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Commandline support

PCSX2 versions 0.9.7 and higher have full commandline support, The return of the Commandline! (blog entry). You can use the following format:

pcsx2 [IsoFile] --toggle --option=value ... etc

The full list of options are:

General Options

  • --cfgpath=[dir] {changes the configuration file path}
  • --cfg=[file] {specifies the PCSX2 configuration file to use}
  • --forcewiz {forces PCSX2 to start the First-time Wizard}
  • --portable {enables portable mode operation (requires admin/root access)}
  • --console {forces the program log/console to be visible}
  • --fullscreen {use fullscreen GS mode}
  • --windowed {use windowed GS mode}
  • --nogui {disables display of the gui while running games}
  • -h, --help {displays this list of command line options}

Auto-Run Options

  • --elf=[file] {executes an ELF image}
  • --nodisc {boots an empty dvd tray; use to enter the PS2 system menu}
  • --usecd {boots from the CDVD plugin (overrides IsoFile parameter)}

Compatibility Options

  • --nohacks {disables all speedhacks}
  • --gamefixes=[fix,fix] {Enable specific gamefixes for this session. Valid fixes are: VuAddSub,VuClipFlag,FpuCompare,FpuMul,FpuNeg,EETiming,SkipMpeg,OPHFlag,DMABusy,VIFFIFO,VI,FMVinSoftware}
  • --fullboot {disables fast booting}

Plugin Overrides

  • --gs=[dllpath] {specify the file to use as the GS plugin}
  • --pad=[dllpath] {specify the file to use as the PAD plugin}
  • --spu2=[dllpath] {specify the file to use as the SPU2 plugin}
  • --cdvd=[dllpath] {specify the file to use as the CDVD plugin}
  • --usb=[dllpath] {specify the file to use as the USB plugin}
  • --fw=[dllpath] {specify the file to use as the FW plugin}
  • --dev9=[dllpath] {specify the file to use as the DEV9 plugin}

The ordinary user may use this to create a shortcut to his/her game on the desktop so that PCSX2 will run the game immediately. To do this make a link to PCSX2 main executable (pcsx2.exe) and update the target field of this link, it will look something like:

"C:\PS2\pcsx2.exe" -skipbios "C:\PS2\yourgame.iso"

And thus you'll be able to start C:\PS2\yourgame.iso right from your desktop!