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This wiki page is a work-in-progress. Information presented here may be partial or incomplete.

When working with PCSX2 translations, Poedit is not only recommended, but is nearly a necessity. You will need to reference the PCSX2 source code frequently if you want to make accurate translations, and Poedit is the only PO editor I could find that has such a feature built-in (and actually works as expected).

Important!! Make sure that you check out the right version/revision of PCSX2 that corresponds to the PO file you've downloaded.

Download and Install Poedit


Download the latest POT files provided by us.

Our GIT repository stores the POT files, and its latest stable release (1.4.0) can be found in: https://github.com/PCSX2/pcsx2/tree/1.4.x/locales/templates

You may also get the latest templates for the active master branch of PCSX2 in https://github.com/PCSX2/pcsx2/tree/master/locales/templates. Note that working from the POTs from master branch is not recommended, except in cases where it has been quite a while since the latest stable or beta releases, or when the PCSX2 developers have entered Release Candidate stages for an upcoming stable release. In most other cases you will want to check out a stable release branch instead, and use the templates from that.

Check out PCSX2 sources

Make sure to check out the exact revision indicated by the POT archive! This is important since the source code associations listed in the POT file may not match newer revisions of PCSX2, making it difficult to resolve iconized identifiers. The PCSX2 revision can be gleaned from the comment section at the top of the POT files included in the archive.

Note that Poedit does have the ability to update the translation table to match a newer revision of PCSX2. As a translator, you are welcome to update the translation table and get a head start on translating for an upcoming version of PCSX2. However, translations for public/stable releases of PCSX2 should be based on the POT files provided by the PCSX2 Team.

Configure Poedit

Go to File->New Catalog from POT file..., and select one of the POT files provided in the package you downloaded in Step 2. You will see the following dialog:


The project name and version info will be provided by the POT files. Do not modify it! All other blanks can be filled out accordingly, as indicated above. For the Language option, be sure to select the name of the language you're translating to.

Supported languages are hard-coded into wxWidgets, and PCSX2 cannot support anything else at this time. (so no Klingon... yet!) When you click OK you will be prompted for a save location for your new .PO file. Save it into your installed PCSX2 location, under Langs/canonical_code/ (create the Langs folder if it does not already exist). You can determine your language's canonical code using our SupportedLanguagesChart.

Make sure that the filename matches the original filename in the archive (see above for a list of PO files that PCSX2 looks for). Poedit will then create both PO and MO files for you. The PO file is the one you will later submit to the PCSX2 team.

Testing your translation!

Poedit will have saved a MO file in your PCSX2 Langs folder in Step 4, and if the MO file is in the right place and has the right filename, PCSX2 will automatically detect it and offer your language as an option. Run PCSX2 and change the current language to the one you've just created. You may have to restart PCSX2 for the new changes to take effect in all areas of the program.

Submitting Your Translated Work

Before starting a translation, please apply for it in this thread (if there has been no other applicant before you): http://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-Program-and-Guide-translation-applications

When you're done, you will be given the rights to post in the specific forum for the language you translated into in our board. There you can attach either the actual PO file archive you have created, or a patchfile that can be applied against the current svn copy of the translation.

For those of you who are familiar and comfortable with Git, The PCSX2 Team hosts all available translations inside our Git repository. Available translations and their submission history can be viewed online at https://github.com/PCSX2/pcsx2/tree/master/locales/.

Translations are branched according to the releases of PCSX2 that they conform to.