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Hello. I have isolated some of the problems in this game in regards to the GSDX settings.

Specifically: Any backend: Raising resolution above internal makes character's {horizontally-drawn shadows hyper-long}. D3D11 Hardware: [Alpha Correction] makes {shadows darker (aesthetically ok)} but also {makes shadows appear above surfaces that should obscure them} (well, generally speaking, breaking physics :P) [TC Offset Y: 1000] makes the {images of buttons in text balloons (and other small images, I think) appear some pixels lower} (aesthetically not so nice especially in higher resolutions) {Darker Screen} occurs in hardware mode only no matter what I use.

OpenGL Hardware: [Native resolution] is the best option for compatibility. [Custom Resolution] or [2x Native] also need [Hardware Mode Settings : Allow 8-bit Textures] to eliminate {textures' edge line showing up} and {rectangles drawn around your character's feet}. {Huper-long feet shadows} that aren't that offending to the game experience. [Blending Unit : Medium] is your lifesaver! The only option that succesfully removes the {darker screen} effect. It finally makes the game playable with dignity :D Choose it, no matter what! Notes: {Severe fps drop when in Save screen}.

OpenGL Software: {No shadows} or high resolution, unfortunately but overall it's the sweetest mode of them all. No fps drop anywhere.

In 49b3ace revision, Blend is implementes in D3D11 too, but doesn't remove the {darker screen} effect. Maybe it reduces its appearence rate... ?