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Originally written by Jake Stine

After its absence for many moons, the Commandline functionality will finally be restored to PCSX2. Third-party frontend and config-manager authors rejoice! ... and hopefully stop hating my guts, too. To paraphrase Darth Vader: "Witness the power of this fully armed and operational Command line-driven battlestation." (we all know a command line-driven death star would have been way cooler than some click-and-drag crap.) The new PCSX2 command line should be functional in our next beta release, which should be out pretty soon, and it will work as follows:

Syntax: pcsx2 [IsoFile] --toggle --option=value ... etc
Where [IsoFile] is an optional ISO image to load and run on startup; uses the PCSX2 internal ISO loader.

General Options:

  • --cfg=[file] specify a custom configuration file to use instead of PCSX2.ini (does not affect plugins)
  • --cfgpath=[dir] specifies the config folder; applies to pcsx2 + plugins
  • --help display this help text
  • --forcewiz forces running of the First-time Wizard (selection of docs folders and what-not)

Auto-Run Options:

  • --elf=[file] executes an ELF image
  • --nogui disables display of the gui on exit (program auto-exits)
  • --nodisc boots with an empty dvd tray; use this to boot into the PS2 system menu
  • --usecd uses the configured CDVD plugin instead of IsoFile

Compatibility Options:

  • --nohacks disables all speedhacks
  • --gamefixes=[fix,fix] Enable specific gamefixes for this session. Valid fixes in 0.9.7 are: VuAddSub, VuClipFlag, FpuCompare, FpuNegDiv, XGKick, IpuWait, EETiming, SkipMpeg
  • --fullboot disables the quick boot feature, forcing you to sit through the PS2 startup splash screens

Plugin Overrides (specified dlls will be used in place of configured dlls):

  • --cdvd=[dllpath] override for the CDVD plugin
  • --gs=[dllpath] override for the GS plugin
  • --spu=[dllpath] override for the SPU2 plugin
  • --pad=[dllpath] override for the PAD plugin only
  • --dev9=[dllpath] override for the DEV9 plugin
  • --usb=[dllpath] override for the USB plugin only