Ford Mustang - The Legend Lives

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Ford Mustang - The Legend Lives

Game general and emulation properties:
ESRB rating: E
PEGI rating: 3+
Game supports steering wheel
Supports up to two local players
Languages supported:
English: SLES-53296 & SLUS-21162
German: SLES-53296
French: SLES-53296
Spanish: SLES-53296
Region NTSC-U:
Serial numbers: SLUS-21162
Release date: April 19, 2005
Windows Status: Playable
Linux Status: ?
Mac Status: ?
Region PAL:
Serial numbers: SLES-53296
Release date: July 15, 2005
Windows Status: ?
Linux Status: ?
Mac Status: ?

Developer(s): Eutechnyx
Publisher(s): 2K Games (US), Take-Two Interactive (EU)
Genre: Racing
Game review links: Metacritic58/100
Game description: Since April of 1964 the Ford Mustang has sold over 8 million vehicles and has generated a strong following of enthusiasts, aftermarket manufacturers, websites, and publications - all dedicated to this iconic vehicle. "Ford Mustang" provides incredible graphics and "pick up and play" gameplay - at a value price. Drive the hottest cars from the 40 year history of the Mustang on 22 tracks in 7 U.S. cities. Features 40 incredibly rendered production, concept and racing models from 1964 to 2005. Choose from a diverse set of 22 accurately modeled, lifelike racing environments in 7 cities from across the USA. Arcade-style racing physics and realistic AI, from opponents as well as from obstacle traffic. Compete in "coin-op" style Challenges or Career Mode to unlock new cars, tracks and game modes while testing your skills to the limit. Split screen Multiplayer support for Head-to-Head racing.

Test configurations on Windows:

Environment Configurations Comments Tester
Region OS CPU/GPU Revision Graphics Sound/Pad
NTSC-U Windows 8.1 x64
  • Intel Core i7-4510U @ 3.10 GHz
  • Intel HD Graphics 4400
  • 1.4.0
  • 1.5.0 (dev-2234 g7a71b6f3d)
  • SPU2-X
  • LilyPad
Barely runs at full speed in Native resolution. Game must be booted with audio set to Timestretch or else some sound effects won't play; the audio can be set back to Async after booting. Vehicle shadows are jittery and tend to act strangely; I am unsure if this is a glitch or if it's intended by the game developers. Upscaling the game will result in a dark triangle in the vehicle shadows, although this is fixed in 1.5.0. Enabling Alpha or Alpha Stencil in HW Hacks can remove this triangle, but in turn also removes an entire portion of the shadow. Shadows will also appear in incomplete stripes. Setting CRC Hack level to None, Minimum, or Partial will fix the stripes. When using Hardware renderers, the radar is translucent while in Software it's opaque. Aside from the dark triangle when upscaling, both 1.4.0 and 1.5.0 run very similarly. Hyde233
NTSC-U Windows 10 64-bit
  • 11th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-11600 @ 2.80GHz
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti
v1.7.2351 GSdx 1.2.0-AVX2
  • SPU2-X 2.0.0
  • LilyPad 0.12.1
No noticeable bugs. Plays fine, framerate is solid. Hemporus01

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