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Just wanted to confirm playability for laptops. Using PCSX2; gsdx-sse4-r3878, lilypad-r3878 (usb analog pad), spu2-x-r3878. Running a stock Lenovo Ideapad Y560 laptop (win7 x64, i7-720 1.6GHz @ 6GB RAM, HD 5730 @ 1GB DDR3). Yes, it's a full 2GHz slower than the test machine on the spec page and it's a mobility video card to boot (still a DX11 card though), but it runs at full 60fps although there are the occasional 45+ fps slowdowns in certain crowded areas. The comment to set VUs Clamping to None is correct, otherwise the wind blowing around Hector at the start of the game isn't transparent and obscures most of the screen.

Gah, forgot to sign my previous post. Anyway, just chimed in to say I completed the entire game and started Crazy Mode so yeah, the game is fully playable right to the credits. - Trucidation 14:00, December 12, 2010 (UTC)