Gran Turismo 4

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Gran Turismo 4
Game general and emulation properties:
CERO rating: A
ESRB rating: E (Mild Lyrics)
PEGI rating: 3+
GRB rating: ALL
Game supports steering wheel
Widescreen supported natively
Progressive scan supported
GPU intensive game
CPU intensive game
Supports up to two local players
Supported up to six LAN/online players
Languages supported:
English: SCES-51719 & SCUS-97328
Japanese: SCPS-17001 & SCPS-19252
German: SCES-51719
French: SCES-51719
Spanish: SCES-51719
Italian: SCES-51719
Korean: SCKA-30001
Region NTSC-U:
Serial numbers: SCUS-97328
Release date: February 22, 2005
March 1, 2006 (Greatest Hits)
CRCs: 77E61C8A, 33C6E35E
Windows Status: Playable
Linux Status: Playable
Mac Status: ?
Region PAL:
Serial numbers: SCES-51719
SCES-51719/P (Platinum)
Release date: March 9, 2005
May 5, 2006 (Platinum)
CRCs: 44A61C8F
Windows Status: Playable
Linux Status: Playable
Mac Status: ?
Region NTSC-J/C/K:
Serial numbers: SCPS-17001
PBPX-95601 (PlayStation 2 Racing Pack)
SCPS-19252 (PlayStation 2 the Best)
SCKA-30004 (BigHit Series)
SCCS-60002 (Review copy)
Release date: December 28, 2004
March 10, 2005 (Korea)
July 6, 2006 (PlayStation 2 the Best)
September 21, 2006 (BigHit Series, Korea)
Windows Status: Playable
Linux Status: ?
Mac Status: ?

Developer(s): Polyphony Digital
Publisher(s): SCEI (JP, AS, KO), SCEA (US), SCEE (EU)
Genre: Racing
Wikipedia: Link
Game review links: Metacritic89/100
Game description: With authentic cars, courses, and car physics, Gran Turismo 4 adds an even more realistic racing simulation to the series. The characteristics of each car take into account weight, speed, friction, and more to deliver realistic handling. Test-drive new vehicles in courses located in various sites, such as Nurburgring Nordschleife, New York City, the Grand Canyon, and Tsukuba Circuit. Along with Career mode, Gran Turismo 4 highlights the new GT Photo mode and GT Online mode, which lets players around the world compete over the Internet.
Gran Turismo 4 is the fourth game in the Gran Turismo series. It features over 700 vehicles, 51 tracks, B-Spec mode, Photo mode, and 1080i support. This game was released on February 22, 2005 to critical acclaim.

Winlogo.png Test configurations on Windows:

Environment Configurations Comments Tester
Region OS CPU/GPU Revision Graphics Sound/Pad
NTSC-U Windows 7
  • Intel Core2 Duo E8400 @ 3.60 GHz
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260
0.9.9 (r4878)
GSdx (r4873)
  • SPU2-X (r4872)
  • LilyPad (r4484)
• The MTVU hack may increase speed in quad core CPUs. This varies in dual-core CPUs as it may increase depending on the race but may cause slowdown in others.

• Other hacks can cause crashes or the game won't boot. This game requires a ton of personal tinkering to get it to run decent.This game also has very, VERY high system requirements (expect to use at least an i5 or an FX 6300 above). Don't expect a smooth or stable game. Slowdowns are heavy and very prevalent. It mostly depends on track, the lighting and the amount of cars on screen. • EE Cyclerate can give speedup during the races, but may also cause slowdown to the track-selection screens where videos are shown at the background. • The "Allow 8-bit textures" in GSdx may help with speed a bit more and maybe reduce the VRAM slowdowns. • If you are using software mode and have 4 cores or more (this includes hyperthreaded cores, as PCSX2 takes advantage of this), set the "extra software threads" to the amount of total threads in your CPU minus one (4 cores, threads to "3", 8 cores, threads to "7", etc.). This can provide a noticeable speedup in any game running in software mode, but beware that only native resolution can be used.

NTSC-U Windows
  • Intel Core i7 @ 3.40 GHz
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 285 @ 768 MB
1.1.0 (r5480) GSdx SSE4 (r5442)
  • SPU2-X 2.0.0
  • LilyPad 0.11.0
Runs near full speed.
NTSC-J Windows
  • Intel Core i5-3330 @ 3.00 GHz
  • AMD Radeon HD 6850
1.1.0 (svn r5832) GSdx
  • SPU2-X
  • ?
USA v02.20(10/02/2006), Can be hard for CPU and GPU. Can have some glitches in Hardware mode in the races, but Software mode is fine.
NTSC-U Windows 7 x64
  • Intel Core i7 @ 3.40 GHz
  • AMD Radeon R9 290X @ 4 GB
1.2.1 r5875 GSdx 0.1.16 (r5875)
  • SPU2-X (r5875)
  • LilyPad 0.11.0 (r5875)
BIOS v2.00, Game runs fine at 5x Native resolution. Some slight hiccups/slowdown in the menus. One weird glitch I saw was on dirt tracks, the plumes of dirt seem to be transparent and can be seen through hills and can be seen coming out of the middle of the back of the car. Still use recommended hacks for maximum performance. Zrooney
NTSC-U Windows 7
  • Intel Core2 Duo E7500 @ 2.93 GHz
  • NVIDIA GeForce GT 630 @ 1 GB
1.2.1 (2014-02-02)
GSdx 0.1.16
  • SPU2-X
  • ?
Great FPS at the menus, bad FPS at races or showing cars. Slowmotion FPS at the races, almost unplayable. Berto
PAL Windows 7
  • AMD FX 4100 @ 4.00 GHz
  • AMD Radeon HD 7870 @ 2 GB
GSdx SSE4 (r5875)
  • SPU2-X
  • LilyPad 0.11.0 (r5822)
60+ FPS in menus but drops below 45~50 in races or licence tests. With speedhacks the frame rates are pretty stable, 55~60 FPS in races with multiple cars. KX64
NTSC-U Windows 8.1
  • AMD A8-6600K @ 4.40 GHz
  • AMD Radeon R9 270X
  • SPU2-X
  • ?
Ran with 60 FPS Apihl1000
PAL Windows
  • Intel Core i5-4690 @ 3.50 GHz
  • MSI GeForce GTX 750 Ti 2GD5/OCV1 @ 2 GB
1.3.1 (svn 2015-06-18) GSdx32 SSE4
  • SPU2-X
  • ?
Runs above full speed. Needed to set EE clamping mode manually to full so the text that says the time between you and the first car to display correctly. Looks like this needs to be added to game fixes GameIndex.dbf so it can auto change the EE clamping mode to full. Some rare random slowdowns that happened randomly in the races, no specific reason but in last less than a second. Other than that the game works perfect.
NTSC-U Windows 7
  • Intel Core i5-2500K @ 4.80 GHz
  • ASUS GeForce GTX 970 @ 4 GB
1.4.0 GSdx32 SSE4
  • SPU2-X 2.0.0
  • Qemu USD driver 0.4.3 (G25)
All other graphic options are default. Game runs smoother than on the real PS2. Besides problem with licence test crashing everything works perfect. I did notice licence test uses way more RAM than actual races, and I crashed when I ran out of RAM in certain tests. Other than that it's perfect. (at 4x native with MSAA and AF enabled, I'm peaking at 10+ GB of RAM usage) Infini
PAL Windows XP (SP3)
  • Intel Core2 Quad Q9650 @ 3.00 GHz
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560
v1.5.0 (dev-2016-01-26)
GSdx SSE4 (2016-01-26)
  • SPU2-X (2016-01-26)
  • ?
On some menus, a minor slowdown occurs (ca. 2–4 FPS). On normal racetracks, FPS stays around 50 (PAL), but on more graphically-intensive tracks like street circuits, slowdowns can be slight (ca. 5–18 FPS) on Single Race / 2-players mode. On Time-trials, minor slowdown may occur on tracks like that (ca. 2–5 FPS). On Software-mode: Usually about 10 FPS slower than hardware-rendering (with 4 threads). Other bugs: a red flash occur at every race start, but shade boost tones it down. Lower edges on menus may have white lines. Titus03
NTSC-U Windows 10 x64
  • Intel Xeon X5650 @ 3.00 GHz (2)
  • MSI GeForce GTX 1050 Ti OC @ 4 GB
v1.5.0 (dev-2017-09-17)
GSdx SSE4.1 (2017-09-17)
  • SPU2-X 2.0.0 (2017-09-17)
Game starts fine. Menus run well save for some choppiness, especially during transitions and when loading car models. License tests require more cycles & RAM usage than regular races, seeming to cause upwards of 10 FPS slowdown in some cases. Would probably get better/more stable performance with further tweaks. Interestingly having 12 cores seems to make little difference to performance from a threading standpoint. starkeysuper64
NTSC-U Windows 10 64-bit (build 16299)
  • Intel Core i3-4160 @ 3.60 GHz
  • Asus GeForce GTX 750 OC Edition @ 2 GB
1.5.0 (dev 2017-12-08)
GSdx AVX2 (2017-12-28)
  • SPU2-X 2.0.0
  • LilyPad 0.12.1
Runs perfectly well, albeit with a lag spike of 10-15 FPS at about the end of some tracks. Menu-wise, every time a menu changes, the screen fades and goes down with an angle. The car models are blurry, though that might be because of random tweaking. Tested on the most intensive track I could find, Las Vegas Drag Strip, in a BMW M3 GTR Race Car and it stayed at 60 FPS. Photo mode works but its a blur when taking pictures and the photo looks lifeless due to color degradation. ZestoOnyx
NTSC-U Windows 8.1
  • AMD FX-6300 @ 4.4 GHz
  • AMD Radeon HD 7870
GSdx 1.1.0 AVX
  • SPU2-X 2.0.0
  • LilyPad 0.12.1
  • Qemu USB Driver 0.4.3 (Logitech G29)
Runs at full speed. Using above 3X native gives weird stuttering issues. Using 480p mode with Shadeboost enabled to compensate. At these settings the game is absolutely stable: Renderer: Direct3D11 (Hardware), Interlacing (F5): Bob tff, Texture Filtering: Bilinear (PS2), Internal Resolution: 3x Native, Anisotropic Filtering: 16x, Mipmapping: Basic (Fast), CRC Hack Level: Automatic (Default), (✓) Allow 8-Bit Textures. EE/IOP: Clamping Mode "Full", VU: Clamping mode "Extra". License tests require these two to be at their stock settings. lolled132
NTSC-U Windows 10
  • AMD Ryzen 5 3600 @ 3.9 GHz
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 @ 8 GB
GSdx 1.2.0 AVX2
  • SPU2-X 2.0.0
  • LilyPad 0.12.1
Runs at full speed. Using 480p. render scaling is at 3x and it very rarely stutters for a second or two, VRAM usage goes up to 3.5GB. License tests and everything works perfectly in version 1.6.0. TurboSonic

Linlogo.png Test configurations on Linux:

Environment Configurations Comments Tester
Region OS CPU/GPU Revision Graphics Sound/Pad
? Kubuntu 12.04 x64
  • Intel Core i3-2100 @ 3.10 GHz
  • NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT
1.0.0 GSdx 0.1.16
  • SPU2-X 2.0.0
  • ?
Only problem is that in a race it is too slow (20-30 FPS) and the game doesn't work with frame skipping. With hardware video acceleration enabled in GSdx, it is twice as slow. The problem seems to be the CPU. T-dome
NTSC-U Fedora 22 x64
  • AMD Phenom II X4 940 @ 3.00 GHz
  • GeForce GT 730 (358.16 driver)
1.4.0 GSdx 1.0.0
  • SPU2-X 2.0.0
  • OnePAD 1.1.0
50% speed with hardware accel. 25% with software. playable otherwise. kerpal
NTSC-U Debian 9.3 x64
  • AMD Ryzen 5 1600
  • GeForce GT 730 (375.82 driver)
1.4.0 GSdx 1.0.0
  • SPU2-X 2.0.0
  • OnePAD 1.1.0
mostly 100% speed with hardware acceleration at native resolution. some occasional slowdowns but not often. very playable but the audio buzzes a bit. kerpal
PAL Ubuntu 17.04 x64
  • Intel Core i5-4670 @ 3.40 GHz
  • VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Xeon E3-1200
1.5.0~git201708311541 GSdx (GCC 6.3.0, SSE2) 1.0.0 SPU2-X 2.0.0 Full speed at native resolution. Black screen at higher resolution. Marc
NTSC-U Debian 9.3 x64
  • AMD Ryzen 5 1600
  • GeForce GT 730 (375.82 driver)
1.5.0-git20171209-2234 GSdx 1.1.0
  • SPU2-X 2.0.0
  • OnePAD 1.3.0
100% speed with hardware acceleration at native resolution. significantly less slowdowns than pcsx2 1.4.0. audio also renders much more cleanly with SDL/alsa. extremely playable. kerpal


  • Original names: グランツーリスモ4 (SCPS-17001) & (SCPS-19252), 跑車浪漫旅4 (SCAJ-30007), 跑车浪漫旅 4 (SCCS-60002), 그란 투리스모 4 (SCKA-30001)
  • Information and reports of demo versions of this game can be found here.

Known Issues

Heavy crashing

  • Status: Active
  • Type: Major
  • Description: PCSX2 crashes during or at the start of a race, often with GSdx Out of memory warnings in the log.
  • Workaround:
  1. In recent PCSX2 GIT revisions as of May 7th, 2016, VRAM spikes have been greatly reduced.
  2. Make sure you have "Large Framebuffer" disabled on the recent GIT revisions as it can amplify the VRAM spikes when enabled.
  3. To avoid crashes at the start of an event, hit F9 to toggle between hardware and software rendering, then hit F9 again to return to your desired renderer. This refreshes the emulation state of GSdx and clears the bad VRAM.
  4. To reduce VRAM spikes further, Nvidia users can Force Enable Sparse Texture in GSdx Advanced settings & hacks. OpenGL only.

Missing/flickering textures

  • Status: Active
  • Type: Minor
  • Description: Missing ground textures and/or textures in the distance flicker.
  • Workaround: Go to Config -> Video (GS) -> Plugin Settings, and set Renderer to any of the "(Software)" options. Then Make sure the Mipmapping option is checked at Software Mode Settings.

Garbage on bottom and right screen edges

  • Status: Active
  • Type: Minor
  • Description: Red and green garbage from the depth buffer renders through to the screen.
  • Workaround: Go to Config -> Emulation Settings -> GS Window and set Zoom to 100.20.

Fixed Issues

Demo races do not work

  • Status: Fixed
  • Type: Minor
  • Description: Demonstrations return back to the menu as soon as they start.
  • Workaround: Go to Config -> Emulation Settings -> EE/IOP and set Clamping Mode to "Full". However, this will make other events fail to load, requiring it to be set back to Normal after the Demonstration.

Effects visible through objects

  • Status: Fixed
  • Type: Minor
  • Description: Car headlights, smoke and dust effects are seen through objects.
  • Workaround: Go to Config -> Video (GS) -> Plugin Settings, and set renderer to "OpenGL (Hardware)". Then set Blending Unity Accuracy to at least "High".

Game doesn't load past copyright screen.

  • Status: Fixed
  • Type: Major
  • Description: Due to dual layer issues the game might not load past the copyright screen.
  • Workaround:
  1. As of March 2016 this issue has been fixed on the latest v1.5.0 development builds.
  2. For older versions use patch supplied at the compatibility list on the forums (see bottom of the page for links). Though this will disable all in game videos (including the background of the main menu).

Improper interlacing

  • Type: Note (not an issue)
  • Description: The interlacing in-game is improper and "shakes".
  • Workaround: Change the interlacing mode in GSdx to "Bob tff" to correct improper interlacing.

Garbage photos

  • Status: Fixed
  • Type: Serious
  • Description: Garbage replaces the area in which the photo should be displayed.
  • Workaround: As of May 2016 this issue has been fixed on the latest v1.5.0 development builds.

Whole screen garbage

  • Status: Fixed
  • Type: Serious
  • Description: During events, the 3D area of the screen is obscured by garbage graphics.
  • Workaround:
  1. This issue can been fixed in the latest v1.5.0 development builds as of May 2016 (see issue below).
  2. For older versions: In-game during an event press the start button, go to Screen and set Brightness to 0. Or from the main menu of the game, go to Options -> Picture Quality, and set Brightness to 0.
  3. For older NTSC versions: Change the display in game config to "Normal", then you can set the brightness to 5 without the broken graphics and also have a correct image.

Broken in-game screen options

  • Status: Fixed
  • Type: Minor
  • Description: In-game brightness or contrast values do not work properly in-game.
  • Workaround: This has been resolved in recent v1.5.0 git builds. CRC hack level should be left on Automatic. For older versions set in game brightness/contrast to 0 or alternatively switch to software rendering.

Gameplay Screenshots

Public compatibility forum links