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  • will be a joy ride. If your driving and shooting skills can't keep the TV audience on the edge of their sofas, your ratings will plummet, the show wi ...s Starsky and Hutch as you track down and stop multiple criminals from the TV series. The game has support for 1 and 2 player modes. In the two player mo
    4 KB (481 words) - 18:06, 8 August 2018
  • the game, though the image is cropped widescreen into 4:3 screen (wide TV's with the zoom function could get a true fullscreen image). This doesn't fully resolve the issue as the water will still show in a red hue. It should be noted that in HW mode the game still have other graphical
    5 KB (647 words) - 11:47, 18 March 2022
  • ...indscape. Distribution of KOE's games in Australia was to be taken over by Red Ant Enterprises in February 2009, but Jason Hill from The Age and ASIC, a g * ''Dance Dance Revolution Disney Mix'' - PS, TV game (2001)
    41 KB (5,650 words) - 09:17, 8 May 2015
  • ...ll>, '''Haitoku no Kuro''' <small>(JP)</small>, '''Drag-on Dragoon 2: Love Red, Ambivalence Black''', '''드래그 온 드라군 2''' <small>(KO)</small> ...2002;; October 29, 2002 <small>(Korea)</small>;; January 29, 2004 <small>(RED Best Selection)</small>
    306 KB (33,841 words) - 19:25, 18 April 2019
  • : <nowiki>GSdx: Issue 149 (GoW2 crc) and removed the dx9 flag to enable tv-out, which</nowiki> ...t a temporary fix, isn't it? When i start a game, the debug window shows a red line which is: &quot;iopHwRead32_Page8: Calling 0x1f80847c for some unknown
    377 KB (57,671 words) - 16:15, 8 August 2015
  • ...rong (the background disappears immediately and the screen turn completely red.</nowiki> : <nowiki>It stays red where alpha has dropped below 0x80.</nowiki>
    800 KB (118,488 words) - 16:25, 8 August 2015
  • : <nowiki>I quickly tested gow1 and I get a red line at the top of screen the rest is just black.</nowiki> : <nowiki>zzogl-pg: use the red channel instead of the alpha channel for the block data.</nowiki>
    535 KB (78,475 words) - 16:25, 8 August 2015
  • ...citly handle errors and close out those resources by hand. Saves a lot of red tape coding, typically.</nowiki> : <nowiki>The graphics lost much clearness(sharpness), they are as in an old TV!</nowiki>
    712 KB (107,520 words) - 16:18, 8 August 2015
  • |rowspan="1" |[[BeatMania IIDX 11: IIDX Red]] |rowspan="3" |[[Call of Duty 2: Big Red One]]
    1.85 MB (202,087 words) - 16:17, 9 February 2022
  • ...ress them right at the bottom of the screen instead of when they touch the red bar, but that's probably another issue entirely, maybe a graphical one. Asi ...o see normal image of the game )) Nice and a little blurry, just like real TV produces (due to interlacing and big scanline effect)</nowiki>
    805 KB (115,223 words) - 16:28, 8 August 2015
  • ...irst Gungrave game still isn't working. The screen goes to black after the Red Entertainment logo plays out (which is before the games intro).</nowiki> ...mixing them up and everything), but the game still goes to black after the Red Entertainment thing. I couldn't even get past it when in software mode with
    662 KB (99,318 words) - 16:22, 8 August 2015