409 June 27, 2003
NTSC-J SLPM-65304, VW082-J1, SLPM-65570 (Konami Dendou Collection), VW082-J4 (Konami Dendou Collection) June 26, 2003;; July 1, 2004 (Konami Dendou Collection)
Frogger's Adventures: The Rescue フロッガーレスキュー (SLPM-65501), Frogger Rescue (JP) ENG, JAP NTSC-U (L) SLUS-20734 October 29, 2003
NTSC-J SLPM-65501, VW134-J1 June 17, 2004
Frogger: Ancient Shadow ENG, SPA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21098 September 27, 2005
Frogger: The Great Quest ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20257 November 18, 2001
PAL SLES-50788 May 24, 2002
From Russia With Love 007 ロシアより愛をこめて (SLPM-66322), 007: Russia Yori Ai Okomete (JP), 007: From Russia with Love ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21282, SLUS-29168 (Demo) November 1, 2005
PAL (WL) SLES-53553, SLED-53673 (Demo) November 18, 2005
NTSC-J SLPM-66322 March 2, 2006
From Russia With Love & Need for Speed Most Wanted & SSX On Tour ENG NTSC-U SLUS-29167
PAL (W) SLED-53681 2005
From Software First Previews フロム・ソフトウェア ファーストプレビューズ (SLPM-60102) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-60102 2000
Front Mission 4 フロントミッション フォース (SLPM-65443) & (SLPM-66420) ENG, JAP NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20888, SLUS-29098 (Demo, Square Enix Sampler Disc Volume Two) June 15, 2004
NTSC-J SLPM-65443, SLPM-66420 (Ultimate Hits), SCAJ-20057 December 18, 2003;; May 11, 2006 (Ultimate Hits)
Front Mission 5: Scars of the War フロントミッション5 〜Scars of the War〜 (SLPM-66205) & (SLPM-66421) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-66205, SLPM-66421 (Ultimate Hits), SCAJ-20166 December 29, 2005;; October 5, 2006 (Ultimate Hits)
Front Mission Online フロントミッション オンライン (SLPM-65981) & (SLPM-68514) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65981, SLPM-68514 (Beta Version) May 12, 2005
Fruit Machine Mania ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA PAL (W) SLES-54060 May 12, 2006;; September 19, 2012 (PS2 Classics)
Fruitfall ENG PAL (W) SLES-53148 2007
Fu-un Bakumatsu-den 風雲 幕末伝 (SLPM-65813) & (SLPM-74228), 풍운 막말전 (SLKA-25257) JAP, KOR NTSC-J SLPM-65813, SLKA-25257 (Korea), SLPM-74228 (PlayStation 2 the Best), SLPS-73228 (PlayStation 2 The Best), NPJD-00070 (PS2 Classics), SCAJ-20117, SLPM-61096 (Demo, Taikenban) January 20, 2005;; May 5, 2005 (Korea);; August 13, 2006 (PlayStation 2 the Best);; December 17, 2014 (PS2 Classics)
Fu-un Shinsengumi 風雲 新撰組 (SLPM-65494) & (SLPM-74202), 풍운신선조 (SLKA-25139) JAP, KOR NTSC-J SLPM-65494, SLPM-74202 (PlayStation 2 the Best), NPJD-00056 (PS2 Classics), SLKA-25139, SLPM-60225 (Trial) January 22, 2004;; June 18, 2014 (PS2 Classics);; March 25, 2004 (Korea);; July 8, 2004 (PlayStation 2 the Best)
Fugitive Hunter: War on Terror America's 10 Most Wanted (EU) ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U SLUS-20464 November 18, 2003
PAL SLES-52367, SLES-52366, SLES-52856 (Demo) August 6, 2004
Fukakutei Sekai no Tantei Shinshi: Akugyou Futaasa no Jiken File 不確定世界の探偵紳士 〜悪行双麻の事件ファイル〜 (SLPM-55121) & (SLPM-55120), Fukakutei Sekai no Tantei Shinshi: Agyou Souma no Jiken File JAP NTSC-J SLPM-55121, SLPM-55120 (Lijmited Edition) January 29, 2009
Full House Kiss フルハウスキス (SLPM-65638) & (SLPM-66640) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65638, SLPM-66640 (CapKore), NPJD-00019 (PS2 Classics), SLPM-60243 (Trial) July 22, 2004;; December 28, 2006 (CapKore);; October 17, 2012 (PS2 Classics)
Full House Kiss 2 フルハウスキス2 (SLPM-66288) & (SLPM-66664) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-66288, SLPM-66664 (CapKore), SLPM-60274 (Trial) February 23, 2006;; February 8, 2007 (CapKore)
Full Spectrum Warrior フル スペクトラム ウォリアー (SLPM-66263), 풀 스펙트럼 워리어 (SLKA-25264) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, KOR NTSC-U SLUS-21145 March 21, 2005;; November 8, 2011 (PS2 Classics)
PAL SLES-53114, SLES-53131 April 1, 2005;; March 28, 2012 (PS2 Classics)
NTSC-J SLKA-25264, SLPM-66263 February 4, 2006 (Korea);; June 29, 2006
Full Spectrum Warrior: Ten Hammers フル スペクトラム ウォリアー2 テンハンマーズ (SLPM-66427), 풀 스펙트럼 워리어 텐 해머즈 (SLKA-25368), Full Spectrum Warrior 2: Ten Hammers (JP) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21250 March 28, 2006;; February 21, 2012 (PS2 Classics)
PAL SLES-53656, SLES-53909 June 23, 2006
NTSC-J SLKA-25368, SLPM-66427 June 22, 2006 (Korea);; September 28, 2006
Fullmetal Alchemist 2: Curse of the Crimson Elixir 鋼の錬金術師2 赤きエリクシルの悪魔 初回限定版 (SLPM-65708) & (SLPM-65747), Hagane no Renkinjutsushi 2: Akaki Elixir no Akuma (JP) ENG, JAP NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21166 July 12, 2005
NTSC-J SLPM-65747, SLPM-65708 (Limited Edition), SLPM-61087 (Trial) September 22, 2004
Fullmetal Alchemist 3: Kami o Tsugu Shoujo 鋼の錬金術師3 −神を継ぐ少女− (SLPM-66073), Hagane no Renkinjutsushi 3: Kami o Tsugu Shoujo (JP), Fullmetal Alchemist 3: The Girl Who Succeeds God (USA) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-66073 July 21, 2005
Fullmetal Alchemist and the Broken Angel 鋼の錬金術師 翔べない天使 (SLPM-65473), Hagane no Renkinjutsushi: Tobenai Tenshi (JP) ENG, JAP NTSC-U SLUS-20994 January 18, 2005
NTSC-J SLPM-65473 December 25, 2003
Fullmetal Alchemist: Dream Carnival 鋼の錬金術師 ドリームカーニバル (SLPS-25402), 강철의 연금술사 드림 카니발 (SLKA-25352), Hagane no Renkinjutsushi: Dream Carnival (JP) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-25402, SLKA-25352 (Korea) August 26, 2004;; April 6, 2006 (Korea)
FunkMaster Flex's Digital Hitz Factory Music 3000 (EU), Digital Hitz Factory ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U SLUS-20785 July 28, 2004
PAL (W) SLES-51363 May 30, 2003
Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge ENG, GER, FRE, SPA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20088 June 3, 2001
PAL SLES-50106 June 8, 2001
Furasera ふらせら Hurrah!Sailor 通常版 (SLPM-65523), ふらせら Hurrah!Sailor 初回限定版 (SLPM-65493), ふらせら (SLPM-65493), Hurrah! Sailor JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65523, SLPM-65493 (First Print Limited Edition) February 26, 2004
Furry Tales ENG, FRE PAL (W) SLES-52824 October 22, 2004
Fushigi no Kuni no Alice 不思議の国のアリス (SLPM-62341) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-62341 June 12, 2003
Fushigi no Umi no Nadia: Inherit the Blue Water ふしぎの海のナディア~秘石の後継者~ (SLPM-66112) & (SLPM-66110), 電脳バトル ミス・ノーチラスコンテスト (SLPM-66111) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-66112, SLPM-66110 (Collector's Edition, disc 1), SLPM-66111 (Collector's Edition, disc 2: Denno Batoru Misu Nochirasu Kontesuto) September 22, 2005
Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden Gaiden -Kagami no Miko- ふしぎ遊戯 玄武開伝 外伝 鏡の巫女 (SLPM-66024) & (SLPM-67000) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-66024, SLPM-67000 (IF Collection), SLPM-66023 (Limited Edition) June 23, 2005;; May 29, 2008 (IF Collection)
Fushigi Yuugi: Suzaku Ibun ふしぎ遊戯 朱雀異聞 (SLPM-66999) & (SLPM-66998) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-66999, SLPM-66998 (Limited Edition) May 29, 2008
Futakoi 双恋—フタコイ— (SLPS-25410) & (SLPS-25409) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25410, SLPS-25409 (Limited Edition) December 9, 2004
Futakoi Alternative フタコイ オルタナティブ 恋と少女とマシンガン (SLPS-25516) & (SLPS-25515) & (SLPS-25633), Twin Love Alternative: Love, Girls, and Machineguns JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25516, SLPS-25515 (First Print Limited Edition), SLPS-25633 (Best Collection) June 23, 2005;; March 2, 2006 (Best Collection)
Futakoi: Koi to Mizugi no Survival 双恋島 恋と水着のサバイバル! (SLPS-25543) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25543 August 25, 2005
Futari no Fantavision ふたりの ファンタビジョン (SCPS-15030), 兩人的Fantavision 電腦花火 (SCPS-55032), Fantavision: For You and Me ENG, JAP, CHI NTSC-J SCPS-15030, SCPS-55032 July 4, 2002
Futurama ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20439 August 14, 2003
PAL SLES-51507 August 1, 2003
Future Tactics: The Uprising ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20859 May 10, 2004
PAL SLES-52701 December 5, 2004
Fuuraiki 風雨来記 (SLPM-66458) & (SLPM-66991) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-66458, SLPM-66991 (Nice Price!), NPJD-00110 (PS2 Classics) September 28, 2006;; April 24, 2008 (Nice Price!);; November 18, 2015 (PS2 Classics)
Fuuraiki 2 風雨来記2 (SLPM-66163) & (SLPM-66992) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-66163, SLPM-66992 (Nice Price!), NPJD-00111 (PS2 Classics) November 10, 2005;; April 24, 2008 (Nice Price!);; November 18, 2015 (PS2 Classics)
Fuuun Super Combo 風雲 スーパーコンボ (SLPS-25781) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25781 (NeoGeo Online Collection Vol. 8), SLPS-25866 (SNK the Best), NPJD-00105 (PS2 Classics) June 21, 2007 (NeoGeo Online Collection Vol. 8);; May 29, 2008 (NeoGeo Online Collection the Best);; August 19, 2015 (PS2 Classics)
G-Con 2 Competition Demo ENG PAL (W) SCED-52094 November 2003
G-Force Миссия Дарвина (SLES-55502), Disney's G-Force ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, RUS NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21891 July 21, 2009
PAL (W) SLES-55499, SLES-55500, SLES-55502 July 31, 2009;; October 24, 2012 (PS2 Classics)
G-Force ENG PAL (W) SLES-53934 October 6, 2006
G-Saviour Gセイバー (SLPS-25009) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-25009 September 14, 2000
G-Taste Mahjong G-taste麻雀 (SLPM-62327) & (SLPM-62326) & (SLPM-62453), じぃ・ていすと まあじゃん (JP) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-62327, SLPM-62326 (Limited Edition w/ Figure), SLPM-62453 (Psikyo Best) April 24, 2003;; December 11, 2003 (Psikyo Best)
G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U SLUS-21886 August 4, 2009
PAL (W) SLES-55537 August 4, 2009 (Australia);; August 7, 2009
G1 Jockey ジーワンジョッキー2 2001 (SLPM-62061), G1 Jockey 2 2001 (JP) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE PAL SLES-50584 March 8, 2002
NTSC-J SLPM-62061 March 22, 2001
G1 Jockey 2 ジーワンジョッキー2 (SLPM-62020) & (SLPM-62415) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-62020, SLPM-62017, SLPM-62018 (w/ Winning Post 4 Maximum), SLPM-62262 (Koei the Best), SLPM-62415 (Koei Teiban Series), SLPM-60125 (Trial) November 2, 2000;; November 7, 2002 (Koei the Best);; October 2, 2003 (Koei Teiban Series)
G1 Jockey 3 ジーワンジョッキー3 (SLPM-62277) & (SLPM-62536) & (SLPM-62747), G1 Jockey 3 + Winning Post 5 Maximum 2002 (JP) ENG, JAP NTSC-U SLUS-20690 May 28, 2003
PAL (W) SLES-51357 March 21, 2003
NTSC-J SLPM-62277, SLPM-62279, SLPM-62280, SLPM-62536 (Koei the Best), SLPM-62747 (Koei Teiban Series) December 21, 2002;; August 5, 2004 (Koei the Best);; September 14, 2006 (Koei Teiban Series)
G1 Jockey 3 2003 ジーワンジョッキー3 2003 (SLPM-62392) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-62392, SLPM-62393, SLPM-65385 (w/Winning Post 6) October 30, 2003
G1 Jockey 3 2005 Nendoban ジーワンジョッキー3 2005年度版 (SLPM-62591) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-62591 February 24, 2005
G1 Jockey 4 ジーワンジョッキー 4 (SLPM-66229) & (KOEI-00056), G1 Jockey 4 + Winning Post 7 Twin Pack (JP) ENG, JAP PAL (W) SLES-53917 March 31, 2006;; 2006 (Australia);; February 27, 2013 (PS2 Classics)
NTSC-J SLPM-66229, KOEI-00056 (Premium Box), SLPM-66227 (Twin Pack), SLPM-66228 (Twin Pack), SLPM-66812 (Koei the Best) December 22, 2005;; July 5, 2007 (Koei the Best)
G1 Jockey 4 2006 ジーワン ジョッキー4 2006 (SLPM-66538) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-66538 September 14, 2006
G1 Jockey 4 2007 ジーワン ジョッキー4 2007 (SLPM-66888) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-66888 November 1, 2007
G1 Jockey 4 2007 & Winning Post 7 Maximum 2007 Premium Pack ジーワンジョッキー4 2007&ウイニングポスト7 マキシマム 2007 プレミアムパック (SLPM-66903) & (SLPM-66904) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-66903 (G1 Jockey 4 2007), SLPM-66904 (Winning Post 7 Maximum 2007) November 01, 2007
G1 Jockey 4 2008 ジーワンジョッキー4 2008 (SLPM-55072) JAP PAL October 2, 2008 (Australia)
NTSC-J SLPM-55072, SLPM-55073 (Twin Pack w/ WinningPost 7 Maximum 2008) September 18, 2008
Gacharoku ガチャろく (SCPS-11026) JAP NTSC-J SCPS-11026, NPJC-00004 (PS2 Classics) December 5, 2002;; November 21, 2012 (PS2 Classics)
Gacharoku 2: Kondo wa Sekai Isshuu yo!! ガチャろく2 〜今度は世界一周よ!!〜 (SCPS-11034) JAP NTSC-J SCPS-11034 December 18, 2003
Gachinko Pro Yakyuu ガチンコプロ野球 (SLPS-20301) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-20301 August 7, 2003
Gadget & the Gadgetinis ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA PAL (W) SLES-52845 November 5, 2004;; 2004 (Australia)
Gadget Racers チョロQ HG3 (SLPM-62244) & (SLPM-62595) & (SLPM-62771), Choro Q HG 3 (JP), チョロQ ハイグレード3 (JP), Road Trip: Adventure Avenue (US) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA PAL (L) SLES-51911 December 5, 2003
NTSC-J SLPM-62244, SLPM-62595 (The Best TakaraMono), SLPM-62771 (Atlus Best Collection) December 12, 2002;; November 11, 2004 (The Best TakaraMono);; February 7, 2008 (Atlus Best Collection)
Gaelic Games: Football ENG, GAE PAL SCES-53450 November 11, 2005
Gaelic Games: Football 2 ENG, GAE PAL SCES-54638 August 17, 2007
Gaelic Games: Hurling ENG, GAE PAL (W) SCES-54637 November 30, 2007
Gaika no Gouhou 凱歌の号砲 エアランドフォース (SLPM-65260) & (SLPM-65716) & (SLPM-66526), Gaika no Gouhou: Air Land Force (JP) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-65260, SLPM-65716 (Koei the Best), SLPM-66526 (Koei Teiban Series) August 28, 2003;; August 10, 2006 (Koei Teiban Series);; August 5, 2004 (Koei the Best)
Gakkou o Tsukurou!! Happy Days 学校をつくろう!! ハッピーデイズ (SLPS-25471) & (SLPS-25598) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-25471, SLPS-25598 (Best Collection) March 24, 2005;; December 15, 2005 (Best Collection)
Gakuen Alice 学園アリス 〜きらきら★メモリーキッス〜 (SLPM-66293), Gakuen Alice: KiraKira Memory Kiss (JP) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-66293 June 22, 2006
Gakuen Heaven: Boy's Love Scramble! 学園ヘヴン ボーイズ ラブ スクランブル! (SLPS-25282) & (SLPM-66519) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-25282, SLPM-66519 (Best Version), SLPM-66984 (Best Version) November 27, 2003;; August 31, 2006 (Best Version)
Gakuen Heaven: Boy's Love Scramble: Type B 学園ヘヴン ボーイズ ラブ スクランブル! (Type-B) (SLPS-25381) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-25381 July 22, 2004
Gakuen Heaven: Okawari! 学園ヘヴン おかわりっ! (SLPM-62597) & (SLPM-62743), Gakuen Heaven: Okawari! Boy's Love Attack! (JP) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-62597, SLPM-62743 (Best Version), SLPM-62776 (Best Version) February 24, 2005;; September 28, 2006 (Best Version)
Gakuen Toshi Vara Noir 学園都市ヴァラノワール (SLPM-62238) & (SLPM-62237) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-62238, SLPM-62237 (Limited Edition) October 31, 2002
Gakuen Utopia: Manabi Straight! KiraKira Happy Festa! がくえんゆーとぴあ まなびストレート! キラキラ☆ Happy Festa! (SLPS-25752) & (SLPS-25751) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-25752, SLPS-25751 (Limited Edition) March 29, 2007
Galactic Wrestling: Featuring Ultimate Muscle キン肉マン ジェネレーションズ (SLPS-20369) & (SLPS-73105), 근육맨 제네레이션즈 (SLKA-15034), Kinnikuman Generations (JP), Galactic Wrestling featuring Ultimate Muscle: The Kinnikuman Legacy ENG, JAP, KOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20822, SLUS-29104 (Demo) June 30, 2004
NTSC-J SLPS-20369, SLKA-15034 (Korea), SLPS-73105 (PlayStation 2 the Best) April 22, 2004;; October 5, 2004 (Korea);; February 24, 2005 (PlayStation 2 the Best)
Galaxy Angel ギャラクシーエンジェル (SLPM-65254) & (SLPM-66290) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-65254, SLPM-66290 (Broccoli Best Quality), SLPM-61045 (Trial) April 17, 2003;; February 23, 2006 (Broccoli Best Quality)
Galaxy Angel Anime Commemoration Rune Box ギャラクシーエンジェル アニメ化記念る~んBOX (PBGP-0055) JAP NTSC-J PBGP-0055 November 22, 2006
Galaxy Angel II: Eigou Kaiki no Koku ギャラクシーエンジェルII 永劫回帰の刻 (SLPM-55118) & (PBGP-0075) & (PBGP-0074), Galaxy Angel II: Eigou Kaiki no Toki (JP) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-55118 (Disc 1), SLPM-55119 (Disc 2), PBGP-0075 (Complete Set), PBGP-0074 (DX Pack) March 12, 2009
Galaxy Angel II: Mugen Kairou no Kagi ギャラクシーエンジェルII 無限回廊の鍵 (SLPM-66779) & (SLPM-66780) & (PBGP-0056) & (PBGP-0060) & (SLPM-55093) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-66779 (Disc 1), SLPM-66780 (Disc 2), PBGP-0056 (Deluxe Pack), PBGP-0060 (Zettai Mugen Set), SLPM-55093 (Broccoli Best Quality, Disc 1), SLPM-55094 (Broccoli Best Quality, Disc 2) October 18, 2007;; December 11, 2008 (Broccoli Best Quality)
Galaxy Angel II: Zettairyouiki no Tobira ギャラクシーエンジェルII 絶対領域の扉 (SLPM-66243) & (PBGP-0039) & (SLPM-55029) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-66243, PBGP-0039 (Deluxe Pack), SLPM-55029 (Broccoli Best Quality) June 22, 2006;; July 31, 2008 (Broccoli Best Quality)
Galaxy Angel: Eternal Lovers ギャラクシーエンジェル エターナルラヴァーズ (SLPM-65878) & (SLPM-65905) & (SLPM-66778) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-65878, SLPM-65905 (Special Package), SLPM-66778 (Broccoli Best Quality) February 24, 2005;; July 26, 2007 (Broccoli Best Quality)
Galaxy Angel: Eternal Lovers Set of 3 Eternal Package ギャラクシーエンジェル 3本セット エターナルパッケージ (PBGP-0028) JAP NTSC-J PBGP-0028 February 24, 2005
Galaxy Angel: Moonlit Lovers ギャラクシーエンジェル ムーンリットラヴァーズ (SLPM-65540) & (SLPM-65429) & (SLPM-66604) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-65540, SLPM-65429 (First Print Limited Edition), SLPM-66604 (Broccoli Best Quality), SLPM-61073 (Trial) February 26, 2004;; November 22, 2006 (Broccoli Best Quality)
Galerians: Ash ガレリアンズ:アッシュ (SLPS-25119) & (SLPS-25280), ガレリアンズ:アッシュ×リオン コンプリートパック (SLPS-25096), Galerians: Ash x Rion Complete Pack (JP) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20560 February 3, 2003
PAL SLES-51343 2002 (Australia);; March 28, 2003
NTSC-J SLPS-25119, SLPS-25096 (Rion Complete Pack), SLPS-25280 (Enterbrain Collection) April 25, 2002;; September 4, 2003 (Enterbrain Collection)
Galidor: Defenders of the Outer Dimension PAL October 24, 2003
Galileo Mystery: The Crown of Midas Galileo Mystery: Die Krone des Midas (EU) GER PAL SLES-55599 October, 2009
Gallop Racer 2001 ギャロップレーサー5 (SLPS-25036), Gallop Racer 5 (JP) ENG, JAP NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20255 August 20, 2001
NTSC-J SLPS-25036 March 29, 2001
Gallop Racer 2003: A New Breed ギャロップレーサー6 レボリューション (SLPS-25177) & (SLPS-73415), Gallop Racer 6: Revolution (JP), At the Races Presents Gallop Racer (EU) ENG, JAP NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20662 March 31, 2003
PAL SLES-51896 October 17, 2003
NTSC-J SLPS-25177, SLPS-73415 (PlayStation 2 the Best), SCAJ-20002 December 12, 2002;; July 10, 2003 (PlayStation 2 the Best)
Gallop Racer 2004 ギャロップレーサー ラッキー7 (SLPS-25333), Gallop Racer 2 (EU, AU), Gallop Racer Lucky 7 (JP) ENG, JAP NTSC-U SLUS-21031 August 31, 2004
PAL SLES-53011 March 11, 2005;; 2005 (Australia)
NTSC-J SLPS-25333, SCAJ-20069 February 19, 2004
Gallop Racer 2006 ギャロップレーサー8 ライヴホースレーシング (SLPS-25564), Gallop Racer 8: Live Horse Racing (JP) ENG, JAP NTSC-U SLUS-21393 May 2, 2006
NTSC-J SLPS-25564, SCAJ-20156 December 15, 2005
Gallop Racer Inbreed ギャロップレーサー インブリード (SLPS-25701) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-25701 November 2, 2006
Gambler Densetsu Tetsuya 勝負師伝説 哲也 (SLPS-20096) & (SLPS-73004) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-20096, SLPS-73004 (PlayStation2 the Best) June 21, 2001;; January 16, 2003 (PlayStation2 the Best)
Gambler Densetsu Tetsuya Digest 勝負師伝説 哲也 DIGEST (SLPM-62499) & (SLPM-62574) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-62499, SLPM-62574 (Athena Best Collection Vol. 3) May 27, 2004;; December 2, 2004 (Athena Best Collection Vol. 3)
Gambler Densetsu Tetsuya: Kurouto Choujou Kessen 勝負師伝説 哲也2 玄人頂上決戦 (SLPM-65318) & (SLPM-65595) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-65318, SLPM-65595 (Athena Best Collection Vol. 1) July 3, 2003;; July 15, 2004 (Athena Best Collection Vol. 1)
Game Center USA ゲーセンUSA ミッドウェイアーケードトレジャーズ (SLPM-66467), Game Center USA: Midway Arcade Treasures (JP) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-66467 September 21, 2006
Game ni Nattayo! Dokuru-chan ゲームになったよ!ドクロちゃん〜健康診断大作戦〜 (SLPM-66186) & (SLPM-66185) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-66186, SLPM-66185 (First Print Limited Edition) November 10, 2005
Game Select 5 Wa ゲームセレクト5 和 (SLPS-20028) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-20028 September 28, 2000
Game Select 5 You ゲームセレクト5 洋 (SLPS-20071) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-20071 January 25, 2001
Games Galaxy 2 ENG PAL SLES-54866 2006
Games of Our Style: Tokyo Game Show 2003 Disc JAP NTSC-J PCPX-96554 2003
Games Released In June Promotional Disc 6月発売タイトル プロモーションディスク ~アコンカグア/ぼくのなつやすみ/TVDJ~ (PCPX-96303) JAP NTSC-J PCPX-96303 2000
Gangsters Ride PAL August 24, 2007
Gantz: The Game ガンツ (SLPM-65950) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65950, VW258-J1 March 17, 2005
Garfield ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA PAL SLES-52843 November 19, 2004
Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties Garfield 2 (SLES-54172) ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE, DAN, FIN, NOR, POR NTSC-U October 17, 2006
PAL (W) SLES-54172 October 6, 2006
Garfield: Lasagna World Tour Garfield: Lasagne World Tour (EU) ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE, DAN, FIN, NOR NTSC-U SLUS-21749 June 27, 2008
PAL (W) SLES-55043, SLES-54817, SLES-55042 November 30, 2007
Garfield: Saving Arlene ガーフィールド アーリーンを救え! (SLPM-66378), Garfield: Arleene o Sukue! (JP) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA PAL (W) SLES-53587 2006
NTSC-J SLPM-66378, SLPM-62733 April 27, 2006
Garou: Mark of the Wolves 餓狼 マークオブザウルヴス (SLPS-25504) & (SLPS-25509) & (SLPS-25793), NeoGeo Online Collection Vol. 1: Garou: Mark of the Wolves JAP NTSC-J (WL) SLPS-25504 (NeoGeo Online Collection Limited Edition), SLPS-25509 (NeoGeo Online Collection Vol. 1), SLPS-25793 (SNK Best Collection), NPJD-00094 (PS2 Classics) June 30, 2005 (NeoGeo Online Collection Limited Edition);; June 21, 2007 (SNK Best Collection);; June 17, 2015 (PS2 Classics)
Garouden Breakblow 餓狼伝 ブレイクブロウ (SLPS-25530), 아랑전 ~Breakblow~ (KO) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25530, SLPM-60267 (Demo, Taikenban) November 17, 2005;; July 27, 2006 (Korea)
Garouden Breakblow: Fist or Twist 餓狼伝 ブレイクブロウ Fist or Twist (SLPS-25747) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-25747 March 15, 2007
Gauntlet Dark Legacy ガントレット ダークレガシー (SLPM-62125) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20047 May 1, 2001
PAL SLES-50211 June 15, 2001
NTSC-J SLPM-62125 July 25, 2002
Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21077 December 12, 2005
PAL (W) SLES-53667 March 24, 2006
Gecko Blaster ENG PAL SLES-54882 December 1, 2007
Gegege no Kitarou: Ibun Youkai Kitan ゲゲゲの鬼太郎 異聞妖怪奇譚 (SLPM-65337) & (SLPM-65627) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65337, VW135-J1, SLPM-65627 (Konami the Best), VW135-J2 (Konami the Best) December 11, 2003;; July 8, 2004 (Konami the Best)
Gekibo 2 激写ボーイ2 〜特ダネ王国ニッポン〜 (SLPS-20091), Polaroid Pete ENG, JAP PAL SLES-50557 (Preview Build, CDr) December 27, 2001
NTSC-J (W) SLPS-20091 May 31, 2001
Gekikuukan Pro Baseball: The End of the Century 1999 劇空間プロ野球 AT THE END OF THE CENTURY 1999 (SLPS-20010), Gekikuukan Pro Yakyuu: At the End of the Century 1999 (JP) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-20010, SLPM-60123 (Trial) September 7, 2000
Gekitou Pro Yakyuu 激闘プロ野球 水島新司オールスターズ VS プロ野球 (SLPM-65335), Gekitou Pro Yakyuu: Mizushima Shinji All Stars vs. Pro Yakyuu (JP) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-65335, SLPM-61052 (Demo, Taikenban) September 11, 2003
Gendai Daisenryaku: Isshoku Sokuhatsu - Gunji Balance Houkai 現代大戦略〜一触即発・軍事バランス崩壊〜 (SLPS-25940) & (SLPS-25985) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-25940, SLPS-25985 (System Soft Selection) August 27, 2009;; June 17, 2010 (System Soft Selection)
Gendai Yougo no Kiso Chishiki 2001 TVware情報革命シリーズ 現代用語の基礎知識2001 (SLPS-20115) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-20115 December 6, 2001
Gene Troopers ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U December 25, 2006
PAL (W) SLES-53644 December 27, 2006
Generation of Chaos ジェネレーション オブ カオス (SLPS-20087) & (SLPS-20086) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-20087, SLPS-20086 (Limited Edition) August 9, 2001
Generation of Chaos Desire ジェネレーション オブ カオス ディザイア (SLPM-66843) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-66843 September 27, 2007
Generation of Chaos III: Toki no Fuuin ジェネレーション オブ カオス3 時の封印 (SLPM-65279) & (SLPM-65278) & (SLPM-66080) & (SCAJ-20026) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-65279, SLPM-65278 (Limited Edition), SLPM-66080 (IF Collection), SCAJ-20026 May 8, 2003;; August 4, 2005 (IF Collection)
Generation of Chaos IV 新天魔界 ジェネレーション オブ カオス IV (SLPM-65572) & (SLPM-65571) & (SLPM-66025), Shinten Makai: Generation of Chaos IV (JP) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-65572, SLPM-65571 (Limited Edition), SLPM-66025 (IF Collection) April 22, 2004;; June 2, 2005 (IF Collection)
Generation of Chaos Next ジェネレーション オブ カオス ネクスト ~失われし絆~ (SLPM-62161) & (SLPM-62164) & (SLPM-62697) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-62161, SLPM-62164 (Limited Edition), SLPM-62697 (If Collection) April 25, 2002;; September 8, 2005 (If Collection)
Genji: Dawn of the Samurai (SCPS-15095) & (SCPS-19318), 겐지 (SCKA-20052) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, KOR NTSC-U (W) SCUS-97471, SCUS-97504 (Demo) September 20, 2005
PAL SCES-53328, SCED-53733 (Special Demo) October 21, 2005
NTSC-J SCAJ-20134, SCPS-15095, SCKA-20052, SCPS-19318 (PlayStation 2 the Best), PAPX-90522 (Trial) June 28, 2005 (Asia);; June 30, 2005;; September 15, 2005 (Korea);; June 29, 2006 (PlayStation 2 the Best);; May 18, 2007 (BigHit Series, Korea)
Genshi no Kotoba げんしのことば (SCPS-15014) JAP NTSC-J SCPS-15014, PCPX-96619 (Trial) October 18, 2001
Georama Sensen Ijou Nashi ジオラマ戦線異状なし 〜スターリングラードへの道〜 (SLPM-66038), Georama Sensen Ijou Nashi: Stalingrad e no Michi (JP) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-66038 June 23, 2005
George of the Jungle and the Search for the Secret George of the Jungle ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21668 March 18, 2008
PAL (W) SLES-54975 March 28, 2008
Germany Special Issue 3 PAL SCED-51375 2003 (?)
Germany's Next Topmodel Germany's Next Topmodel 2009 GER PAL SLES-55529 May 21, 2009
Get On Da Mic ENG, FRE, ITA NTSC-U SLUS-21036 October 5, 2004
PAL SLES-52811 November 26, 2004
Get Ride! AMDriver: Soukoku no Shinjitsu ゲットライド!アムドライバー 〜相克の真実〜 (SLPM-65949) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-65949, VW272-J1 March 24, 2005
GetBackers Dakkanya: Dakkandayo! Zenin Shuugou!! ゲットバッカーズ 奪還屋 奪還だヨ!全員集合!! (SLPM-62276) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-62276, VW109-J1, SLPM-62376 (Konami the Best), VW109-J2 (Konami the Best) January 16, 2003;; September 18, 2003 (Konami the Best)
GetBackers Dakkanya: Ubawareta Mugenjou ゲットバッカーズ奪還屋 奪われた無限城 (SLPM-62186) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-62186, VW087-J1, SLPM-62377 (Konami the Best), VW087-J2 (Konami the Best) September 26, 2002;; September 18, 2003 (Konami the Best)
GetBackers Dakkanya: Urashinshiku Saikyou Battle ゲットバッカーズ 奪還屋 裏新宿最強バトル (SLPM-62476) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-62476, VW186-J1 April 29, 2004
Getsumento Heiki Mina: Futatsu no Project M 月面兎兵器ミーナ -ふたつのPROJECT M- (SLPM-66754) & (SLPM-66753) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-66754, SLPM-66753 (Limited Edition) July 26, 2007
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 攻殻機動隊 スタンドアローンコンプレックス (SCPS-15064), 공각기동대 STAND ALONE COMPLEX (SCKA-20027), Koukaku Kidoutai: Stand Alone Complex (JP) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, KOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21006, SLUS-29123 (Demo) November 8, 2004
PAL (W) SLES-53020 May 6, 2005
NTSC-J (W) SCPS-15064, SCKA-20027 (Korea), SCAJ-20072, PAPX-90020 (Trial) March 4, 2004;; July 22, 2004 (Korea)
Ghost Master Ghost Master: The Gravenville Chronicles ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA PAL SLES-52671 August 27, 2004
Ghost Rider ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21306, SLUS-21306GH (Greatest Hits) February 13, 2007;; 2008 (Greatest Hits)
PAL (W) SLES-54317 February 16, 2007 (Australia);; February 23, 2007
Ghost Vibration ゴーストヴァイブレーション (SLPS-25131), 고스트 바이브레이션 (SLPM-67526) ENG, JAP, KOR PAL (W) SLES-51433 May 9, 2003
NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25131, SCPS-55031, SLPM-67526 (Korea) July 4, 2002;; September 6, 2002 (Korea)
Ghostbusters: The Video Game ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21882 June 16, 2009
PAL (W) SCES-55571 June 19, 2009;; July 2, 2009 (Australia)
Ghosthunter ゴーストハンター (SLPM-65701), Охотник на призраков (SCES-52156) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, POR, GRE, RUS NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20993 August 17, 2004
PAL (W) SCES-51463, SCES-52156, SCED-51922 (Demo) December 5, 2003
NTSC-J SLPM-65701 September 2, 2004
Giant Robo: The Animation - Chikyuu ga Seishisuru Hi ジャイアントロボ THE ANIMATION 地球が静止する日 (SLPM-62526) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-62526 November 3, 2004
Giants: Citizen Kabuto ENG NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20178 December 20, 2001
PAL SLES-50314 March 15, 2002
Gift Giftie (EU) ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA PAL (W) SLES-50276, SLES-50296, SLES-50297, SLES-50298, SLES-50299 July 6, 2001
Gift: Prism ギフト-プリズム- (SLPM-66530) & (SLPM-66786) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-66530, PBGP-0050 (Limited Edition), SLPM-66786 (Sweet So Sweet!) October 19, 2006;; August 9, 2007 (Sweet So Sweet!)
Gigawing Generations 翼神 ギガウィング ジェネレーションズ (TCPS-10107), 익신 기가윙 제네레이션즈 (SLKA-15051), Yokushin: Giga Wing Generations (JP) ENG, JAP PAL SLES-53548 February 3, 2006
NTSC-J SLPM-62602, TCPS-10107, SLKA-15051 (Korea), SLPM-62713 (Taito Best), TCPS-10146 (Taito Best) March 24, 2005;; June 3, 2005 (Korea);; February 23, 2006 (Taito Best)
Gin no Eclipse 銀のエクリプス (SLPM-66980) & (SLPM-66979) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-66980, SLPM-66979 (First Print Limited Edition) July 31, 2008
Gintama 銀魂 銀さんと一緒!ボクのかぶき町日記 (SLPS-25809), Gintama Gin-San to Issho! Boku no Kabuki Machi Nikki (JP) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-25809 August 30, 2007
Giren no Yabou: Zeon Dokuritsu Sensouden - Kouryaku Shireisho 機動戦士ガンダム ギレンの野望 ジオン独立戦争記 攻略指令書 (SLPS-25212), Kidou Senshi Gundam Giren no Yabou: Zeon Dokuritsu Sensouden - Kouryaku Shireisho (JP), Kidou Senshi Gundam: Gihren no Yabou: Zeon Dokuritsu Sensouki: Kouryaku Shireisho (JP) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-25212 February 20, 2003
Girl Zone ENG PAL (W) SLES-53190 2005
Girls Bravo ガールズ ブラボー Romance15’s (SLPM-65856) & (SLPM-65855), Girls Bravo: Romance 15's (JP) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-65856, SLPM-65855 (DX Pack) January 27, 2005
Gitaroo Man ギタルマンワン (SLPM-62062), ギタルマン (SLPM-65012), 기타루맨 (SLPM-67508), Gitaroo-Man One (JP) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, KOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20294 February 19, 2002
PAL SLES-50653 2002
NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65012, SLPM-67508 (Korea), SLPM-65160 (Koei Summer Chance), SLKA-25216 (Korea, BigHit), SLPM-62062 (Trial Version) June 21, 2001;; 2001 (Korea);; July 5, 2002 (Koei Summer Chance);; October 7, 2004 (Korea, BigHit)
Gladiator: Sword of Vengeance Gladiator: Schwert der Rache (SLES-51828) ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20793 November 5, 2003
PAL SLES-51766, SLES-51827, SLES-51828 November 28, 2003
Gladius ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20490, SLUS-29060 (Demo) October 28, 2003
PAL SLES-51064, SLES-51065, SLES-51066 November 28, 2003
Glass Rose 玻璃ノ薔薇 (SLPM-65373), Garasu no Bara (JP), Glass no Bara (JP), ガラスノバラ (JP) ENG, JAP PAL (W) SLES-52358 March 26, 2004
NTSC-J SLPM-65373 November 6, 2003
Global Folktale グローバルフォークテイル (SLPS-20052) & (SLPM-62289) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-20052, SLPM-62289 (IF Collection) October 25, 2001;; January 9, 2003 (IF Collection)
Global Touring Challenge: Africa GTC アフリカ (SLPM-62258) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (L) SLUS-20395 June 14, 2002
PAL SLES-50472 November 16, 2001
NTSC-J SLPM-62258 December 19, 2002
Go Go Copter プチコプター (SLPM-62298) & (SLPM-62315), PuchiCopter (JP), Go Go Copter: Remote Control Helicopter (EU) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE PAL SLES-52117 2004
NTSC-J SLPM-62298, SLPM-62315 (w/ Controller) March 13, 2003
Go Go Golf マジカルスポーツ ゴーゴーゴルフ (SLPS-20037) & (SLPS-20243), Magical Sports Go Go Golf (JP) ENG, JAP PAL (W) SLES-51055 November 29, 2002
NTSC-J (W) SLPS-20037, SLPS-20243 (NewPrice), SLPM-60116 (Demo, Taikenban) September 21, 2000;; December 12, 2002 (NewPrice)
Go Kart Rally ENG PAL SLES-54726 April 20, 2007
Go, Diego, Go! Great Dinosaur Rescue ENG, FRE, DUT NTSC-U SLUS-21794 October 27, 2008;; January 8, 2013 (PS2 Classics)
PAL SLES-55284 March 20, 2009;; July 2, 2009 (Australia)
Go, Diego, Go! Safari Rescue Nick Jr. Go Diego Go! Safari Rescue, Go Diego! Mission Safari ENG, FRE, DUT NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21718 February 11, 2008;; January 8, 2013 (PS2 Classics)
PAL SLES-55289, SLES-55111, SLES-55189 (France) March 7, 2008;; July 3, 2008 (Australia);; March 13, 2013 (PS2 Classics)
Goblin Commander: Unleash the Horde ENG, GER, FRE NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20792 November 11, 2003
PAL SLES-52433 March 11, 2005
Gobuato no Sekai 五分後の世界 Five minutes from nowhere (SLPM-65046), Gofungo no Sekai (JP) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-65046 August 2, 2001
God Hand ゴッドハンド (SLPM-66550) & (SLPM-74241), 갓 핸드 (SCKA-20090) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, KOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21503, NPUD-21503 (PS2 Classics) October 10, 2006;; October 4, 2011 (PS2 Classics)
PAL SLES-54490, NPED-00052 (PS2 Classics) February 16, 2007;; February 21, 2007 (Australia);; February 15, 2012 (PS2 Classics)
NTSC-J SLPM-66550, SLPM-74241 (PlayStation 2 the Best), SCKA-20090 September 14, 2006;; January 11, 2007 (Korea);; June 28, 2007 (PlayStation 2 the Best);; January 26, 2012 (PS2 Classics, Korea)
God of War ゴッド・オブ・ウォー (SLPM-67010) & (SLPM-67011) & (SLPM-67012), 갓 오브 워: 영혼의 반역자 (SCKA-30002) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, KOR NTSC-U (WL) SCUS-97399, SCUS-97467 (Demo, God of War: The Hydra Battle) March 22, 2005;; March 1, 2006 (Greatest Hits)
PAL (W) SCES-53133, SCES-53133/P (Platinum), SCES-51533, SCED-53431 (Demo) July 8, 2005;; January 13, 2006 (Platinum);; March 23, 2006 (Platinum, Australia);; 2005 (Australia)
NTSC-J SCKA-30002 (Korea), SLPM-67010, SCKA-30003 (BigHit Series, Korea), SLPM-67011 (CapKore), SLPM-67012 (Best Price), SCAJ-30010, SLPM-66167 August 18, 2005 (Korea);; November 17, 2005;; June 30, 2006 (BigHit Series, Korea);; September 28, 2006 (CapKore);; September 6, 2007 (Best Price)
God of War II ゴッド・オブ・ウォー II 終焉への序曲 (SLPM-67013) & (SLPM-67017), 갓 오브 워 II (SCKA-30006) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, KOR, RUS NTSC-U (W) SCUS-97481, SCUS-97482 (Demo, God of War II: The Colossus Battle) March 13, 2007;; April 6, 2008 (Greatest Hits)
PAL (W) SCES-54206, SCES-54206/P (Platinum), SCED-54680 (Demo) April 27, 2007;; May 3, 2007 (Australia; Special Edition, Australia);; January 11, 2008 (Platinum);; 2008 (Platinum, Australia)
NTSC-J SLPM-67013, SCAJ-20190, SCAJ-30011, SCKA-30006, SCKA-30007 (Korea, BigHit Series), SLPM-67017 (Best Price), SLPM-61161 (Demo, God of War II: The End Begins) June 29, 2007 (Korea);; July 3, 2007 (Korea, BigHit Series);; October 25, 2007;; August 7, 2008 (Best Price)
GoDai: Elemental Force ENG, SPA, ITA NTSC-U SLUS-20288 January 21, 2002
PAL SLES-50433, SLES-50704, SLES-50705 March 1, 2002
Godzilla Unleashed ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21707 November 20, 2007
PAL SLES-54960 February 22, 2008;; February 29, 2008 (Australia)
Godzilla: Save the Earth ゴジラ怪獣大乱闘 地球最終決戦 (SLPM-65805) & (SLPM-66197), Godzilla Kaijuu Dairansen: Chikyuu Saishuu Kessen (JP) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20809 November 2, 2004
PAL SLES-52766 December 10, 2004
NTSC-J SLPM-65805, SLPM-66197 (Atari Hot Series) December 9, 2004;; December 8, 2005 (Atari Hot Series)
Gokujou Seitokai 極上生徒会 (SLPM-66086) & (SLPM-66631) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-66086, VW298-J1, SLPM-66631 (Konami the Best), VW298-J2 (Konami the Best) September 15, 2005;; December 14, 2006 (Konami the Best)
Gokuraku Jan Premium 極落雀 PREMIUM (SLPS-20302), ごくらくじゃんプレミアム (JP) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-20302 July 31, 2003
Gold X ゴールドX (SLPS-20314) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-20314 November 27, 2003
Golden Age of Racing ENG PAL (W) SLES-53174 September 2, 2005;; February 15, 2012 (PS2 Classics)
GoldenEye: Rogue Agent ゴールデンアイ ダーク・エージェント (SLPM-65763) & (SLPM-66145), GoldenEye: Agente Corrupto (SLES-52977), GoldenEye: Au Service du Mal (SLES-52975), 골든아이: 로그 에이전트 (SLKA-25250), GoldenEye: Dark Agent (JP) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE, KOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21064, SLUS-21064GH (Greatest Hits) November 22, 2004;; 2005 (Greatest Hits)
PAL SLES-52974, SLES-52976, SLES-52977, SLES-52975 November 26, 2004
NTSC-J SLKA-25250 (Korea), SLPM-65763, SLPM-66145 (EA Best Hits), SLAJ-25058 January 6, 2005 (Korea);; January 13, 2005;; October 27, 2005 (EA Best Hits)
Golf Navigator Vol. 1 ゴルフナビゲーター Vol.1 (SLPS-25046) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-25046 June 28, 2001
Golf Navigator Vol. 2 ゴルフナビゲーター Vol.2 (SLPS-25047) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-25047 June 28, 2001
Golf Navigator Vol. 3 ゴルフナビゲーター Vol.3 (SLPS-25055) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-25055 September 6, 2001
Golf Navigator Vol. 4 ゴルフナビゲーター Vol.4 (SLPS-25056) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-25056 September 20, 2001
Golf Paradise DX ゴルフパラダイスDX (SLPS-25027) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-25027 December 14, 2000
Goodyear Racing PAL February 17, 2006
Goosebumps Horrorland ENG NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21834 October 30, 2008
Gottlieb Pinball Classics ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA PAL SLES-54181 July 26, 2006;; April 3, 2013 (PS2 Classics)
Gradius III and IV グラディウスIII&IV 復活の神話 (SLPM-62007) & (SLPM-62063) & (SLPM-62530), Gradius III and IV: Fukkatsu no Shinwa (JP) ENG, JAP NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20040 November 13, 2000
PAL (W) SLES-50038 November 24, 2000
NTSC-J (W) SLPM-62007, VW003-J1, SLPM-62063 (Konami the Best), VW003-J2 (Konami the Best), SLPM-62530 (Konami Dendou Collection), VW003-J4 (Konami Dendou Collection) April 13, 2000;; September 13, 2001 (Konami the Best);; September 2, 2004 (Konami Dendou Collection)
Gradius V グラディウスV (SLPM-62462) & (SLPM-62621), 그라디우스Ⅴ (SLKA-15032) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, KOR NTSC-U (WL) SLUS-20712, NPUD-20712 (PS2 Classics) September 14, 2004;; April 14, 2015 (PS2 Classics)
PAL (W) SLES-52095 October 8, 2004
NTSC-J (W) SLPM-62462, VW176-J1, SLKA-15032 (Korea), SLPM-62621 (Konami the Best), VW176-J2 (Konami the Best), NPJD-00088 (PS2 Classics), SLPM-60247 (Trial) July 22, 2004 (Japan, Korea);; May 26, 2005 (Konami the Best);; April 15, 2015 (PS2 Classics)
Graffiti Kingdom ラクガキ王国2 ~魔王城の戦い~ (SLPM-65637), Rakugaki Oukoku 2 (JP), Rakugaki Oukoku 2: Maou-jou no Tatakai (JP) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U SLUS-21136 July 28, 2005
PAL SLES-53311 June 30, 2005
NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65637, TCPS-10086, SLPM-66355 (Taito Best), TCPS-10150 (Taito Best) September 22, 2004;; April 20, 2006 (Taito Best)
Gran Turismo 3 Demo Disks ENG, JAP NTSC-U SCUS-97115 (A-spec Demo), SCUS-97219 (Nissan 350Z Edition), PBPX-95503 (GT3 Racing Pack) July 10, 2001 (GT3 Racing Pack)
NTSC-J (W) PAPX-90203 (PlayStation Festival 2000 (Taikenban)), PAPX-90208 (Replay Theater), PAPX-90207 (Replay Theater Autobacs Seven), PAPX-90209 (Replay Theater Netz Toyota), PBPX-95502 (PS2 Bundle), PCPX-96311 (Trial Disk), PCPX-96312 (Store Trial Disk), PCPX-96513 (Over-The-Counter Video DVD), PCPX-96609 (Store Disc Vol. 2)
Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec グランツーリスモ3 A-spec (SCPS-15009) & (SCPS-72001) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (WL) SCUS-97102, SCUS-97512 (Greatest Hits) July 9, 2001;; July 9, 2002 (Greatest Hits)
PAL (W) SCES-50294, SCES-50294/P (Platinum) July 20, 2001;; March 1, 2002 (Platinum)
NTSC-J (W) SCPS-15009, SCPS-72001 (Mega Hits!), SCPS-55007 April 28, 2001;; December 13, 2001 (Mega Hits!)
Gran Turismo 4 グランツーリスモ4 (SCPS-17001) & (SCPS-19252), 跑車浪漫旅4 (SCAJ-30007), 跑车浪漫旅 4 (SCCS-60002), 그란 투리스모 4 (SCKA-30001) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, CHI, TRA, KOR NTSC-U (WL) SCUS-97328 February 22, 2005;; March 1, 2006 (Greatest Hits)
PAL (WL) SCES-51719, SCES-51719/P (Platinum) March 9, 2005;; May 5, 2006 (Platinum)
NTSC-J (WL) SCPS-17001, PBPX-95601 (PlayStation 2 Racing Pack), SCKA-30001, SCPS-19252 (PlayStation 2 the Best), SCKA-30004 (BigHit Series), SCAJ-30006, SCAJ-30007, SCAJ-30008, SCCS-60002 (Review copy) December 28, 2004;; March 10, 2005 (Korea);; July 6, 2006 (PlayStation 2 the Best);; September 21, 2006 (BigHit Series, Korea)
Gran Turismo 4 Demo Disks ENG NTSC-U SCUS-97384 (Special Edition 2004 Toyota Demo), SCUS-97436 (Online Public Beta), SCUS-97483 (Mazda MX-5 Edition)
PAL SCED-52578 (BMW 1 Series Virtual Drive Dealership), SCED-52681 (BMW 1 Series Virtual Drive), SCED-51352 (Nissan Micra Edition)
NTSC-J (W) PCPX-96649 (First Preview), SCPM-85304 (The PlayStation Appendix Trial), SCPM-85301 (Copen Special Edition), PAPX-90512 (Toyota Prius Trial), PAPX-90504 (Airtrek Turbo Special Edition), PAPX-90523 (Online Public Beta), PCPX-96634 (Subaru Driving Simulator), PAPX-90508 (LUPO CUP Training)
Gran Turismo 4 Prologue グランツーリスモ4 プロローグ版 (SCPS-15055) & (SCPS-19304) & (PBPX-95523), 跑車浪漫旅4:序章版 (SCAJ-20066), 그란 투리스모 4 프롤로그 (SCKA-20022), Gran Turismo 4: Prologue Edition (JP), Gran Turismo 4: "Prologue" ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, CHI, KOR PAL (W) SCES-52438, SCED-52455 (Demo, Gran Turismo Special Edition 2004 Geneva Version) May 18, 2004
NTSC-J (W) SCPS-15055, SCKA-20022 (Korea), SCPS-19304 (PlayStation 2 the Best), PBPX-95524, SCAJ-20066, PBPX-95523 (Bundled with PlayStation 2 Racing Pack) December 4, 2003;; January 15, 2004 (Korea);; August 5, 2004 (PlayStation 2 the Best)
Gran Turismo 4: Nike Limited Edition ナイキ/グランツーリスモ リミテッドエディション (SCPS-17010) JAP NTSC-J SCPS-17010 (shoe size 10), SCPS-17011 (shoe size 11), SCPS-17008 (shoe size 8), SCPS-17009 (shoe size 9) Dec 28, 2004
Gran Turismo Concept: 2001 Tokyo グランツーリスモ コンセプト 2001 TOKYO (SCPS-15010) & (SCPS-19208) JAP NTSC-J (W) SCPS-15010, SCPS-19208 (PlayStation 2 the Best), SCPS-55005, PCPX-96624 (Asia) January 1, 2002;; April 3, 2003 (PlayStation 2 the Best)
Gran Turismo Concept: 2002 Tokyo-Geneva グランツーリスモ コンセプト 2002 東京~ジュネーブ (SCPS-55902) & (SCPS-55903) ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, POR, TRA PAL (W) SCES-50858, SCES-50850, SCES-50858/P July 19, 2002;; September 16, 2003 (Platinum)
NTSC-J SCPS-55902, SCPS-55903 June 25, 2002 (Asia)
Gran Turismo Concept: 2002 Tokyo-Seoul 그란 투리스모 컨셉 2002 도쿄-서울 (SCPS-56005) & (SCKA-20029) KOR NTSC-J (W) SCKA-20029 (PlayStation2 Big Hit Series), SCPS-56005 May 16, 2002 (Korea);; Jun 16, 2004 (PlayStation2 Big Hit Series, Korea)
Grand Prix Challenge グランプリチャレンジ (SLPM-65276), 그랑프리 챌린지 (SLKA-25054), GP Challenge ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, KOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20630 March 3, 2003
PAL (W) SLES-51296 November 22, 2002
NTSC-J SLPM-65276, SLKA-25054 (Korea), SCAJ-20025 May 22, 2003;; July 12, 2003 (Korea)
Grand Theft Auto Double Pack ENG, JAP NTSC-U SLUS-27003GH (Greatest Hits) October 21, 2003 (Greatest Hits)
PAL October 24, 2003
NTSC-J CPCS-01027 February 22, 2007
Grand Theft Auto III グランド・セフト・オートIII (SLPM-65382) & (SLPM-65760) & (SLPM-66789) & (SLPM-55293) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20062, SLUS-20062GH (Greatest Hits), NPUD-20062 (PS2 Classics) October 22, 2001;; May 7, 2003 (Greatest Hits);; September 25, 2012 (PS2 Classics)
PAL (W) SLES-50330, SLES-50330/P (Platinum), SLES-50793 (Platinum), SLES-50793-P, NPED-00063 (PS2 Classics) October 26, 2001;; March 28, 2003 (Platinum; Platinum, Australia);; September 26, 2012 (PS2 Classics);; October 4, 2012 (PS2 Classics, Australia)
NTSC-J SLPM-65382, SLPM-65760 (CapKore), SLPM-66789 (Best Price), SLPM-55293 (Rockstar Classics) September 25, 2003;; December 16, 2004 (CapKore);; July 12, 2007 (Best Price);; September 29, 2011 (Rockstar Classics);; February 6, 2013 (PS2 Classics, Korea)
Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories グランド・セフト・オート リバティーシティ・ストーリーズ (SLPM-66851) & (SLPM-55038) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21423, NPUD-21423 (PS2 Classics) June 6, 2006;; April 2, 2013 (PS2 Classics)
PAL (WL) SLES-54135, SLES-54135/P (Platinum), NPED-00064 (PS2 Classics), SLES-54136 June 23, 2006;; November 23, 2007 (Platinum);; April 3, 2013 (PS2 Classics)
NTSC-J SLPM-66851, SLPM-55038 (Best Price!) September 6, 2007;; May 28, 2009 (Best Price!)
Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories / Vice City Stories ENG NTSC-U SLUS-27035 June 23, 2009
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas グランド・セフト・オート・サンアンドレアス (SLPM-65984) & (SLPM-66788) & (SLPM-55292) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20946, SLUS-20946P (Special Edition), SLUS-20946GH (Greatest Hits), NPUD-20946 (PS2 Classics) October 26, 2004;; October 17, 2005 (Special Edition);; February 20, 2006 (Greatest Hits);; December 11, 2012 (PS2 Classics)
PAL (WL) SLES-52541, SLES-52541/P (Platinum Edition), SLES-51541, SLES-52927, SLES-52927-P (Platinum), NPED-00070 (PS2 Classics) October 29, 2004;; April 1, 2006 (Platinum Edition; Platinum Australia);; December 12, 2012 (PS2 Classics);; April 1, 2015 (PS2 Classics re-release)
NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65984, SLPM-66788 (Best Price), SLPM-55092 (Best Price Re-Edition), SLPM-55292 (Rockstar Classics), NPJD-00107 (PS2 Classics) January 25, 2007;; July 12, 2007 (Best Price);; July 23, 2009 (Best Price Re-Edition);; September 29, 2011 (Rockstar Classics);; August 26, 2015 (PS2 Classics)
Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy ENG NTSC-U SLUS-27006, NPUB-50277 (PS2 Classics) November 20, 2005;; April 14, 2015 (PS2 Classics)
PAL July 31, 2009;; May 11, 2015 (PS2 Classics; PS2 Classics Australia)
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City グランドセフトオート: バイスシティ (SLPM-65488) & (SLPM-66034) & (SLPM-66790) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20552, SLUS-20552GH (Greatest Hits), NPUD-20552 (PS2 Classics) October 27, 2002;; February 2005 (Greatest Hits);; January 29, 2013 (PS2 Classics)
PAL (WL) SLES-51061, SLES-51316 (Platinum), SLES-51061/P (Platinum), SLES-51595, SLES-51595-P (Platinum) November 8, 2002;; 2004 (Platinum);; February 6, 2004 (Platinum, Australia);; January 30, 2013 (PS2 Classics)
NTSC-J SLPM-65488, SLPM-66034 (CapKore), SLPM-66790 (Best Price), SLPM-55291 (Rockstar Classics), NPJD-00108 (PS2 Classics) May 20, 2004;; May 19, 2005 (CapKore);; July 12, 2007 (Best Price);; September 29, 2011 (Rockstar Classics);; August 26, 2015 (PS2 Classics)
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories グランド・セフト・オート・バイスシティ・ストーリーズ (SLPM-66917) & (SLPM-55135) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21590, NPUD-21590 (PS2 Classics) March 5, 2007;; April 2, 2013 (PS2 Classics)
PAL (WL) SLES-54623, SLES-54622, SLES-54622/P (Platinum: The Best of PlayStation 2), SLES-54623/P (Platinum), NPED-00065 (PS2 Classics) March 9, 2007;; April 3, 2013 (PS2 Classics)
NTSC-J SLPM-66917, SLPM-55135 (Best Price!) December 6, 2007;; May 28, 2009 (Best Price!)
Grandia II グランディア II (SLPM-65081) ENG, JAP NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20194 January 28, 2002
PAL (W) SLES-50498 March 28, 2002
NTSC-J SLPM-65081, NPJD-00062 (PS2 Classics), SCPS-55012 February 21, 2002;; November 19, 2014 (PS2 Classics)
Grandia III グランディアIII (SLPM-65976) ENG, JAP NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21334 (Disc 1), SLUS-21345 (Disc 2), NPUD-21334 (PS2 Classics) February 14, 2006;; July 19, 2016 (PS2 Classics)
NTSC-J (W) SLPM-85976 (Disc 1), SLPM-85977 (Disc 2), SLPM-65976 (Disc 1), SCAJ-20141, SLPM-65977 (Disc 2), NPJD-00073 (PS2 Classics) August 4, 2005;; January 21, 2015 (PS2 Classics)
Grandia Xtreme グランディア エクストリーム (SLPM-65089) & (SLPM-65082) ENG, JAP NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20417 September 30, 2002
NTSC-J SLPM-65089, SLPM-65082 (Limited Box), SCPS-55010, NPJD-00069 (PS2 Classics) January 31, 2002;; December 17, 2014 (PS2 Classics)
Gravity Games Bike: Street Vert Dirt ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U SLUS-20310 June 27, 2002
PAL SLES-50715 September 27, 2002
Gravity Sucks ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA PAL SCED-50633
Green Green: Kane no Oto Dynamic グリーングリーン 〜鐘の音ダイナミック〜 (SLPM-65281) & (SLPM-65280) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-65281, SLPM-65280 (Deluxe Pack) April 24, 2003
Green Green: Kane no Oto Romantic グリーングリーン 〜鐘の音ロマンティック〜 (SLPM-65283) & (SLPM-65282) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65283, SLPM-65282 (Deluxe Pack) April 24, 2003
Greg Hastings' Tournament Paintball Max'd ENG NTSC-U SLUS-21539 September 26, 2006
Gregory Horror Show グレゴリーホラーショー ソウルコレクター (SLPM-65324), 그레고리 호러쇼 (SLKA-25033), Gregory Horror Show: Soul Collector (JP) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, KOR PAL (W) SLES-51933 December 5, 2003
NTSC-J SLPM-65324, SLKA-25033 August 7, 2003;; April 15, 2004 (Korea)
Gretzky NHL '06 ENG NTSC-U SCUS-97466, SCUS-97506 (Demo) September 20, 2005
Gretzky NHL 2005 ENG NTSC-U SCUS-97409 November 9, 2004
GrimGrimoire グリムグリモア (SLPS-25771) & (SLPS-25772) & (SLPS-25884), 그림그리모어 (KO) ENG, JAP NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21604, NPUD-21604 (PS2 Classics) June 26, 2007;; October 4, 2011 (PS2 Classics)
PAL (W) SLES-54897 September 27, 2007 (Australia);; September 28, 2007
NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25771, SLPS-25772 (First Print Limited Edition), SLPS-25884 (The Best Price), NPJD-00067 (PS2 Classics) April 12, 2007;; October 18, 2007 (Korea);; August 7, 2008 (The Best Price);; January 26, 2012 (PS2 Classics, Korea);; December 17, 2014 (PS2 Classics)
Groove Rider: Slot Car Racing Grooverider ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA PAL SLES-51999, SLES-52058 January 28, 2005;; June 27, 2012 (PS2 Classics)
Growlanser Generations グローランサーコレクション (SLPM-62438), Growlanser Collection (JP) ENG, JAP NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20758 (Disc 1, The Sense of Justice), SLUS-20759 (Disc 2, The Dual Darkness), SLUS-20758P (Deluxe Pack), SLUS-20759P (Deluxe Pack) December 7, 2004
NTSC-J SLPM-62438 (Growlanser Collection, The Dual Darkness), SLPM-62439 (Growlanser Collection, The Sense of Justice) December 18, 2003
Growlanser II: The Sense of Justice グローランサーII ザ・センス・オブ・ジャスティス (SLPS-20106) & (SLPS-20105) & (SLPM-62206), 그로우 랜서 2 (SLKA-15007) JAP, KOR NTSC-J (W) SLPS-20106, SLPS-20105 (Deluxe Pack), SLPM-62206 (Atlus Best Collection), SLKA-15007 (Korea) July 26, 2001;; August 8, 2002 (Atlus Best Collection);; October 9, 2003 (Korea)
Growlanser III: The Dual Darkness グローランサーIII ザ・デュアル・ダークネス (SLPM-62108) & (SLPM-62107) & (SLPM-62440), 그로우 랜서 3 (SLKA-15021) JAP, KOR NTSC-J SLPM-62108, SLPM-62107 (Limited Edition), SLPM-62440 (Atlus Best Collection), SLKA-15021 (Korea) December 6, 2001;; December 18, 2003 (Atlus Best Collection);; March 11, 2004 (Korea)
Growlanser IV: Wayfarer of the Time グローランサーIV ウェイファラー・オブ・ザ・タイム (SLPM-65408) & (SLPM-65383) & (SLPM-65875) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-65408, SLPM-65383 (Deluxe Pack), SLPM-65875 (Atlus Best Collection) December 18, 2003;; March 10, 2005 (Atlus Best Collection)
Growlanser IV: Wayfarer of the Time - Return グローランサーIV リターン ウェイファラー・オブ・ザ・タイム (SLPM-62560), Growlanser IV: Return: Wayfarer of the Time JAP NTSC-J SLPM-62560 March 10, 2005
Growlanser VI: Precarious World グローランサーVI プレキャリウス・ワールド (SLPM-66716) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-66716 June 21, 2007
Growlanser: Heritage of War グローランサーV ジェネレーションズ (SLPM-66418) & (SLPM-66249), Growlanser V Generations (JP) ENG, JAP NTSC-U NPUD-21571, SLUS-21571 September 18, 2007;; March 4, 2014 (PS2 Classics)
PAL SLES-55215 June 13, 2008
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GT-R 400 ENG PAL (W) SLES-52045 June 25, 2004;; 2004 (Australia)
GT-R Touring ENG PAL SLES-54440 October 11, 2006
Guardian Angel ガーディアン エンジェル (SLPS-25214) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-25214 February 27, 2003
Guerrilla Strike ENG PAL SLES-53344 2006
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PAL SLES-55355 November 12, 2008 (Australia);; November 21, 2008
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PAL (W) SLES-55518 February 17, 2010 (Australia);; February 19, 2010 (Europe)
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Gun ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21139 November 8, 2005
PAL (WL) SLES-53523, SLES-53647 November 11, 2005
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NTSC-J SLPM-62401 November 27, 2003
Gundam Musou Special ガンダム無双 スペシャル (SLPM-66940) & (SLPM-74267) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-66940, SLPM-74267 (PlayStation 2 the Best) February 28, 2008;; October 23, 2008 (PlayStation 2 the Best)
Gundam Seed: Federation vs. Z.A.F.T. 機動戦士ガンダムSEED 連合vs.Z.A.F.T (SLPS-25569), Kidou Senshi Gundam SEED: Rengou vs. Z.A.F.T. (JP), 기동전사 건담 SEED 연합 vs Z.A.F.T. (KO) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-25569, SLPM-61134 (Trial) November 17, 2005
Gunfighter II: Revenge of Jesse James Gunfighter 2: Revenge of Jesse James ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA PAL SLES-51289 March 28, 2003
Gungrave ガングレイヴ (SLPM-65153) & (SLPM-65152) & (SLPM-65502), 건 그레이브 (SCPS-56014) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, KOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20493, SLUS-28015 (Trade Demo) September 16, 2002
PAL (W) SLES-51236 November 29, 2002
NTSC-J SLPM-65153, SLPM-65152 (Limited Edition), SCPS-56014 (Korea), SLPM-65502 (RED Best Selection), SLPM-60184 (Trial) July 18, 2002;; October 29, 2002 (Korea);; January 29, 2004 (RED Best Selection)
Gungrave: Overdose ガングレイヴ オーディー (SLPM-65492), 건그레이브 O.D. (SCKA-20026), Gungrave OD (JP) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, KOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21020 September 15, 2004;; August 21, 2012 (PS2 Classics)
PAL SLES-52941 October 7, 2005 (Play It!);; June 2006 (DreamCatcher Interactive);; February 15, 2012 (PS2 Classics)
NTSC-J SLPM-65492, SCKA-20026 (Korea), SCAJ-20067, SCAJ-20082, SLPM-60218 (Trial) March 4, 2004;; May 27, 2004 (Korea)
Gungriffon Blaze ガングリフォン ブレイズ (SLPS-20033) & (SLPM-74001) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE NTSC-U SLUS-20080 October 24, 2000
PAL SLES-50158, SLES-50159, SLES-50160 July 12, 2002
NTSC-J SLPS-20033, SLPM-74001 (PlayStation2 the Best) August 10, 2000;; August 1, 2002 (PlayStation2 the Best)
Gungriffon Blaze & Silpheed: The Lost Planet NTSC-J SLPM-60121
Gunparade Orchestra: Ao no Shou ガンパレード・オーケストラ 青の章 〜光の海から手紙を送ります〜 (SCPS-15110) & (SCPS-15109) JAP NTSC-J SCPS-15110, SCPS-15109 (Limited Edition) July 20, 2006
Gunparade Orchestra: Midori no Shou ガンパレード・オーケストラ 緑の章 〜狼と彼の少年〜 (SCPS-15108) & (SCPS-15107) JAP NTSC-J SCPS-15108, SCPS-15107 (Limited Edition) March 30, 2006
Gunparade Orchestra: Shiro no Shou ガンパレード・オーケストラ 白の章 〜青森ペンギン伝説〜 (SCPS-15104) & (SCPS-15103), Gunparade Orchestra: Shiro no Shou: Aomori Penguin Densetsu JAP NTSC-J SCPS-15104, SCPS-15103 (Limited Edition) January 12, 2006
Gunslinger Girl Vol. 1 ガンスリンガー・ガール Volume.I (SLPS-25343) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25343, BAGG-001 April 8, 2004
Gunslinger Girl Volume II ガンスリンガー・ガール Volume.II (SLPS-25373) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-25373, BAGG-002 June 17, 2004
Gunslinger Girl Volume III ガンスリンガー・ガール Volume.III (SLPS-25388) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-25388, BAGG-003 August 19, 2004
Gunvari Collection + Time Crisis ガンバリコレクション プラス タイムクライシス (SLPS-25181) & (SLPS-25165) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25181, SLPS-25165 (w/GunCon2), SCAJ-20006 December 12, 2002
Guts da!! Mori no Ishimatsu ガッツだ!!森の石松 (SLPS-25481) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-25481 March 31, 2005
H2O+: Footprints in the Sand H2Oプラス (SLPM-66921) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-66921, KAD-003 (DX Pack) April 24, 2008
Habitrail: Hamster Ball ENG PAL (W) SLES-52749, SLES-54108 2005
Hachi-One Diver ハチワンダイバー (SLPS-20509) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-20509 September 17, 2009
Hai-Shin 3 牌神3 (SLPM-62273) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-62273 December 19, 2002
Hajime no Ippo 2: Victorious Road はじめの一歩2 ビクトリアスロード (SLPS-25287), 하지메의 일보 2 (SLKA-25182) JAP, KOR NTSC-J SLPS-25287, SLKA-25182 (Korea), SLPM-60220 (Trial) January 29, 2004;; July 22, 2004 (Korea)
Hajime no Ippo: Victorious Boxers - Championship Version はじめの一歩 ビクトリアスボクサーズ (SLPS-73401), 하지메의 일보 (KO) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-73401 (PlayStation 2 the Best), SCPS-55030 (PlayStation 2 The Best), SLPS-25128, SLPS-25129 June 27, 2002 (PlayStation 2 the Best);; September 5, 2002 (Korea)
Hakarena Heart はかれなはーと 〜君がために輝きを〜 (SLPM-66883) & (SLPM-66882) & (SLPM-55125) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-66883, SLPM-66882 (Limited Edition), SLPM-55125 (Russel Games Best) December 13, 2007;; December 11, 2008 (Russel Games Best)
Hakoniwa Tetsudou: Blue Train Tokkyuuhen 箱庭鉄道〜ブルートレイン・特急編〜 (SLPM-62143) & (SLPM-62460), Hakoniwa Tetsudou: Blue Train Express JAP NTSC-J SLPM-62143, SLPM-62460 (SuperLite 2000) May 30, 2002;; April 8, 2004 (SuperLite 2000)
Hakuouki 薄桜鬼 新選組奇譚 (SLPM-55064) & (SLPM-55063), Hakuouki: Shinsengumi Kitan (JP) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-55064, SLPM-55063 (Limited Edition) September 18, 2008
Hakuouki Twin Pack 薄桜鬼 ツインパック (HAKU-00801) JAP NTSC-J HAKU-00801 August 27, 2009
Hakuouki: Reimeiroku 薄桜鬼 黎明録 (SLPM-55273) & (SLPM-55283) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-55273, SLPM-55283 (Limited Edition) October 28, 2010
Hakuouki: Zuisouroku 薄桜鬼 随想録 (SLPM-55208) & (SLPM-55207) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-55208, SLPM-55207 (Limited Edition) August 27, 2009
Hakushaku to Yousei: Yume to Kizuna ni Omoi o Hasete 伯爵と妖精 〜夢と絆に想いを馳せて〜 (SLPM-55057) & (FVGK-0015) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-55057, FVGK-0015 (Limited Edition) April 30, 2009
Half-Life ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20066, SLUS-29014 November 11, 2001
PAL (WL) SLES-50504, SLES-50505 (Germany), SLES-50506, SLES-50507 (France), SLES-50508 (Italy), SLES-50509 (Spain) November 30, 2001
Hametsu no Mars 破滅のマルス (SLPM-65997) & (SLPM-65996) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-65997, SLPM-65996 (Limited Edition) May 26, 2005
Hamster Heroes ENG PAL SLES-53006 July 15, 2005
Hana to Otome ni Shukufuku o: Harukaze no Okurimono 花と乙女に祝福を~春風の贈り物~ (SLPM-55263) & (ALCH-00028) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-55263, ALCH-00028 (Saint Box) July 8, 2010
Hana to Taiyou to Ame to 花と太陽と雨と (SLPS-25034) & (SLPS-25154) & (SLPS-25451), Flower, Sun, and Rain JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25034, SLPS-25154 (Victor the Best), SLPS-25451 (Best Collection) May 2, 2001;; January 13, 2005 (Best Collection);; September 5, 2002 (Victor the Best)
Hanabi Hyakkei 花火百景 (SLPS-20309) & (SLPS-20308) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-20309, SLPS-20308 (Limited Edition) October 30, 2003
Hanabi Shokunin Ninarou 2 花火職人になろう2 (SLPS-20294) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-20294 June 26, 2003
Hanafuda 花札 (SLPM-62487) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-62487 (SuperLite 2000 Table) May 13, 2004 (SuperLite 2000 Table)
Hanakisou 花帰葬 (SLPM-66471) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-66471 July 6, 2006
Hanayoi Romanesque: Ai to Kanashimi 花宵ロマネスク 愛と哀しみ−それは君のためのアリア (SLPS-25868) & (SLPS-25867) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-25868, SLPS-25867 (Limited Edition) May 29, 2008
Hanjuku Eiyuu 4: 7-Jin no Hanjuku Eiyuu 半熟英雄4 〜7人の半熟英雄〜 (SLPM-65839), 半熟銀河弁当 半熟英雄4 〜7人の半熟英雄〜 (SLPM-65838), Hanjuku Hero 4: 7-Jin no Hanjuku Hero JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65839, SLPM-65838 (Limited Edition) May 26, 2005
Hanjuku Eiyuu Tai 3D 半熟英雄 対 3D (SLPM-65315), 7大ふろくつき!半熟英雄 対 3D 特大号 (SLPM-65314), 반숙영웅 vs 3D (SLKA-25091), Hanjuku Hero Tai 3D (JP), Bansug Yeongung vs 3D (KO), はんじゅくヒーロー 3D JAP, KOR NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65315, SLPM-65314 (Bonus Pack), SLKA-25091 (Korea), SLPM-61050 (Trial) June 26, 2003;; January 8, 2004 (Korea)
Hannspree Ten Kate Honda SBK SBK: Superbike World Championship 2007 (AU), SBK-07 Superbike World Championship (EU) ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U SLUS-21656, NPUD-21656 (PS2 Classics) October 29, 2007;; July 10, 2012 (PS2 Classics)
PAL SLES-54705 May 18, 2007;; June 28, 2007 (Australia)
Hansel & Gretel Hansel and Gretel ENG, GER, FRE PAL SLES-54685 November 24, 2006
Hanuman: Boy Warrior ENG, HIN NTSC-J SCES-55464 March 25, 2009 (Asia)
Happiness! De-Lucks はぴねす!でらっくす (SLPS-25720) & (SLPS-25719) & (SLPS-25811) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-25720, SLPS-25719 (First Print Limited Edition), SLPS-25811 (Best Collection) January 25, 2007;; September 13, 2007 (Best Collection)
Happy Breeding: Cheerful Party はっぴーぶりーでぃんぐ 〜Cheerful Party〜 (SLPM-65220) & (SLPM-65219) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-65220, SLPM-65219 (Limited Edition) February 27, 2003
Happy Feet ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21455 November 14, 2006
PAL (W) SLES-54421, SLES-54421-P November 24, 2006;; November 30, 2006 (Australia)
Happy! Happy!! Boarders in Hokkaido ハッピー!ハッピー!!ボーダーズ in北海道 ルスツ リゾード (SLPS-20050) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-20050 December 14, 2000
Hard Hitter 2 マジカルスポーツ ハードヒッター2 (SLPS-20173) & (SLPS-20270), 그랜드 슬램 2003 테니스 (SLKA-15013), Magical Sports: Hard Hitter 2 (JP), Grand Slam 2003 Tennis (KO) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, KOR PAL SLES-51057 February 14, 2003
NTSC-J SLPS-20173, SLPS-20270 (New Price), SLKA-15013 (Korea) February 7, 2002;; March 20, 2003 (New Price);; July 31, 2003 (Korea)
Hard Hitter Tennis マジカルスポーツ ハードヒッター (SLPS-20098) & (SLPS-20205), Centre Court: Hard Hitter (EU), Magical Sports: Hard Hitter (JP) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE NTSC-U SLUS-20568 October 8, 2002
PAL SLES-50636 March 8, 2002
NTSC-J SLPS-20098, SLPS-20205 (NewPrice) June 28, 2001;; June 27, 2002 (NewPrice)
Hard Rock Casino ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21102 November 27, 2006
PAL SLES-54143 November 9, 2007;; November 22, 2007 (Australia)
Hardware: Online Arena 강철기갑사단: ONLINE BATTLEFIELD (SCKA-10001), Gangcheol Gigap Sadan: Online Battlefield (KO) ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, KOR PAL (W) SCES-51593 (Beta Trial Disc v0.01 & Full Release), SCES-51977 November 7, 2003
NTSC-J (W) SCKA-10001, SCKA-14001 2004 (Korea)
Harley-Davidson Motorcycles: Race to the Rally Harley-Davidson Motor Cycles ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U SLUS-21573 November 27, 2006
PAL SLES-54606, SLES-54631 March 14, 2007 (Australia);; March 16, 2007
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets ハリー・ポッターと秘密の部屋 (SLPS-20234) & (SLPM-62513), Harry Potter und die Kammer des Schreckens (SLES-51194), Harry Potter en de Geheime Kamer (SLES-51218), Harry Potter ea Câmara dos Segredos (SLES-51219), Harry Potter e la Camera dei Segreti (SLES-51196), Harry Potter et la Chambre des Secrets (SLES-51193), Harry Potter og Mysteriekammeret (SLES-51215), Harry Potter ja Salaisuuksien Kammio (SLES-51216), Harry Potter och Hemligheternas Kammare (SLES-51217), Harry Potter y la Camara Secreta (SLES-51195), 해리포터와 비밀의 방 (SLPM-64528), Harry Potter og Hemmelighedernes Kammer (SLES-51214), Harry Potter to Himitsu no Heya (JP) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE, DAN, FIN, POR, CHI, KOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20576, SLUS-20576GH (Greatest Hits) November 14, 2002;; 2006 (Greatest Hits)
PAL (W) SLES-51192, SLES-51193, SLES-51194, SLES-51195, SLES-51196, SLES-51214, SLES-51215, SLES-51216, SLES-51217, SLES-51218, SLES-51219 November 15, 2002;; July 9, 2004 (Platinum)
NTSC-J SLPS-20234, SLPM-64528 (Korea), SLPM-62513 (EA Best Hits), SLPM-62241 (China), SLPM-68005 (Demo, Coca-Cola Original Version) November 23, 2002;; December 10, 2002 (Korea);; July 15, 2004 (EA Best Hits)
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Harry Potter och den Flammande Bägaren (SLES-53727), 해리포터와 불의 잔 (SLKA-25327), Harry Potter: The Goblet of Fire (KO) ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE, POL, DAN, FIN, NOR, POR, KOR NTSC-U SLUS-21325 November 8, 2005
PAL (W) SLES-53727, SLES-53726, SLES-53728 November 11, 2005
NTSC-J SLKA-25327 (Korea), SLAJ-25076 (Asia) December 15, 2005 (Korea);; December 16, 2005 (Asia)
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PAL SLES-55249, SLES-55248 July 2, 2009 (Australia);; July 3, 2009
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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban ハリー・ポッターとアズカバンの囚人 (SLPM-65612), Harry Potter och Fången från Azkaban (SLES-52527), 해리포터와 아즈카반의 죄수 (SLKA-25172), Harry Potter i Więzień Azkabanu (SLES-52600), Harry Potter to Azkaban no Shuujin (JP), Harry Potter og fangen fra Azkaban (EU) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE, POL, DAN, NOR, POR, KOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20926, SLUS-20926GH (Greatest Hits) June 2, 2004;; 2005 (Greatest Hits)
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NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65612, SLKA-25172 (Korea) June 26, 2004;; July 8, 2004 (Korea)
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone ハリー・ポッターと賢者の石 (SLPM-65465) & (SLPM-65650), Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE, DAN, FIN, POR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20826 December 9, 2003
PAL (W) SLES-52055, SLES-52056 December 12, 2003
NTSC-J SLPM-65465, SLPM-65650 (EA Best Hits) January 22, 2004;; July 15, 2004 (EA Best Hits)
Harry Potter Collection ENG NTSC-U SLUS-27009 October 23, 2007
Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup ハリー・ポッター クィディッチ ワールドカップ (SLPM-62408), 해리포터: 퀴디치 월드컵 (SLKA-15016) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE, DAN, NOR, POR, KOR NTSC-U (WM) SLUS-20769 October 28, 2003
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NTSC-J SLPM-62408, SLKA-15016 (Korea) November 13, 2003;; November 28, 2003 (Korea)
Haru no Ashioto: Step of Spring はるのあしおと Step of Spring・Deliver Spring to your heart ... as soon! (SLPM-66318) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-66318, ALCH-00005 (PacPac Pack) April 6, 2006
Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 2 遙かなる時空の中で2 (SLPM-65092) & (SLPM-65091) & (SLPM-65833) & (SLPM-66654), Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 2 + 1 (JP) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-65092, SLPM-65091 (Premium Box), KOEI-SP004 (Koei 2002 Spring Pack w/ PS1 Harukanaru Toki no Naka de), SLPM-65833 (Koei the Best), SLPM-66654 (Koei Teiban Series) February 28, 2002;; April 19, 2002 (Koei 2002 Spring Pack w/ PS1 Harukanaru Toki no Naka de);; December 14, 2006 (Koei Teiban Series);; October 6, 2005 (Koei the Best)
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Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 3 & Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 3: Izayoiki Twin Pack 遙かなる時空の中で3 & 遙かなる時空の中で3 十六夜記 ツインパック (SLPM-66127) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-66127 (Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 3: Izayoiki), SLPM-66128 (Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 3), KOEI-00048 September 22, 2005
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Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 3: Izayoiki 遙かなる時空の中で3 十六夜記 (SLPM-66100) & (SLPM-66759) & (SLPM-66099) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-66100, SLPM-66099 (Premium Box), KOEI-00047 (Premium Box), SLPM-66759 (Koei the Best) September 22, 2005;; April 5, 2007 (Koei the Best)
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Harukanaru Toki no Naka de: Hachiyoushou 遙かなる時空の中で 〜八葉抄〜 (SLPM-65916) & (SLPM-66655) & (KOEI-00029), 遙かなる時空の中で 舞一夜&八葉抄 ツインパック (KOEI-00111), Harukanaru Jikuu no Kade: Hachiha Katsunori (JP) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-65916, KOEI-00029 (Premium Box), KOEI-00111 (Twin Pack), SLPM-66655 (Koei the Best), SLPM-65957 April 1, 2005;; September 21, 2006 (Twin Pack);; December 14, 2006 (Koei the Best)
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Harukanaru Toki no Naka de: Maihitoyo 遙かなる時空の中で 舞一夜 (SLPM-66548) & (SLPM-55050) & (SLPM-66545) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-66548, SLPM-66545 (Premium Box), KOEI-00110 (Premium Box), SLPM-55050 (Koei the Best) September 21, 2006;; July 10, 2008 (Koei the Best)
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Harukaze P.S.: Plus Situation 春風P.S.~プラスシチュエーション~ (SLPM-62777) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-62777 (DX Pack) May 29, 2008
Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition 牧場物語 Oh!ワンダフルライフ (SLPS-25431) & (SLPS-25421) & (SLPS-73222), Bokujou Monogatari: Oh! Wonderful Life (JP) ENG, JAP NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21171, NPUD-21171 (PS2 Classics) October 28, 2005;; September 18, 2012 (PS2 Classics)
PAL SLES-53480 November 16, 2005
NTSC-J SLPS-25431, SLPS-25421 (First Print Limited Edition), SLPS-73222 (PlayStation 2 the Best) November 11, 2004;; November 2, 2005 (PlayStation 2 the Best)
Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland 牧場物語3 ハートに火をつけて (SLPS-20104) & (SLPS-73102) & (SLPS-73109), Bokujou Monogatari 3: Heart ni Hi o Tsukete (JP) ENG, JAP NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20251, NPUD-20251 (PS2 Classics) November 22, 2001;; November 1, 2011 (PS2 Classics)
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Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law ENG NTSC-U SLUS-21680 January 8, 2008
Hasbro Family Game Night Hasbro Familien-Spieleabend (EU), Hasbro Family Party ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA NTSC-U SLUS-21805 November 11, 2008
PAL SLES-55342, SLES-55341, SLES-55219, SLES-55239 November 20, 2008 (Australia);; November 21, 2008
Hatsukoi: First Kiss 初恋−first kiss− (SLPM-66027) & (SLPM-66026) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-66027, SLPM-66026 (First Print Limited Edition) June 30, 2005
Haunting Ground デメント (SLPM-65913) & (SLPM-66638) & (NPJD-00032), Demento (JP) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (WL) SLUS-21075 May 10, 2005
PAL (WL) SLES-52877 April 29, 2005
NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65913, SLPM-66638 (CapKore), NPJD-00032 (PS2 Classics) April 21, 2005;; December 14, 2006 (CapKore);; April 21, 2015 (PS2 Classics)
Haven: Call of the King ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20517, SLUS-29038 (Regular Demo), SLUS-28019 (Trade Demo) November 17, 2002
PAL SLES-51209, SLED-51281 (Demo) November 22, 2002;; 2002 (Australia)
Hawk Kawasaki Racing Hawk Superbike Racing ENG PAL SLES-54441, SLES-54540 (Hawk Superbike Racing) October 11, 2006;; February 22, 2012 (PS2 Classics)
Hayarigami 2: Keishichou Kaii Jiken File 流行り神2 警視庁怪異事件ファイル (SLPS-20501) & (SLPS-20508) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-20501, SLPS-20508 (The Best Price) November 15, 2007;; June 18, 2009 (The Best Price)
Hayarigami Revenge: Keishichou Kaii Jiken File 流行り神 Revenge 警視庁怪異事件ファイル (SLPS-20422), はやりがみ リベンジ 警視庁怪異事件ファイル (JP) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-20422 July 14, 2005
Hayarigami: Keishichou Kaii Jiken File 流行り神 警視庁怪異事件ファイル (SLPS-20385) & (SLPS-20384) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-20385, SLPS-20384 (Limited Edition) August 5, 2004
HDD Utility Disc ENG NTSC-U (W) PBPX-95216 (1.00), PBPX-95237 (1.00, same disc as 95216), SCUS-97395 (1.10) 2004
Headhunter ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20416 May 9, 2002
PAL SCES-50500 March 22, 2002
Headhunter: Redemption ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20817 September 21, 2004
PAL (W) SLES-51682, SLES-52512, SLES-52511 August 27, 2004
Heart no Kuni no Alice ハートの国のアリス (SLPM-55044), Heart no Kuni no Alice: Wonderful Wonder World (JP) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-55044 September 18, 2008
Heatseeker ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21570 May 1, 2007
PAL SLES-54596, SLES-54346 March 30, 2007;; April 13, 2007 (Australia)
Heavenly Guardian 雪ん娘大旋風 〜さゆきとこゆきのひえひえ大騒動〜 (SLPM-66707), Yukinko Daisenpuu: Saiyuki to Koyuki no Hie Hie Daisoudou (JP), Legend of Sayuki (EU) ENG, JAP, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21653, NPUD-21653 (PS2 Classics) February 26, 2008;; October 8, 2013 (PS2 Classics)
PAL SLES-55123 June 27, 2008
NTSC-J SLPM-66707, NPJD-00045 (PS2 Classics) December 18, 2008;; July 17, 2013 (PS2 Classics)
Heavy Metal Thunder ヘビーメタルサンダー (SLPM-66030) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-66030, SCAJ-20147 September 1, 2005
Heisei Bakutoden 平成博徒伝 (SLPM-62548) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-62548 (SuperLite 2000 Puzzle) November 11, 2004 (SuperLite 2000 Puzzle)
Hello Kitty: Roller Rescue ハローキティのピコピコ大作戦! (SLPM-65831), 헬로우 키티: 구출대작전 (SLKA-25279), Hello Kitty no PikoPiko Daisakusen (JP), Hello Kitty: Rescue Mission (KO) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, KOR PAL (W) SLES-53509 September 9, 2005;; September 2005 (Australia)
NTSC-J SLPM-65831, SLKA-25279 (Korea) April 28, 2005;; May 3, 2005 (Korea)
Heracles Chariot Racing ENG, FRE PAL SLES-54786 June 27, 2007
Heracles: Battle With The Gods ENG PAL SLES-53855 March 10, 2006
Herdy Gerdy ハーディーガーディー (SLPS-25194), 허디거디 (SLKA-25003) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, KOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20231 March 4, 2002
PAL (W) SLES-50751 February 22, 2002
NTSC-J SLPS-25194, SLKA-25003 (Korea), SCAJ-20009 January 9, 2003;; May 2, 2003 (Korea)
Hermina to Culus ヘルミーナとクルス ~リリーのアトリエ もう一つの物語~ (SLPM-62122), Hermina to Culus: Lilie no Atelier Mou Hitotsu no Monogatari (JP) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-62122 December 20, 2001
Heroes of Might and Magic: Quest for the Dragon Bone Staff ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20158 April 18, 2001
PAL (W) SLES-50186 June 1, 2001
Heroes of the Pacific ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20943 September 28, 2005
PAL SLES-53441 September 23, 2005
Hidden Invasion ENG, GER, FRE NTSC-U SLUS-20301 July 29, 2002
PAL SLES-50260 December 7, 2001
Higanbana 彼岸花 (SLPS-25111) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-25111 December 26, 2002
High Heat Major League Baseball 2002 ENG NTSC-U SLUS-20133 March 26, 2001
High Heat Major League Baseball 2003 ハイヒートメジャーリーグベースボール 2003 (SLPM-62190) & (SLPM-62325), 하이히트 메이저리그 베이스볼 2003 (SLPM-64535) ENG, JAP, KOR NTSC-U SLUS-20298, SLUS-29019 (Demo) February 9, 2002
PAL SLES-50638 April 5, 2002
NTSC-J SLPM-62190, SLPM-62325 (Takara the Best), SLPM-64535 September 5, 2002;; April 24, 2003 (Takara the Best)
High Heat Major League Baseball 2004 ENG NTSC-U SLUS-20602, SLUS-28029 (Trade Demo) February 20, 2003
High Rollers Casino ENG NTSC-U SLUS-21014 November 10, 2004
High School Musical 3: Senior Year DANCE! Disney High School Musical 3: Senior Year Dance! ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA NTSC-U SLUS-21819, SLUS-27030 (w/Mat) October 28, 2008
PAL SLES-55398 November 7, 2008;; December 10, 2008 (Australia);; December 11, 2008 (Bundle, Australia)
High School Musical: Sing It! Disney High School Musical: Sing It! ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U SLUS-21599, SLUS-21599P (w/Microphone) October 30, 2007
PAL SLES-54836 November 9, 2007;; November 15, 2007 (Australia)
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Matsuri ひぐらしのなく頃に祭 (SLPM-66620) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-66620, ALCH-00009 (First Print Limited Edition) February 22, 2007
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Matsuri: Kakera Asobi ひぐらしのなく頃に祭 カケラ遊び (SLPM-66913) & (SLPM-66912) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-66913, SLPM-66912 (Append Version) December 20, 2007
Hiiro no Kakera 緋色の欠片 (SLPM-66454) & (SLPM-66453) & (SLPM-55216) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-66454, SLPM-66453 (Limited Edition), SLPM-55216 (Aizouban) July 6, 2006;; October 1, 2009 (Aizouban)
Hiiro no Kakera Twin Pack 緋色の欠片 愛蔵版 真・翡翠の雫 緋色の欠片2 ツインパック (HKHS-01002) JAP NTSC-J HKHS-01002 October 1, 2009
Hiiro no Kakera: Ano Sora no Shita de 緋色の欠片 〜あの空の下で〜 (SLPM-66687) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-66687, HKID-00418 (Twin Pack) February 15, 2007
Hiiro no Kakera: Shin Tamayori Hime Denshou ヒイロノカケラ 新玉依姫伝承 (SLPM-55215) & (SLPM-55214) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-55215, SLPM-55214 (Limited Edition) October 1, 2009
Himawari: Pebble in the Sky ひまわり -Pebble in the Sky- (SLPM-55245), Himawari: Pebble in the Sky Portable DX Pack (JP) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-55245 (Bundled w/ PSP version) April 22, 2010
Himehibi: New Princess Days!! Zoku! Ni-Gakki ひめひび -New Princess Days!!- 続!二学期 (SLPS-25939) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25939 June 25, 2009
HimeHibi: Princess Days ひめひび -Princess Days- (SLPS-25721) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25721 December 28, 2006
Hissatsu Pachi-Slot Evolution: Ninja Hattori-Kun V 必殺パチスロエヴォリューション 忍者ハットリくんV (SLPS-20429) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-20429 December 22, 2005
Hissatsu Pachinko Evolution 2: Osomatsu-Kun 必殺パチスロエヴォリューション2 おそ松くん (SLPS-20457) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-20457 March 2, 2006
Hissatsu Pachinko Station V10 必殺パチンコステーションV10 レレレにおまかせ (SLPS-20412) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-20412 March 17, 2005
Hissatsu Pachinko Station V11 必殺パチンコステーションV11 CRギャートルズ (SLPS-25556) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-25556 September 29, 2005
Hissatsu Pachinko Station V2 必殺パチンコステーションV2 天才バカボン (SLPS-20112) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-20112 July 12, 2001
Hissatsu Pachinko Station V3 必殺パチンコステーションV3 出動!ミニスカポリス (SLPS-20192) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-20192 April 25, 2002
Hissatsu Pachinko Station V4 必殺パチンコステーションV4 ドラムチック麻雀 (SLPS-20213) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-20213 August 22, 2002
Hissatsu Pachinko Station V5 必殺パチンコステーションV5ピンクレディ (SLPS-20229) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-20229 October 31, 2002
Hissatsu Pachinko Station V6 必殺パチンコステーションV6 夢の超特急 (SLPS-20233) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-20233 December 5, 2002
Hissatsu Pachinko Station V7 必殺パチンコステーションV7 天才バカボン2 (SLPS-20279) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-20279 May 22, 2003
Hissatsu Pachinko Station V8 必殺パチンコステーションV8 忍者ハットリくん (SLPS-20316) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-20316 November 20, 2003
Hissatsu Pachinko Station V9 必殺パチンコステーションV9 おそ松くん (SLPS-20411), 必殺パチンコステーションV9 ピンクパンサー (SLPS-20390) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-20390 (Pink Panther, Cancelled?), SLPS-20411 (Osomatsu-kun) October 28, 2004 (Pink Panther, Cancelled?);; February 24, 2005 (Osomatsu-kun)
Hissatsu Pachinko Station V: Honoo no Bakushougun 必殺パチンコステーションV 炎の爆笑軍団 (SLPS-20051) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-20051 June 7, 2001
Hissatsu Ura-Kagyou 必殺裏稼業 (SLPM-66113) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-66113 September 22, 2005
Hisshou Pachinko*Pachi-Slot Kouryaku Series Vol. 12: CR Shinseiki Evangelion - Shito, Futatabi 必勝パチンコ★パチスロ攻略シリーズ Vol.12 CR新世紀エヴァンゲリオン〜使徒、再び〜 (SLPS-25869) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-25869 June 26, 2008
Hisshou Pachinko*Pachi-Slot Kouryaku Series Vol. 13: Shinseiki Evangelion - Yakusoku no Toki 必勝パチンコ★パチスロ攻略シリーズ Vol.13 新世紀エヴァンゲリオン〜約束の時〜 (SLPS-25909) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-25909 December 18, 2008
Hisshou Pachinko*Pachi-Slot Kouryoku Series Vol. 10: CR Shinseiki Evangelion: Kiseki no Kachi 必勝パチンコ★パチスロ攻略シリーズ Vol.10 CR新世紀エヴァンゲリオン〜奇跡の価値は〜 (SLPS-25786) & (SLPS-25861) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-25786, SLPS-25861 (Special Price) June 7, 2007;; March 6, 2008 (Special Price)
Hisshou Pachinko*Pachi-Slot Kouryoku Series Vol. 11: Shinseiki Evangelion - Magokoro o, Kimi ni 必勝パチンコ★パチスロ攻略シリーズ Vol.11 新世紀エヴァンゲリオン〜まごころを、君に〜 (SLPS-25813) & (SLPS-25911) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25813, SLPS-25911 (Special Price) September 27, 2007;; December 4, 2008 (Special Price)
Hisshou Pachinko*Pachi-Slot Kouryoku Series Vol. 2: Bomber Powerful & Yume Yume World DX 必勝パチンコ★パチスロ攻略シリーズ Vol.2 ボンバーパワフル&夢夢ワールドDX (SLPS-25602) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-25602 January 12, 2006
Hisshou Pachinko*Pachi-Slot Kouryoku Series Vol. 3: CR Marilyn Monroe 必勝パチンコ★パチスロ攻略シリーズ Vol.3 CRマリリン・モンロー (SLPS-25620) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-25620 February 23, 2006
Hisshou Pachinko*Pachi-Slot Kouryoku Series Vol. 4: CR Ashita Gaarusa Yoshimoto World 必勝パチンコ★パチスロ攻略シリーズ Vol.4 CR明日があるさ よしもとワールド (SLPS-25645) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-25645 May 25, 2006
Hisshou Pachinko*Pachi-Slot Kouryoku Series Vol. 6: 7Cafe Keishikina Bomber Powerful 2 必勝パチンコ★パチスロ攻略シリーズ Vol.6 7Cafe〜型式名ボンバーパワフル2〜 (SLPS-25672) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-25672 August 3, 2006
Hisshou Pachinko*Pachi-Slot Kouryoku Series Vol. 8: CR Matsura Aya 必勝パチンコ★パチスロ攻略シリーズ Vol.8 CR松浦亜弥 (SLPS-25699) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-25699 November 30, 2006
Hisshou Pachinko*Pachi-Slot Kouryoku Series Vol. 9: CR Fever Captain Harlock 必勝パチンコ★パチスロ攻略シリーズ Vol.9 CRフィーバー キャプテンハーロック (SLPS-25746) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-25746 March 8, 2007
Hisshou Pachinko*Pachi-Slot Kouryoku Series: CR Fever Powerful Zero 必勝パチンコ★パチスロ攻略シリーズ Vol.7 CRフィーバー パワフルZERO (SLPS-25697), Hisshou Pachinko*Pachi-Slot Kouryoku Series Vol. 7: CR Fever Powerful Zero (JP) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-25697 October 26, 2006
Hisshou Pachinko*Pachi-Slot Kouryoku Vol. 5: Evangelion 必勝パチンコ★パチスロ攻略シリーズ Vol.5 CR新世紀エヴァンゲリオン セカンドインパクト&パチスロ新世紀エヴァンゲリオン (SLPS-25648) & (SLPS-25862), Hisshou Pachinko*Pachi-Slot Kouryoku Series Vol. 5: CR Shinseiki Evangelion 2nd Impact * Pachi-Slot Shinseiki Evangelion (JP) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-25648, SLPS-25862 (Special Price) June 8, 2006;; March 6, 2008 (Special Price)
Hisui no Shizuku: Hiiro no Kakera 2 翡翠の雫 〜緋色の欠片2〜 (SLPM-66825) & (SLPM-66824) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-66825, SLPM-66824 (Limited Edition) August 9, 2007
Hitman 2: Silent Assassin ヒットマン:サイレントアサシン (SLPS-25269) & (SLPS-25403), 히트맨 2: 침묵의 암살자 (SLKA-25055) ENG, JAP, GER, ITA, KOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20374, SLUS-20374GH (Greatest Hits) October 1, 2002;; September 10, 2003 (Greatest Hits)
PAL (WL) SLES-50992, SLES-51109, SLES-50992-P (Platinum), SLES-51108 (Platinum), SLES-51108-P (Platinum), SLES-51107 (Hitman The Collection), SLES-51110, SLES-51110-P (Platinum) October 4, 2002;; October 10, 2003 (Platinum);; 2002 (Australia)
NTSC-J SLKA-25055 (Korea), SLPS-25269, SLPS-25403 (Eidos Best) August 22, 2003 (Korea);; November 6, 2003;; October 14, 2004 (Eidos Best)
Hitman Trilogy Hitman Triple Pack (EU) ENG NTSC-U SLUS-27010 June 19, 2007
PAL June 22, 2007
Hitman: Blood Money ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (WM) SLUS-21108 May 30, 2006
PAL SLES-53028, SLES-53029, SLES-53030, SLES-53031, SLES-53032 May 26, 2006
Hitman: Blood Money & Urban Chaos: Riot Response ENG NTSC-U SLUS-29191
Hitman: Contracts ヒットマン:コントラクト (SLPS-25406), 히트맨: 컨트랙츠 (SLKA-25218) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, KOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20882 April 20, 2004;; 2005 (Greatest Hits)
PAL (W) SLES-52132, SLES-52133, SLES-52135, SLES-52136, SLES-52134 (Hitman The Collection) April 30, 2004
NTSC-J SLPS-25406, SLKA-25218 (Korea), SLPS-25563 (Eidos Best) October 14, 2004;; February 22, 2005 (Korea);; November 10, 2005 (Eidos Best)
Hits Collection: Need For Speed Underground 2 / Medal of Honour Rising Sun PAL March 18, 2005
Hokenshitsu e Youkoso 保健室へようこそ (SLPM-66440) & (SLPM-66439) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-66440, SLPM-66439 (Limited Edition) November 30, 2006
Hokkahoka Sentou ほっかほか銭湯 (SLPS-20217) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-20217 July 25, 2002
Hokuto no Ken 北斗の拳 〜審判の双蒼星 拳豪列伝〜 (SLPM-66660) & (SLPM-66941), Fist of the North Star (JP) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-66660, SLPM-66941 (Sega the Best) March 27, 2007;; February 26, 2008 (Sega the Best)
Holiday 2004 Demo Disc PlayStation Underground: Holiday 2004 ENG NTSC-U SCUS-97455 (Mature), SCUS-97456 (Teen) 2004
Holiday 2005 Demo Disc PlayStation Underground Demo Disc - Holiday 2005 ENG NTSC-U SCUS-97529 (Mature), SCUS-97528 (Teen) 2005
Home Alone ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE, POL, DAN, FIN, NOR, POR PAL SLES-54469, SLES-54472 (Australia), SLES-54532 November 29, 2006
Home Maid: Owari no Tachi ホームメイド 〜終の館〜 (SLPM-65963) & (SLPM-65962) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-65963, SLPM-65962 (First Print Limited Edition) June 2, 2005
Homerun Home Run ENG PAL SLES-51812 2003
Homura ほむら (SLPM-62685) & (SLPM-62753) ENG, JAP PAL (W) SLES-53964 June 6, 2006
NTSC-J SLPM-62685, SLPM-62753 (Taito Best), TCPS-10130, TCPS-10172 (Taito the Best) December 1, 2005;; November 30, 2006 (Taito Best)
Honda Demo ENG PAL SLED-53951
Honkakuha 2000 Series: 3D Mahjong + Janpai Tori 3D麻雀+雀牌取り (SLPS-20482) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-20482 November 16, 2006
Honkakuteki Pachinko Jikki Kouryaku Series: Milky Bar and Kirakuin 本格的パチンコ実機攻略シリーズ ミルキーバー&キラークィーン 永久保存版 (SLPM-62074) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-62074 July 19, 2001
Honoo no Takuhaibin 炎の宅配便 (SLPM-66395) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-66395 October 19, 2006
Hooligan: Kimi no Naka no Yuuki フーリガン〜君のなかの勇気〜 (SLPS-25146) & (SLPS-25145) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-25146, SLPS-25145 (Limited Edition) August 29, 2002
Hoppie ENG PAL SLES-55091 2006
Horse Breaker ホースブレーカー (SLPM-62072) & (SLPM-62614) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-62072, SLPM-62200 (Koei Summer Chance 2002), SLPM-62300 (Koei the Best), SLPM-62614 (Teiban Series) August 2, 2001;; July 5, 2002 (Koei Summer Chance 2002);; January 23, 2003 (Koei the Best);; March 3, 2005 (Teiban Series)
Horse Racing Treasure Pack KOEI大感謝祭 競馬 お宝PACK (KOEI-00060) JAP NTSC-J KOEI-00060 December 22, 2005
Horsez Pippa Funnell: Take the Reins (EU), Alexandra Ledermann: School of Champions (EU) ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21563 November 14, 2006
PAL SLES-54393, SLES-54546 October 27, 2006 (as Pippa Funnell: Take the Reins);; October 2006;; November 2, 2006 (Australia);; August 9, 2007 (as Alexandra Ledermann: School of Champions)
Hoshi Furu ほしフル〜星の降る街〜 (SLPM-66920) & (P-00002), Hoshi Furu: Hoshi no Furu Machi (JP) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-66920, P-00002 (Limited Edition) July 31, 2008
Hoshi no Furu Toki 星の降る刻 (SLPM-66107) & (SLPM-66106) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-66107, SLPM-66106 (Limited Edition) September 22, 2005
Hoshigari Empusa ほしがりエンプーサ (SLPM-66969) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-66969, SLPS-25593 April 17, 2008
Hoshiiro no Okurimono 星色のおくりもの (SLPM-66900) & (SLPM-66870) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-66900, SLPM-66870 (First Print Special Limited Edition) November 8, 2007
Hot Shots Golf 3 みんなのGOLF 3 (SCPS-15016) & (SCPS-72002), 모두의 골프 3 (SCPS-56007), Minna no Golf 3 (JP) ENG, JAP, KOR NTSC-U (W) SCUS-97130 March 12, 2002;; May 2003 (Greatest Hits)
NTSC-J SCPS-15016, SCPS-72002 (Mega Hits!), SCKA-20035 (BigHit, Korea), SCPS-56007 (BigHit, Korea) July 26, 2001;; July 18, 2002 (Mega Hits!);; October 7, 2004 (BigHit, Korea)
Hot Shots Golf 3 & PaRappa the Rapper 2 ENG NTSC-U SCUS-97208
Hot Shots Golf Fore! みんなのGOLF 4 (SCPS-15059) & (SCPS-19301) & (SCPS-19319), 全民高爾夫4 (SCAJ-20059), 모두의 GOLF 4 (SCKA-20057), Everybody's Golf (EU), Minna no Golf 4 (JP), Everybody's Golf 4 (AS, KO) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SCUS-97401, SCUS-97515 (Greatest Hits), SCUS-97427 (Online Public Beta), SCUS-97430 (Regular Demo) August 17, 2004;; August 25, 2005 (Greatest Hits)
PAL SCES-52582, TCES-52582 (Beta Trial, v0.01) September 23, 2005
NTSC-J SCPS-15059, SCPS-19301 (PlayStation 2 the Best), SCPS-19319 (PlayStation 2 the Best Reprint), SCAJ-20059, SCAJ-20094 (PlayStation 2 The Best), SCAJ-20194 (PlayStation 2 the Best), SCKA-20057 November 27, 2003;; July 8, 2004 (PlayStation 2 the Best);; November 2, 2005 (PlayStation 2 the Best Reprint);; January 19, 2006 (BigHit Series, Korea)
Hot Shots Golf Online みんなのGOLF オンライン (SCPS-15049) & (SCPS-15071), Minna no Golf Online (JP) JAP NTSC-J (W) SCPS-15049, SCPS-15071 (PlayStation BB Pack), SCPM-85302 (Beta Version, Demo) June 12, 2003;; April 8, 2004 (PlayStation BB Pack)
Hot Shots Tennis みんなのテニス (SCPS-15113) & (SCPS-19332), Minna no Tennis (JP, KO), Everybody's Tennis (AU, EU), 모두의 테니스 (KO) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE, DAN, FIN, NOR, POR NTSC-U (W) SCUS-97610, SCUS-97619 (Demo) July 17, 2007
PAL SCES-54535 April 13, 2007;; May 3, 2007 (Australia)
NTSC-J SCPS-15113, SCPS-19332 (PlayStation 2 the Best), SCAJ-20198 (PlayStation 2 the Best), SCAJ-20181, PCPX-98042 (Demo, Taikenban) September 14, 2006;; October 19, 2006 (Korea);; November 22, 2007 (PlayStation 2 the Best)
Hot Wheels Stunt Track Challenge ENG NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20954 November 10, 2004
PAL SLES-52481 November 26, 2004
Hot Wheels Velocity X Hot Wheels: Velocity X: Maximum Justice ENG NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20412 November 11, 2002
PAL SLES-51063 November 29, 2002
Hot Wheels World Race ENG NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20737 October 29, 2003
PAL SLES-51879 November 28, 2003
Hot Wheels: Beat That! ENG, GER, FRE, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21628 September 25, 2007
PAL SLES-54971 November 30, 2007
Houkago wa Gin no Shirabe 放課後は白銀の調べ (SLPM-66914) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-66914, DMP-P203 (First Print Limited Edition) February 28, 2008
Houshin Engi 2 封神演義2 (SLPM-65083) & (SLPM-65536), 봉신연의 2 (SLPM-67536), Fengshen Yanyi 2, Fengshen Yanyi: Legends of Gods and Heroes JAP, KOR NTSC-J SLPM-65083, SLPM-65536 (Koei the Best), SLPM-67536 June 27, 2002;; January 22, 2004 (Koei the Best)
Hresvelgr フレースヴェルグ (SLPS-20024) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-20024, SLPM-60112 (Trial) June 22, 2000
HSX HyperSonic.Xtreme G-Surfers (EU) ENG, GER, FRE NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20592 January 26, 2003
PAL SLES-50511 January 25, 2002
Hudson Selection Vol. 3: PC Genjin ハドソンセレクションVOL.3 PC原人 (SLPM-62418) & (SLPM-62569) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-62418, SLPM-62569 (Hudson the Best) December 4, 2003;; November 18, 2004 (Hudson the Best)
Hudson Selection Vol. 4: Takahashi Meijin no Bouken Jima ハドソンセレクションVOL.4 高橋名人の冒険島 (SLPM-62422) & (SLPM-62570), 모험도 (SLKA-15009) JAP, KOR NTSC-J (W) SLPM-62422, SLKA-15009 (Korea), SLPM-62570 (Hudson the Best) December 18, 2003;; November 4, 2004 (Korea);; November 18, 2004 (Hudson the Best)
Hue PAL September 28, 2007
Hugo Bukkazoom! ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE, POL, DAN, FIN, NOR, POR PAL SLES-52102, SLES-52314 November 28, 2003
Hugo Cannon Cruise Кузя: На абордаж! (SLES-52676) ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE, POL, DAN, FIN, NOR, POR, RUS PAL (W) SLES-52745, SLES-52675, SLES-52676, SLES-52767, SLES-52746 November 3, 2004
Hugo: Magic In The Troll Woods ENG, GER, SPA, SWE, DAN, FIN, NOR, POR PAL (W) SLES-55597, SLES-55598 November 27, 2009
Hulk ハルク (SLPS-25272) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20422 May 27, 2003
PAL SLES-51508 June 13, 2003;; 2004 (Platinum)
NTSC-J SLPS-25272 January 8, 2004
Hummer Badlands ENG NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21357 April 13, 2006
PAL SLES-54158 July 15, 2006
Hungry Ghosts ハングリィ ゴースト (SCPS-15046) JAP NTSC-J (W) SCPS-15046 July 31, 2003
Hunter X Hunter: Ryumyaku no Saidan ハンター×ハンター 龍派の祭壇 (SLPM-62067) & (SLPM-62278) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-62067, VW044-J1, SLPM-62278 (Konami the Best), VW044-J2 (Konami the Best) August 30, 2001;; December 12, 2002 (Konami the Best)
Hunter: The Reckoning Wayward ENG, GER, FRE NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20511, SLUS-29059 (Demo) September 9, 2003
PAL SLES-51823 October 17, 2003
Hyakko: Yorozuya Jikenbo! ヒャッコ よろずや事件簿! (SLPM-55159) & (FVGK-0018) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-55159, FVGK-0018 (Limited Edition) April 9, 2009
Hype: The Time Quest Playmobil: Hype: The Time Quest ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA PAL SLES-50264, SLES-50265, SLES-50266 September 20, 2002
Hyper Street Fighter II: The Anniversary Edition ハイパーストリートファイターII アニバーサリー エディション (SLPM-65496) & (SLPM-66636) ENG, JAP PAL (W) SLES-52444 May 28, 2004
NTSC-J SLPM-65496, CPCS-01007 (Special Anniversary Pack), SLPM-66636 (CapKore) December 18, 2003;; January 25, 2007 (CapKore)
Hyper Street Fighter II: The Anniversary Edition / Vampire: Darkstalkers Collection Value Pack ハイパーストリートファイターII アニバーサリー エディション ヴァンパイア ダークストーカーズ コレクション バリューパック (CPCS-01039) JAP NTSC-J CPCS-01039 (w/Vampire: Darkstalkers Collection Value Pack) September 18, 2008 (w/Vampire: Darkstalkers Collection Value Pack)
I Love Baseball: Pro Yakyuu o Koyonaku Aisuru Hitotachi e アイラブベースボール プロ野球をこよなく愛する人達へ (SLPM-65633) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-65633 July 29, 2004
I's Pure アイズピュア (SLPM-66570) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-66570 November 9, 2006
I-Ninja ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20705, SLUS-29077 (Demo) November 18, 2003
PAL (W) SCES-52099 February 13, 2004
I.Q. Remix+: Intelligent Qube I.Q REMIX+ (SCPS-11001) & (PAPX-90202), I.Q 리믹스+ (SLKA-25060), IQリミックスプラス -インテリジェントキューブ- (JP) ENG, JAP, KOR NTSC-J (W) SCPS-11001, SLKA-25060 (Korea), PAPX-90202 (Demo, Taikenban), PCPX-96301 (Demo, Taikenban) March 23, 2000;; July 15, 2003 (Korea)
I/O アイオー (SLPM-66272) & (GN-05015) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-66272, GN-05015 (First Print Limited Edition) January 26, 2006
Ibara 鋳薔薇 (SLPM-66301) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-66301, TCPS-10131, TCPS-10179 (Taito Best) February 23, 2006
Ice Age 2: The Meltdown アイスエイジ2 (SLPM-66497), Ледниковый период 2: Глобальное потепление (SLES-54147) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, RUS NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21307 March 14, 2006;; 2007 (Greatest Hits)
PAL (W) SLES-53984, SLES-54147 March 31, 2006;; October 20, 2006 (Platinum)
NTSC-J SLPM-66497, VUGJ-10001 (w/DVD) October 6, 2006
Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (AU, EU), L'Era glaciale 3 L'Alba dei Dinosauri (EU) ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21878 June 30, 2009
PAL SLES-55487, SLES-55516 June 24, 2009 (Australia);; June 26, 2009
Ichigeki Sacchuu!! HoiHoi-San 一撃殺虫!!ホイホイさん コナミ・ザ・ベスト (SLPM-62721), 일격살충!! 호이호이상 (SLKA-15015) JAP, KOR NTSC-J SLPM-62391, VW138-J1, SLPM-62390 (Limited Edition), VW158-J1 (Limited Edition), SLKA-15015 (Korea), SLPM-62721 (Konami the Best), VW138-J2 (Konami the Best) November 27, 2003;; December 25, 2003 (Korea);; March 2, 2006 (Konami the Best)
Ichigo 100% いちご100ストロベリーダイアリー (SLPM-65822) & (SLPM-66335), Ichigo 100% Strawberry Diary (JP) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-65822, SLPM-66335 (Tomy Collection Best) February 10, 2005;; March 30, 2006 (Tomy Collection Best)
Ichigo Mashimaro 苺ましまろ (SLPS-25547) & (SLPS-25546) & (SLPS-25753) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-25547, SLPS-25546 (First Print Limited Edition), SLPS-25753 (SP Series) August 11, 2005;; April 26, 2007 (SP Series)
ICO イコ (SCPS-11003) & (SCPS-19103) & (SCPS-19151), ICO 古堡迷踪 (SCCS-40005), 이코 (SCPS-56001) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, CHI, KOR NTSC-U (W) SCUS-97113, SCUS-97113GH (Greatest Hits), SCUS-97159 (Demo) September 24, 2001;; 2002 (Greatest Hits)
PAL (WL) SCES-50760, SCED-50844 (Demo) March 22, 2002;; February 17, 2006 (Reprint);; 2002 (Australia; Limited Edition, Australia)
NTSC-J (W) SCPS-11003, SCPS-19103 (PlayStation 2 the Best), SCPS-19151 (PlayStation 2 the Best Reprint), SCKA-20028 (BigHit, Korea), SCAJ-20099, SCPS-55001, PCPX-96322 (Trial), SCCS-40005, SCPS-56001 December 6, 2001;; October 17, 2002 (PlayStation 2 the Best);; August 5, 2004 (PlayStation 2 the Best Reprint);; June 17, 2004 (BigHit, Korea)
Ide Yosuke no Mahjong Kazoku 2 井出洋介の麻雀家族2 (SLPS-20039) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPS-20039 October 12, 2000
Idol Janshi R: Janguru Project アイドル雀士R 雀ぐる★プロジェクト (SLPS-25183) & (SLPS-25182) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-25183, SLPS-25182 (Limited Edition) December 19, 2002
Idol Janshi Suchie-Pai III Remix アイドル雀士 スーチーパイIII Remix (SLPM-66784) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-66784 (Limited Edition w/ Idol Janshi Suchie-Pai IV) October 11, 2007
Idol Janshi Suchie-Pai IV アイドル雀士 スーチーパイIV (SLPM-66785) & (SLPM-66783) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-66785, SLPM-66783 (Limited Edition w/ Idol Janshi Suchie-Pai III Remix) October 11, 2007
Igo 囲碁 (SLPM-62317) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-62317 (SuperLite 2000 Table) July 31, 2003 (SuperLite 2000 Table)
Igo 4 囲碁4 (SLPS-20386) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-20386 (Value 2000 Series) July 22, 2004 (Value 2000 Series)
IGPX: Immortal Grand Prix アイジーピーエックス (SLPS-25628), IGPX (JP) ENG, JAP NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21430 September 12, 2006
NTSC-J SLPS-25628 March 30, 2006
IHRA Drag Racing 2 ENG NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20586 December 9, 2002
IHRA Drag Racing: Sportsman Edition ENG NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21256 June 13, 2006
IHRA Professional Drag Racing 2005 ENG NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20935 November 9, 2004
Iinazuke 許嫁 (SLPM-66733) & (SLPM-66732) & (SLPM-66907), いいなずけ (JP) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-66733, SLPM-66732 (Limited Edition), SLPM-66907 (Princess Soft Collection) April 26, 2007;; December 6, 2007 (Princess Soft Collection)
Ikki Tousen: Shining Dragon 一騎当千 Shining Dragon (SLPS-25798) & (SLPS-25797) & (SLPS-25882) JAP NTSC-J (L) SLPS-25798, SLPS-25797 (Gentei Bakuretsu Pack), SLPS-25882 (Best Collection) July 26, 2007;; August 7, 2008 (Best Collection)
Ikuze! Onsen Takkyuu!! いくぜ!温泉卓球!! (SLPM-62035) & (SLPM-62297) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-62035, SLPM-62297 (Psikyo Best) December 21, 2000;; February 6, 2003 (Psikyo Best)
Impossible Mission PAL (W) SLES-54686 August 31, 2007;; July 25, 2012 (PS2 Classics);; 2007 (Australia)
In the Groove ENG NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21177 June 8, 2005
In the Groove 2 NTSC-U 2006
Inaka Kurashi: Nan no Shima no Monogatari いなか暮らし 南の島の物語 (SLPS-20222) & (SLPS-20303) & (SLPS-20499) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-20222, SLPS-20303 (Best Collection), SLPS-20499 (Super Best Collection) September 12, 2002;; July 10, 2003 (Best Collection);; July 12, 2007 (Super Best Collection)
Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb Indiana Jones e la Tomba dell'Imperatore (SLES-50839), Indiana Jones et le Tombeau de L'Empereur (SLES-50837), Indiana Jones und die Legende der Kaisergruft (SLES-50838), Indiana Jones y la Tumba del Emperador (SLES-50840) ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20508 June 26, 2003
PAL SLES-50836, SLES-50837, SLES-50838, SLES-50839, SLES-50840 August 29, 2003
Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U SLUS-21885 June 9, 2009
PAL SLES-55448 June 12, 2009;; June 19, 2009 (Australia)
Indigo Prophecy ファーレンハイト (SLPM-66193), 인디고 프로페시 (SLKA-25309), Fahrenheit (EU, JP, AU) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21196 September 20, 2005
PAL (WL) SLES-53539, SLES-53540, SLED-53591 (Demo) September 16, 2005
NTSC-J (W) SLPM-66193, SLKA-25309 November 11, 2005 (Korea);; January 26, 2006
IndyCar Series IndyCar Series featuring The Indianapolis 500 ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20641 May 21, 2003
PAL SLES-51397 June 20, 2003
IndyCar Series 2005 ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA PAL (W) SLES-52298 June 24, 2004
Infinity Plus NTSC-J CF00-22019 October 9, 2008
Initial D Special Stage 頭文字D スペシャルステージ (SLPM-65268) & (SLPM-74420), イニシャルD スペシャルステージ (JP) JAP NTSC-J (W) SLPM-65268, SLPM-68509 (Young Magazine Sweepstakes), SLPM-74420 (PlayStation 2 the Best), SLAJ-25008, SCAJ-25008, SLPM-60204 (Trial), SLPM-60205 (Special Demo) June 26, 2003;; February 26, 2004 (PlayStation 2 the Best)
Initial D: Takahashi Ryosuke no Typing Saisoku Riron 頭文字D 高橋涼介のタイピング最速理論 (SLPS-20124) & (SLPS-20123), Kashiramoji D: Takahashi Ryosuke no Typing Saisoku Riron (JP) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-20124, SLPS-20123 (Keyboard Set) October 4, 2001
Innocent Life: A Futuristic Harvest Moon (Special Edition) 新牧場物語:ピュア イノセントライフ (SLPS-25763) & (SLPS-25876), Shin Bokujou Monogatari: Pure Innocent Life (JP), Innocent Life: A Futuristic Harvest Moon (US) ENG, JAP NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21641, NPUD-21641 (PS2 Classics) February 12, 2008;; October 2, 2012 (PS2 Classics)
NTSC-J (W) SLPS-25763, SLPS-25876 (Best Collection) March 29, 2007;; July 24, 2008 (Best Collection)
Inspector Gadget: Mad Robots Invasion ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA PAL (W) SLES-51247 2003
Intellivision Lives! Intellivision Lives: The History of Video Gaming ENG NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20830 November 20, 2003
PAL SLES-52680 September 24, 2004;; April 2, 2013 (PS2 Classics)
Interlude インタールード (SLPS-25283) & (SLPM-66554) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-25283, INCH-0003 (Best Version Pandora Box), SLPM-66554 (Best Version) October 9, 2003;; March 1, 2007 (Best Version)
International Cricket Captain III ENG PAL SLES-54641 November 16, 2007;; December 5, 2007 (Australia)
International Cue Club 2 ENG PAL SLES-53601 September 2, 2005
International Golf Pro ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA PAL SLES-52349, SLES-52350 April 8, 2004
International Pool Championship ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA PAL SLES-51629, SLES-52240 November 28, 2003
International Snooker Championship ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA PAL SLES-51996 January 16, 2004
International Super Karts ENG PAL SLES-53186 September 2, 2005;; February 15, 2012 (PS2 Classics)
International Superstar Soccer 実況ワールドサッカー2000 (SLPM-62002), Jikkyou World Soccer 2000 (JP) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA PAL SLES-50039, SLES-50060 August 2000
NTSC-J SLPM-62002, VW007-J1 August 3, 2000
International Superstar Soccer 2 인터네셔널 슈퍼스타 사커2 (SLPM-64510) ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, KOR PAL SLES-50787, SLES-50790 May 17, 2002
NTSC-J SLPM-64510 June 20, 2002 (Korea)
International Superstar Soccer 3 ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA PAL SLES-51435 March 28, 2003
International Tennis Pro ENG PAL SLES-54582 March 9, 2007;; April 18, 2012 (PS2 Classics)
Internet Igo インターネット囲碁 平成棋院24 (SLPM-62178) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-62178 June 13, 2002
Internet Mahjong インターネット麻雀 東風荘で遊ぼう (SLPM-62170) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-62170 June 13, 2002
Internet Omakase Romu インターネットおまかせロム (SLPM-69005) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-69005
Internet Othello インターネットオセロ オセロワールド24 (SLPM-62132) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-62132 June 13, 2002
Internet Shogi インターネット将棋 将棋道場24 (SLPM-62172 ) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-62172 June 13, 2002
Inuyasha The Secret of the Cursed Mask 犬夜叉 呪詛の仮面 (SLPS-25320) & (SLPS-25552), Inuyasha: Juuso no Kamen (JP) ENG, JAP NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20913 November 2, 2004
NTSC-J SLPS-25320, SLPS-25552 (Bandai the Best) March 18, 2004;; December 1, 2005 (Bandai the Best)
Inuyasha: Feudal Combat 犬夜叉 奥義乱舞 (SLPS-25518), 이누야사 ~ 오의난무 ~ (SLKA-25296), Inuyasha: Okugi Ranbu (JP) ENG, JAP NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21193 August 24, 2005
NTSC-J SLPS-25518, SLKA-25296 (Korea) June 16, 2005;; October 15, 2005 (Korea)
Iridium Runners IRR: Iridium Runners ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21697 February 20, 2008
PAL SLES-55013 February 22, 2008;; February 28, 2008 (Australia)
Iris イリス (SLPS-25216) & (SLPS-25215) & (SLPM-66384) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-25216, SLPS-25215 (Limited Edition), SLPM-66384 (2800 Collection) February 27, 2003;; April 20, 2006 (2800 Collection)
Iron Aces 2: Birds of Prey 空戦 (SLPS-20046) & (SLPM-62177), Kuusen (JP), Iron Aces 2 (EU) ENG, JAP PAL SLES-50686 May 17, 2002
NTSC-J SLPS-20046, VO-0007, SLPM-62177 (Kadokawa the Best), VO-0025 (Kadokawa the Best) February 22, 2001;; August 8, 2002 (Kadokawa the Best)
Iron Chef ENG PAL SLES-55132 December 1, 2007
Iron Eagle Max ENG, GER, FRE PAL SLES-50652 (Demo, Preview build v1.1) December 18, 2002 (Demo, Preview build v1.1)
Iron Man ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21739 May 2, 2008
PAL SLES-55198 May 2, 2008;; May 8, 2008 (Australia)
Ishikura Noboru no Igo Kouza: Chuukyuuhen 石倉昇九段の囲碁講座 中級編実力5級を目指す人へ (SLPM-62386) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-62386 October 23, 2003
Ishikura Noboru no Igo Kouza: Joukyuuhen 石倉昇九段の囲碁講座 上級編 (SLPM-62421) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-62421 January 15, 2004
Ishikura Noboru no Igo Kouza: Nyuumonhen 石倉昇九段の囲碁講座 入門編 (SLPM-62338) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-62338 September 25, 2003
Island Xtreme Stunts LEGO Island Xtreme Stunts ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE, DAN NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20575 September 22, 2002
PAL SLES-51153 December 6, 2002
Itadaki Street 3 いただきストリート3 億万長者にしてあげる! 〜家庭教師付き!〜 (SLPM-62112), Itadaki Street 3: Okumanchouja ni Shite Ageru! (JP), Itadaki Street 3: Okumanchouja ni Shite Ageru!: Kateikyoushi Tsuki! JAP NTSC-J SLPM-62112, SLPM-60172 (Trial) February 28, 2002
Itsuka, Todoku, Ano Sora ni いつか、届く、あの空に。 〜陽の道と緋の昏と〜(通常版) (SLPM-66858) & (SLPM-66857) & (SLPM-55126) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-66858, SLPM-66857 (Limited Edition), SLPM-55126 (Russel Games Best) October 25, 2007;; December 18, 2008 (Russel Games Best)
Izayoi Renka 十六夜れんか 〜かみふるさと〜 (SLPM-65545) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-65545 March 18, 2004
Izumo 2 イズモ2 猛き剣の閃記 (SLPM-66192) & (GN-05013) & (SLPM-66876), Izumo 2: Takeki Tsurugi no Senki JAP NTSC-J SLPM-66192, GN-05013 (First Print Limited Edition), SLPM-66876 (GN Software Best) April 27, 2006;; October 4, 2007 (Best Version)
Izumo 2: Gakuen Kyousoukyoku - Double Tact イズモ2 学園狂想曲 ダブルタクト (SLPM-66908) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-66908, GN-08025 (First Print Limited Edition) January 31, 2008
Izumo Complete イズモ コンプリート (SLPM-65832) & (SLPM-66801) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-65832, SLPM-66801 (Best Edition) February 3, 2005;; July 26, 2007 (Best Edition)
Izumo Zero イズモ零 〜横濱あやかし絵巻〜 (SLPM-66764), イズモ ゼロ 横濱あやかし絵巻 (JP) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-66764 July 12, 2007
J-Phoenix 機甲兵団 ジェイ・フェニックス (SLPS-20075) & (SLPM-65033) & (SLPM-65117), Kikou Heidan J-Phoenix (JP), Panzer Frame J-Phoenix (JP) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-20075 (Preview Version), SLPM-65033, SLPM-65117 (Best Takara) February 15, 2001 (Preview Version);; April 4, 2002 (Best Takara);; June 28, 2001
J-Phoenix: Burst Tactics 機甲兵団 ジェイ・フェニックス バーストタクティクス (SLPM-65123) & (SLPM-65122), Kikou Heidan J-Phoenix: Burst Tactics (JP), Panzer Frame J-Phoenix: Burst Tactics (JP) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-65123, SLPM-65122 (Limited Edition) April 25, 2002
J.League Pro Soccer Club o Tsukurou! '04 J.LEAGUE プロサッカークラブをつくろう!’04 (SLPM-65530) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-65530 June 24, 2004
J.League Pro Soccer Club o Tsukurou! 3 J.LEAGUE プロサッカークラブをつくろう!3 (SLPM-65227) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-65227 June 5, 2003
J.League Pro Soccer Club o Tsukurou! 5 J.LEAGUE プロサッカークラブをつくろう!5 (SLPM-66644) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-66644 February 1, 2007
J.League Tactics Manager Jリーグ タクティクス マネージャー (SLPS-20263), J. League Tactics Manager: Realtime Soccer Simulation JAP NTSC-J SLPS-20263 February 13, 2003
J.League Winning Eleven 10 + Europa League 06-07 Jリーグ ウイニングイレブン10 + 欧州リーグ'06-'07 (SLPM-66595) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-66595, VW336-J1 November 22, 2006
J.League Winning Eleven 2007 Club Championship Jリーグ ウイニングイレブン 2007 クラブチャンピオンシップ (SLPM-66810) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-66810, VW354-J1 August 2, 2007
J.League Winning Eleven 2008 Club Championship Jリーグウイニングイレブン 2008 クラブチャンピオンシップ (SLPM-55033) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-55033, VW365-J1 August 21, 2008
J.League Winning Eleven 2009: Club Championship Jリーグ ウイニングイレブン2009 クラブチャンピオンシップ (SLPM-55182) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-55182, VW373-J1 August 6, 2009
J.League Winning Eleven 2010 Club Championship Jリーグ ウイニングイレブン 2010 クラブチャンピオンシップ (SLPM-55262) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-55262, VW381-J1 August 5, 2010
J.League Winning Eleven 5 Jリーグ ウイニングイレブン5 (SLPM-62088) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-62088, VW058-J1 October 25, 2001
J.League Winning Eleven 6 Jリーグウイニングイレブン6 (SLPM-62217) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-62217, VW100-J1 September 19, 2002
J.League Winning Eleven 8: Asia Championship K-리그 위닝 일레븐 8 아시아 챔피언쉽 (SLKA-25223), Jリーグウイニングイレブン8 アジアチャンピオンシップ (SLPM-65740), 实况足球 胜利十一人8 亚洲冠军联赛 (SCCS-40022), K-League Winning Eleven 8: Asia Championship (KO), World Soccer Winning Eleven 8: Asia Championship (AS) JAP, CHI, KOR NTSC-J SLPM-65740, VW237-J1, SLKA-25223 (Korea), SCCS-40022 November 18, 2004 (Japan, Korea)
J.League Winning Eleven 9: Asia Championship Jリーグ ウイニングイレブン9 アジアチャンピオンシップ (SLPM-66169), K리그 위닝 일레븐 9 아시아 챔피언쉽 (SLKA-25321) JAP, KOR NTSC-J SLPM-66169, VW294-J1, SLKA-25321 (Korea) November 17, 2005;; December 1, 2005 (Korea)
J.League Winning Eleven Tactics Jリーグ ウイニングイレブンタクティクス (SLPM-65432) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-65432, VW174-J1 December 11, 2003
Jackass the Game ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U SLUS-21627 September 24, 2007
PAL (W) SLES-55081, SLES-54663 November 23, 2007;; December 24, 2007 (Australia)
Jackie Chan Adventures ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, POR PAL (W) SCES-52412, SCED-52841 (Demo) October 1, 2004
Jackpot Madness ENG PAL SLES-54018 2006
Jade Cocoon 2 玉繭物語2〜滅びの蟲〜 (SLPS-25054), 타마마유 이야기 2 (SLKA-25042), Tamamayu Monogatari 2 Horobi no Mushi (JP) ENG, JAP, KOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20309 December 17, 2001
PAL SLES-50735 June 14, 2002
NTSC-J SLPS-25054, SLPM-60150 (Bonus movie disc), SLKA-25042 (Korea), NPJD-00089 (PS2 Classics) August 30, 2001;; July 8, 2003 (Korea);; April 15, 2015 (PS2 Classics)
Jak 3 잭 3 (SCKA-20040) ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, POR, KOR, RUS NTSC-U (WL) SCUS-97330, SCUS-97516 (Greatest Hits), SCUS-97412 (Demo) November 9, 2004;; August 25, 2005 (Greatest Hits)
PAL (W) SCES-52460, SCES-52460/P (Platinum), SCED-52952 (Demo) November 26, 2004;; November 2004 (Australia);; June 10, 2005 (Platinum)
NTSC-J SCKA-20040 May 19, 2005 (Korea)
Jak and Daxter Complete Trilogy ENG NTSC-U SCUS-97555 2006
Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE, POL, DAN, FIN, NOR, POR NTSC-U (WL) SCUS-97558 November 3, 2009
PAL SCES-55510 November 19, 2009 (Australia);; November 20, 2009
Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy ジャック×ダクスター 旧世界の遺産 (SCPS-15021) & (SCPS-19210), 잭&덱스터 (SCPS-56003), Jak x Daxter: Kyuusekai no Isan ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, KOR NTSC-U (WL) SCUS-97124, SCUS-97124GH (Greatest Hits), SCUS-97170 (Cingular Wireless Demo), SCUS-97171 (PS Underground Demo) December 3, 2001;; December 3, 2002 (Greatest Hits)
PAL (WM) SCES-50361, SCES-50614, SCED-50614 (Demo), SCES-50361-P December 7, 2001;; September 27, 2002 (Platinum)
NTSC-J SCPS-15021, SCPS-19210 (PlayStation2 the Best), SCPS-55004, PAPX-90222 (Demo, Taikenban), PAPX-90223 (Demo, Taikenban), SCPS-56003 December 20, 2001;; February 22, 2002 (Korea);; July 3, 2003 (PlayStation2 the Best)
Jak and Daxter: Trilogy ENG NTSC-U SCUS-97440
Jak II ジャック×ダクスター2 (SCPS-15057), 잭 2 (SCKA-20010), Jak II: Renegade (EU, AU), Jak and Daxter II (JP), Jak II: El Renegado (EU) ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, KOR NTSC-U (W) SCUS-97265, SCUS-97265GH (Greatest Hits), SCUS-97273 (Demo), SCUS-97509 (Greatest Hits), SCUS-97274 (Video Demo) October 14, 2003;; 2004 (Greatest Hits)
PAL (W) SCES-51608, SCES-51608/P (Platinum), SCED-51700 (Demo) October 15, 2003 (Australia);; October 17, 2003;; August 13, 2004 (Platinum);; 2004 (Platinum, Australia)
NTSC-J SCKA-20010 (Korea), SCPS-15057, SCAJ-20073, PAPX-90516 (Trial) January 8, 2004 (Korea);; March 11, 2004
Jak Triple Pack GER PAL March 20, 2009 (Platinum)
Jak X & Ratchet: Gladiator ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA PAL SCED-53660 2005
Jak X: Combat Racing Jak X ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA, POR, RUS NTSC-U (W) SCUS-97429, SCUS-97574 (Greatest Hits), SCUS-97488 (Public Beta v.1), SCUS-97486 (Regular Demo) October 18, 2005;; 2006 (Greatest Hits)
PAL (W) SCES-53286, SCES-53286/P (Platinum), TCES-53286 (Beta Trial Disc, v0.01) October 26, 2005 (Australia);; November 4, 2005;; May 5, 2006 (Platinum);; 2006 (Platinum, Australia)
Jamba Allstars Jamster Allstars (EU) PAL February 29, 2008
James Bond 007: Agent Under Fire 007 에이전트 언더 화이어 (SLPM-67505), James Bond 007 in... Agent Under Fire, 007: Agent Under Fire ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, SWE, KOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20265, SLUS-20265GH (Greatest Hits) November 13, 2001;; 2002 (Greatest Hits)
PAL SLES-50539, SLES-50539/P (Platinum) November 30, 2001;; April 11, 2003 (Platinum)
NTSC-J SLPM-67505 (Korea) November 13, 2001 (Korea)
James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing 007 エブリシング オア ナッシング (SLPM-65446) & (SLPM-65725), 007 에브리씽 오아 나씽 (SLKA-25129), 007 – Alles oder Nichts (EU), 007: Everything or Nothing ENG, JAP, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE, KOR NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20751, SLUS-20751GH (Greatest Hits), SLUS-29095 (Demo) February 17, 2004;; 2006 (Greatest Hits)
PAL (W) SLES-52005, SLES-52005/P (Platinum), SLES-52046, SLES-52046/P (Platinum: The Best of PlayStation 2), SLED-52326 (Demo) February 27, 2004;; February 4, 2005 (Platinum)
NTSC-J SLPM-65446, SLKA-25129 (Korea), SLPM-65725 (EA Best Hits) February 11, 2004;; March 24, 2004 (Korea);; September 16, 2004 (EA Best Hits)
James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing & Nightfire 007 ナイトファイア & 007 エブリシング オア ナッシング (SLPM-66615) & (SLPM-66616) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-66615, SLPM-66616 December 14, 2006
James Cameron's Dark Angel Dark Angel: Vampire no Mokushiroku (JP), ダーク エンジェル ~バンパイアの黙示録~ (JP) ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U SLUS-20379 November 18, 2002
PAL SLES-51333 February 21, 2003
James Pond: Codename Robocod ENG PAL SLES-53682 July 28, 2006
Jampack Vol. 10 ENG NTSC-U SCUS-97406 April 27, 2004
Jampack Vol. 11 Jampack Demo Disc Volume 11 ENG NTSC-U (W) SCUS-97418, SCUS-97417 (Teen) October 2004
Jampack Vol. 12 Jampack Demo Disc Volume 12 ENG NTSC-U SCUS-97420, SCUS-97419 (Teen) May 3, 2005
Jampack Vol. 13 Jampack Demo Disc Volume 13 ENG NTSC-U SCUS-97492, SCUS-97491 (Teen) October 18, 2005
Jampack Vol. 14 Jampack Demo Disc Volume 14 ENG NTSC-U SCUS-97494, SCUS-97493 (Teen) April 20, 2006
Jampack Vol. 15 Jampack Demo Disc Volume 15 ENG NTSC-U SCUS-97565, SCUS-97564 (Teen) October 17, 2006
Jan Sangoku Musou 雀・三國無双 (SLPM-66341) & (SLPM-66937) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-66341, SLPM-66937 (Koei the Best), SLPM-60117 (Trial) March 23, 2006;; December 27, 2007 (Koei the Best)
Jaws Unleashed ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21062, SLUS-21062GH (Greatest Hits) May 23, 2006;; 2007 (Greatest Hits)
PAL (W) SLES-54170 October 20, 2006;; October 26, 2006 (Australia)
Jeep Thrills ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U (W) SLUS-21760 August 5, 2008
PAL SLES-55275 August 5, 2008
Jello ENG PAL SLES-55276 2006
Jelly Belly: Ballistic Beans ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U SLUS-21874 April 21, 2009
PAL SLES-55459 March 27, 2009
Jeopardy! ENG NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20789 October 28, 2003
Jeremy McGrath Supercross World ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, ITA NTSC-U SLUS-20245 November 15, 2001
PAL SLES-50209 February 8, 2002
Jet de Go! 2: Let's Go By Airliner ジェットでGO!2 (SLPM-65108) & (SLPM-66773) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-65108, TCPS-10048, SLPM-74407 (PlayStation 2 the Best), TCPS-10061 (PlayStation 2 the Best), SLPM-66773 (Eternal Hits), SCPS-55016, SLPM-60166 (Trial) March 28, 2002;; January 16, 2003 (PlayStation 2 the Best);; June 28, 2007 (Eternal Hits)
Jet Ion Grand Prix フレースヴェルグ インターナショナルエディション (SLPS-20059), Hresvelgr: International Edition (JP), Jet Ion GP ENG, JAP PAL (W) SLES-50544 March 22, 2002
NTSC-J SLPS-20059 December 21, 2000
Jet X2O ENG NTSC-U (W) SCUS-97173, SCUS-97239 (Demo) October 28, 2002
Jetix Puzzle Buzzle Jetix Puzzle Game (AU) ENG, GER, FRE, SPA, DUT, ITA, SWE, DAN, FIN, NOR PAL SLES-55053 January 24, 2008 (Australia);; January 25, 2008
Jewels Ocean: Star of Sierra Leone ジュエルスオーシャン Star of Sierra Leone (SLPM-66245) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-66245, PIO-06103 (Special Pack) February 23, 2006
Jigoku Shoujo Mioyosuga 地獄少女 澪緑 (SLPM-55213) & (SLPM-55212) JAP NTSC-J (L) SLPM-55213, SLPM-55212 (Limited Edition) September 17, 2009
Jikkyou G1 Stable 実況G1ステイブル (SLPM-62011) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-62011, VW008-J1 September 28, 2000
Jikkyou G1 Stable 2 実況GIステイブル2 (SLPM-62151) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-62151, VW073-J1 March 28, 2002
Jikkyou J.League Perfect Striker 3 実況Jリーグパーフェクトストライカー3 (SLPM-62045) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-62045, VW032-J1 March 22, 2001
Jikkyou J.League Perfect Striker 4 実況Jリーグパーフェクトストライカー4 (SLPM-62120) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-62120, VW071-J1 December 27, 2001
Jikkyou J.League Perfect Striker 5 実況Jリーグパーフェクトストライカー5 (SLPM-62193) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-62193, VW092-J1 July 25, 2002
Jikkyou Jitsumei Keiba Dream Classic 2001 Autumn 実名実況競馬ドリームクラシック 2001 オータム (SLPS-25068) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-25068, SLPM-61019 (Trial) November 15, 2001
Jikkyou Jitsumei Keiba Dream Classic 2001 Spring 実名実況競馬ドリームクラシック 2001 スプリング (SLPS-25021) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-25021 April 5, 2001
Jikkyou Powerful Major League 実況パワフルメジャーリーグ (SLPM-66417) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-66417, VW308-J1 May 11, 2006
Jikkyou Powerful Major League 2009 実況パワフルメジャーリーグ2009 (SLPM-55155), 실황 파워풀 메이저리그 2009 (KO) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-55155, VW371-J1 April 29, 2009
Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu 10 実況パワフルプロ野球10 (SLPM-65317), 実況パワフルプロ野球10 超決定版 2003メモリアル (SLPM-65445), Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu 10 Chou Ketteiban: 2003 Memorial JAP NTSC-J SLPM-65317, VW141-J1, SLPM-61053 (Trial), SLPM-65445 (Ultra Edition), VW192-J1 (Ultra Edition) July 17, 2003;; December 18, 2003 (Ultra Edition)
Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu 11 実況パワフルプロ野球11 (SLPM-65630), 実況パワフルプロ野球11 超決定版 (SLPM-65825), Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu 11 Chou Ketteiban JAP NTSC-J SLPM-65630, VW217-J1, SLPM-65825 (Ultra Edition), VW261-J1 (Ultra Edition) July 15, 2004;; December 16, 2004 (Ultra Edition)
Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu 12 実況パワフルプロ野球12 (SLPM-66061), 実況・パワフル・プロ・野球12 ~決定版~ (SLPM-66217), Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu 12 Ketteiban JAP NTSC-J SLPM-66061, VW281-J1, SLPM-66217 (Definitive Edition), VW302-J1 (Definitive Edition) July 14, 2005;; December 15, 2005 (Definitive Edition)
Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu 13 実況パワフルプロ野球13 (SLPM-66450), 実況パワフルプロ野球13 決定版 (SLPM-66590), Jikkyo Powerful Pro Yakyu 13 JAP NTSC-J SLPM-66450, VW322-J1, SLPM-66590 (Definitive Edition), VW338-J1 (Definitive Edition) July 13, 2006;; December 14, 2006 (Definitive Edition)
Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu 14 実況パワフルプロ野球14 (SLPM-66777), 実況パワフルプロ野球14 決定版 (SLPM-66916), Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu 14 Ketteiban JAP NTSC-J SLPM-66777, VW339-J1, SLPM-66916 (Definitive Edition), VW357-J1 (Definitive Edition) July 19, 2007;; December 20, 2007 (Definitive Edition)
Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu 15 実況パワフルプロ野球15 (SLPM-55024) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-55024, VW358-J1 July 24, 2008
Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu 2009 実況パワフルプロ野球2009 (SLPM-55146) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-55146, VW360-J1 March 19, 2009
Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu 7 実況パワフルプロ野球7 (SLPM-62008), 実況パワフルプロ野球7 決定版 (SLPM-62034), Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu 7 Ketteiban JAP NTSC-J SLPM-62008, VW006-J1, SLPM-62034 (Definitive Edition), VW024-J1 (Definitive Edition) July 6, 2000;; December 21, 2000 (Definitive Edition)
Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu 8 実況パワフルプロ野球8 (SLPM-62071), 実況パワフルプロ野球8 決定版 (SLPM-62119), Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu 8 Ketteiban JAP NTSC-J SLPM-62071, VW036-J1, SLPM-62119 (Definitive Edition), VW072-J1 (Definitive Edition) August 30, 2001;; December 20, 2001 (Definitive Edition)
Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu 9 実況パワフルプロ野球9 (SLPM-62192), 実況パワフルプロ野球9 決定版 (SLPM-62274), Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu 9 Ketteiban JAP NTSC-J SLPM-62192, VW080-J1, SLPM-62274 (Definitive Edition), VW118-J1 (Definitive Edition) July 18, 2002;; December 19, 2002 (Definitive Edition)
Jikkyou World Soccer 2000 Final Edition 実況ワールドサッカー 2000 ファイナル エディション (SLPM-62040) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-62040, VW022-J1 December 21, 2000
Jikkyou World Soccer 2001 実況ワールドサッカー2001 (SLPM-62075) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-62075, VW042-J1 September 6, 2001
Jikkyou World Soccer 2002 実況ワールドサッカー2002 (SLPM-62169) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-62169, VW086-J1 May 16, 2002
Jikuu Bouken Zentrix 時空冒険記 ゼントリックス (SLPS-25498) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-25498 April 21, 2005
Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius Nickelodeon Jimmy Neutron: Der Mutige Erfinder (EU), Nickelodeon Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius ENG, GER NTSC-U (W) SLUS-20537 September 26, 2002
PAL (W) SLES-51298, SLES-51300 March 7, 2003
Jimmy Neutron: Jet Fusion The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius: Jet Fusion, Nickelodeon Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius: Jet Fusion, Nickelodeon The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius: Jet Fusion ENG NTSC-U SLUS-20696 September 16, 2003
PAL SLES-51932 November 21, 2003
Jissen Pachi-Slot Hisshouhou! Aladdin A 実戦パチスロ必勝法!アラジンA (SLPS-20215) & (SLPS-20209) JAP NTSC-J SLPS-20215, SLPS-20209 (First Print Limited Edition) July 18, 2002
Jissen Pachi-Slot Hisshouhou! Aladdin II Evolution 実戦パチスロ必勝法! アラジン2エボリューション (SLPM-66240) JAP NTSC-J SLPM-66240 December 15, 2005
Jissen Pachi-Slot Hisshouhou! Hokuto no Ken 2 実戦パチスロ必勝法! 北斗の拳2 乱世覇王伝 天覇の章 (SLPM-66866), Jissen Pachi-Slot Hisshouhou: Fist of the North Star 2 JAP NTSC-J SLPM-66866 October 11, 2007
Jissen Pachi-Slot Hisshouhou! Hokuto no Ken Plus 実戦パチスロ必勝法! 北斗の拳 Plus (SLPM-62577) & (SLPM-62576), Jissen Pachi-Slot Hisshouhou: Fist of the North Star Plus JAP