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  • ...division. The Rockstar Games label was founded in New York City in 1998[3] by the British video game producers Sam Houser, Dan Houser, Terry Donovan, Jam ...6] is located on Broadway in the SoHo neighbourhood of New York City, part of the Take-Two Interactive offices. It is home to the marketing, public relat
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  • |developer = Edge of Reality |publisher = [[Electronic Arts|EA Games]] (US), [[Electronic Arts]] (EU, JP)
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  • .... I also want to add an EGL (initialy android, but linux drop glx in favor of EGL too) implementation, maybe one day it will be cross platform (ie with w ...part of openGL, I need to init all gl function pointers either manually or by putting back GLEW. Progress is slow but steady ;)</nowiki>
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  • : <nowiki>Hmm, I could have recycled the texture instead of deleting it, although in that particular case it probably doesn't matter mu : <nowiki>Nope. You aren't using two different versions of LilyPad with the legacy gui, are you? They may even end up with the same d
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