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Additional information

Used a pressure-sensitive-r2/l2-only controller, made palatable by reducing the 'o' sensitivity to .470--this means you can't slit throats, but are able to interrogate. Some weapons (AK, other similar rifles) you can't do the 'aim by half pressing square' function, but handguns and sniper rifles and most every other weapon is fine, which is an ok trade-off. The game runs reasonably, considering this is not a gaming rig, but the videos sometimes slow down to 60% (or even lower). To get around this, I also set up the 'tab for auto' functionality, but set auto to be at 100% speed (so it isn't turbo), but enabled the setting for frame skipping while doing turbo (the default 2 per 2 is the only one I found to work); then, during some slow video scenes, hitting tab would speed it up nicely. Some video scenes get frozen, however (audio continues), so you have to keep clicking tab until you jump back into the correct frame stream. Skipdraw 1 and 2 worked pretty well, I went for 2 to be a bit more aggressive, I think I remember 3 creating issues. Most of the game played perfectly smoothly, but after you get to groznjy grad, many sections start going more like 90%... You will notice, however, that turning the camera to face away from the huge base, or away from the shagohod, or to the ground, will cause the speed to go back up to 100% (fewer polygons being rendered to your screen, less trig being thrown at the processor I guess). But it's playable. For the videos... You can get most of them to work well enough, but the slow mo effect really kills the cinematic sense of the game for videos, so I'd switch over to youtube and watch the scene there if that starts happening, honestly. (I had a first time watcher, girlfriend, and wished I'd done that for the intro, which is particularly demanding and nice--I absolutely switched to youtube for the end of the game, because I'll be damned if I'd let that be ruined, and it was definitely the right call). This laptop is almost able to pull it off, and/or pcsx2 is almost able to pull it off. Just as a note, though, MGS V (native PC) runs perfectly on this laptop on low settings and is gorgeous, so if you get too frustrated, switch over to that! --fintip (talk)