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Hi, welcome to PCSX2 Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Game cheats page.

Please leave a message on my talk page if I can help with anything! -- Ngng (Talk) 11:39, November 7, 2010

Cheat Prease

Hi honey, can you give me the cheats you used on Star Ocean? I can't really find any cheats for it anywhere and I wanna get like infinite HP and money so I can just easily get to the end since I've played this game on the actual PS2 almost to the end, but I lost it when I moved out. Valeriya (talk) 15:44, 26 June 2012 (BST)

Here are the cheats I used (I don't know how to attach the pnach file so if you need it just provide me with a temporary email address to send it to)

Star Ocean 3 Till The End Of Time SLUS UNDUB

//Infinite Item usage (have to disable cheat and load the game from memorycard to turn off cheat) /patch=1,EE,2040CA14,extended,2412FFFF //Works everywhere, for item creation, battles and so forth. No item will ever be depleted, this includes materials, //synthesized items and unfortunately story items. So if you advance the storyline better switch this code off just in //case. Also you cannot sell or drop items with this code enabled. (does not work on eqipment when you put an accessory //on someone)

//This code makes every items to cost 1 Fol when you actually buy it not when you are choosing how much of it(if the code //is not working,just remove the first line) patch=1,EE,E0013023,extended,002FA0F8 patch=1,EE,202FA120,extended,24030001

//Chests are shown on map patch=1,EE,D02D8720,extended,00000003 patch=1,EE,202D8720,extended,24020002

//Enemy Almost Always Drops Item patch=1,EE,E001082B,extended,00252D54 patch=1,EE,20252D58,extended,00000000

//Enemies Always Displayed On Map patch=1,EE,202D8734,extended,24020002

//Enemies on map are frozen /patch=1,EE,D02D874C,extended,00000004 /patch=1,EE,202D874C,extended,24020002

//Enemies Don't Move on Map (on/off) //You have to activate it for every area. /patch=1,EE,D01B7D5C,extended,0000FEFF //<--press L2 for freezing /patch=1,EE,202D874C,extended,24020002 /patch=1,EE,D01B7D5C,extended,0000FFFD //<--press L3 for movement /patch=1,EE,202D874C,extended,18400004

//Enemies Don't Move on Map (on press L2 for freezing /off press L3 for movement) /patch=1,EE,D01B7D5C,extended,0000FEFF /patch=1,EE,200A1EE4,extended,00000001 /patch=1,EE,D01B7D5C,extended,0000FFFD /patch=1,EE,200A1EE4,extended,00000000 /patch=1,EE,E0010001,extended,000A1EE4 /patch=1,EE,202D874C,extended,24020002 /patch=1,EE,E0010000,extended,000A1EE4 /patch=1,EE,202D874C,extended,18400004

//Use Blueberries Item For Full HP Recovery (works only outside of battle?) patch=1,EE,E001202D,extended,002E94DC patch=1,EE,202E94F8,extended,00000000

//Use Ripe Berries Item For Full HP Recovery patch=1,EE,E001202D,extended,002E9BBC patch=1,EE,202E9BD8,extended,00000000

//Use Fresh Sage Item For Full HP Recovery (does not work in battle?) /patch=1,EE,E001202D,extended,002EBB94 /patch=1,EE,202EBBB0,extended,00000000

//Inf Water (Mosel Dunes) /patch=1,EE,E0020020,extended,0032CB78 /patch=1,EE,2032CB70,extended,3C0342C8 /patch=1,EE,2032CB74,extended,44830000

//Save Anywhere Code Save Anywhere patch=1,EE,D02D145C,extended,00000008 patch=1,EE,202D145C,extended,24020000

//Max Bunny poins on Winning 1 /patch=1,EE,200A0000,extended,00031880 /patch=1,EE,200A0004,extended,00621821 /patch=1,EE,200A0008,extended,08085E0E /patch=1,EE,200A000C,extended,2410270F /patch=1,EE,E0020188,extended,00217840 /patch=1,EE,20217834,extended,08028000 /patch=1,EE,20217838,extended,00000000

//Max Bunny Points (Prize Exchange Talk/1 Race) /patch=1,EE,200A0010,extended,00031880 /patch=1,EE,200A0014,extended,00621021 /patch=1,EE,200A0018,extended,2410270F /patch=1,EE,200A001C,extended,08085E74 /patch=1,EE,200A0020,extended,AC500188 /patch=1,EE,E0020188,extended,002179D8 /patch=1,EE,202179CC,extended,08028004 /patch=1,EE,202179D0,extended,00000000

//Infinite HP /patch=1,EE,200C2030,extended,AC680010 /patch=1,EE,200C2034,extended,AC680018 /patch=1,EE,200C2038,extended,01082821 /patch=1,EE,200C203C,extended,8C6700A8 /patch=1,EE,200C2040,extended,01052026 /patch=1,EE,200C2044,extended,00E42026 /patch=1,EE,200C2048,extended,AC64008C

//Infinite MP /patch=1,EE,200C2050,extended,8C690020 /patch=1,EE,200C2054,extended,AC69001C /patch=1,EE,200C2058,extended,AC690024 /patch=1,EE,200C205C,extended,01292821 /patch=1,EE,200C2060,extended,8C6700A8 /patch=1,EE,200C2064,extended,01252026 /patch=1,EE,200C2068,extended,00E42026 /patch=1,EE,200C206C,extended,AC640090

//Infinite Fury /patch=1,EE,200C2070,extended,8C61002C /patch=1,EE,200C2074,extended,AC610030

//One Hit Fills Battle Gauge /patch=1,EE,D03F5D80,extended,0000802D /patch=1,EE,203F5D80,extended,24102710

//Mastery level mod Mastery level increases by: patch=1,EE,2040AA10,extended,00088980 //Mastery Level Mod Digits //840:x2 time //880:x4 time xx //8C0:x8 time //900:x16 time //980:x64 time //A00:x256 time //B80:x16384 time(to maximum) //843:x1/2 time(Doesn't increase)

//SP code No SP consumption (all SP entries cost 1) /patch=1,EE,2040883C,extended,24020000

//CP99 (on level up only) (changed it to 51) patch=1,EE,20401710,extended,34077Da4

//After Battle Codes Get 9.999.999 EXP (After Battle) /patch=1,EE,202530F0,extended,14000003

//Get 9.999.999 Fol (After Battle) /patch=1,EE,20253450,extended,14000003

//fol gained per battle x2 /patch=1,EE,E0013023,extended,00253480 /patch=1,EE,2025348C,extended,00129040

//fol gained per battle x4 patch=1,EE,E0013023,extended,00253480 patch=1,EE,2025348C,extended,00129080

//EXP Gained Per Battle x2 patch=1,EE,E0011026,extended,002530C0 patch=1,EE,202530D4,extended,00129040

//EXP Gained Per Battle x4 /patch=1,EE,E0011026,extended,002530C0 /patch=1,EE,202530D4,extended,00129080

//All Party Members Get The Same EXP patch=1,EE,E0011026,extended,002530C0 patch=1,EE,202530E4,extended,00000000

//No EXP Division between partymembers (not working?) //The total experience gained is distributed evenly amongst all surviving characters at the end of the battle. The //victory results screen display the amount of experience gained per (surviving) character. //This cheat code gives all members the full amount of experience /patch=1,EE,D024E844,extended,00009012 /patch=1,EE,2024E844,extended,24020001

//Now to the full Item Creation Level Stats code //You can try to set the value in Cost and Time to "81" //which should set it to -127% but i did not test this yet, //after all, it seems a bit unlogical, though due to the item //creation price formula used by the game even at -100% //cost set. you'll experience prices larger than 1, //especially with the higher priced items. //Item Creation Codes IC Talent Level maxed Fayt //Cooking patch=1,EE,00501E50,extended,000000FF

//Alchemy patch=1,EE,00501E51,extended,000000FF

//Crafting patch=1,EE,00501E52,extended,000000FF

//Compounding patch=1,EE,00501E53,extended,000000FF

//Smithery patch=1,EE,00501E54,extended,000000FF

//Writing patch=1,EE,00501E55,extended,000000FF

//Engineering patch=1,EE,00501E56,extended,000000FF

//Synthesis patch=1,EE,00501E57,extended,000000FF

//cost-100% /patch=1,EE,00501E5B,extended,0000009C

//time-100% /patch=1,EE,00501E5C,extended,0000009C

//the first code you can't buy some items (ex: item creation stuff must be made and registered before you can buy them), //and the second you can. //Shops sells all Items (Everything) (minus IC items) /patch=1,EE,E0050016,extended,002FACD4 /patch=1,EE,202EA6C0,extended,24020014 /patch=1,EE,202FA854,extended,24030014 /patch=1,EE,202FAC48,extended,24020000 /patch=1,EE,202FAC6C,extended,10400001 /patch=1,EE,202FACD4,extended,10000013 //and //Shop sells all items (Skiller mod) (Includin IC items) /patch=1,EE,E0050016,extended,002FACD4 /patch=1,EE,202FACD4,extended,10000013 /patch=1,EE,202FAC48,extended,24020000 /patch=1,EE,202FA850,extended,201B0014 /patch=1,EE,202FA86C,extended,A0BB0007 /patch=1,EE,202FAC6C,extended,10400001

//2412FFFF is on so I assume 24120000 means off correct? (does not turn off) //Infinite Item usage Select + R1 On Select + L1 Off /patch=1,EE,D01B7D5C,extended,0000F7FE /patch=1,EE,2040CA14,extended,2412FFFF /patch=1,EE,D01B7D5C,extended,0000FBFE /patch=1,EE,2040CA14,extended,24120000

//2412FFFF is on so I assume 24120000 means off correct? (does not turn off) //Infinite Item usage L2 On L3 Off /patch=1,EE,D01B7D5C,extended,0000FEFF /patch=1,EE,2040CA14,extended,2412FFFF /patch=1,EE,D01B7D5C,extended,0000FFFD /patch=1,EE,2040CA14,extended,24120000