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Game general and emulation properties:
ESRB rating: T (Blood and Gore, Violence)
OFLC rating: MA
Widescreen patch available
Languages supported:
English: SLES-50716 & SLES-50995 & SLUS-29030 & SLUS-20198
German: SLES-50995
French: SLES-50995
Spanish: SLES-50995
Italian: SLES-50995
Region NTSC-U:
Serial numbers: SLUS-20198
SLUS-29030 (Demo)
Release date: June 16, 2002
Windows Status: ?
Linux Status: ?
Mac Status: ?
Region PAL:
Serial numbers: SLES-50716
SLED-51062 (Demo)
Release date: June 28, 2002
Windows Status: Playable
Linux Status: ?
Mac Status: ?

Developer(s): Kuju Entertainment
Publisher(s): Midway
Genre: Simulation
Wikipedia: Link
Game review links: Metacritic64/100
Game description: Your goal in Fireblade is to annihilate terrorists around the globe. At the helm of the Carrier chopper or the Vendetta attack copter, you'll battle through 18 missions in four campaigns. Transport and rescue missions take you to a variety of lush environments, including the Swiss Alps, Arizona Desert, Amazon Jungle, and the Arctic Circle. Unleash an array of deadly weapons--including swarm missiles, sniper cannons, and laser-guided homing missiles--or disable alarms to remain undetected.

Test configurations on Windows:

Environment Configurations Comments Tester
Region OS CPU/GPU Revision Graphics Sound/Pad
PAL Windows 10
  • AMD Ryzen 7 1800X
  • AMD R9 390X
1.0.0 GSdx MSVC 19.00, AVX2 1.0.0 SPU2-X (r5342) 2.0.0 Works almost always without problems (see issues) EcoBlack

Known Issues

Slow Menu

  • Type: Note (not an issue)
  • Description: The menu runs very slow
  • Workaround: Do not set the internal resolution higher than 4x

Game loop

  • Status: Fixed
  • Type: Major
  • Description: After starting a mission the game loops after few seconds and does not react anymore
  • Workaround: Do not use PCSX2 version higer than 1.0.0. Fixed as of 1.7.2095

FPS drops 1

  • Status: Fixed
  • Type: Minor
  • Description: Thermal vision causes heavy fps drops
  • Workaround: Not yet

FPS drops 2

  • Status: Fixed
  • Type: Minor
  • Description: MSAA causes sometimes heavy fps drops
  • Workaround: Do not use MSAA
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