Converting codes for PNACH use

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This guide will explain how to convert various codes to raw codes for use with pnach files. A lot of people don't seem to know how to create a proper cheat code from existing codes and they'll usually end up asking the same question on the Forum: "How to get xx code to work, please help!" With this guide you'll not only learn how to convert the codes, but you'll also know how to recognize most codes so that you know which code type you're actually dealing with. There will also be a section later explaining how the RAW codes work in PCSX2, and how you can recognize those as well.

Different types of codes

There are various types of codes such as Codebreaker, AR-MAX, GS, XPloder, etc. PCSX2 makes use of raw codes that are placed inside a .pnach file. Most of the codes found on the web are not always in raw format, so you'll have to convert them first. But what do each codes look like? Let's take a look.


This is one of the most common codes you'll find. Well-known sites like CodeTwink use these codes and are usually in V1.0+ format. (Sometimes you can also find them in V7+ format).

An example code of the game Silent Hill 4:

Codename Codebreaker V1.0+ Raw
Infinite Health 2A73077A 447A0000 2045A548 447A0000


Another major website for codes are:

This site's codes usually are AR-MAX codes. These look a lot different from codebreaker or raw codes and are therefore easily recognized.

An example code, taking a code from the game Star Ocean 3

Codename AR-MAX Raw
Max Money When Item Is Sold P2QP-VA71-PVXBD ET8B-MYX4-HMZJ6 E0WD-34UU-WG7GR D02F9E92 00004402 202F9E8C 00000000