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Gantz change

People often add a new issue and replace an old one by mistake, so I assumed that was the case as they looked different. Thanks for fixing it again. :) If you want help with the issue you could consider opening a thread about it on the forum.

The "armory gantz" issue probably happens because your processor is not that fast, as you solved it with the EE Cyclerate speedhack. It is likely not an issue everyone would have. You could make a test configuration and add it as a comment though. It could be helpful to someone.

You'r welcome ^^. For the issue whit the blood a old thread are on the forum(thanks for it) but you are right, the issue textureless is maybe "dangerous" since the bug have degenerate.

For "armory gantz" the EE cyclerate speedhack was only for gain some FPS but impossible for me to have 60 fps.