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Welcome to the PCSX2 Logo.png Wiki!

This wiki is intended as the source of any kind of information about the PCSX2 emulator and its plugins (including installing and setting up on Windows, GNU/Linux and Macintosh systems and even compiling your own version). It also contains the comprehensive public knowledge database on most PS2 games and their emulation status. This information can be easily updated by any PCSX2 user who wishes to contribute, as the main purpose of the wiki is to keep track of the playability of games and to provide users with tips on how to best configure PCSX2. The wiki is a home of 5,096 articles, we have 4,999 game pages and 13 guides.

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Getting involved!

The contents on this site are added and maintained by the PSCX2 user's community from all over the world. Anybody can contribute to this Wiki whether he or she is a new or an advanced user.

If you want to help improve the Wiki you are more than welcome! We encourage you to expand the articles while you're viewing it, finding the page of a game you've played recently and create it if it doesn't exists (you can copy/paste from a complete article and then edit it), expand it if it's a stub or misses information, or update it if you see outdated info on it. You can also write a guide if you've found an external program that can be used in conjunction with PCSX2 (such as visual enhancements, controller support, cheating, external launchers).

Every contribution, no matter how large or small is, will help this wiki. Do not be afraid to make edits - you cannot break anything!

Wikis are unbreakable but useless without your support.

Your first step is the guide on how to contribute to this Wiki. If it's your first time editing articles on a Wiki, the following links will guide you through your first steps on learning the MediaWiki markup language:

In case you have any questions, you can: