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North American box art
Game general and emulation properties:
ESRB rating: M (Blood, Violence)
Widescreen patch available
Languages supported:
English: SCES-50500 & SLUS-20416
German: SCES-50500
French: SCES-50500
Spanish: SCES-50500
Italian: SCES-50500
Region NTSC-U:
Serial numbers: SLUS-20416
Release date: May 9, 2002
CRCs: 6B64AB86
Windows Status: Playable
Linux Status: ?
Mac Status: ?
Region PAL:
Serial numbers: SCES-50500
Release date: March 22, 2002
Windows Status: ?
Linux Status: ?
Mac Status: ?

Developer(s): Amuze
Publisher(s): Sega (EU), Acclaim (US)
Genre: Action, Adventure
Wikipedia: Link
Game review links: IGN8.4/10, Metacritic74/100
Game description: After awakening from a coma in a sterile hospital room, Jack Wade realizes that his memories, his identity, and even his mind have all been stolen. In order to regain what he has mysteriously lost, Jack must embark on a shadowy quest that puts his headhunting skills to the test. As Jack or his accomplice Angela Stern, you must use stealth tactics or your arsenal of weapons to fight through seedy biker hangouts, gas-filled shopping malls, and futuristic laboratories.

Test configurations on Windows:

Environment Configurations Comments Tester
Region OS CPU/GPU Revision Graphics Sound/Pad
  • I5 2500k stock
  • Radeon HD 7970
0.9.9.r5128 GSDX SSE 4.1 5135 SPU2-X 2.0 5112 HACKS: all recommend hacks on, dips in framerate using hardware switch to software to fix works better in software anyway 60 frames all the time Riku44
NTSC-U Windows 7 64-Bit
  • Intel i7 @ 3.4Ghz
  • Sapphire R9 290X 4GB
1.2.1 r5873 GSdx 10 (Hardware)0.1.16 r5875
  • SPU2-X r5875
  • Lillypad 0.11.0 r5875
Game runs well, however their are graphical glitches when scaled beyond native resolution. I did not meed tp enable any hacks or use software rendering to make this game run. Bios v 2.0 was used. Zrooney
NTSC-U Windows
  • Intel Core i3-4370
  • Nvidia Geforce GT 750 Ti
1.5.0 (git) Apr 14 2016 GSdx SPU2-X All speed hacks including MTVU (Multi-Threaded microVU1) needs to be enabled. Graphics need to be set to OpenGL and set to basic to prevent missing menu text and items. Hardware depth is also checked to keep framerate from dropping. The game runs great at fullspeed with somewhat rare frame drops that last for a second or two. Played it to the end with no problems with 2x native resolution. I had not went any higher than that. Yugix
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