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Performance on more powerful hardware

CPU: Intel Core [email protected] GPU: AMD Radeon HD6850 1GB @960/1200MHz

While using the Progressive scan and 16:9 options in-game and setting the internal resolution in GSDx (DX11) to 1920x1080, the game runs at 40 to 60fps without speedhacks, but with significant microstuttering.

Performance on more powerful hardware

CPU: Core i5 3570K GPU: Nvidia GTX 670

using hardware mode DX11 with half pixel and Aggressive CRC, and DISABLING ALL SPEED HACKS (this is one is important as speed hacks where giving me major slow downs!) makes the game just perfect, i don't think could have done better than this if they had remake the whole thing in HD..oh wait..they did :D still, pretty impressive results non the less.