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[[Category:temp new test case]]
[[Category:temp new test case]]
|OS=Windows 7 Enterprise
|CPU=Intel Core i5 2450m 2.5GHz
|GPU=Intel HD Graphics 3000
|Revision=1.3.0 git build (April 27th, 2015)
|Comments=USA BIOS v01.60. Don't run the game via CD. Use your own ISO. Anyways, game runs okay. New York (moderate traffic/pedestrians) runs anywhere from 35-75+ FPS on software mode. London fares terribly, only hitting 70FPS max. The intro does need software mode to run properly (just press "start" repeatedly if you don't wanna switch to software). Widescreen hack does not break gameplay. Menus work good, and there's really nothing wrong with the game now.
|Tester=Dan Castellaneta



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