Gran Turismo 4 Demo Disks

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Gran Turismo 4 Demo Disks
Languages supported:
English: SCUS-97384 & SCUS-97436
Region NTSC-U:
Serial numbers: SCUS-97384 (Special Edition 2004 Toyota Demo)
SCUS-97436 (Online Public Beta)
SCUS-97483 (Mazda MX-5 Edition)
Windows Status: ?
Linux Status: ?
Mac Status: ?
Region PAL:
Serial numbers: SCED-52681 (BMW 1 Series Virtual Drive)
SCED-51352 (Nissan Micra Edition)
Windows Status: ?
Linux Status: ?
Mac Status: ?
Region NTSC-J:
Serial numbers: PCPX-96649 (First Preview)
SCPM-85304 (The PlayStation Appendix Trial)
SCPM-85301 (Copen Special Edition)
PAPX-90512 (Toyota Prius Trial)
PAPX-90504 (Airtrek Turbo Special Edition)
PAPX-90523 (Online Public Beta)
PCPX-96634 (Subaru Driving Simulator)
PAPX-90508 (LUPO CUP Training)
Windows Status: Playable
Linux Status: ?
Mac Status: ?

Genre: Demo
Game description: This is a collection of serials on demo disks of Gran Turismo 4

  • Gran Turismo 4: First Preview (グランツーリスモ4 First Preview): PCPX-96649
  • Gran Turismo 4: The PlayStation Appendix Trial (グランツーリスモ4 体験版 ザ・プレイステーション付録): SCPM-85304
  • Gran Turismo Concept: Copen Special Edition (グランツーリスモ4 体験版 コペン版): SCPM-85301
  • Gran Turismo 4: Toyota Prius Trial (Gran Turismo Special Edition 2004 Toyota Demo, グランツーリスモ4 体験版 プリウス版): PAPX-90512, SCUS-97384
  • Gran Turismo Concept: Airtrek Turbo Special Edition (グランツーリスモ4 体験版 エアトレックターボ版): PAPX-90504
  • Gran Turismo 4: Online Public Beta (グランツーリスモ4 オンライン実験バージョン): PAPX-90523, SCUS-97436
  • Gran Turismo 4: Mazda MX-5 Edition: SCUS-97483
  • Gran Turismo 4: Subaru Driving Simulator (グランツーリスモ4 スバルドライビングシミュレーター版): PCPX-96634
  • Gran Turismo 4: LUPO CUP Training (グランツーリスモ4 LUPO CUPトレーニング版): PAPX-90508
  • Gran Turismo 4: Nissan Micra Edition: SCED-51352
  • Gran Turismo 4: BMW 1 Series Virtual Drive: SCED-52681

Winlogo.png Test configurations on Windows:

Environment Configurations Comments Tester
Region OS CPU/GPU Revision Graphics Sound/Pad
  • I5 3330
  • HD radeon 6850
PCSX2 1.3 Git 29 of April GSdx Work well

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