Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows

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Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows
Gauntlet seven sorrows.png
Game general and emulation properties:
ESRB rating: T (Violence)
PEGI rating: 12+
Game supports multi-tap
Game supports headset
Widescreen patch available
Supports up to four local players
Supported up to four LAN/online players
Languages supported:
English: SLES-53667 & SLUS-21077
German: SLES-53667
French: SLES-53667
Spanish: SLES-53667
Italian: SLES-53667
Region NTSC-U:
Serial numbers: SLUS-21077
Release date: December 12, 2005
Windows Status: Playable
Linux Status: ?
Mac Status: ?
Region PAL:
Serial numbers: SLES-53667
Release date: March 24, 2006
Windows Status: Playable
Linux Status: ?
Mac Status: ?

Developer(s): Midway
Publisher(s): Midway
Genre: Action, RPG
Wikipedia: Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows
Game review links: Metacritic59/100
Game description: The arcade classic returns with Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows. The game improves upon the old title with a deeper fighting system and light RPG elements. Now you can choose from six heroes, each with their own fighting style, abilities, and backstory. Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows has solo, cooperative, and online play modes. You can go online to join parties of fighters and trade goods.
The follow-up to Gauntlet Legends and Gauntlet Dark Legacy.

Winlogo.png Test configurations on Windows:

Environment Configurations Comments Tester
Region OS CPU/GPU Revision Graphics Sound/Pad
NTSC-U Windows
  • Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 @ 2.66 Ghz
  • Nvidia GTX 260 896MB
1.1.0 r5754- GSdx r5752 SSSE3
  • SPU2-X 2.0.0 r5733
  • LilyPad 0.11.0 r5403
skip draw =1, Works very well. Even tried 3 player mode and fps din't drop too much., Skip draw =1 is advised to be used otherwise the game runs really slow in GSdx HW mode and causes VRAM issues. Software mode is alright.
  • AMD Athlon II X2 240 @ 2.80 GHz
  • AMD Radeon HD 7770 1GB
1.2.1 r5873 GSdx r5875
  • SPU2-X r5830 2.0.0
  • LilyPad 0.11.0
BIOS: any, Runs really smooth. But setting the resolution higher than 2x causes huge slowdowns. Pyr0


  • The PAL version of this game supports multiple languages through the BIOS configuration. Implementation requires Full boot - "Boot CDVD (full)".

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