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  • Be patient
  • Your contribution will gladly be reviewed but free time is an expensive resource
  • Discuss your future contribution with us before coding it
  • Let's avoid duplicate work! Besides, the specification could be clarified this way.

QA / Portability

  • Port core thread to std::thread
  • C11 aligned_alloc
  • C++11 alignof/alignas syntax
  • Replace volatile/lock-free queue with real C++ atomic
  • [C++11 auto port](http://clang.llvm.org/extra/clang-modernize.html). Initial requirement: drop XP and support clang/llvm
  • [Clean header include](https://github.com/include-what-you-use/include-what-you-use). Investigate.
  • Address sanitizer (gcc or clang) and others sanitizer.
  • Valgrind (not sure it can run PCSX2, maybe limit the scope to plugin)
  • Reformat the core/plugin to a constant style with tool like astyle
  • Support Windows/OSX in CMake


  • check linux chapter ;) Various improvements are actually cross platform!


You're welcome to the [Linux contribution thread](http://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-Areas-of-interest-for-new-linux-developers) to have full details. Here is a handy list of features need implementation. Feel free to propose new ones.

House keeping and general compilation

  • Clean up warnings
  1. Same as gcc flags but without the need of complete test.
  • Clean up GCG flags
  1. Put default global flags in cmake/BuildParameters.cmake\\
  2. Try to use standard flags as much as possible (aka On). Extensive tests must be done to validate a flag update.
  • Speed comparison clang/GCC
  • Add missing/update copyright header
  • LTO support => started by prudho
  • PGO support


  • Support XZ compressed ISOs


  • Fix OpenGL. I would advice to compare dx trace vs OpenGL trace.
  • Test/Fix GLES3.1 (it often breaks after GL update)
  • Finish shader subroutine usage (+find a way to clean shader and avoid duplication)
  • Finish buffer storage
  • OSD => Finish port to Direct3D

Debian package

  • Needs a refresh to the latest standard
  • Clean debian/copyright => debmake -k

Very long term features

Those features will require a lot of work, and an organized long-term effort.

  • PS2 ROM reimplementation (wrongly named HLE bios)
  • x86_64 port (x32 could yield better perf)
  • Android X86 port
  • Win/Linux ARM port
  • OSX support