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... or "How to post comments without making everyone else not like you."

GitHub allows users to comment nearly everywhere. You can comment on issues, on commits, or even on one concrete line of a commit. This is a very powerful tool, but also has a great potential for abuse.

Keeping it real

The comment system is not a forum, and is generally not for idle chat. Many of the devs have comments feeding directly into our inboxes, and a bunch of spam for smileys or statements like "make it faster plz" isn't what we consider a good time. So please be considerate.

There are a few rules an guidelines that we all need to follow in order for this public feedback system to work:

  • Comments should be relevant to the commit/issue and should contain useful information.
  • If you're having general problems with PCSX2, you can use our Issue Tracker, or if you don't really know what revision causes it, our Public Forum. This way we can discuss and troubleshoot the issue in depth, in its right place.
  • Statements like "Please make it faster" or "please fix my game" are not acceptable and will be deleted.
  • Phrasing the statement as a question like "Will this make it faster?" or "Will this fix my game?" is not acceptable either, and will also be deleted.
  • If we delete your post, there was a good reason for it. Deleting posts without justification would be counter-productive, much the same way that allowing posts with no relevant content would also be counter-productive.
  • If you find yourself thinking that the PCSX2 Team is some group of irrational dictators who delete posts simply because we don't like your opinion, then you probably shouldn't be posting.