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I suggest the following table to show the keyboard shortcuts:

Hotkey Action
F1 Saves savestate in the current slot.
F2 Changes current savestate slot (Press Shift + F2 to cycle through slots backwards).
F3 Loads savestate from the current slot (Shift + F3 loads from backup slot. Backup savestate will contain the last overwritten savestate so you have a last chance to restore your game when you accidentally overwrite it or the written state appears to be corrupted).Changes current savestate slot (Press Shift + F2 to cycle through slots backwards).
F4 Toggles frame limiter mode.
Shift + F4 Toggles frame skipping mode.
F6 Cycles through aspect ratio modes (stretch, 4:3 and 16:9).

Shift + F8

Ctrl + Shift + F8

Takes screenshot in the current rendering resolution (not the actual resized resolution of the GS window). Screenshot are saved in snaps folder.
F9 Toggles hardware/software renderer. Switching from hardware rendering to software rendering (which is always in native resolution) can be done to avoid some severe graphics glitches occurring in some games in video or special sequences when they are rendered in non-native resolutions or when the hardware render has bugs like with "Tales of Legendia". Some 2D objects can also suffer from incorrect rendering in non-native resolution modes. You can switch to software render mid-game to finish the critical game section and then switch back to hardware afterwards.
F10 Toggles the logging.
F11 Freezes the GS (deprecated function; was used only by STGS. PCSX2 uses MTGS exclusively now)
F12 Starts a video capture of the GS window. Note that some versions may have a bug (?) preventing video capture from happening. If your version supports this you'll see the dialog "Capture settings" after pressing F12. You must choose the filename, codec and resolution before you may continue. Note that lossless or uncompressed video may produce a VERY large file so your HDD must have enough free space to contain it. An audio capture file "recording.wav" may also be created along with the video. This is done by your audio plugin (SPU-X) which will record the audio simultaneously with your GS plugin.
  • To finish the capture simply press F12 again.
  • Note that if you simply wish to capture audio (e.g. you like a particular level's music) and you don't want to mess with the plugin or emulator - or you simply prefer a more general solution - you can use Audacity to record while the emulator is running - simply configure it to accept audio input from "stereo mix". By the way, if you are running Windows and do not see "stereo mix" in the list of available sources please google for several available solutions (it is a known issue with certain soundcard/motherboard models). Or you could try this instead.
Tab Toggles turbo mode.
Shift + Tab Toggles slow motion mode.
Alt + Enter Toggles fullscreen mode.
ESC Pauses the emulation.
Ctrl + numpad + Zooms into the GS window.
Ctrl + numpad - Zoom out of the GS window.
Ctrl + numpad * Resets the zoom on the GS window

These shortcuts change the vertical zoom of the image (stretching it):

Hotkey Action
Ctrl + Alt numpad + Stretches the image vertically.
Ctrl + Alt numpad - Squishes the image vertically.
Ctrl + Alt numpad * Resets the vertical image resolution.

These shortcuts move the whole image inside the GS window:

Hotkeys Action
Ctrl + Alt + Up Moves the image up.
Ctrl + Alt + Down Moves the image down.
Ctrl + Alt + Left Moves the image left.
Ctrl + Alt + Right Moves the image right.
Ctrl + Alt + numpad / Re-centers the image.

GSdx-specific combinations

Hotkey Action
F5 Cycles through GS plugin's de-interlacing modes.
F7 Cycles through "pixel geometry" modes activating different shaders (there are 4 different shaders and the default mode).
Insert Toggles software mipmapping.
Home Toggles on and off external shaders.
Page Up Toggles FXAA mode.
Delete Toggles software anti-aliasing (AA1).

ZeroGS-specific combinations

Hotkey Action
F6 Cycles through anti-aliasing modes (overrides PCSX2's default function of F6 to toggle the aspect ratio).
Shift + F7 Toggles the onscreen FPS indicator.

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