Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Cosmic Destruction

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Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Cosmic Destruction

Game general and emulation properties:
ESRB rating: E10+ (Cartoon Violence)
PEGI rating: 12+
OFLC rating: PG
Widescreen patch available
Languages supported:
English: SLES-55639 & SLUS-21938
German: SLES-55639
French: SLES-55639
Spanish: SLES-55639
Italian: SLES-55639
Region NTSC-U:
Serial numbers: SLUS-21938
Release date: October 5, 2010
CRCs: 5902F6D2
Windows Status: Playable
Linux Status: ?
Mac Status: ?
Region PAL:
Serial numbers: SLES-55639
Release date: February 10, 2011 (Australia)
February 11, 2011
Windows Status: ?
Linux Status: ?
Mac Status: ?

Developer(s): Papaya Studios
Publisher(s): D3Publisher
Genre: Action
Wikipedia: Link
Game description: Based on Cartoon Network's all-new new television series, Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, the Ben 10: Ultimate Alien: Cosmic Destruction will allow players to wield the power of the all-new Ultimatrix, the strongest Omnitrix to date, to transform Ben into more powerful, hyper-evolved alien forms and experience impressive battles as the most ultimate aliens for the first time in never before seen places.

Test configurations on Windows:

Environment Configurations Comments Tester
Region OS CPU/GPU Revision Graphics Sound/Pad
NTSC-U Windows 10 x64 Version 1803 (OS Build 17134.48)
  • Intel Core i7-5500U @ 2.4GHz
  • Intel HD Graphics 5500
  • SPU2-X 2.0.0
  • LilyPad 0.12.1
BIOS: USA 2.30, Some menu sounds are playing too fast to hear, same applies to other in-game sounds. Dialogue also plays too fast to hear most of the time and sometimes repeat incessantly. Shadows render blocky. Music stops playing at curtain points in the game, also lags and repeats sometimes. MTgamer25
NTSC Windows 11 (Build: 22000.469)
  • Intel i7-11800H @ 2.30 GHz
  • Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050Ti Laptop GPU (Driver Ver: 511.23)
1.6.0 GSdx 1.2.0 AVX2 (Direct3D11 Hardware)
  • SPU2-X 2.0.0
  • LilyPad 0.12.1
BIOS: 2.30 NTSC. Tried hundreds of settings. At best it plays with numerous audio and camera issues. Most other setting breaks the game. I would not consider it playable in this state. Radaxsly