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  • Complete section on creating new memcards
  • Add in relevant misc sections from original memcard article
  • Add more information about memcards in PCSX2

What are memcards

Memcards, also known as memory cards are a form of flash memory used to store digital information. The Playstation 2 uses memcards 8MB in size using Sony's proprietary Magicgate encryption to prevent copying of information, this uses dedicated hardware on both the memcards itself and the reader.

PCSX2 stores memory card information in C:\Users\Username\Documents\PCSX2\ under the memcards, substitute Username for your Windows user login. Memcards are named Mcd001.ps2 for the first slot and Mcd002.ps2 for the second. These files are written in the native PCSX2 .PS2 save format and have a capacity of 8MB like official Sony PS2 memory cards. Memcards are not save states, they are an emulation of traditional PS2 memory cards.

It is recommended that you keep a backup of any save files before importing them into PCSX2. you can do this by clicking the Duplicate button within MemoryCard Manager shown below.

Memcards in PCSX2

To view the currently loaded memory cards go to the Config menu and select Memory cards. MemoryCard Manager will show the emulated memcards settings and location on your computer.

Pcsx2 McdConfig.png

Creating additional memcards

Creating additional memcards can be done to provide additional space or dedicate memcards to certain games.

1. Click the Create button 2. Select the size of your memcard and click Create 3. Your new memcard will appear under the 'Unused cards section
Pcsx2.create.memcard.png Pcsx2.memcard.manager.swap.memcard.png

Viewing emulated memcards

To view the contents of your memory cards or save/modify them they can be loaded as above.

1. Click the CDVD menu and select No disc. This ensures the PS2 boots into the system menu. 2. Click System and select 'Boot ISO (fast) 3. Once the PS2 has booted you will be presented with the System Menu. Select Browser
4. You will be presented with the PS2 memory cards

Importing saves into memcards

PCSX2 only supports the .ps2 format mentioned above as such any saves in other formats will need to be converted by a 3rd party utility called MyMC before they will be usable. MyMC supports the following formats:

  • MAX Drive (.max)
  • EMS (.psu)
  • SharkPort (.sps),
  • X-Port (.xps)
  • Code Breaker (.cbs)

To convert a save file:

1. Download MyMC and extract it to a folder
2. Run mymc-gui.exe to open the graphical interface 3. Once open you will be prompted to load a memcard image, browse to your PCSX2 folder and navigate to the memcards folder to load an image.
4. You will now see a list of all PS2 save games present on the the memcard, to import a 3rd party save file click the green icon and browse to the save file 5. Once imported the save game will be present in your memcards save file list and can now be loaded like a standard PS2 save file