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  • ...aider series from Core Design in 2006, although they did release a few PS2 games prior to this. Since 2009, they have worked exclusively on developing the T The following table is a list of PS2 titles developed by Crystal Dynamics:
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  • ...ause of this, the publishers EIDOS decided to use a new developer, Crystal Dynamics, to create subsequent titles. Without their best-selling franchise, they cr The following table contains a list of games developed by CORE design released for PS2:
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  • |developer = Crystal Dynamics ...enge on Kain, his murderer and former master, this objective is superseded by a higher quest for knowledge. Traveling through history, he gradually expos
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  • |developer = [[Crystal Dynamics]] |reviewlinks = {{ReviewLink|[ IGN]|4.0/10}}, {{ReviewLink|[http://www
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